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"A robust transparency is necessary at this time in our history.
We pledge to advocate and participate in thoughtful disagreement.
Therefore the mission of this site is to promote diversity and cultural
competency, explore issues of color and gender, and inspire people
who have a history of being marginalized, using social media and other
means as platforms to inform various communities of the life experiences
and concerns of marginalized people with regard to the necessity for social
action, dialogue, inclusion, compassion, tolerance, and cultural literacy to
expand and improve human relations going forward, in order to better facilitate
the current worldwide shift in global consciousness from tribalism, instability,
and extremism, to harmony, cooperation and enduring peace. In addition, we
welcome and support other organizations that promote the transformation of
as taught by spiritual teachers like Guru Nanak Dev and others.

As students of Life, prepare to ponder the sublime, the shocking,
the silly, the subtle, the serious, the surprising, the strange,
the sultry, the sordid, the sacred and... the Supreme.

Life truly is the University of Diversity!

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Born To The Left of Maya Mahatma Gandhi Rejected Zionism
Silence of Rape To Voice of Compassion
An Insider's Dissertaion On Christianity
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Meet 'The President' If A Woman Wants To Be A Woman
So, You're Sick of Hearing About Racism? Why White People Implode Talking Race
What Diversity Is What Diversity Is Not
What We Need To Understand About Race I'm Tired of The Race Conversation
Obama 43 To 1 Why Millennials Don't Understand Racism
Americans Still Lie About Racism Native American Wisdom
For Bread And Pasta Lovers Only Cancer: The Forbidden Cures
Who Or What Are White Eyes? Who Or What Is An Optometrist?
Boomer Metrics Anti-Alzheimer's Puzzle
Ad Guray Nameh By Jai Jagdeesh Beets Can Beat Disease
Women: Wimps or Warriors? How Vast Is The Universe?
Another Side of The Gun Control Debate Sikh Warriors
Face Reflexology Chart End All Disease
Cutting Edge Ophthalmology Are Your Kids Being Monitored?
No More Reading Glasses The Boot Photo Galleries
Multi-Dimensional Eyewear Dispensing Sacred Reconnections
An Enlightened Narrative On 2012 Deception Is The Corporate Rule
Find Out Who Really Owns Your Home Hear Native American Music
The Cosmic Tree of Life The 13 Moons of Peace
Beware of Aspartame In Your Diet Soda The First People
The Next Housing Shock The 2012 Scenario
Dire Gnosis - A 2012 Countdown Beware of Sodium Benzoate In Sodas
Vintage Cars of Yesteryears The Sikh Anthem
About Those Pesty Chain Letters Campaign For Love And Forgiveness
The Super Health Meditations VFW Membership
Who Is Dr. Hermann Kaeuper? Unlimited Love Institute
Consumer Alert: Chemtrails What Is A Zapper?
Funny Adult Photos
Is It The Greatest Story Ever SOLD? Military Humor
Back To Basics Eyeglass Dispensing Funny Phonecam Photos
More Strange Stuff More Online Graphics
The Eye Color Paternity Test Hands On Opticianry
History's Ironies Future Cars ... The Latest Benz
Funny Cars More of History's Mysteries
Systems of Sight - Macular Degeneration History's Least Competent Rulers
A Frost Map For The United States Presidential Cars The Real "Reason For The Season" Quit Kissing My Ashes
True Perspective Videos Optical Illusion Gallery
A Special Holiday Puzzle A Bricklayer Uses His Head
Too Many's Too Much Re-Calibrate Your Mouse
An Amazing Underwater Birth Near-Death Experiences
Do Steroids Cause Cataracts? Never Mind Jesus, Who Are You?
Michael's Naturopathic Programs Help To Save An Animal
Retail Optical Advisory Unsolved Mysteries
Holy Moley The Funniest Ads
Warning: Chemtrail Aftermath Tomb of The Unknown Soldier
Remembering Ronald Reagan George Carlin On Tonight Show
Letter To Sasha And Malia Obama Latest Visa And MasterCard Scam
Track How Government Spends A Presidential Slideshow 1 Thru 44
The New White House Web Site The White House Briefing Blog
Remember These Gals? Timing Is Everything
A Real Estate Glossary How To Become A Vegetarian
The MOH For A Native American Anti-Cancer Foods
First Aid For Oriental Rugs Space Photos
The Top Banana Five Little Texas Sisters Sing
A Computer Screen Cleaner How To Reverse Aging
Test Your I.Q. For Free The Library of Congress
Age of Truth ... Find Your Real Age Click Art
Life On The Edge Pain-After-Shingles
Have A Happy Life What's In Your Milk?
Inspirational Motivators Inspire And Provoke Yourself
3HO According To YouTube Bizkit, The Sleep Walking Dog
Get Your LOL What's A Wing Suit?
The New Economic Reality What Does Your Name Mean?
Send Loved Ones An E-Card Watch A Chemtrail Slide Show
For The Annoyingly Cheerful For The Diehard Mac Fan
Are We The Real Dopes? Hemp Is Back In North Dakota
About Kids With A Lazy Eye For Kids Needing Vision Training
A Consumer Guide To Eyeglasses Christian Flashes And E-cards
All About KBR Mishaps The Web Rumor Detective
A Web Site For Grandparents Information Resources
Is This What's Behind Chemtrails? The Daily Beast
Jesus In India. Is It True?
Who Is Paul Davids?
Get Open DNS For Free
Just Add Water
The Street Gangs of Helena
Alzheimer's A Form of Diabetes?
The Architectural Digest
Julie Andrews On Her 73rd
A Different Kind of Magazine
Truth Be Known Blogspot
The Expert Village
What's A Trillion Dollars Look Like?
Funny Pictures And Jokes
Funny Billboards
Louie Armstrong's Wonderful World
Did You Know?
Thousand-hand Guan Yin
The Long Shot (Golf)
All About Organics
Sound And Consciousness Institute
America's Largest Flea Market
What Is Astigmatism? What Is Myopia Or Nearsightedness?
What Is Hyperopia Or Farsightedness? Why Do I Need Bifocals?
ONG - The Meditation
A Special Little Puzzle
Looking For A Mac Browser?
The Color Wheel Improve Your Vision With Color By Irlen
Driver Vision Requirements By State Cocoons For Low Vision Patients
An Awesome Performance The Fishopedia
Natural Treatment For Fuch's Syndrome Norman Lear's Playing For Change
How To Avoid A Speeding Ticket The Cancer Killer
How Can We Forget The Holocaust? Consumer Guide To Contact Lenses
What's A Name Worth? Keep Up America
A Guide To Protective Eye Wear Will Islam Dominate The World?
Life According To Billie Holiday What's In A Logo?
Are Privacy And Tolerance Gone? What Happened To Proof Reading?
Read This If You Drink Diet Sodas
The Las Vegas Hat Shop
Phunny Fotos
65th D-Day Anniversary Photos
The Great Depression Plastics: Danger To Health
How To Copy And Paste An In-Depth Critique of The Media
A Tour of The Sistine Chapel
Jimmy Carter Breaks With Baptists
'David' Returns A Changed Man
George Carlin On Religion
My Mother Is A Religious Fanatic
When You've Got It, Flaunt It
The Rap On Wrap-Around Eyewear
A Popular Nogales Dentist
Opticians Are Healthcare Providers
David Copperfield's Magic
For Opticians: Prentice's Rule
Count The Words In Your Documents
Nature's Events At Nature's Pace
Rapture Forums
Save Your Gallbladder
Risky Foods
Life According To Susan Boyle
Holiday Highs
Get Service With Confidence
Life According To Barney Miller
World's Longest Basketball Shot
A Dream In Doubt
Are You Street Legal?
Six Great Souls
Play Ravenhearst Online
Czech It Out - The Kolache Mama
The Latest e-Car
People-Watching At WalMart
Food Can Do That?
The 1 And 1 Equals 11 Synergy Project
Why Women Failed As Astronauts
Life According To Andrea Mitchell
Britain's Most Popular Sikh
Eye Disease Simulators
WTF Austria?
Keep Your Gall Bladder
Canned Foods Are Health Risk
Play Gin Rummy
How U.S. Navy SEALs Missions
Corporations According To IKE And JFK
Why You Need To Stay Married
Let's Say Thanks
The Fun Theory
Best Smart-Ass Answers
Marine Corps Stuff
Gracie's Homecoming
Life According To Russell Peters
The Tohona O'odham Tribe
The Sikhs As Warriors
Life According To Bill Maher
We Salute The Women of Canada
Yes, We Can, America
In The Pink For Breast Cancer
Check It Out At FactCheck
A Smokers' Lounge
Overcoming Psoriasis
The Temple of Tigers
The Last Password You'll Need
The Mercedes Benz SCL600
GM's New Hydrogen Hy-Wire
Kundalini Yoga Classes Online
The Gospel of Inclusion
The Siri Singh Sahib of Sikh Dharma
The Way Kids See It
Siri Guru Granth Sahib
Put A Stop To Bad Software
Life According To Al Bundy Kundalini Yoga Teacher's FAQ's
The Real Hooters
A Christmas Card For You
Free End-Time Book National Parks Jobs
Get Deep Breathing App Here Free Life-Reading - Scroll Down
More Signs of The Times
How To Magnify Online Text
Are You Ready?
The World Clock
More Barney Miller
Unidentified Submersible Objects
How To Tell You're Grown Up
The Deal
The Mount St. Helens Eruption
New Aspirin For Heart Attack
Ten Illusions, One Reality
U.S. Time Zones
The Longevity Link
Soorya And Roscoe
The Best Canned Peaches
Funny Political Videos
The Funny Farm
For Guys Only
From One Friend To Another
Why Nobody Invades Switzerland
Happy Valentines Day
More Than A Drop In The Bucket
The Art of Stealth
Best Videos On The Web
Bubba's Phunny Puns
The Yike Bike
The Campaign For Ethical Reform
Healthy Tips And Treats
Pick The Color of Your Mood
Links For NYC Dwellers
What Real Life Looks Like
Heads Or Tails - Bank Wins
Are You A Born Again American?
Healthcare Starts Here
Says He's Fed Up With Money
Who Are These People?
Kundalini Yoga Locks
Test Your Memory
Baby Boomers' Memory Lane
A Kali Yuga Car
Tran-quill Art
E-mail Extras
Contact Lens Care And Cleaning
Snapping Hip And Bone Syndrome
The Human Body
The Formula For Understanding Women
The Human Car
Is This The Age of Kali Yuga?
Interesting Clouds And Formations
Check Out Scams Here
Stop Alzheimer's With Meditation
The No-Phone Zone
Sometimes There's Just No Words
Forecast My Baby
Did You Know About Our Flag?
Get Optician Jobs
Bank of America 'Card's' Illegal's
What's Lateral Thinking?
Free Online Optical Courses
Let's Send Seniors To Jail
My Friend Kwibi
Gravestones To Remember
Yogi Bhajan Says
Life According To Hummingbirds
Quotes For Today
More Illusionistic Art
Who Killed The Electric Cars?
Where's Most of Our Money?
Don't Banjee Jump 'Neked'
Scenes of Machu Picchu
Four Verses of The National Anthem
Computer Mania
The Secret To Better Memory
3-D Sidewalk Art of Julian Beever
Sikh Sites
How To Get Rid of Mosquitoes
The Church Against Women
Swimming Pools Can Make Us Sick
Opticians For The People
Glorious And Hilarious Insults
100 Reasons To Eat Dead Animals
Don't Forget Your Flashers
Pompe Disease
Index of Esoteric Oils
'Say What' Fotos
Sikh Women of History
OM The Sound of Hinduism Video
Funny 'Matters'
3HO Foundation Early History
Never Argue With A Woman
The Best Blonde Tales
The University of Yourself
Acid-Alkaline Food Chart
Who Is Lisa Law?
1910 Was A Great Year
The FEMA Emergency Plan
Always Wear Your Seatbelt
Move Over Or Pay BigTime
La Caricaturata
Join The Firefly Watch
No Greater Friend, No Worse Enemy
What Happens When We Meditate?
Khalsa Power
Tim's Assorted Links
Spectacular Wonders of Creation
Want To Know How To Start A Fight?
Watch Yourself
On-Site Home Health Care
A 'Sound' Spiritual Voyage
Brake Override Technology
Stick-Man Orama
What Do Your City Officials Earn?
Harry Truman's Excellent Adventure
Florida Politics Online
'Say What' Headlines
Get The Facts About Supplements
Hi-tech Element 115
Secret History of Rock 'n' Roll
The Passion For Clarity
A Miniature Railroad Wunderland
The 'Man Rules'
Does The Bank Really Own Your Home?
Thomas Paine's 'The Age of Reason'
Sikh Shabad Printer
Latest CPR Guidelines
Spectacular Music Box Dancers
God Bless The USA
10 Alzheimer's Warning Signs
PC Tips Fun-Loving Prince Harry
Who Is Guru Nanak?
Hear The Mul Mantra
Kundalini Yoga On Fox Granny Nannies Careers
The Koala Joint
The Zone of Silence
Songs By GuruGanesha
The Mustard Seed
For Garlic And Onion Lovers
A Vegetarian Chili
Gate of The Gods
I Don't Eat Dead Animals
Turban Colors
Unique Sikh Karas
Stairway To Heaven
Contact Lens Care
An Alternative Search Engine
2013 ... The Beginning
Kundalini Yoga Kriya Series
What Does 'Whahe Guru' Mean?
The Georgia Guidestones
About Sikh Women
The Codex Atlanticus
Life According To Maharaji
The SGPC of Sikh Dharma Website
What Made Great-Grandma So Happy?
Time Is Art
The Voynich Manuscript
Freedom Fighters of India
Was Y2K A Fact Or A Fiction?
Francene Hart - Visionary Artist
Take This IQ Test Online
Thinking Off - What Is It?
The Armenian Stonehenge
If Your Dad Doesn't Have A Beard
Big Is Not Better...Big Is Bad
Test Your Eyes Online
What Is A Molcajete Bowl?
We Need Rules For Big Banks
Jesus Myths Debunked
How Did They Do It?
The Wonders of Water
Who Killed The Electric Car?
Tidbits of Comparative Religion
How Do We Solve America's Problems?
Let's Fix Congress First
Partition: A Story of Muslims vs Sikhs
What Is Maya?
Near-Death And Afterlife Experiences
A Sanskrit Dictionary
The History of Guacamole
A Tolima Precolumbian Gold Exhibit
Devil Dog Dispatch
Alkaline-Forming Food Chart
Acid-Forming Food Chart
The Gout-Uric Acid-Meat Connection
On-Site Body Re-Alignment
Rosacea Facts
Chemtrail Dumps
'Swan Lake' As You've Never Seen It
A Puzzler: Find The Man
Kundalini Research Institute Kriyas
More Optical Courses
Let's Convert Plastic Back Into Oil
What's Really In Your Food?
Pampered vs Unpampered 'News'
Create Your Own Wedding Site
Life Lessons For Life
About Sufism
What Is The Breath of Fire?
The Knowledge Store
Who Are The Sikhs?
Who Is Hazrat Inayet Khan?
Get Medical Care In Canada Yogi Bhajan On The Air
Guacamole Recipes Yoga Kriyas For A Blissful Sex Life
The Association of Technical Opticians Why Keep Your Beard And Hair?
About Charity Water What Is Hy-Brasil?
When Snow Became A Four-Letter Word Do You Know Your States?
A Kid's Journey With The Gurus A Free PC Spam Fighter
Reverse Mortgage Same Day Counseling
The Strange Math of 2011 How Golf Became A Four-Letter Word
Senior Moments What Is The Bakken Formation?
What is Sopa Seca Supreme? U.S. Has More Oil Than Saudi Arabia
Who's Really Against Food Taxes?
Watch The Space Station Grow
The Story of Bibi Aisha
Study Disputes Energy-Drink Claims
Why Become A Vegetarian?
And God Said More, There's Just No Words
This Is The Age of Full Disclosure
What About Gout? Why Is Your pH Balance So Important?
Synergy: When 1 Plus 1 Equals 11 I Am The Essence
Your Birth Date Numerology 'Quantum' Mechanics
Snapshots of Arizona Who Is Manly P. Hall?
A Photo Parade The Secret Teachings of All Ages
Life According To Khalsa Martial Artists Who Is Tertullian?
The Next Is Now The Latest Safety Awards
Where Did Human Giants Come From? Take A Trip On Beautiful Roadways
Why Quarterbacks Need Short Names Guess What
What Is The Military-Industrial Complex? All About 2012
Some Really Antique Photos What Is The Dark Rift?
What Is The Nebra Nagast? Galactic Alignment Videos
The Ark And The Ten Commandments The Cross of Hendaye Explained
What Is The Vaimanika Shastra? Who Is Bruce Bueno de Mesquita?
Foods That Aggravate Arthritis Get Free Shipping Here
U.S. Financial Crisis Commission What Do Former Congressman Do?
One of 7 Billion: Are You Typical? A Drug Company Insider Confesses
Are Corporations Too Powerful? White House Photo Gallery
Contact Your Congressional Delegation Want A Job In Public Service?
Lunga: Every Which Way, Loose Mac Software
Ron Paul On The State of America A Quiz For Members of The Intelligencia
The Internet 'Off' Switch 8 Signs of Rheumatoid Arthritis
Life According To Carlos And Jose The Communications Act of 1934
How's Your Spelling? The Future of Education
Humanizing The Economy And Business Honey And Cinnamon For Life
Find Yoga Classes In Your Area Stock-Dog Herding Training
Can Corporations Survive Changing? The U.S. Nuclear Meltdown of 1961
Life According To Savannah Topics From Dads
Rob Bell's 'Love Wins' The Twenty Thousand Drum Project - Access2Fitness The Kundalini Yoga Index


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traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after
observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is
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