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"A robust transparency is necessary at this time in our history.
We pledge to advocate and participate in thoughtful disagreement.
Therefore the mission of this site is to promote diversity and cultural
competency, explore issues of color and gender, and inspire people
who have a history of being marginalized, using social media and other
means as platforms to inform various communities of the life experiences
and concerns of marginalized people with regard to the necessity for social
action, dialogue, inclusion, compassion, tolerance, and cultural literacy to
expand and improve human relations going forward, in order to better facilitate
the current worldwide shift in global consciousness from tribalism, instability,
and extremism, to harmony, cooperation and enduring peace. In addition, we
welcome and support other organizations that promote the transformation of
as taught by spiritual teachers like Guru Nanak Dev and others.

As students of Life, prepare to ponder the sublime, the shocking,
the silly, the subtle, the serious, the surprising, the strange,
the sultry, the sordid, the sacred and... the Supreme.

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The Pran Sutras of Guru Nanak Dev Sikhs Faught Only Despots Not Muslims
The Role And Status of Sikh Women To Project Sikhi Or Not To Project Sikhi?
Why Don't Sikh Women Tie Turban? Sikh Community Silence Is Deafening
Krishna Kaur And Don Cooper: Jaap Sahib An Angel In A Turban
Watch And Experience Harimandir Sahib Japji Sahib Line By Line
Understanding Sikhism What Does Ek Ong Kar Mean?
Broad Points To Ponder ACT For Diversity
Akal Committee 13 My Sikh Sense
Remembering The Partition of India Things You Want To Know About Turbans
Are You A Religious Or Spiritual Being? Religion And Religious Beliefs
What Is Forgiveness? In The Beginning God Just Added Water
Comments From A Sikh Dropout Sikh 'Captain America' Fights Intolerance
Journey From Christianity To Sikhism A Case of Punography
Can Sikh Skeptics Be Persuaded? Akal Takhat vs Virginia Gurdwara
Is Sikh Identity For Sikh Men Only? Women's Path To Equality
Sikh Americans Belong In U.S. Military See Current Issues In Punjab
Canadian Sikh Soldiers of Yesteryears Guru Gobind Singh On Loss And Gain
Bole So Nihaal...Saat Siri Akaal Sikh Dharma On Equality And Diversity
Drug Abuse Epidemic In Punjab Judaism And Sikhism: La Difference
Bhangra Renaissance Exhibition The Seven Chakras For Beginners
Largest Nishan Sahib In The World Sikh Research Institute
Why Sikhi Is Not A Religion A Punjabi Woman In Singapore
Racism Is A Mental Illness Is The Turban Becoming A Bigger Issue?
Man Quits Drugs Becomes A Sikh World Parliament of Religions Newsletter
Indira Gandhi vs. The Sikhs Sikh Women Are Now Wearing Turban
Yogi Bhajan On Relationships Vadbhag Singh: My Journey Into Sikhi
Why Do Some People Tie Turban? Sikhs To Train Bilingual Missionaries
Want To Teach Kundalini Yoga In India? Wanna Grow A Thick Beard?
See Sukhjit Kaur Khalsa's 'Fully Sikh' Youth Unemployment In Punjab
What Diversity Is What Diversity Is Not
Chanting OM vs ONG Sikh Warriors
Sikh Gurdwara Security General Orders Spiritual Spectrum - Sikh Dharma
Ego Eradicator For Sikhs Taaj - A Sikh Short Film
The Sikh Anthem The Solstice Sadhana Experience
The Siri Singh Sahib of Sikh Dharma Yogi Bhajan Says
Sikh Sites Watch Khalsa Power
Who Is Guru Nanak? Sikh Shabad Printer
The SGPC of Sikh Dharma Songs By Guru Ganesha Singh
Who Are The Sikhs? Why Keep Your Beard And Hair? Sadhana, Aradhana And Prabhupati
Sikh Scholars Get To Head Not The Heart Gurutej Singh On The Five Sutras
Gatka: The Sikh Martial Arts The Indian Caste System
Guru Nanak Opposes Slavery In Rome Sikh Military History Forum
Sikh Woman Stands With Obama Hear The Life of Guru Gobind Singh
A Classic Case of Tribalism Song of The Khalsa Video
Man To Man By Yogi Bhajan Sikh Greetings, Titles And Names
Remembering The Khalsa String Band Sikhs Remain Under Attack In America
Islam vs Sikhism: Why Nanak Chose Sikhi A Comprehensive Sikh History Quiz
My Turban Has Meaning Sikhs: United We Stand Divided We Fall
Songs of Gurudass Singh & Krishna Kaur Big Reason For No Sikh Access To Military
What Yogi Bhajan Says On Commitment Where To Buy Turban Material
Siri Ved Kaur: My First Sadhana Only Turbaned Sikh Playing NCAA
Guru Gobind Singh's Epic Battle Tour The Kitchen of The Golden Temple
Guru Tegh Bahadur Guru Gobind Singh's Chaupai Sahib
Tantra Defined White Tantra vs. White Tantric
Is This A Sign of Sikh ID Crisis? Golden Temple Points To Ponder
See And Hear The History of Chardi Kala The Sikh-Asia News
Hear The Aquarian Sadhana My Sikh Sense Definitions
A Case of Extreme Tribalism Another Classic Case of Tribalism
The Sikhs of Fiji The Jap Man Sat Nam Shabad
Valarie Kaur On Concept of Service Sarbat Khalsa
Adi Shakti Mantra Bowli Sahib Reference The Institute of Sikh Studies
This Is Who Sikhs Are And What Sikhs Do Women And Sikhi: Is This For Real?
Nobody Is Immune To Tribalism What's Wrong With This Picture?
Sikh Eyewitness 1984 Khalsa Vision: A New Day For Opticians
A Trip Down Memory Lane For Sikhs My Recollections of Bhagat Singh Thind
Bhai Ghaneya Singh Story of True Service The Ten Commandments For Women
Sikh Couple Forced To Marry Privately Why We Must Remember Oak Creek
The Guru Mantra Daily Sikh Updates
Meditation For Happiness Allan Watts On Religion
The Complete Ardas In English Siri Guru Granth Sahib Protocol 1980
Latest Sikh Dharma Ministerial Manual Gurujot Singh On Mixed Marriage
The Heart Over The Head By Yogi Bhajan Sikhs Need More Colored Genes
Blue Star 1984 By Sat Hanuman Singh Yogi Bhajan On The Power of Prayer
Tribalism Has An Incestuous Aspect Sikh Gurdwara And Marriage Protocols
Remembering Jaswant Singh Khalra Survey of Americans On The Turban
Sikh On Sikhi What Is Shakti Pad?
Allegations of Sikh On Sikh Discrimination Golden Temple Art And Architecture
My Sikh Sense Forum My Sikh Sense Guidelines
Case For And Against Donating Organs What Does The Word Khalsa Mean?
Save Our Sons From Circumcision E Uno Plures - Guru Nanak's Message
Nanak Means No Pain No Ego The Sikh Foundation
Lessons From Sikhism And Sufism Glossary of Sikh Terms
How To Balance Yourself When Tired Examples of Monochromatic Groups
A Series of Leadership Advisories Yogi Bhajan Speaks Out About 3HO
How Gurmukhi Script Was Developed Diversity And How We Are Connected
Sikhs Chant Akaal For Passing Souls A Timeline of Sikh History In The USA
Solstice Sadhana Rice And Beans Recipe Gandhi: Be The Change You Want To See
Let's Live Nanak's No Caste Message What Is White Privilege?
Is This A Continuation of Sikh Tribalism? Yogi Bhajan Predicts Cold Depression
Why Black Kids All Sit Together Some Immigrants Are More Equal
Who Or What Are Colored Eyes? Who Or What Are White Eyes?
Strategies For Race, Gender Discussions Shaktipad And What To Do About It
Humans Are Designed To Discriminate Yogi Bhajan's First Lecture 1969
Is This A Case of Selective Censure? Islamic Extremism vs Christian Extremism
My Childhood As A Native American Remain Grounded In The Aquarian Age
Maya vs. Sikhi Native Americans Offer Whites Amnesty
Kali Yuga Signs Muhammed Ali On Religion And Race
Test: Are You Expatriate Or Immigrant? The Islamic State vs Real Muslims
The 'Real Thing' Diversity Prophecies of The Great Religions
US Has No Diversity Problem. Yeah, Right! What "I'm Not Prejudiced" Really Means
Don't Believe Everything You Think Aerial Tour of The Golden Temple
What Is Security? The Butterfly Effect
The Age of Aquarius Video Explores Sikh Dharma
Do You Know About The HMS Sikh? Kundalini Yoga In The Prisons
World History Chart Circumcision Is Unacceptable
Are Sikhs Next? Why White People Freak Out
Sikh Ministers' Vows White America's Racial Illiteracy
Summon The Heroes Bhagat Singh The First Sikh In US Military
A Video Exploring Sikh Dharam Tribute To Just A Common Soldier
How To Choose A Kundalini Yoga Set Change Emotion To Devotion With Yoga
Our First Turbans A Survival Guide For Travel To India
A Christian-Sikh Conversation The Grace of God Meditation
Who Is Guru Amar Das? Ancient Manly Advice For Sikh Men Only
The Sikh Nishan Sahib Chart of Religions In India
So Why Did You Tell Me? This Is Maya
Hear 'The Hymn To The Fallen' Map To Guru Ram Das Puri
The Ganga Sagar - A Gift From The Guru A Friendly Conversation About Diversity
Yogi Bhajan Defines Marriage How To Survive An Active Shooter
Kundalini Yoga Needs To Go To Jail Find Kundalini Yoga Anywhere
Raj Yog Guru Ram Das The Guru Ram Das Center
The Mahan Tantric What Is The Mahan Tantric?
Lessons From Sikhism And Sufism Remember Survival Camp USA?
Yogi Bhajan: What Is A Spiritual Teacher? A Turban Guide Handout
Trail of Tears: Story of American Injustice Question People of Color Want To Know
An Exceptional Gift From My Creator The 5 Stages of Spiritual Development
Even In Death All Is Well Tired of Hearing About Racism?
The End of Capitalism Has Begun Dialogue Not Monologue
Is This A Continuation of Sikh Tribalism? Are You A Breast-feeding Hypocrite?
The Kirtan Movement In The West Yogi Bhajan Speaks On Children
Meditation Before And After Sat Nam The Grace Within You
Inclusion Is In Exclusion Is Out Man To Man Advice
The Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings Guru Granth Sahib Protocol
How To Be A Sikh Sant Hazara Singh My Teacher's Teacher
God And Me, Me And God Are One The First Baisakhi Day Celebration
The 'Sign' of Our Time Standing At The Golden Temple
The Path of Sikh Dharma Security By Jot Singh Khalsa
White Tantric Yoga - Personal Experience Ang Sang Wahe Guru Sing-A-Long
Yogi Bhajan's Teacher Training March '90 Yogi Bhajan's Teacher Training June '96
Yoga Versus Drinking The Human Development Index
All About Garlic For Garlic Lovers Roasted Garlic For Garlic Lovers
Transliterated Siri Guru Granth Sahib What Is Gur Prashad?
The World of Extreme Tribalism Brum Hum For The Intuitive Mind
Join Discussions At The Heroe of Oak Creek
This Is Tabla Magic The LSD Experience - 1956 Acid Trip
If Your Dad Doesn't Have A Beard Hari Singh Nalwa And Indirjit Kaur Khalsa
Menstruation: Sikh Woman's Perspective Pee Tea For Men's Urination Issues
Stepping Up For Diversity Visit Yogiji's Legacy
Maharini Jind Kaur My Dear Americans By An East Indian
My Advice To 3HO And Sikh Dharma Tribalism In The U.S. Air Force?
The Power And Effects of The Banis The God Above God
Akal Committee Thirteen An Angel In A Turban
Deg Tegh Fateh Yatra 2016 Photos NYPD Allows Turbans And Beards
Women Are Much More Than This 10 Inspirational Sikh Women In The UK
10 Things Sikh Women Should Know Why Women Need Kundalini Yoga
William Golding On Women Indian Food Ala Curb Service
Bling Does Not The Woman Make Sikh Women About Sikh Women
The Harimandir Sahib In 360 A King's Son Should Not Be A King
Life According To GuruJas Kaur How Did Ranjit Singh Die?
10 Things To Know About Sikhism A Christian Man Becomes A Sikh
Gurdwara Design: A Future Perspective The Sikhs In World War II
The Iconic Banda Singh Bahadur Sikhism: A Post-Modern Religion
The Siri Mantra Meditation Four Principles Women Need To Know
Guru Nanak's First Sikh Gurdwara Women's Empowerment In Sikh Dharma
Life According To Hari Nam Kaur A Gay Sikh Speaks Out
Happy Baisakhi, Khalsa Ji Sikh Americans Sing The National Anthem
The Songs of Guru Dass Singh Harijiwan Singh On Memorial Day Meaning
Sikh Women In The U.S. Military What It's Like To Wear A Turban
Sikh Women: Kaurs United The Aap Sahaee Hoaa Meditation
Boota Singh of Lahore Siri Singh Sahib Corp Mission Statement
The Amrit Kirtan Web Site Remembering Ranjit Singh
10 Sikh Women You Should Know Women: Wimps Or Warriors?
Snatam Kaur's 'By Thy Grace' Punjabi Woman Awarded Icon Award
ACT's Mission And Goals Am I My Hair?
Sikhs And Tribalism - Much Work Needed First Female Sikh MP In The UK
Kundalini Yoga Kriya For Elevation Breath of Fire According To Yogi Bhajan
Life According To Gurbani Kirtan Wahe Guru & Sodarshan Chakra Kriya
The Siri Singh Sahib Yogiji's Epitaph Watch This: You Don't Exist
Sikhs Seek Permission For New Kirpan What Is A Warrior?
Wilderness Survival Basics What's Really In Your Food?
See What People Wear To Worship Sikh Couple Cannot Adopt White Child
The Benefits of Bani What Is Shadeism?
The 1984 Battle of Amritsar A Sikh Perspective On Taking Oaths
Opinion: Sikh Ministers Need To Speak Out What If When We Die We Wake Up?
What If When We Die We Wake Up? The Wit And Wisdom of JFK
Nitnem: A Step Towards God Life According To Jiwan Jot Singh Tapur

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