The Sun (Son) of God

Is This The Greatest Story Ever Sold?

"Contrary to popular belief, there was no single man at
the genesis of Christianity but many characters rolled
into one, the majority of whom were personifications
of the ubiquitous solar myth, whose exploits were well
known, as reflected by such popular deities as Mithra,
Heracles-Hercules, Dionysus and many others
throughout the Roman Empire and beyond.

The story of Jesus as portrayed in the Gospels is
revealed to be nearly identical in detail to that of the
earlier savior-gods, Krishna and Horus, who for millennia
preceding Christianity held great favor with the people
in much the same way as Jesus does today."


And what about all the virgin mothers of gods and heroes?

The list of pre-Christian gods and other heroes, kings and queens who were said to have been born of a virgin includes the following:

* Krishna
* Buddha
* Dionysus
* Mithra
* Horus
* Heracles-Hercules
* Egyptian gods Ra and Apis
* Egyptian Queen Hetshepsut
* Pharoah Amenophis III
* Persian "prophet" Zoroaster
* Melchizedek, biblical High Priest and King of Salem
* Persian King Cyrus
* Plato, "the divine" and "son of Apollo"
* Julius Caesar
* Apollonius of Tyana, Greek sage
* Taliesin, Merlin and Llew Llaw of the British Isles
* Chinese philosophers Fohi and Lao-Kiumd

'Sun' of God

"The 'Son' of God is the Sun of God. The gospel
story reflects millennia of sun worship found around
the globe. Sun worship has been the predominant
form of religion for several thousand years. When
seeking the origins of religion in general, the
solar religion cannot be ignored but must be
factored in at nearly every turn."

Was Jesus a man, a myth, or a sun of God?
The answer may surprise you.


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