Life According To Yogi Bhajan VIII

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Yogi Bhajan, the consummate teacher

When you take the Name of God as your basic virtue, then you don't see any negative in anybody. Then you see the positive in everybody. I am not saying that people do not have any negative in their personality. But you don't see it. When you see the positive and deal with the positive then your sphere of life, of activity, becomes positive. Then there is nothing to lose.
Yogi Bhajan

The purpose of being human in this life is to become immortal. There have been humans who trusted in God, who believe in God, who dwelt in God, and their perpetuity is still remembered. They are call prophets, messengers, guides, teachers, spiritual, non- factual. They were factual people who brought home the realization of man's concept.
Yogi Bhajan 1/6/1990

You have to gradually grow to develop your intuition and your consciousness and you have to do it consciously. Once you consciously reach your intuition, you will be a totally different person. Then you will say, "I call on myself and my psyche".
Yogi Bhajan 8/3/1995

A teacher is not a God, but he is a god giver.
A teacher is impersonal, like infinity, and has integrity, self-awareness, and personality, with absolute grace.
Yogi Bhajan

When you are gentle, you don't step on your own self. Gentle means, "everlasting self-respect, self-prestige." Gentle people are those who understand who they are no matter what, and that mostly includes personal pressure. A gentleman is one who has total control of all his senses. Senses cannot misguide him. Emotions cannot blind him, and desires cannot pull him. That is gentle. Gentle is when you are super kind to your identity as a woman.
Yogi Bhajan 7/18/1984

You must command a reputation that what you say is true, what you deal in is truth, what you believe in is truth, and what you are is nothing but truth.
Yogi Bhajan 12/9/1977

A Teacher doesn’t hear—he’s deaf. He doesn’t speak—he’s dumb. He doesn’t see—he’s blind. He just carries the teachings. He never amends them, never adds to them, never subtracts from them. You don’t interpret it; you just respectfully carry it to another, and that to another, and that to another. When you do this, all knowledge will come to you. Everything will dawn on you. Your Teacher will speak in you. Your Teacher will guide in you.
Yogi Bhajan 7/22/1996

You are all afraid to become lonely. You are scared to become lonely. You do not know what to do with your loneliness, because you do not know how to give. Give your loneliness that oneness, that ecstasy, that state of higher consciousness, that's all is that one loneliness, when you do not have even peer group. Nobody can match you, nobody can reach you, nobody can understand you, nobody even can know you. Then all you become is heaven, heaven become you, Earth has nothing to do with you and then you are really in pain. Tears flow from you like water because you say, "What I am doing here?" I don't know, what you are doing. All you have to do is to uplift other people. Share that oneness of that ecstasy of consciousness, that loneliness and let people know it is good to be lonely. Because lonely has three things in it. Purity, Infinity and ecstasy. When three ingredients, purity, ecstasy or Infinity get together and amalgamate with each other, one becomes lonely. One becomes one.
Yogi Bhajan 3/29/1987

There is nothing in sex and without sex there is nothing.
Yogi Bhajan

Prayer is not only what you say or utter. Prayer really means attention. When you, your soul and your mind, pay attention. That is called prayer.
Yogi Bhajan 12/1/1986

You within you is the strength of God. You within you is the flow of life. You within you is pure truth and pure light of God. Therefore, always intuitively face life as You, not as the victim of circumstances.
Yogi Bhajan 7/18/1984

The first step to life is to learn to send vibrations out. Become a beacon of vibratory power of your Soul. Let it touch the unlimited shores. All other powers are useless if you don't have your own power. And the power of your Soul is the pure power. Let the vibration go out from you. It is your prayer. It will meet all challenges unto Infinity.
Yogi Bhajan 3/29/1986

This is the day to call upon yourself - beyond politics, beyond social, personal, sensual, sexual, all needs -- to understand: you have to serve and you have to lead to surround all other humans to uplift their souls.
Yogi Bhajan 1/15/1997

Sing a song with a perfect blast. It's such a beautiful emotional release, you will always be grateful to yourself. It is a perfect way to live sane; it is the best way to confront insanity.
Yogi Bhajan 11/22/1977

Give yourself values, give yourself grace, give yourself strength. Forget about your yesterday and yesterday’s problems. That's one final piece of advice. Just safeguard the problems of tomorrow. What is today? Today is for tomorrow.
Yogi Bhajan 7/31/1984

Where there is forgiveness, there is God. Where there is sacrifice, there is compassion. And where there is service, there is the radiance of the human. Is there anything more precious in a human being than these objectives?"
Yogi Bhajan

The mind is above time and space. If you decide not to complain, it will immediately compensate you with intuition.
Yogi Bhajan 7/12/1984

The mother is the only person who can teach her child tenderness and compassion. It is this exposure to gentleness in the lap of the mother for the first seven years of life that teaches a man to be just, tolerant, and compassionate in his dealings with others. The entire capacity of a person for self-control is determined by the touch of a mother.
Yogi Bhajan, The Ancient Art of Self-Healing

When you relate to the limited self of a woman she becomes very crazy. Always tell her she is great, unlimited divine and the giver of everything. All you have to do to deal with a woman is to inspire her spirituality.
Yogi Bhajan

The woman must be able to look to the man for inspiration and stability. Otherwise you have nothing to offer. Then it becomes a matter of existence and not of relationship. The side of the moon, which shines, looks toward the sun. You must be stable as a magnet, which attracts to itself but itself, does not move, while she, being the changeable moon is never stationary and never secure.
Yogi Bhajan

The purpose of life is you reach a stage of consciousness when there is no peer group. Period. Then only you can become a giver. Before that you can't give anybody anything. Then you are in a business, give and take. But when you give and give and give, and for the sake of giving you live, then you have to have no peer group. Then you become Ek, One. One is very lonely. It has its own beginning, its own end and its own process.
Yogi Bhajan 3/29/1987

The Cosmos works for those who have discipline, who have longing, who have some goal to reach in their lives, and who make a constant, constant, constant effort to reach it. That is dharma. Dharma is in every day, in every action, on every side of the day. Don’t waste yourself into the maya of this Earth. (See Left of Maya.)
Yogi Bhajan 2/9/2003

Seva (Service) is when your inside is honored, when you honor yourself. When I stand before my consciousness, I feel good, and I say, 'Well, I am so blessed that I could do it.' That's Seva.
Yogi Bhajan 7/22/1978

You are all afraid to become lonely. You are scared to become lonely. You do not know what to do with your loneliness, because you do not know how to give. Give your loneliness that oneness, that ecstasy, that state of higher consciousness, that's all is that one loneliness, when you do not have even peer group. Nobody can match you, nobody can reach you, nobody can understand you, nobody, even can know you. Then all you become is heaven, heaven become you, Earth has nothing to do with you and then you are really in pain. Tears flow from you like water because you say, "What I am doing here?" I don't know, what you are doing. All you have to do is to uplift other people. Share that oneness of that ecstasy of consciousness, that loneliness and let people know it is good to be lonely. Because lonely has three things in it, purity, infinity and ecstasy. When three ingredients, purity, ecstasy or Infinity get together and amalgamate with each other, one becomes lonely. One becomes one.
Yogi Bhajan 3/29/1987

One who rotates the earth, this earth of yours, one who rotates it, in twenty-four hours shall take care of your routine whoever it is. You believe it, or not.
Yogi Bhajan 2/19/1996

Instead of drawing the attention of another person by a tantrum, you could win their heart by a service (Seva).
Yogi Bhajan

Learn to change gears in your life. It’s not hypocrisy; it’s real. Your sensitivity is your transmission.
Yogi Bhajan 7/12/1984

What is grace? "Grace is the shield of radiation or radiant shield which protects the pranic balance in your entire living system, not only with you, and within you, and within your psyche, but how you correlate to all other psyches in your communication of memory. All who have gone before you, all who have to follow you. Do you understand what grace is now? That trust that others place in you is your grace. The word you give to others is grace. Expectation of you being who you are is grace. It is a total sum of your personality, reflected by you. It is your radiant body.
Yogi Bhajan

Hate nobody; love everybody. It won’t cost you anything. Love never costs anything. Love is the most selfish act. It gives you so much protection, grace, and radiance. It doesn’t give you any smallness or suffering. The attitude of conscious living is to love and give grace to someone worthy of your trust. Do not seek anything from people. Give love instead, and rely on God.
Yogi Bhajan 5/2008

Remember that intellectual knowledge does not hold and sustain you. Knowledge only becomes real wisdom when you experience it with your own Heart and Being.
Yogi Bhajan 1/1/1903

When you face today with courage, with dignity, with grace, and the word of the Guru (spiritual teacher), your prayers will be answered, because you'll become the prayer.
Yogi Bhajan 6/27/1993

God who created you shall create for you everything when you exert your divinity. God who created you will give you nothing when you exert your duality.
Yogi Bhajan

Mother becomes blind with the child. She wants a strong child, raise him, teach him, educate him, entitle him, and what else come down to, every mother looks at the grade. What are the grades of my son in the school? So blind is the stupid mother, she never looks at the manners of the child, what are the manners of my child, never. She has no life left to look to the reality, what are the etiquette of my child, what are the manners of my child, what is the mental and the spiritual strength of my child. The child is judged by grades all the way from day one to the last day of his life.
Yogi Bhajan 1/15/1989

Don't feel guilty. Just get awakened. Just wake up. Start exerting your divinity. It's your birthright.
Yogi Bhajan

There are a lot of things we need. One of these needs is for the mind to work for you for the whole day; it must be fresh and clear; it must be made livable. That is why it is a requirement to rise early in the morning when nobody can disturb you, when you can be yourself.
Yogi Bhajan

Spiritual maturity begins with the seed planted in our destiny. It is nurtured by a series of teachers and watered by the wisdom each brings to us, a wisdom which is less a philosophy as it is a combination of consciousness and intelligence that lets us face the challenges brought by each stage of our development. In that challenge and answer of life we come to recognize our self, honor our self and deliver our self In relationship.
Yogi Bhajan

All this makeup, your attraction, your beauty, which does not modify and model you as a graceful woman, is an invitation to exploitation. Do you understand it as a woman? You attract him, have him, get him; then what? Attract him again. Get him again. Attract him again. Get him again. Let him come, if he will come, he will never go. When a man walks to the grace of a woman, he can never walk away.
Yogi Bhajan 7/31/1984

A child is born to you to help him face his karma in this life. A child is not your ego; not a pet dog in the house; not a substitute for love. A child has nothing to do with that. A child is born to you so that you can prepare him to face time unto Infinity.
Yogi Bhajan 6/1997

Children are full-fledged people with high potency antennae, which record every vibration within their vicinity completely and very deeply.
Yogi Bhajan 7/20/1976

Meditative mind tells you about your mind, projected mind, polarized mind, inductive mind, deductive mind, subconscious mind, super subconscious mind, interrelated mind, correlated mind, and polarized mind. Mind is like an onion, it has so many boxes and so many layers and until the whole thing is not understood you do not understand that you have thought form and when you do not understand your thought form you do not understand your desire. When you do not understand desire you do not understand your commotion. You do not understand your commotion. You do not understand your emotion. And then emotion trace to neurosis and neurosis to pattern, pattern takes you to unhappiness, it is a simple delivery channel. And all this has to be known. And the only science, which can give you authority, sensitivity and probe into mind is the art of meditation.
Yogi Bhajan 10/23/1978

What is God? In reality it is your own positive self, your higher Self, your universal Self, the Self, which knows no defeat, the Self which can rise again and again and again like a wave in the ocean.
Yogi Bhajan 7/17/1984

Your sovereignty can only be given to you as a child by your mother. By her identifying you as a complete, total individual. What you call 'grit’, the strength of the identity, is given to you by the father. It is all done in the first eleven years. Afterwards anything done or said and taught by the parent is useless, because the base is already built.
Yogi Bhajan 2/19/1985

Never be right or wrong, always be neutral. Speak not through the positive mind or the negative mind, but from the neutral mind. And whenever you have to confront a calamity or a pleasure, take the altitude. Adjust the attitude. Do not react right away.
Yogi Bhajan 7/22/1996

There is a constitutional law to being a mother: first be a woman, then be a graceful woman, then become a very, very, very, very graceful person. Bearing a child is not a human’s job; bearing a child is totally a divine, divine, divine job…From 120 day (of pregnancy) until the day of delivery, whatever you put in through prayer is going to come out.
Yogi Bhajan 7/5/1977

A rose's fragrance is so powerful. It makes you want to smell it. Your grace has to be so powerful, that people want to feel it.
Yogi Bhajan

I was taught the most fundamental law of karma, cause and effect. As shall you sow, so shall you reap. And you are a sovereign independent identity. When you do fault, you lose your sovereignty. You subject yourself and subjection is worse than death. I was taught all that right from day one. It was a continuous process. It was a continuous learning. It was a continu­ous training. It was a continuous behavior.
Yogi Bhajan

When you speak with your own soul and embed that consciousness, that new story, deeply in every cell, then that flow of reality works for you even when you do not have the strength to work for yourself.
Yogi Bhajan

However things go, you must remain calm, quiet and peaceful. That peace is the source of prosperity. Self-containment is the art of prosperity and it is the highest spiritual strength. There is nothing to match it.
Yogi Bhajan 12/1/2001

You have no right to tell the child what to do. The child has the right to know what is good and what is bad. If you teach the child good and bad, the child will never leave you. There’s no better student. You have never accepted a child as a God-given student. You accept the child as your possession. That’s your mistake.
Yogi Bhajan 7/4/1996

Man can be forgiven, by God. I promise you. He can be forgiven, even without a prayer. But Mother Nature is not merciful at all. Her law is: As you sow, so shall you reap. She is in charge of karma.
Yogi Bhajan, "Laws of Life"

We use our children for security. Then our children use us for security, and life is a mess. Give children their own security: Truth and God. It doesn’t matter if you have lied to yourself, or you have lied in your life, or that your parents lied to you. Just, for God’s sake, speak the truth for the sake of your children, so that they can understand that there is a truth—that is Sat Nam. Give them the true identity of themselves and you will have angels on the Earth.
Yogi Bhajan 6/1975

What can you give to your child except the values of self-justice, except self-identity and self-sovereignty. A child must be told in a practical way, how to behave and must be treated to be self-sovereign. Otherwise you are absolutely not giving self-respect to that child. If you take away self-respect, after childhood, the child reacts and then needs psychologists, psychiatrists, mental hospitals, and the like. In childhood we have to be taught about life and justice. We have to be asked to relate to the reality of life in practical sovereignty, and to our independence. We have to have a system of judiciary within ourselves so we can have the experience of it.
Yogi Bhajan

Every child is born as karma to parents, but also every child is born as karma to himself or herself. There is a double action and mostly people forget this. One is the karma to parents, the other is the karma to the self. In between, a person has to develop, grow and become free.
Yogi Bhajan 7/1977

Our main job is to be together and inspire each other to reach for the golden light. Let us be one in the oneness of each other. Love and reach out, make life happy...live with these words deep in your heart.
Yogi Bhajan 9/2006

When faith touches your head it becomes a religion.
When faith touches the heart it becomes the way of life.
And when faith becomes you then you totally become a living divine.
Yogi Bhajan 11/24/1980

When you stop playing games then there’ll be one game left to be played, and that is to become the most powerful, forceful, brightest light of God. That is the purpose of life—for everyone.
Yogi Bhajan 7/24/198

What I am trying to tell you is that the very deep feeling, the expression that a woman enjoys, which to her is very relaxing, very creative, very relevant, is when she believes and understands in her depth that she has found a man who, in the depth of her heart, she can trust his wisdom.
Yogi Bhajan Man to Man

Friendship is not a state, which you can exploit at your beck and call.
Yogi Bhajan

Mothers are the heartbeat that planted the seed of the creation of new beginnings whether you have given birth or not. You are born to be Mother Earth - the guardian, teacher and protector of life! We need your grace, strength and guidance for our future of the Aquarian Age more that ever.
Yogi Bhajan

This life has only one problem—you can be blocked. A block is always square. If you cut the square diagonally—that's the tantric energy—and you will have two triangles. A triangle is a sign of prosperity. A block is an obstacle. When you are blocked and you start loving a block, then that block becomes your devotee, your deity. It becomes your energy. It becomes your Goddess. It becomes your worship. It becomes your altar and an altar has no alternative. So, you create a block and a block and a block and a block and finally, you create a wall and you don't move. Breaking the block is loving the self.
Yogi Bhajan 11/23/1993

We usually act as the by-products of circumstances, environments, and actions that constitute the habits that make up our behavior. Habits are embedded in the subconscious, and on the average our subconscious guides about 60% of our actions. Prejudice and bias guide about 25% of our actions, and only 15% of our behavior is conscious. Our sexual failures, our social failures, our family failures, our individual failures, and our human failures are failures because this is how we have been trained.
Yogi Bhajan

You have to walk on your own feet and you have to walk tall. Human learn to crawl and then walk. All men, women and children are children of God. They have to learn that their neurotic blocks have to be broken in two, to become triangles, and this challenge belongs to all of us. We cannot afford to be limited. We cannot afford to be negative--you cannot have the luxury of a negative thought because it will multiply in you and hurt you badly.
Yogi Bhajan 11/23/1993

People do not understand that life is a very direct challenge. If you do not stimulate yourself to the optimum point, you will be three fourths dead. If you keep on worshiping your blocks, you will be so badly blocked by your blocks, that you will never be in a position to move. These are the realities; this is our life. We have to make this life successful.
Yogi Bhajan 11/23/1993

Commitment is knowledge within itself. You don’t commit to get the knowledge. When you commit, knowledge comes to you. If you can commit and hold on to it, there is nothing more you have to learn. When you commit, things will happen which will shift in you, change you, stop you, make you to disobey, revolt. Such opportunities will come to you. Even if you forget the truth that is the basis of you, if you continue to be committed, that’s all it takes. Commitment does not “begin” anything. Commitment is the end in itself.
Yogi Bhajan 10/16/1973

Man to Man

Your failure is when you don't mean to commit. Because without a base, without nailing yourself to the situation, you will never find the answer. You may want to have the answer, you may badly need the answer, you may try to have the answer; but without your nucleus, there is no answer. Are you going to live with this woman or not? Are you going to be with this situation or not? If you are going to be, then go through with everything!.
Yogi Bhajan Man to Man

The problem is that you can't handle a relationship, because to handle a relationship, you have to invest your spirit into it, and you don't have a concept of your spirit.
Yogi Bhajan

Peace unto me, Peace within me, Peace in my mind, Peace in my surroundings, Peace to all, Peace to the Universe. May there be peace in the world. May there be peace all over the world, forever.
Yogi Bhajan

Thanksgiving prayer:

Get up, close your outer eyes, go into the very inner self of yours, just for one moment and give thanks to those who have prevailed the peace on this planet, who love to be peaceful, who create peaceful environments for others and who have even offered to give their life for the sake of peace without any comment and understanding of what they did. But the very thought, the thought, the thought was peaceful, let us be kind in our own self, in our own deep self to go into our deeper inner self and may feel love and we may give thanks for one factual fact that we have the privilege to be together on this thanksgiving to give thanks to whom we cannot thank.
Yogi Bhajan 11/20/1971

You must understand that in life there is nothing but energy. Matter is a form of energy. Matter cannot be destroyed, nor can it be created. It can only be changed. So your physical body has energy that can be transformed into matter, or matter in your body can be transformed into energy. During sexual intercourse you play out this energy exchange.
Yogi Bhajan

Man by nature is a self-conflict. He is the authority because he represents the sun. He doubts it because he is not sure he is the sun. So there is a little boy and a big man conflicting with each other all the time.
Yogi Bhajan 7/16/1987

Your head must bow to your heart. It is that strength which will keep you alive and give you power.
Yogi Bhajan 2/8/2000

There is nothing wrong in this world if you do not hate anyone or create a superiority complex to make anyone feel inferior.
Yogi Bhajan 1/5/2000

The body is the temple of the soul, the mind is the force of the soul and the intuition is the campus of the soul.
Yogi Bhajan 9/20/1990

If I love somebody, then I have no question to ask, no answer to listen for. Love is beyond questions and answers, love is beyond give and take—nobody has taken anything, nobody has given anything. Love is beyond time and space, love is Infinity; love is God in itself.
Yogi Bhajan 10/16/1973

Mankind is still seeking to find the peace within so it can have peace without. There shall not be peace in the world if there is no peace in the heart of the man. There is not going to be peace in your heart if you do not understand and experience your very relationship with your soul.
Yogi Bhajan 5/19/1989

If we remove judgment of ourselves and others from our lives, we will be living in paradise.
Yogi Bhajan 3/10/1998

Your nature is part of God's Nature, therefore your nature should be like God: loving all, kind, compassionate and caring.
Yogi Bhajan 3/17/1997

Highest test of spirituality is, "Do good to those who have done wrong to you".
Yogi Bhajan 1/20/1991

The ideal marriage is a way of life in which a husband and wife compromise to face the time and space together for the security of their own lives and their children's.
Yogi Bhajan 1/2/1977

We do not trust God. Trust is, not a human faculty because when you trust something, you are fulfilled, you are there, your understanding becomes deep; and it is a state of ecstasy where there is no shakiness. Trust is very difficult.
Yogi Bhajan 10/6/1989

Soul. People say it's dormant; I don't believe that they even understand what the soul is—Pavan Guru (the carrier of the Prana, the breath of life), the sound, the Word, the Guru; it is in us. Who gets up in the morning and feels, "God, I am in trust with you? "You say, "Thank you God," "Bless me God," and, "I pray to you, Lord God, help me," but who has the guts to get up in the morning and say, "I am yours, God; You are mine, and let us have the day together?" You have to get up in consciousness, make God a part of you and be a part of God. Identity must merge in Infinity. That's reality.
Yogi Bhajan 10/6/1989

It's very simple. In life, the body will die but we must experience deathlessness, and we are very emotional. Some people tell me, “I am very poor." It is a reflection. Poverty is a reflection of lack of self-esteem, self-belittlement.
Yogi Bhajan 10/6/1989

You have to learn only one thing. This planet belongs to God. God rotates this planet. Let God take care of your routine. Do not interfere. Spare yourself from pain, tragedy, desperation and desolation.
Yogi Bhajan 9/2/1991

You cannot judge yourself in the situation you are, you will be always judged by time for the situation you deliver. The law, which prevails, is the deliverance.
Yogi Bhajan 4/25/1993

If you security lies in God, then everything is normal. If your security lies in people, everything is abnormal.
Yogi Bhajan 1/7/1990

Trouble without you doesn't exist. If you do not welcome the trouble, and do not participate, confront, counter and enlarge it, it will go.
Yogi Bhajan 2/13/1995

Wherever we may go, whatever we may do, whatever we may think, through all action, thought and deed, may Thy grace prevail and may Thy light radiate through us. Sat Nam.
Yogi Bhajan

Bana identifies you and instills trust, brings you honor. Bana takes away from you the chance to play games, to be corrupt. (See DualityOptics.com.)
Yogi Bhajan

Your physical structure and the male physical structure are different. Your hormones and male body hormones are different. Your psyche and the male psyche are different. Now where have you learned to compete with something, which is totally not you, but is your polarity? Do you understand? Male is not you and you are not the male. There is nothing in common. There are two different polarities, two different psyches, two different persons with two different geographies. How can you bring the Himalayas to Sri Lanka? Or how can you take the Rockies to New York?
Yogi Bhajan, Women's Camp, 7/30/1984

By worshiping a master, you will never, never, never reach God. But by practicing His words, by your practical life, God will come to receive you.
Yogi Bhajan 12/25/1969

God bless us with peace of mind, tranquility, and prosperity. By Thy grace and divinity, give us peace of mind, peace of heart, peaceful living and peaceful environments. Give planet Earth a peaceful time. May the drums of war start the drums of peace. (See The Art of Peace.) Sing the glory of Thee and all of the humanity. We pray to Thee, bring us and make us capable to preserve the peace on the planet Earth. Sat Nam.
Yogi Bhajan 5/27/1990

Nobility is cultivated only when one consciously relates to one’s spirit and flow of the soul and one feels the total divinity within. It is a manifestation of divinity. Nobility takes one away from temptation, anger, lust, greed, unvirtuous and unrighteous living. It gives one a qualifying factor to impress everybody without impressing. That is the beauty of nobility. The way one talks, walks, sees, deals, serves, gets served, is a total sum of one’s living behavior. There is a tremendous flow of spirit in a noble person. A noble person is a very powerful individual.
Yogi Bhajan 7/2/1978

There are blocks that man can't talk about.
These blocks are keeping you from achieving your potential as men. If we are not willing to talk about something, how can we get rid of it?
Yogi Bhajan 1984

You cannot sustain a friendship without wisdom. Wisdom is nothing but practical learning of a higher consciousness. A person can know and trust you only if you are a wise human being.
Yogi Bhajan

If you need God's help in your life, be graceful and God shall be grateful to help you. **How you are known will not depend on your demand, it will depend on your commitments.
Yogi Bhajan

In the beginning, the middle, and the end, it is you and you only. So live well in your inner peace and inner strength. And when you feel weak, call on your soul, your best friend.
Yogi Bhajan 6/19/1998

When an obstruction comes into our lives, we feel very upset. We suffer. We think everything is ruined. No, it’s not true. A car without brakes is not going to be driven on any road. These obstructions, these negativities, these nuisances are part of the game. They give you a chance to cross over them. But you can’t cross them because you have not acquired friendship with your own spirit.
Yogi Bhajan 10/5/1973

The best love is to serve all equally.
Yogi Bhajan 5/9/1984

You cannot achieve or crystallize yourself in your life without discipline.
Yogi Bhajan 7/23/1987

The caliber of this human body is that it has the capacity to give you the experience of God.
Yogi Bhajan 10/9/1985

We forget God because we think our limit is this Earth. That is our limiting mind we apply. In reality we are here to experience the Infinity.
Yogi Bhajan 7/10/1975

You are the truth. Whenever you speak the truth with an open heart, it is the key to the heart of every person.
Yogi Bhajan 4/7/1983

Trust is the keynote of life. If you trust in God the entire creativity will trust you because everything belongs to God. Trust is the key of love, happiness, dignity, divinity and grace.
Yogi Bhajan

Appreciation is an art and a lifestyle; a source of happiness and fulfillment. It’s called gratitude, an attitude of gratitude. A person who develops an attitude of gratitude is absolutely divine. You don’t have to sweat. If you have achieved the attitude of gratitude, everything in the world will come to you. If you make it a point to have an attitude of gratitude, it could be the greatest achievement in your life. Gratefulness will make you great. It takes away any discrepancy, any negativity, any bother.
Yogi Bhajan 6/27/1984

If we are spiritually strong, we can do the impossible as possible.
Yogi Bhajan 8/23/1989

In marriage there is no such thing as a man, and there is no such thing as a woman. One is the harmony, the other is harmonious. That is the relationship. One is Mr. Harmony or Miss Harmony and the other is harmonious. No two people can be perfect. It is give and take and adjustment. It is to establish a frequency.
Yogi Bhajan

Those who have to lead must be like a star - with an altitude and attitude of perfection.
Yogi Bhajan

Human who lives by the beat of the heart, continuously meditating on the Name of God, shall find heavens here and hereafter.
Yogi Bhajan 1/24/1986

Passion is like waves; it comes and goes. Compassion is the constant flow.
Yogi Bhajan 10/16/1973

Imagine how wise, caring and complete you will be if you apply to yourself all of the energy you waste.
Yogi Bhajan 9/28/2002

Compassion is the one concept where God surrenders to man. When a person of God surrenders him or herself to compassion and every step of life is guided by that power, that person is highly enlightened, elevated and exalted.
Yogi Bhajan 4/21/1996

Service creates permanent love and friendship. Self-discipline creates grace. And the neutral mind creates wisdom.
These are the rules of life.
Yogi Bhajan 7/11/1995

The game of life is not based on security, sex, love, emotions or feelings. It is based on balance and imbalance, stability and non-stability.
Yogi Bhajan 2/28/1992

You have not yet learned what spirituality is. It is not religion or knowledge or happiness or good luck or tragedy. Spirituality is facing yourself with a smile when life confronts you.
Yogi Bhajan 12/31/1992

Relationship is in experience and life is an experience. Environments are to cause that experience. And the breath of life is to gain that experience.
Yogi Bhajan 4/17/1990

Love and fear are two forces. Whatever you do under fear, it shall take away from you your life. Whatever you shall do under love, it will give you fulfillment. Love shall not satisfy your emotions, that's an unfortunate part of it. Love will not satisfy your neurosis. Love will not satisfy your ego. The only God you have is your love and God has no dimension. Ego has every dimension. So when you are in love, you have no dimension, when you have dimension, you are not in love.
Yogi Bhajan 3/1994

Life is by breath, not years. The average breath is 20-25 times a minute. In good health you breathe 10-12 times a minute. But if you practice one breath a minute for 11 minutes a day, you can be in control of your mind.
Yogi Bhajan 9/10/1995

The most intimate relationship within you is between the body and the soul.
Yogi Bhajan

Wherever we may go, whatever we may do, whatever we may think, through all action, thought and deed, may Thy grace prevail and may Thy light radiate through us. Sat Nam.
Yogi Bhajan

You have been designed as human and you have been designated as human and you have a destiny as a human. Live it and you are God, deny it and you will never find God.
Yogi Bhajan 5/26/1975

We call the time we spend on our maintenance Sadhana (spiritual practice). It is an essential part of life. If you do your Sadhana, your mind can take the pressure. It will guide you and groom you properly. (See You Have 10 Bodies.)
Yogi Bhajan 9/28/2002

Once you behave obnoxiously with somebody, you can never change that image. Obnoxious behavior is self-damaging. Do not be obnoxious even with your enemy.
Yogi Bhajan 7/9/1981

You don't have to remember anybody; all you have to remember is you. God rotates this Earth; God shall take care of your routine.
Yogi Bhajan 12/31/1991

It's not important what you say; it's important what somebody hears when you speak.
It is important how the inner ear sends the signal and how the body language correlates.
If the body language and your words are the same, the other will hear it clearly and will understand perfectly.
Yogi Bhajan 9/9/1995

Society will be rid of corruption and purity will prevail if we just understand our life has a value. Value can be measured; it is what we deliver and how we deliver it.
It is the extent to which we deliver and with what sacrifice we deliver.
Yogi Bhajan 6/19/1998

Mind is a link between Infinity and you. When the soul got the body, it asked God, "What is the link with You, my Lord?"
And God Said, "Mind."
Yogi Bhajan 1/9/1998

We live in the world with unawareness.
That is our habit and we love to live like that.
That is our problem.
Yogi Bhajan 5/7/1969

Love has no return because it is infinity, love has no deal, love has no definition, love has no class, love has no jurisdiction.
Yogi Bhajan

People who indulge into the lower chakras will never reach the higher chakras. And people who are stuck in the higher chakras are called "spaced out". There has to be balance. In that balance you bounce in life with joy.
Yogi Bhajan 6/28/1998

The planet Earth is a hotel. You come here; you pay the karma you go back home. Call the bellboy, the death courier and go home. Don't call it a death. Call it deliverance. Don't call it a suffering. Call it a challenge. Don't call it wrong, call it just slipped away.
Yogi Bhajan 12/14/1989

People who indulge into the lower chakras will never reach the higher chakras. And people who are stuck in the higher chakras are called "spaced out". There has to be balance. In that balance you bounce in life with joy.
Yogi Bhajan 6/28/1998

The only carefree being is that person who is free from negativity. He is liberated. It is a Cosmic Law that such a person is never short of anything. A carefree man doesn't know any misery. He may be humble, but that doesn't mean he is miserable. Ever wise, he sails through time undisturbed. He does not need any correction at the hands of time. His smooth behavior and calmness of personality are the signs that he is a liberated being. In a nutshell, he is the happiest person ever on the earth.
Yogi Bhajan

Give yourself one second when you listen and before you speak.
In one second you can see the light. And if you stop just one second, you will have total effectiveness because then the third eye, the ajna, will act.
Yogi Bhajan 11/2000

Self-hatred is the cause of all problems. It is the anger of childhood that makes someone hate himself and use his entire life to do harm to himself. The main problem of the twentieth century is self-hatred.
Yogi Bhajan 9/16/1985

The man and woman play different roles in the relationship. She holds the spirituality and depth. She carries the relationship through the storms and battles of time and space. When her conscious and subconscious minds are stable, a stability for the couple is created.
Yogi Bhajan

So technically speaking when a person says, I am spiritual, it does not mean he is wearing robes like me and is walking around and he can give few lectures and inspire people and heal people, all that doesn't matter. All it matters is that when person is challenged, he is sturdy, he can face it and he will face it with a grace. If your face and your grace does not give into challenge, you are spiritual, otherwise you are not, period. Everything else doesn't matter.
Yogi Bhajan 12/31/1992

It has been seen in our entire concept of life, that we are 15% slaves to a routine, to habit. Man must have certain habits without which his life cannot go on. But he can attain liberation by changing the character of these minimum required habits.
Yogi Bhajan

We are so commotional and emotional in business that we don’t care what is loss and what is gained. All we care about is what we are talking about. And one very disturbing thing in our business is that we think only for today’s profit and loss. But normally when we do business in the business sense, we take care of what is called “business for good will.” We create a business and we create good will. Businesses cannot profit the next minute after they open. Most businesses start showing a profit in maybe two years, ten years, or six years.
Yogi Bhajan 1/26/1985

The breath of life is the only thing that comes to you without your asking. That is an infinite gift from God. You are a slave to everything except the breath of life.
Yogi Bhajan 10/7/1974

The human mind thinks that it knows all. The Universal Mind knows that It knows all.
Yogi Bhajan 6/24/2000

One law of business is, your words should be as good as gold. That’s called “good will.” That is the principle of every successful businessman. Whenever you bring emotions into business, commotions into business, feelings into business, you lose business. Business is meant for profit, and profit is meant to make further profit. And when there is a lot of profit then comes the third law of Nanak: share. Then establish other businesses and let your brother work in it. You will make more business. And more profit.
Yogi Bhajan 1/26/1985

Children are perfect. But because mom wants to eat, you overfeed them, make them fat, let their metabolism overwork and really make them crazy kids. Just feed them sattvic food food of saints, and leave them alone. They will be the best living beings.
Yogi Bhajan 3/1974

When I see you, I see you poor. When I see your aura, I see you rich. The greatest problem in your business life is you don’t know how saintly you are, how powerful you are. You do not value your own values. That’s the greatest problem you have. Just understand one thing: I have not created you. Your parents have not created you. It is the Will of God, which has created you. It is the Will of God, which will sustain you and it is the Will of God, which will take you away. Are you going to leave behind good will and business, or only business? That’s the only decision you have to make.
Yogi Bhajan 1/26/1985

When you walk toward light, you have to forget the darkness. In darkness you can't see what you're doing, and ego is just like darkness. It is a total cloud in which you are very limited, and you won't make it anywhere. When you are brilliant, you are flexible, smiling and everything is just all right.
Yogi Bhajan

This whole universe is just the coexistence of a working electromagnetic field. There is no difference between us. Every magnetic field is electromagnetic; this means that our psyches are intertwined.
Yogi Bhajan 12/1/1986

If you know how to worship God you should also know how to worship your polarity, who is your partner for life. Therefore it is a fundamental requirement of the woman that she should walk on the righteous path and she should see that her male partner walks on the righteous path.
Yogi Bhajan 4/1/1977

You love to have shallow friends and shallow life. You do not want to have excellent friends and an excellent life, because you think popularity is in quantity. No. Quality has many followers. Quantity makes you a follower. That's the difference. Enjoy your way.
Yogi Bhajan 8/14/1989

When you eat, for two hours you are not supposed to do anything strenuous. Why? Because the body needs all the energy to digest what you have eaten.
Yogi Bhajan 11/17/1989

Spiritual corruption is more powerful than real corruption. Because a real man doesn't know where corruption is and he does it emotionally. Spiritual man does it wisely and his corruption is flawless.
Yogi Bhajan 1/7/1990

I tell you why God likes you, because every son wants his son to be better than him. God wants every human to be better than Him. So God can represent peace, tranquility and everlasting identity, and that's what God is.
Yogi Bhajan 1/7/1990

Strength is not by logic of the truth.
Strength is not the truth itself, if it is not experienced.
Yogi Bhajan 8/13/1989

If you do not know how to raise the consciousness of another person, you can never raise your own consciousness.
Yogi Bhajan 12/1/1983

Effective communication is called naad - harmonious speaking and hearing at the same time.
Yogi Bhajan 11/24/1990

You are not going to find God. God is in you, around you, in everything of you. You have thirty trillion Gods in you. If you want to understand, every cell of the body and the three parts of it is God.
There is nothing without God.
Yogi Bhajan 11/26/1989

The base of real happiness is when you are you, and you are powerful within you. It is your power within you, which is powerful And it is understood by others.
Yogi Bhajan 11/26/1989

Life comes down to one thing and one thing only: do you compromise with your grace or not? And do you compromise it for your own sake, or for somebody else's?
Yogi Bhajan 9/4/2001

There is no substitute for endurance. And there is nothing more divine and Godly and wonderful than the self-courage.
Yogi Bhajan 7/12/1989

Commanding the mind is the only art of survival in a state of bliss.
Yogi Bhajan 5/1/1988

Spirituality without tolerance is milk with cyanide.
Yogi Bhajan 7/8/1981

The idea to become spiritual is not what you have learned so far. The religion is not spirituality, your knowledge is not spirituality, your happiness is not spirituality, your good luck and tragedy is not spirituality. So spirituality is eventually how you face yourself with a smile in life and its confrontation but don't misunderstand, you will not be challenged. Everybody whether he is a king or a queen, pauper or a beggar is going to be challenged, lover or a deserter, attorney or accused. In life one thing you cannot get rid of and that is called challenge, whether you challenge the challenge or you give into the challenge that decides the spirituality. Is your spirit higher than the challenge and you face it, simple.
Yogi Bhajan 12/31/1992

There should not be any misunderstanding and this is how I see every woman. You see woman as a chick, you see a woman as a woman, you see woman as a mom, you see woman in many ways. I see woman who can give birth. Because woman is the only one individual creature, which has a liberation with God, in more ways than a man, man has to become a man of God and woman can serve a man of God, she can be a wife of a man of God, she can be a mother of a man of God and she can be herself a woman of God. (See FirstTeachersAreWomen.com.)
Yogi Bhajan 1993 Women's Camp

A teacher is the vehicle. You are not the destination of a person. You are the path. Maintain that standard, you will be very happy.
Yogi Bhajan 3/23/1990

You must understand, this body is God's temple, in it lives God.
Yogi Bhajan 8/16/1995

Freedom is the experience of enjoying this world to the maximum while still perpetually chanting God’s name. In English, it’s called equipoise, being relaxed and totally concentrated on the job at hand, both at the same time. It’s like living in a yoga posture when you’re totally stretched out while being constantly relaxed at the same time. It’s the experience of life as an adventure; there is no more doubt, no more worry, no more pain. It’s the marriage between faith and duty; it’s the circle of a life understood and lived; it’s the sun and the moon in perfect harmony; it is the security of experience; it’s living under the protection, grace, and prosperity of God.
Yogi Bhajan

I know you care for friends, your job, your children, your future. But don't forget the owner of the whole thing is God, the spirit, the breath of life. Your ego is not your owner.
Yogi Bhajan 1/6/1990

Learn to elevate yourself when calamity hits.
Yogi Bhajan 1/17/2000

When you have your own mind under control, intuition will give you all the knowledge of the world. When you have control of your mind through your social and structural facets, you have the answer to everything. When you have control of your own mind, you can see the soul and God right within you.
Yogi Bhajan

Patience pays. Prove it. When the karma of your previous incarnation will be cleansed out, and your courage is steady, then everything will start working for you without saying a thing. That is the state of life we must achieve.
Yogi Bhajan 4/25/1997

The fundamental law of truth is that it penetrates through all darkness.
Yogi Bhajan 10/25/1998

Everybody has a mission. Whether they achieve it or not, support it or not. Mission is there. Mission has to be profiled, has to be defined in life. Then it will show a magnitude.
Yogi Bhajan 1/1/1992

There is no better vitamin than breath.
Yogi Bhajan 7/13/1987

There are two ways of power: One is to magnetize everything towards you. Whatever you need, it will be in balance; it will be beautiful; you can enjoy it. The other way is you run after it, and then what do they call it? "Alice doesn't live here anymore." You'll be running all the time; home will be empty.
Yogi Bhajan 7/29/1999

May this day bring you the light of life and may you understand you are here to be here with joy, happiness and prayer. May you all be blessed. Sat Nam.
Yogi Bhajan 2/1/1999

Prayer is the power to tap your unknown to bring it to your known and become radiant.
Yogi Bhajan 7/21/1982

The highest test of spirituality is: "Do good to those who have done wrong to you."
Yogi Bhajan 1/20/1991

What is an ideal marriage? Ideal marriage is a way of life in which a husband and wife compromise to face the time and space together for the security of their own life and their children's.
Yogi Bhajan, Beads of Truth 33 and 34

Every marriage can become successful if both partners play their part honestly. Now, it is not possible that in marriage dark days won't come. In reality, marriage is an institution where two individuals of opposite polarities decide to build a cozy environment, which is call a home, and then through the thick and thin of the time, they adjust their behavior. Without adjusting the behavior, no marriage is possible.
Yogi Bhajan, Beads of Truth 33 and 34

People feel that divorce gives them a way out when two cannot live together. Why hang them together? No divorce has solved the problem. Basically divorce creates problems. If you divorce a man or a woman with 28 mistakes and marry someone else with 18 mistakes, you have only overcome 10. And then after a couple of years of marriage you'll find out that actually had 38.
Yogi Bhajan, Beads of Truth 33 and 34

When emotion becomes commotion you enter a dangerous zone, because commotion can make a pattern and then the pattern starts governing your life.
Yogi Bhajan 2/21/1978

Our limited mind is our enemy and our unlimited mind is our best friend. When you become a slave of the mind, it will limit you. When you use it, it will bring you the whole universe.
Yogi Bhajan

When you speak from the heart, you rule.
When you speak from the head, you destroy.
Yogi Bhajan 11/3/1992

In your life there will be good days and bad days, normal days and abnormal days, right days and wrong days, but you must understand that every day has to be followed by a night and every life has to end. Don't waste your life in reactions.
Yogi Bhajan

When you blend time and space with the unknown you become the beloved of the unknown.
Yogi Bhajan 7/30/1985

Life is here and now. Life is an environment and circumstance, life is Time and Space. Life is growth and enjoy of that growth. What is the difference between a garden and wilderness? Wilderness is growth, garden is growth. Garden grows in the realms as it should be. It doesn't congest an area, it doesn't leave anything empty, it is all laid down, we call it, Landscaping. In wilderness everything grows as it grows. There is no limit and there is no cause for limit or there is a total limit, total desert, total dense jungle, everything is in its own way. That's why we call it wilderness. Exactly life has been given Time and Space. You definitely have a certain amount of life. That is called credit. Now in this credit you have to have a business, business is to master the Time and Space and experience Infinity and that's the way you have to go.
Yogi Bhajan 10/30/1979

Sacred marriage requires infinite tolerance, infinite love, lots of infinities.
Yogi Bhajan 2/24/2001

You have been made a human being and you are supposed to be carried by your own self. You have to learn to stand on your own heels. You have to learn to be you. There is nothing beyond you and there is nothing less than you. This is called self-dignity and it's most important. Don't relate to self-ego, relate to self-dignity. Your mind must vouch for you; it must cover you; it must give you the flexibility of the pressure of time and space. This is what we have developed through meditation.
Yogi Bhajan

The Universe is asking you to confirm with yourself whether you would like to serve the Earth, to save the Earth, be a sage of the Earth. Earth—the sustainer, the Mother of you, which nurtures you—can you nurture it back? That which serves you, can you serve it back?
Yogi Bhajan 7/23/1996

Sadhana (consistent spiritual practice) is not a miracle. It is just imprinting the molecules in an elevated form.
Yogi Bhajan 2/15/1999

There is a conflict between the learned and the learning because everybody is learned and everybody has to learn the process of pain. The relationship between the teacher and the student is like the one between the chisel and the hammer meeting the stone: it creates a spark.
Yogi Bhajan 8/15/1994

The meditative mind is a mental capacity, which automatically changes gears as you face life.
Yogi Bhajan 1/17/2000

There are three things which work for you: Sopurkh, Bhand Jamee-ai, and the basic root in which woman becomes woman, which is Ekaa Maa-ee Jugat Viaa-ee... (the 30th Pauree of Japji Sahib). Those three things are your totalities and this is your reality.
Yogi Bhajan 6/29/1988

Every human has a mind. If you have a mind, you have a mission. Your mission has to be motivated by your attitude and manner because every mission has a great magnitude.
Yogi Bhajan 1/5/1994

If you want a happy life, you have to become a very simple, solid, neutral, well mannered and loving person. It is your manners, which will decide you. If you act cheaply, cheap you will be. If you act priceless, infinite you will be.
Yogi Bhajan 7/28/1998

When the pure psyche touches the bitterness it makes it sweet. When a wise man touches a fool, it makes him happy and wise. When a totally complete, comfortable happy man touches an unhappy man, he brings happiness. Life is a sharing. We share our sorrows and we share our happiness. And if somebody is in sorrow, and we pour our happiness into that person, we make him happy. For that we need clarity of mind. We need the strength of the soul. We need enlargement of our point of view. We need tolerance. We need courage.
Yogi Bhajan

Everything is subject to His Will. Are you willing to live with that truth?
Yogi Bhajan

Those who become one with their breath, become one with God.
Yogi Bhajan 11/2/1998

Never speak, talk or communicate that which can scratch your nobility. No one can question your nobility until you open your mouth. Scar of the sword can be healed, the cut of the tongue cannot. Present yourself with nobility unto infinity.
Yogi Bhajan 6/23/1997

May you create peace within your being, understand your strength, create a relationship with your own soul and find the personal, impersonal and universal truth in your actions.
Yogi Bhajan 2/1/1999

Truth is that which time and space cannot prove wrong.
Yogi Bhajan 2/17/1982

Any individual who has no control on his behavior and on his projection and cannot apply the brakes when they have to be applied, has to face the consequences of every sequence.
Yogi Bhajan 1/1/1992

Everybody defines freedom as it suits them. The only freedom one has to get is to free one's intellect from the ego and put it under the control of the id. And that is done by those who have command of their sixth chakra.
Yogi Bhajan 3/19/1991

Seva, a service of giving without thinking of result, is a very simple thing. It makes you a leader whether you are or not—whether you deserve to be or not. And it brings you opportunities, prosperities, and all the goods, and God, and goodies of the Universe.
Yogi Bhajan 4/20/1989

Human strength lies in human intuitive experience.
Yogi Bhajan 3/13/1995

Your security is not in your wealth, your health, your happiness. Your security lies in your basic fundamental wisdom.
Yogi Bhajan 4/9/1991

Fools live in fear. A wise man lives in strength.
Yogi Bhajan

Yoga has never been truly described for what it is. It is an art and a science with which you can leap over the pitfall of life. It is a science and knowledge and art where mind and body can work in union and spirit will back it up.
Yogi Bhajan 2/11/1992

You are here to see and to experience the Infinity of God. You were not born to suffer.
Yogi Bhajan 11/9/1998

When your body, mind and spirit are all three together and can give you mutual existence with others, you are in harmony.
Yogi Bhajan 2/8/1999

You must know the depth so you can determine the height. You must know corruption so you can know honesty. You must know tragedy so you can celebrate victory.
Yogi Bhajan 2/11/1992

If you can't control your mind, you can't control a thing. Those who cannot rule their mind are always in pain as a matter of rule.
Yogi Bhajan 2/1/1995

Power is in divinity, power is in dignity, power is in grace. Power is not in maya. It never was, it never can be and nobody ever can keep it there. (See Left of Maya.)
Yogi Bhajan 2/19/1981

Our own fear directs our consciousness to many subconscious areas, unconscious areas, and takes away from us the conscious realization.
Yogi Bhajan 1/20/1991

Our own fear directs our consciousness to many subconscious areas, unconscious areas, and takes away from us the conscious realization.
Yogi Bhajan 1/20/1991

I am asking you take pity on your relationship with your own consciousness and lean on God, turn towards God, dwell on God.
Yogi Bhajan 2/19/1981

God created you, therefore you should be hopeful. Things will come at the right time, the right place, for the right reason.
Yogi Bhajan 3/10/1998

Die you must. If you are rich, if you are great, that's good. When you die fulfilled, you shall be grateful being you.
Yogi Bhajan 1/5/1994

Some of us feel that by dramatizing and traumatizing and projecting insanity, drawing attention, we can be known. Yes, you can be known as a pain in the neck. If that is what you are, that's what you'll be (known as).
Yogi Bhajan 3/25/1990

Somebody said, "I need a chance". Every breath of life is another chance!
Yogi Bhajan 2/11/1990

Pray unto your higher self, your gracious self, your soul, your spirit. Just for this moment of prayer, feel your greatness. Expand into your vastness.
Yogi Bhajan 3/29/1996

Through the thick and thin of marriage, a woman not only has to meditate, but she has to concentrate and inspire the male to keep the relationship going. Man needs not only absolute faith, but also absolute assurance that he is loved, he's taking care of, he can be trusted, and he is good.
Yogi Bhajan 4/1/1977

The only thing you lack in your life is that you are not secure. A person who is nor secure has nothing to do with harmony.
Yogi Bhajan 1/6/1990

"I am afraid." It doesn't mean anything. That moment I am afraid, I have forgotten there is a God.
Yogi Bhajan 10/3/2002

A woman who is not one step ahead of a man has lost the man already. If you want to lose a man, you'll be one step behind. Then you cannot hold a man. Just Zero in on a man and then always be one step ahead of him. You won't be loved; you will be worshipped.
Yogi Bhajan 7/11/1984

The main difficulty in a woman's language is whether there is a tension in her communication when she talks or not. The identity of woman lies in her politeness in communication. If the woman takes politeness out of her communication she has to face the consequences. That is called repulsion. when you communicate tensely, you are repelled. When you are repelled, you feel insulted. When you feel insulted, you feel insecure, you feel angry, you get mad. Either you get it out, or you find a way to get it out. That's the worst you do.
Yogi Bhajan 7/12/1984

No one woman has ever been insulted because she did wrong. She is always insulted because she did the right thing at the wrong time in the wrong way. You always mess up the time and the method. A good genuine woman requires a good genuine method.
Yogi Bhajan 7/12/1984

Mind has three faculties: negative, positive and neutral. If you want to live happy, act through the neutral mind.
Yogi Bhajan 7/12/1984

If you want to continue to identify as a woman, it doesn't matter if you are a professional woman, a rich woman, an ugly woman, a sick woman, a healthy woman, if you are sexual or sensual, noble, beautiful, executive or anything. The moment the polite politeness is out of your communication, you are just a person. The moment your commitment as a person is gone, you are nothing. If a male perceives that you are neither polite nor committed, even though it may not be true, you are a big zero and your life shall be nothing but hassle, insecurity, misery, and pain.
Yogi Bhajan 7/11/1984

Awareness takes these things away from you: thinking, reason, logic, argument, fantasies, planning, scheming, knowing and worrying. These nine things must go before you can say that you are on the path of awareness.
Yogi Bhajan

We have to draw the line. Are we committed to the truth? And do we want to give our­selves a try this way? And do we want to realize during this lifetime the basic truth for which we have come on this Earth? Or do we just want to do what an ignorant man wants to do? One way is to live consciously. One way is to live unconsciously. Both ways are living.
Yogi Bhajan 6/18/1973

Do not flow with the time. Flow, flow above the clouds. Time is a cloud. Rise above it and be ahead of it.
Yogi Bhajan 7/11/1984

To start with, you should have an attitude of gratitude. Without an attitude of gratitude, neither prosperity nor pleasure, joy nor happiness means anything, and it works this way. To those who have an attitude of gratitude and who do it with innocence, Mother Nature brings all the wealth, health, and happiness.
Yogi Bhajan

In the near future people will go crazy because when consciousness changes they will change with it; some of them will match up with this change and some of them not. The Pisces Age was a time of search, the Aquarius it is a time TO JUST BE, it is about finding the God ship within yourself, the strength in your manner and in your grace; you are individuality, you are impersonality.
Yogi 8/15/1994

Those who do not realize heavens on the earth do not know where heavens are.
Yogi Bhajan 1/6/1990

People say mind is not this, mind is not that. Anybody who starts doing alternative nostril breathing, mind shall not move. Try it sometime. When you are thinking so much and you are very worried and the mind will go, find where your mind is. It will become non-existent. Mind is to serve the breath of life, not to master the breath of life. Mind masters your ego, not your breath of life.
Yogi Bhajan 6/22/1997

Everybody says Kundalini Yoga is dangerous. I agree it's very dangerous, because it makes a person their pure self. Then you are really not dependent on anybody. Do you know how beautiful it is to see somebody independent? Walking tall, carrying their God in their heart, dealing like a human, sufficient, efficient, well mannered, well controlled, elegant, graceful. Do you have any idea how good that is?
Yogi Bhajan 3/7/1995

When you think any thought, is it narrow-mindedness or is it infinite vastness? You are as great as you are vast. You are as small as you are contracted, and you and God will have no relationship at all. You are condemned from the day you contract yourself, because God is Infinity. He's Infinite, boundless, everything and all the things.
Yogi Bhajan 6/22/1997

You must confront yourself and confronting oneself at the ambrosial hour when the sun is hitting the Earth at sixty degrees is called meditation -- clearing the subconscious. If you don't clear the subconscious, you will have pain the whole day. You will have wrong thoughts the whole day. You will have no communication. It's not useless to be nice. If you are not nice to yourself, how can you be nice to anybody? You have not done your job. You have not looked after yourself. You have not enriched yourself.
Yogi Bhajan 6/22/1997

One beauty of spirit is that it doesn't feel anything. If spirit started feeling, everybody will commit suicide. It is spirit which lives. And all we have is spirit.
Yogi Bhajan 6/22/1997

Father who does not nurture his children should never be a father. Nurture children with what? With spiritual values.
Yogi Bhajan 1/15/1989

Dependency is not the way of our yoga. Mastery is. Logic and reason is not the way of our yoga. Spirit is. Here, a student has to become ten times better than the teacher, period. If a student is not ten times better than the teacher, the teacher is doomed. He taught nothing. He just did a business. The spirit of the individual must be free and must be respected and must be exalted by one's own freewill. If you do not know your freewill, you will never recognize God's will.
Yogi Bhajan 6/22/1997

What does lie mean? Today you lie, tomorrow you lie. Three months later that will hammer you out. Why lie? And you are not lying to the governor of New Mexico or to your friends. You are lying to your own soul. Because soul has to go and merge back into the one who sent it. It descended; it must ascend to that place. So from the Infinite you came to the finite; from the finite you have to go back to the Infinite.
Yogi Bhajan 6/22/1997

If you cannot forgive yourself, you cannot forgive anybody. If you cannot elevate yourself, you cannot elevate anybody. If you are not truthful to yourself, you are not going to be truthful to anybody. You liars make excuses. You put the most beautiful human body, soul, mind and the journey at jeopardy because you have developed the habit of lying?
Yogi Bhajan 6/22/1997

You have to be you in the essential essence of you and essential faith of you, so that you can be trusted.
Yogi Bhajan 6/22/1997

Royalty, which does not have forgiveness has no right to exist.
Yogi Bhajan

“I am a human and my life score is only one breath.” It comes in, it goes out. If it doesn't, you are gone. Now tell me, why don't you recognize each breath as yourself and recognize its value and its control?
Yogi Bhajan 6/22/1997

Beauty is not how much powder you have put on your face and how much lipstick you have and how much makeup you have. When a person talks to you, can you elevate that person? That's the rule of thumb. Your sensitivity, your caliber, your position does not lie in how you look.
Yogi Bhajan 6/22/1997

Negative is as good as positive. It's the filament, which creates the light, and it's the vacuum, which brightens it.
Yogi Bhajan

Love and fear are two forces. Whatever you do under fear, it shall take away from you your life. Whatever you shall do under love, it will give you fulfillment. Love shall not satisfy your emotions. That's an unfortunate part of it. Love will not satisfy your neurosis. Love will not satisfy your ego. The only God you have is your love and God has no dimension. Ego has every dimension. So when you are in love, you have no dimension, when you have dimension, you are not in love.
Yogi Bhajan 3/1994

As a male you have to understand that you will only be recognized as a man if you are trusted. If you don't gain the trust of the people to whom you relate, it doesn't matter who you are, or what you possess, or what you think you can influence, you have nothing to commend you as a man.
Yogi Bhajan Man to Man

There are two guiding instincts in man.
He is either improving his future or blocking his future improvement. If you are conscious of this, and have an honest and sincere urge to improve your future, you will always have promoting habits.
Yogi Bhajan

Yesterday's greatest sinner can be a Saint this minute. The only thing required is a decision. 'Am I to guard my future and choose to be a liberated person, or am I to block my future and go by the material-physical aspect of the world?' For any person who blocks his future, it is a guaranteed fact he suffers in the future. Any person who takes advantage of the "now" causing someone else's loss, blocks his future. Anyone who takes advantage of the "now" invites trouble from Mr. Future. Maintain a positive attitude with promoting habits for 40 days, and you can change your destiny.
Yogi Bhajan

Remember, those who have to wear a crown on their head must have their neck muscle really strong. Those who want to read the history can read the history; those who want to write the history can write the history; and those who have to make the history must have shoulders to carry the world at large.
Yogi Bhajan 6/22/1997

We must learn to love ourselves before we love anybody else. We must honor ourselves before we honor anybody else. We must serve ourselves before we serve anybody else. If we do not know how to do things for ourselves, we shall not be in a position to do things for others.
Yogi Bhajan 7/24/1996

You should be so great that your presence should talk. Talk through your presence. Let everybody feel that you are a woman. You do not have to explain yourself. Let your weakness be yours. Let your strength be everybody's.
Yogi Bhajan 7/13/1984

Any act that you can turn into a worship; any act that you can turn into an act of higher consciousness; every act you can turn to an act of giving, surrendering, committing to the Absolute—will take you to the Absolute.
Yogi Bhajan 10/16/1973

The moment you touch your soul, you become fearless. Don't just touch your soul. Deal from the point of soul that "I have a soul." You will never have fear. Fear, pain, and hurt only come to you when you are not dealing with life in the light of your soul. You are dealing with life out of your light of ego. Pain will be there. Hurt will be there.
Yogi Bhajan 7/12/1984

Marriage is not an easy path. Marriage is a life. Marriage is not a ceremony. Marriage is God.
Marriage is an institution of willingness, in which two identities want to amalgamate. It's an amalgamation of two egos to bring out a neutral new personality. When this amalgamation happens, the divine power in the psyche starts to function. Without that, people are individuals and they will only yell and scream at each other and goodness will never come in that home. It is a granted fact. Marriage brings happiness. It's an amalgamation of two psyches. And when these two psyches are amalgamated, neither one is an individual. There is no question of he and she. That's it. There is no loss, there is no gain, and there is no bank account.
Yogi Bhajan 7/15/1984 Ladies Camp

If there is no confidence that the husband can speak on behalf of his wife and the wife can speak on behalf of her husband, they have not yet married. If this is the commitment, that the husband cannot commit on behalf of his wife and the wife cannot commit on behalf of her husband, they do not yet know what commitment is.
Yogi Bhajan 7/15/1984 Ladies Camp

Gaining something in life is possible, maintaining something is very difficult. It needs consistent perpetual nourishment, caring. Call it anything. Life needs perpetual endurance. And if you as a human being do not have perpetual endurance in the scale of one to ten, eight, you forget it, you are not going to make it, doesn't matter what you have.
Yogi Bhajan 7/3/1991

There is no quick fix for life. Life has a style to it and there are certain things, which ruin life, insecurity and commotion. Emotions are all right, emotion I have not worried, but when emotion becomes commotion you are done because next step is you are neurotic and neurosis are not under the control of a human brain. It's a locked in situation.
Yogi Bhajan 7/3/1991

The Age of Aquarius has so many differences from the religion you have practiced for the last five thousand years. The past won't work; philosophies, assurances, men, institutions will not deliver. You will learn the science to deliver yourself to you first and come out and serve others.
Yogi Bhajan 6/20/1993

Why are there quarrels between husband and wife? Because they have never tried to become one. They are still two who are living under one roof. They are still two who are sleeping in one bed. They are still two who are managing one home. they are still two; one is driving the car and one is sitting and sleeping on the side. But they have not yet become one. Marriage is when two become one.
Yogi Bhajan 7/15/1984

A frustrated husband and frustrated wife can only produce a frustrated child. We create nine billion frustrated children every year. Out of that, three million leave their parents and run away, three million are not successful, and three million are hassling. This country produces nine million children who understand the need to achieve but cannot be happy. Nine million people are added to this civilization every ten years. Nine million frustrated people will bring twenty-seven million divorces. We want to be one with God. We want to experience God. We want to see America happy. We want a home. We want security. We want, want, want. But we never do anything to achieve it. To achieve a goodness of God is to not have frustrated people.
Yogi Bhajan 7/15/1984

Things come out of you in three ways: in anger, in love and in your tiredness. Mostly you mess up when you are tired. When your energy is weak you have no defenses and you fall apart. You are suppose to have 21 percent oxygen in your blood. Normally you live on 15 to 16 percent. You don't do pranayam or Breath of Fire. You are supposed do do it every 3 or 4 hours, just for a minute or two, to oxygenate your blood and balance yourself so that you don't have to do this: "Oh my God!"
Yogi Bhajan 7/12/1989

Marriage is nothing but a merger of two identities into total oneness.
Yogi Bhajan 7/15/1984

The one act to perform is for a man and a woman to merge as one. If from this minute they merge as one, they amalgamate now, they shall succeed. Success is not anywhere else. By manipulation, nobody has succeeded. Human manipulation is ineffective over divine psyche. By lying you can scape a situation, but you will never be respected. By corruption you can fulfill your emotional and commotional body, but you will never be trusted. There are certain laws of life. And those laws are responsible for the earth's rotation and for the continuity of life. So that is also God.
Yogi Bhajan 7/15/1984

We want to create a society, a tomorrow, a strength, an education where come what may, two people can fight unhappiness. What is the purpose of life? To succeed and win over unhappiness is the purpose of life. The purpose of life is not to be rich and have a bigger car and a five- bedroom house with a swimming pool on the side in which you never swim.
The purpose of life is just to succeed. The purpose of life is to win. Forever. Fateh. Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh. Win the victory so that people will recognize God. That is what it means. Bring victory in life; bring happiness to life.
Yogi Bhajan 7/15/1995

Where there is peace and tranquility, wealth shall come. And where wealth will come Narayan will come, because wealth, Lakshmi, is the wife of Narayan, the god. They are married too. They cannot be separated. Whenever there is poverty there will be clumsiness and there will be bitterness and there will be ugliness. Wherever there is richness, you will find there is divinity. There is God. You think richness means dollars. There is a lot more which makes richness.
Yogi Bhajan 7/15/1984

The highest, most effective energy on this planet is the word. There is nothing beyond it, there shall be nothing beyond it, and there was nothing beyond it; therefore, we must consciously understand the power of the word. When we understand the power of the word and we apply the whole mind behind the word, then we create the word, which can create the whole world for us.
Yogi Bhajan

One who does not know how to live to his word does not know how to live. And happiness will never come to him, because the word was with God, the word created this world. But if you will honor the word, you will be honored in this world.
Yogi Bhajan 1977

In your life you must project, because God gave you life and therefore God can only relate to life. If a prayer has life in it, it shall be accepted. If love has life in it, it will live.
Yogi Bhajan 7/16/1982

Those who will just identify their identity into the oneness of each other, God shall serve them. God shall not only bless them; that's to little of a thing to ask for. God becomes the servant of those who amalgamate their egos and bring one identity out of the union of the two. They are such that God grants them the soul for which their generations will live forever. And that is how saints are born on the earth.
Yogi Bhajan 7/15/1984

If we cannot create an institution in which we create oneness of two individuals, then a child cannot be born with the caliber and intelligence to save the planet Earth.
Yogi Bhajan 7/15/1984

Sometimes between husband and wife or partners or friends, we do not believe where the strength is. Strength is in God. Pulling your partner slowly and gradually and gracefully towards God is not a wrong idea, because that is where strength is. That is where the strength shall always be.
Yogi Bhajan 7/16/1984

In this world, if we can only learn to respect the concern of others, then we can have happiness.
Yogi Bhajan 1977

Strength does not lie in the sensuality of the earth. To enjoy the senses is not a bad idea. They are made to be enjoyed, but they are not strength. Senses are not strong, consciousness is. That is the deep understanding each one of us has to have. While deciding anything we want to decide, no matter what it is, we have to deeply understand where our strength is and to which side we are going, the stronger side or the weaker side.
Yogi Bhajan 7/16/1984

Patience pays. Let no temptation shake you, no vibration move you, and no action force you out of yourself and righteousness. An unshakable human being is the highest living phenomenon of God.
Yogi Bhajan 1977

Eyes are the light of the soul, ears are the instrument of the Divine, the tongue is the creativity of the Creator. This is the Trinity, which makes the totality of God-consciousness.
Yogi Bhajan 1977

God just sent you to earth as parents send their child to kindergarten, to school, hoping that you will
find some wisdom.
Yogi Bhajan 1977

When a totally complete, comfortable happy man touches an unhappy man, he brings happiness. Life is a sharing. We share our sorrows and we share our happiness. And if somebody is in sorrow, and we pour our happiness into that person, we make him happy. For that we need clarity of the mind. We need the strength of the soul. We need enlargement of our point of view. We need tolerance. We
need courage.
Yogi Bhajan 10/11/1989

Be what you want to be, but be real, don't be ritualistic. Religion is 'religio,' the origin. It has to be reality, not ritual. You know why we are fighting? I have a different ritual, you have a different ritual, now we fight on rituals. Neither I know reality, nor you know reality. In reality we are one, in consciousness we are one.
Yogi Bhajan 6/5/1974

A woman who is capable of giving birth must give birth to a saint, a hero, or a giver.
Yogi Bhajan 1977 --



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