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What is a Spiritual Teacher?

"If you want to learn something, read about it.
If you want to understand something, write about it.
If you want to master something, teach it." Yogi Bhajan

"The teachings are never for sale, and a teacher never has a price." Yogi Bhajan

You don’t have any idea what a Spiritual Teacher is. None of you has an idea. India developed for five thousand years to come to an understanding of a Spiritual Teacher and they lost it too. It is gone. It is an antique thing.

Here, in the West, a Spiritual Teacher is an Indian who came from a third world country, who is sick, who is considered a con man, womanizer, liar, who exploits and takes away your money.

There’s a foolishness that Kundalini teachers do: they mix so many things -- astrology, numerology, tarot cards, yum-yum, yo-yo, bananas-pananas-chananas. They are afraid to cover their head when they teach. They want to be very popular. If you want to sell yourself, sell in the open market, but do not take a profession as a Teacher. Don’t insult this institution. In the end you will be sorry and regret it. The teachings are never for sale, and a teacher never has a price. You are priceless, guaranteed by the One who made this Universe.

The Mahan Tantric

"God’s grace lives by the grace of a Teacher."

When the Teacher is The Mahan Tantric, he feels everything before it originates, your abusive language and your abusive thoughts. Can you believe that? Oh, you think it is a bogus thing that is another title to con you. You don’t even know what you are talking about. You think a Teacher lives off you.

God’s grace lives by the grace of a Teacher. Do you know that? No, you say it’s an egomaniac, phony thing, because he’s a Teacher, but he is saying, “No.” (I am translating the scriptures to you.) Almighty God’s grace lives by the grace of a Teacher and the understanding of a Teacher. You don’t even have an idea there is God. A Teacher who tells you to find God is a stupid Teacher. Never follow that. (See What Is A Spiritual Teacher by Yogi Bhajan. See Yogi Bhajan On Teaching Kundalini Yoga. See The Mahan Tantric.)

"If you are willing to look at another person's behavior toward you as a reflection of
the state of their relationship with themselves rather than a statement about your
value as a person, then you will, over a period of time cease to react at all."

"You must understand when somebody talks to you, if you are not willing to
hear them out, you are foolishly going for an unsuccessful future. The first
principle of success is, when somebody is talking. Hear it. Don't interrupt. Let
him complete the sentence; hear him properly. When they are done and you
are asked to speak, do not answer the question if you cannot uplift the
person. If your answer uplifts that person, you shall be prosperous."

"The teachings are never for sale, and a teacher never has a price."

Student-Teacher Relationship

Do you know what the relationship between student and Teacher is? It is the relationship between a chisel and hammer and stone. And you know what happens when a Teacher and student meet? Sparks. Yes. You want a Teacher to have a begging bowl and a staff in his hand, and be weak and dependent, so you can run around and he just says, “Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Qualities of a Teacher

A Teacher is a King of kings, and Royal of the royalty, and God of the gods, and Self of the self. Before him the universe comes as a test and he qualifies it with his pain. He sacrifices his earth, the world and the heavens just to smile at it. One of the Teachers was Jesus Christ, one of the Teachers was Guru Arjun. One of the Teachers was Buddha. They owned this planet. Not you. You come here to eat ice cream and sneak a few cookies here and there.

What are those potatoes when they are hash browns? You can hash brown a Teacher but you cannot touch his integrity. That is a Teacher. Don’t look for a Teacher. Look for integrity. Look for one who can integrate the totality of the Infinity, reality in the finite of the self to all that and still laugh. He knows; he won’t tell. He understands; he won’t speak. Because his power is not his own. His power is in his inner prayer, which is calm, quiet and peaceful and goes with him. Word is God. In the beginning there was the word, word was with God, word was Integrity.

The Teacher cannot let his integrity go, integrity can never let the Teacher go. That’s the relationship between Teacher and Teacher. Teacher within and Teacher without is nothing but a living integrity and by the grace of that integrity, God is experienced, understood and exists. Otherwise it is a fake thought.

Whosoever has soul has integrity of soul in it. We barter ourselves and buy and sell ourselves cheap in the hand of our feelings, emotions and our desires and our understandings. We build our paradise and our heavens and we create our hell and our pit of falsehood. -- © 1989 YB Teachings, LLC

Steps Along The Path:

1) Saram Pad
2) Karam Pad
3) Shakti Pad
4) Sahej Pad
5) Sat Pad

I’d like to paint before you the picture of Spiritual Infinity. A person starts having weird trips and weird combinations, feels pressure from this world and starts running toward the spirit. Somebody uses himself as the introducer. So first you meet an introducer who introduces you to the path. Then when you come to the path, it is not the person but it is the discipline, which is told to you. It is called Saram Pad.

Saram Pad is when you are introduced to the path and Karam Pad is the Sadhana, which you are to do on that path. Then within four to seven years, you enter Shakti Pad, time when you confront nobody else but your own ego, and it is the last chance in 8.4 million lifetimes wherein you escape the Aavaagavan, the cycle of birth and death. This is called Shakti Pad. Between Shakti Pad and Sahej Pad, there is no rope, there is no link, it is a leap. Either you leap forward in faith or you fall down to the base and crash. And when from Shakti Pad you enter Sahej Pad, you become Attal (that which is Infinite and does not change.) That’s it. Then there is no He, She, or It, it is “Heshit.”

It is not a big deal when you realize it. Then you mentally have a permanent link with your Teacher. How do I know it? When I meditate, all those Teachers who have a mental link with me appear just like a panorama show. So long as a person’s link appears on my rosary, I never consider him gone. When he stops appearing on that link of my rosary, he may tell me I am a great Yogi, I never consider that he is with me. When Sahej Pad comes, it automatically will take you to Sat Pad or what we call Sach Khand, a state of consciousness of Truth here and hereafter. You will be saved, your generations will be saved.*

Now knowing that technology, people started practicing it. These worldly difficulties, jealousy, greed, and all those things, were with you. They are with you, and they can only leave you when you have that mental capacity to create a link. It is the link of the mind, which a person creates with his Teacher that creates the grace. You project from your heart. You project the link. It is just as when you want to scale a castle wall, you take a rope, which has a hook on one end and you throw it up. It catches and then you climb and jump over–no problem. (See Five Sutras For The Aquarian Age.)

Commitment is the highest virtue, it must be practiced in the highest discipline. That is why Kundalini Yoga demands commitment. You do this hanky-panky. You think you can get away with this, you can get away with that. It is your obnoxiousness, I am not a party to it. I know that without pressure, carbon can never become a diamond. If you think you cannot stand the pressure, then you do not know whether you are a human being, because the human body, the sympathetic, parasympathetic and action nervous systems have been made to withstand extreme pressure to crystallize the consciousness.

…There are two technologies, short technologies and long technologies. Kundalini Yoga is the shortest technology between the unconscious and the Supreme Conscious. It is a Yoga of Awareness. Hatha Yoga means where sun and moon energies meet into oneness. The totality of all yogas is one Yoga–Kundalini Yoga, the Yoga of Awareness, the Yoga of Consciousness. It is specific. This Yoga is for those who want to do a specific and special course in consciousness and awareness. It demands a commitment.

In Raag Raamkalee, Guru Gobind Singh talks to his own mind. He gives you the antar of the patantar. Antar means nucleus and patantar means projection. Now how can anybody teach yoga if he is not a yogi? Guru Gobind Singh teaches yoga to his mind.

Yoga enables you to get rid of sicknesses. It is a medical process of consciousness. Technology does help us. Without it nobody becomes an expert.

…Shakti Pad eats up people because there is one gap, which can only be conquered by a leap of faith. Shakti Pad is the era of consciousness in which you confront the ego and the ego confronts you in a million ways, but if you take faith and the mental link of your Teacher (see Yogi Bhajan's Teacher), you can lean through it, you can penetrate through it, you can pass it.**
Excerpts from KWTC, August 23, 1978.

*In other lectures, Yogi Bhajan has defined Saram Pad as the step where you come under the protection of the Teacher, Karam Pad as the doing of the practices and Shakti Pad is the experience of such personal ego–power–the ego forms alliance with the intellect to convince the person he or she no longer needs the discipline nor the devotion (one forgets to be humble!) Sahej literally means wisdom–and Sat, of course means truth–the unqualified, unchanging divine reality.

**WEBMASTER'S NOTE: An additional help in crossing safely and successfully through Shakti Pad is the chanting of these mantras. Also see KRI Crisis Kit.

Ardas Bhaee Amar Das Guru,
Amar Das Guru Ardas Bhaee,
Ram Das Guru Ram Das Guru,
Ram Das Guru, Sachee Sahee.

Guru Amar Das hears the prayer and Guru Ram Das confirms it.


© 1978 YB Teachings, LLC

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Quotable Quotes from The Master

The Aquarian Age is the Golden Age within the Kalijug. It is the Antar Dashaa of the Maha Dashaa. The Maha Dashaa is that of the Kalijug. The sign of the Aquarius on the zodiac is a man pouring nurturing water, shedding tears on the misfortune of all the Ages. He knows the pain and the pleasure and rises above it. That’s Aquarius.

This year has brought humanity the reassurance that the concept of the spirit has won. Not only the Berlin wall has fallen, not only the President of the USSR has gone to meet the Pope, not only has the Rajiv Gandhi government fell apart, but also the inhuman law of the Punjab was dismissed by the Indian Parliament.

Wahe Guru!

Wahe Guru is one word, one expression, which teaches you one thing–there’s no limit. Even the limitlessness is limitless. Give infinity the right of infinity… You all have a way to brand people, but you are God’s people. That is what you are. Accept it! Neither do you accept yourself nor do you accept others, so how can you accept God?

Guru Gobind Singh is the Guru of the Khalsa; he gave us the mantra Wahe Guru. Guru means, where the light is lit in the darkness. “Gu” means darkness. “Ru” means the light. One who brings the light to the darkness is the Guru. Then it is a “Wow!” Beyond that, what can you say? He gave you the mantra, you chant it, you feel it, but you don’t live it!

Live it, live it, live it. Don’t say, “That’s bad, that’s good.” Just say, “Beautiful.” When you see that bad is beautiful and good is beautiful you have started to be a human. That’s the beginning of being a human. Otherwise you are executors. “Oh, that person is wonderful. That person is nothing.” You are packers. You pack people in bundles. “Oh, I love her, she is beautiful, she is wonderful.” It is all Christmas packing. Go to your inner depth, your inner self and find what Guru Nanak has said. Then you will understand what Guru Gobind Singh is.

It is a science of humanity, how we ought to be. Whosoever shall drop the body filled with ego has no place to go to and God has nothing to do with it. Ego and God do not live in one place, they are the opposite of each other. Ego brings the I to the eye and every eye sees the I into the ego. God sees all, big and small, that is God. Who do you belong to? Ego? God? The tragedy is that you belong to God and you judge people.

If you are in love and you are moody, you are ridiculously cruel, an insult on the face of humanity. You are in the body of a human and you are afraid as if God has gone on a holiday. You neither believe, trust, feel, communicate, understand, nor have a relationship. This world belongs to God. It is created by God; it is His experiment, His home. Truth lives here, truth presides here, truth was, truth is, truth through all the time shall be. You come here as human beings and create your own mini-subconscious stuff.

You have to develop some sensitivity to understand the truth. But you can only understand truth if you have truth in you. Otherwise you can never be really sensitive to another person in feeling, love, or speech. You are a hooker or a harpooner. You kill other people and give them pain; you don’t give anybody comfort.

The law of communication is: Be simple, be straight and say it with a smile. You don’t want it, you don’t have to have it. Nanak says, “Live in His Name!” You live in a game, You don’t know Nanak. Nanak says, “Play not games! Live in the Name.” There’s One God, all is His Creation, don’t be the judge. Neither do you believe Nanak, or trust Nanak or know Nanak. Nanak is Nanak, Nanak is you. Nanak has no religion, Nanak is you, Nanak has no dimension, his dimension is you. As you will put it, so it will be.

You run for things. Things are just waiting for you to stop running so they can come to you. That’s what Nanak said.

“All services and palaces and things will come to those on whom the saint will be blissful.”

You are running and things are trying to catch up with you, they can’t. If you wait, they will all come. You run, go searching for God, and leave the house empty and open. Thieves come and steal everything. When you come back there is nothing left, because you do not know how to sit. Nanak said to sit with a posture of nobility. If you are a human, you must have the ability to sit in a posture of nobility.

Guru Nanak – The Teacher

Guru Nanak was a kind Teacher. His expression was of love and caring. He was subtle and subjective. He saw the dreadful pain of the world and the pleasure of the heavens. He saw the infinity and the greatness of God and he humbled himself in comparative expressiveness of the beauty and bounty of what God presented to mankind to make them understand what grace is. He brought the integrity of the heavens and the earth to the earthlings to bring them to the experience of totality so that the oneness of God can be established. Through that oneness and experience he said, “Ek Ong Kar.” There is one God.

We do not have the capacity to recognize, realize, act, project or understand, but he was very clear. People threw stones at him, they threw shoes at him, they insulted him, they called him out of rhythm, they called him a ghost, they called him just a poor humble man. There was so much pain that his very own blood relations insulted him in one way or another.

Totally merged into the flow of integrity, he continued teaching. He was a missionary, he was humble and he was kind. He was compassionate, and all the goodness earth can have said in one word, he was Nanak. We who try to follow his teachings must understand. They are not for him, but they are for our experience, into that joy, where I and my feelings and my emotions and commotions and my thoughts and my projection, my needs and my fears and my powers, and my weaknesses come to one understanding, I Am, I Am.

Guru Nanak was the Teacher of I Am, I Am. In very clear, crystal clear rhythm, he taught with integrity. His divinity was challenged, his dignity was challenged, his personality was totally shattered. Everywhere he faced insult, but covered himself with a beautiful experience of personal integrity.

Don’t lose your time in rituals, in smallness. Build your personality, understand Infinity, enjoy it. Find in the smallness, the Allness. That is Nanak. Nanak means no, “no.” Say, “No,” to no. We are the creation of the One in time, in space and for the experience. Happiness is my birthright and knowledge is in me, I Am, I am. That is Nanak. -- Excerpts from KWTC, July 3 and July 10, 1989 © 1989 YB Teachings, LLC


Love without trust is like a river without water. You neither know love, nor do you understand it. Love is fundamentally the most powerful ecstasy of consciousness. When the person goes blind there is no question whether you are in love. When you question, love becomes a business. People fall in love. You have acquaintances. You think things are going all right. You enjoy having a romance, I agree. You enjoy company, security, flashiness, fabulousness. You can enjoy anything you want to enjoy but don’t call it love.

The three salient features of love are:
Where there’s a love, there is no question.
Where there is a love, there is no pain.
Where there is a love, there is nothing impossible.

If you do not have the capacity to face these three factors, don’t call your business love. Call it something else, because love is something beyond you. It is ecstasy. It is a consciousness. It is intelligence. It is a human psyche moving in a three and a half cycle electromagnetic, mega-psyche potential projection. The universe moves with it. It is simple psychics. That is why a mother can sit in the house with the Second World War going on and say, “Aaa.”

And the father says, “What?”

She says, “Oh no, nothing. A bullet hit our son in the right shoulder.” The son is 3.900 miles away and ten days later, it is confirmed. The bullet hit in the right shoulder. How can a mother sitting in the room in the chair say, “I saw it.” Was her hand like this to change the bullet’s direction? It should have hit him in the chest, but it hit him in the shoulder.

The son comes home and says, “Mom, it was direct but I don’t know why it hit where it did.”

You think a human is just eating food, enchiladas and okra. You are so cowardly and weak that without coffee you can’t get up in the morning. You get up with the coffee, and by four o’clock in the afternoon you will look like bourbon on the rocks because we are already on the rocks. When the sun hits the earth at sixty degrees you need to be up in advance. At that time you can establish your relationship with the day. When the sun goes down sixty degrees at 4:30 p.m. you have to use that energy which you created in the morning. Bourbon on the rocks and cocaine and all that won’t carry you through the day. You are the electromagnetic field and you have a biorhythm, which has to keep the balance.

The problem is that you have to give birth to the next generation. You cannot be temperamental. You cannot have moodiness. You have to be totally tempered. Nothing should cut through you and nothing should shake you. You have that capacity as a woman. You have the projection. God prepared your body to give birth. He gave you the intelligence, the patience, the projection, the tolerance and the intuition.

Eve gave the apple to Adam, listened to the snake and lost the Garden of Eden. That is the history you have to face. Woman was sold for three sheep and two camels. That was the market price. This history in a sophisticated way, in a calm way, in a quieter way, will always undermine the woman, because the warlord cannot respect the woman. So long as those born of a woman will not respect, recognize and have the reverence for a woman, there shall be no peace. There will be war here and war there.

Man has the tendency of a hunter because he only has a left-brain. He must attack and conquer. I’m not talking to you a psychologist or a psychiatrist or as a spiritual Teacher. I’m telling you the scientific facts. Classify and qualify yourself as a woman. That is fundamental.

Start computing strategy. God gave you a complete intact brain. He didn’t give it to the men. Man takes it as it comes, but you have to compute it. You cannot have the permutation and combination and go wrong. The faculty of you as a woman has the basic intelligence. Stay still, listen sensitively, get active, put your antennas up, understand what the environments are saying, read between the lines, thoroughly understand what the pros and cons are, what the gain and loss is and, my dear, do not take one step on thin ice before you test it out. And if you have not done it yesterday, start today. The legacy of the family has to be protected to bring intelligence and genius to the home where there is good food and good times.

Frustrated children, drugs, everyone totally freaking out, psychotic drama and trauma. It’s not a good time. Two million people leave their homes as teenagers. Three point seven million women a year become prostitutes in this country. By economic social standards people need three divorces to keep production going. They buy new refrigerators, new curtains, new homes and all that. You have to stop it. God created you. God is with you and God is God. Trust Him. Don’t love God. There is no need to love God. Forget it. Just trust Him. Love can be emotional, commotional, feelings and understanding. Trust is very, very logically reasonable and absolutely conscious. You have a parable to face, the pain of woman as a mother, pain of woman as a wife. God, it is a pile of pains. We can’t take our social pain, our economic pain.

In fifty years we will have a new generation, not baby boomers, or after-war children. They will be called, “Day Care Center Products.” This is part of society. You have to cover all weaknesses and still give the family a chance. Because, you can only give the family a chance if you give yourself a chance. Don’t flip flop. Walk straight, talk straight, smile!

There is nothing to learn from me or from anybody else. Learn from the heavens, the moon and the sun. The moon waxes and wanes, produces everything, brings you the comfort of night and cools you off. Sometimes the moon is dark and sometimes it’s full. The sun stands there, shines and warms you up. It doesn’t move. On the earth these little suns and these little moons cannot adjust.

A man who is not stationary and a woman who does not reflect him do not have a relationship. A man needs a woman who can reflect him. A woman wants a man who can be stable, secure and have a strong identity. That is the basic relationship. Investigate it. Find it out.

Tomorrow has a challenge, which must be met today. Tomorrow’s woman will be challenged six-fold: economically, psychologically, politically, in human rights, in family and in personality-identity. You have to be well prepared for it. Those challenges cannot be avoided. -- Excerpts from KWTC, July 13, 1989 © 1989 YB Teachings, LLC.

Is there an opportunity with which we can provide woman a place to renew and regenerate herself as a woman, as a person of dignity, divinity, and nobility, so that she can go back and face life? --


Five Sutras* For The Aquarian Age
By Yogi Bhajan

Yogi Bhajan

1. Recognize that the other person is you.
2. There is a way through every block.
3. When the time is on you, start, and the pressure will be off.
4. Understand through compassion or you will misunderstand the times.
5. Vibrate the Cosmos. The Cosmos shall clear the path.

NOTE: It is said that the Age of Aquarius actually began in 1968 and fully manifested in 2012. The changes will be complete by 2037, according to Yogi Bhajan.

*Sutra: A rule or aphorism, often intended for memorization.

By S. S. Gurutej Singh Khalsa

Gurutej Singh Khalsa

The Five Sutras of The Aquarian Age

In the fast-paced world that we live in today, depression and hopelessness are commonplace. In a previous blog, I wrote about the benefits of meditation and how research has demonstrated that meditation can improve one’s sense of well-being and general state of mind. Yet sometimes, we simply get discouraged and find it challenging just to move on.

My great teacher, Yogi Bhajan, gave what he referred to as the Five Sutras of the Aquarian Age and I have found, as I believe Rajni did, that when applied, depression and hopelessness are overcome and the passages open. The Five Sutras of the Aquarian Age are:

1. Recognize that the other person is you.
2. There is a way through every block.
3. When the time is on you, start, and the pressure will be off.
4. Understand through compassion or you will misunderstand the times.
5. Vibrate the Cosmos, and the Cosmos shall clear the path.

So what is a Sutra? Technically, a Sutra is a rule or aphorism. Sutras have their origins in Hindu scripture, but extend to Buddhist and Jain teachings as well. Another interpretation of the word Sutra is thread. And indeed, Sutras were generally spiritual teachings in simple to remember form, at a time when the majority of people were illiterate. Essentially, Sutras come from the yogic tradition and were written to give people spiritual guidance as well as practical guidance about the process of life. In the Five Sutras of the Aquarian Age, Yogi Bhajan has given guidance to help people through the sequence of life at this point in Time and Space.

Of these Five Sutras, three specifically address overcoming challenges and obstacles. Two address perspective on life.

The First Sutra: Recognize that the other person is you, gives us the perspective we should have when facing difficulties in life and relationships. When you recognize that the other person is you, you engage with the moment. Essentially, it implies that all things are interconnected (the thread interpretation of Sutra) and so, whatever situation we are faced with is actually an extension of us as individuals.

The Second Sutra: There is a way through every block, reminds us not to worry but to have hope; that whatever the challenge we face, we will find a way to meet and overcome it. Having that point of view can make a tremendous difference in how we approach the challenges, obstacles, and other clutter that keep us from reaching our goals and objectives. It reinforces the power of positive thinking.

The Third Sutra: When the time is on you, start, and the pressure will be off. When confronted by time, space, and the circumstances of life, it is easy to fret, become discouraged, and agonize over what to do. What Yogiji tells us is to simply start and the pressure will be off. Newton’s first law of physics states that: a body at rest, remains at rest, a body in motion remains in motion. So just by starting, the way will be found. It is more effective to correct a course of action, than do nothing and have the circumstances of the situation overwhelm you.

The Fourth Sutra: Understand through compassion or you will misunderstand the times is profound. In Japji, Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikh Dharma, explains that the world is built upon compassion and in the Fourth Sutra, Yogiji advises us that if we don’t understand through compassion, if compassion is not the basis upon which we operate, then we will be out of step with the moment and the circumstances. Vibrate the Cosmos, and the Cosmos shall clear the path.

The Fifth Sutra: Tells us simply that the way through is found in the Cosmos, that universal vibration of truth that sustains all things. In order to ‘Vibrate the Cosmos’, it is necessary to vibrate at the frequency of the Cosmos, and that is accomplished through meditation and prayer.

Meditation changes the frequency of vibration of the individual to that of the Cosmos and prayer sends that energy out. It can work for all of us. -- Source.

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and challenges, we must learn from and adopt:
The grip of a bear.
The skin of a rhino.
The loyalty of a dog.
The clarity of an owl.
The hunt of a wild dog.
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