2012 - A to Z

From Piscean Age into The Aquarian Age
From Kali Yuga into The Golden Age
This cosmic shift began in 1968
intensified in December 2012
and will conlude in 2037.
Aquarian Age began here.

Points To Ponder

"Capitalism as practiced in this the Age of Aquarius is hopelessly flawed.
Today's capitalists have it all backwards. The new paradigm is: Serve
consumers and profit will follow, i.e., service trumps the dollar. Those
who fail to put serving others first will become irrelevant." -- Hari Singh

"The time is coming when everything that is covered up will be revealed,
and all that is secret will be made known to all." -- Luke 12:2

"Now we are leaving the Piscean Age, the Age of 'I believe', and
beginning the Aquarian Age, the Age of 'I know'" -- Yogi Bhajan

“We are entering the Age of Aquarius on November 11, 2011.
It will be a new time. The entire psyche is changing. You must
purify the mind, body and soul to be real, innocent, and sattvic
(pure). Elevate yourself to be angelic. This Age, which you will
serve, is an Age of Awareness and Experience" -- Yogi Bhajan

"Take the teachings of the Age of Aquarius seriously
and do not pollute them by mixing them with the Piscean
teachings - that is the only danger there is." -- Yogi Bhajan

"The Creator and Creation are One. This is Who I Am.
The experience of this wisdom is beyond all words
and brings indescribable bliss." -- Ashana

"Man's purpose is to serve others. Service is an intrinsic value, not
to be added. Those institutions of the Age of Pisces that use money
to measure their success must now adopt the more relevant paradigm
'to serve is to succeed' or become irrelevant." -- Hari Singh Bird



The Earth Transformed
Adi Shakti Mantra for the Aquarian Age

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