The Power of Perspective

It's all in the eyes of the beholder.

One Perspective

Two Perspectives

A group of scientists approached God with the
declaration that He was no longer needed in
the process of human creation since they had
recently uncovered His secret DNA code to life.
He appeared to accept this pronouncement,
but He requested that they demonstrate
to Him their new found technology, first.
Then, as the lead scientist bent down
to pick up dirt for the demonstration,
God said, 'Oh no! Get your own dirt!'

Multiple Perspectives

Slowly scan back and forth all
the way down for better perspective.






Antares is the 15th brightest star in the sky. And there's
400 billion stars (suns) in just our Milky Way galaxy alone.
And our galaxy is just one of several thousand billions of galaxies,
so far as we have been able to determine, as of the present time.

SOME of OUR neighboring GALAXIES
Courtesy of the Hubble Space Telescope.

SOME of THEIR neighboring GALAXIES
Courtesy of the Hubble Space Telescope.



















A photo of space representing 40 light years across.
A light year is the distance light travels at 186,000
miles per second in 1 year, about 6 trillion miles.

Hubble telescope photo of densely packed galaxies in deep space.


The Universe is by definition everything that physically exists in space and time. It originated in the Big Bang 13.7 billion years ago. The radius of the Universe is at least 78 billion light years. That is the distance to the point from which a photon of light originated which is now reaching us after traveling for 13.7 billion years (See The Universe Measured). However the Universe could be far larger. There is no limit to the speed at which space itself may expand, so the Universe may stretch far beyond the Hubble horizon expanding away from us faster than the speed of light. It is also conjectured that our Universe may be only one of 10500 (that's right, 10 followed by 500 zeroes) other universes which may have totally different laws of nature and which are collectively called a Multiverse.

"So between black and white, there is a whole range of colors,
between thunder and silence, the whole scale of tones, and
between something and nothing, between a smashing fist on
on the face, and trying to touch air, there are all the textures
of feeling; burning, throbbing, pushing, hugging, fondling,
tickling, kissing, brushing, and light wind on the skin.

Your world is all these elements of light and sound;
of tastes, smell and touch, woven together in many
dimensions on the fabulous loom of your brain. Your
brain...the most complicated thing in the world, which you,
YOURSELF grew, without even thinking about it."
-- Alan Watts


Lest we lose our focus, and forget our real place in the
Cosmos, let's fixate on these few interesting tidbits of data.

"There are many more stars than
all the grains of sand on Earth."

"A grain of sand held at arms length covers a
unit of outer space containing 2000 galaxies."

"If the Earth were scaled to the size of a marble,
the nearest star would be a distance of 270 miles."

"Barnard's Galaxy is one of Milky Way Galaxy's
closest neighbors. It contains about 10 million stars.
Our Milky Way Galaxy contains about 400 billion stars."

What is your perspective, now?

More perspectives, next.


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