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S.S. Jot Singh Khalsa

Guidelines For A Perfect Morning Sadhana
ed on the reflections of S.S. Jot Singh Khalsa
Approved by Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga

"Every accomplishment starts with the decision to
show up. It's called commitment." Hari Singh Bird

"Sadhana -- Communicating with your soul.
Sadhana is nothing but where a disciplined one, with love, talks
to one's own soul. Is nothing but where one cleans his own mind.
Sadhana is nothing but where one prepares for the day to become kind
and compassionate for everyone, including the enemies." Yogi Bhajan

"Sadhana means Spiritual Practice. It is the 10% of our time that we
give to God in the ambrosial hours of the morning. The radiance of your
spirit can be measured according to how the Name of God vibrates within
you and around you. If your Sadhana is perfect, your spirit will be high. If you
have forgotten to chant the Name of God, you will be in the doldrums. If you
become low and depressed, it is only because you have not warmed up your
machine in the morning, you have not done your Spiritual Practice." Yogi Bhajan

"Sadhana we do only so that we can be clear headed...Sadhana is a test of self-grit.
If your Sadhana is more important than your neurosis, you are fine. If your neurosis
is more important than your Sadhana you are not. Doesn’t matter how saintly you
are, nobody wants to get up in the ambrosial hours. Why you still do it is a mystery.
At that time, between 3 and 6 o’clock, the rays of the sun pass at 60 degrees and
you want to feel relaxed. You take a cold shower, wake up and meditate. Why do
you repeat the mantra hundreds of times? To create a stamina, an absolute mental
stamina. Without that there is no chance for the life to be smooth. If somebody refuses
to exercise, nobody can force him. But at that one moment in life when that person
needs physical stamina, it won’t be there. Sadhana is what your mental stamina
requires. Love is what your spiritual stamina requires." Yogi Bhajan

"I tell you today and I’ll tell you tomorrow and I’ll tell you every day: You
have only one friend – you and your discipline, which will give you all
that you need. The rest are all promises. After studying every scripture of
every religion and what I went through, I have found that there are three
words: Sadhana, Aradhana, and Prabhupati. Sadhana means discipline,
Aradhana means perfecting the discipline, and Prabhupati means you
will become the Lord Master of God Itself." Yogi Bhajan 7/20/1996

"The radiance of your spirit can be measured according to how the name of God
vibrates within you and around you. If your Sadhana (Spiritual Practice) is perfect,
your spirit will be high. If you have forgotten to chant the Name of God, you will be
in the doldrums. If you become low and depressed, it is only because you have
not warmed up your machine in the morning; you have not done your Spiritual
Practice…In the Western world where there is such a criss-cross of mental thought
patterns, you must find a way to bring your mind under control. You must learn to
bring the level of yourself to zero, whenever you like. This is practiced in Sadhana.
Remember, you are you and you are not you. You are you in the frame of the
defined finite, but you are not you, in the frame of the Infinite." Yogi Bhajan

"What is sadhana? It is a process, which you do every day to grow, to be.
There is a fight in this lifetime: to be or not to be. Nobody can destroy you.
You destroy yourself by not being yourself.” Yogi Bhajan 7/05/1981

“If you do not do the sadhana, where will the spirit and strength come from to
carry you through? Times are getting heavier, let your soul and your heart
lift you through the fear and hallucinations of time and space into the
infinite love and joy of God and Guru.” Yogi Bhajan 07/21/1981

"The two most important things in your body are the upper palate, which
is the base of the hypothalamus, because the hypothalamus controls the
entire nervous system, and the tip of the tongue, which affects the central
nerve channel, sushumna, that controls your entire psyche." Yogi Bhajan

"You cannot achieve or crystallize yourself in your life without discipline." Yogi Bhajan

"If you think you are poor, you are poor because you do not communicate with your soul,
the source of prosperity, the source of reality. If you think you are desperate, you are
desperate because you have no Sadhana. Desperation, depression, and a feeling of
destitution comes only to those who have no discipline or Sadhana. Only a house, which
is not cleaned looks dirty and the mind which is not cleaned stinks. Sadhana is the most
selfish act, because it is a self-cleansing. Cleanliness is Godliness. It is good to wear good
clothes, look good, be bright, beautiful. But when you want to be blissful and bountiful, you
have to have a clear mind, a mind through which your soul, your spirit, can shine." Yogi Bhajan

"A person said about Sadhana: “Once Sadhana is done, nothing should happen to you.”
I said, “No, when Sadhana happens, everything should happen to you, and you should
come out as a winner, you should come out victorious!” That is what Sadhana gives you.
It doesn’t give you a written guarantee from God. The one who does Sadhana builds
himself such a powerful personality, he can conquer anything! That is why I do my own
Sadhana. I have been doing it for years. I do it even now. Some people ask me, “You
are a Master, why do you do Sadhana?” I said, “To remain a Master!” Yogi Bhajan

“It is a human tendency to like to sleep between 3 am and 6 am. It’s natural.
But if you can be alert enough to work on your mind, to confront the day,
then you are alert enough to take care of your life. The reason you don’t get
up early is not because you are lazy, tired or overworked -- that’s all wrong.
You do not get up early in the morning because the relationship between
you and your mind is not established. Period." Yogi Bhajan


The Pineal Gland is a pinecone-shaped tissue located in the central brain.
The pineal gland or third eye can be activated to other-worldly frequencies,
which enable a sense of all knowing euphoria and oneness. The pineal gland
when attuned to proper frequencies with the help of meditation enables a person
to experience other dimensions. Between the hours of 1:00 and 4:00 AM substances
are secreted within the brain that produce a sense of connection to your higher nature.


See details, here.

.) Get some form of vigorous aerobic exercise, (not before morning Sadhana, but regularly). This will assist you in keeping your physical body tuned and your mind alert. See Morning Sadhana Resources.

.) Drink lots of water -- at least 6-8 tall glasses per day. This reduces stress buildup in the physical body and also helps keep the mind alert.

.) Do morning Sadhana between 4:00 and 7:00 A.M. It is the most effective and powerful time. When possible do morning Sadhana with others, as the power and effects of “group” Sadhana are exponential. (Yogi Bhajan)

.) Get to bed at a reasonable hour, so you have a better chance of sitting up and being alert during meditation.

.) Ask Guru Ram Das (4th Sikh Master, and “Lord of Miracles”), or the Universal Force to which you relate, before you go to bed, to assist you in getting up in the “ambrosial” (4:00 - 7:00 A.M.) hours, on time.

.) Eat lightly at night, and as early as feasible. It’s more difficult to focus the mind in meditation when the body has been and may still be digesting food.

.) Endeavor to void solid waste (move your bowels) either the night before or upon arising, as this will allow the mind greater capacity to focus. (See IDoNotEatDeadAnimals.com.)

.) Upon arising in the ambrosial hours (4:00 - 7:00 A.M.), take a cold shower, then wrap yourself in a blanket, or otherwise sufficiently warm yourself. (Yogi Bhajan) See The 7 Habits of Exceedingly Healthy People.

.) During a yoga set keep the mind focused inwardly, (using a mantra works well, e.g., Sat Nam, or God and me, me and God are One). During your meditation endeavor to keep your mind focused on the meditation mantras. (“Hear them in your mind,” Yogi Bhajan, 8/97.) This will lead you to experience your "Inner Vitality," where all your mental and emotional stress will be neutralized, leaving you refreshed, grateful, radiant, and ready for anything or anyone.

.) Understand that you’re trying to master your Self. The process will present a constant variety of challenges to your desire to develop consistency. Persevere in your efforts and try to be consistent, as this process and the effects of regular Kundalini Yoga and Meditation practice are cumulative. See Adi Shakti Ashtang Meditation. See Close Order Drill Sadhana. See Sadhana Mantras For The Aquarian Age.

.) Do your best to be serviceful and kind to others, throughout the day. God blesses and elevates those who serve others.

.) Avoid consuming refined sugars, hydrogenated oils, flesh foods, and caffeine whenever possible as they tax the body's systems - making more sleep necessary. (Note: This point was added after Yogi Bhajan gave his approval for this narrative.) See MorningSadhana.org. See White Tantra Yoga. See The Mahan Tantric.

Livtar Singh Khalsa tells of when he accompanied the Yogi Bhajan, aka, Siri Singh Sahib, to the Atlantic Pop Festival in 1970. Livtar Singh said there were a half dozen, or so, different self proclaimed gurus at the event, and all of them were scheduled to go on stage to speak before the Siri Singh Sahib. However the kids were restless, impatient for the concert to begin, many were getting high, and no one paid much attention to guru after guru going onto stage and talking in their quite broken English about how they should meditate.

Then it was finally time for the Siri Singh Sahib to go on stage. Livtar Singh said it was profound to see how within ten minutes or so he had everyone chanting together, singing Sat Nam and moving their arms in what we now call celestial communication.

Afterwards, Livtar Singh asked Yogiji, "Sir, I do not understand what happened. You came on stage to an unreceptive crowd and spoke in the same broken English as the others, and yet the result was so different. Why? What do you know, what is your secret?" Livtar Singh said him answered with one word: "Sadhana." --

Sadhana Mantras For The Aquarian Age
By M.S.S. Livtar Singh Khalsa

Livtar Singh Khalsa

. Adi Shakti Mantra - Long Ek Ong Kaar - 7 minutes. See AdiShaktiMantra.com.

. Waah Yantee Kar Yantee - 7 minutes

. Mul Mantra - 7 minutes

. Sat Siree Siree Akal* - 7 minutes

. Rakhe Rakhan Haar - 7 minutes

. Wahe Guru Jio - 22 minutes

. Guru Guru Wahe Guru Guru Ram Das Guru - 5 minutes.

See Sadhana Mantras For The Aquarian Age.

*Sat Siree - Supreme Truth
Siree Akaal - Supreme Undying
Siree Akaal - Supreme Undying
Mahaa Akaal - Great Deathless Being
Mahaa Akaal - Great Deathless Being
Sat Naam - Named (Identified) Truth
Akaal Moorat - Deathless Image
Wah-hay-Guroo - Indescribable Wisdom

Hear Flowers In The Rain by Gurudass Singh.

Hear Chanting Sat Nam by Gurudass Singh.

Hear Ode To Guru Gobind Singh by Gurudass Singh.

Hear Song of Nanak by Gurudass Singh.

Hear Walking Up The Mountain by Gurudass Singh and Krishna Kaur.

Rise Up, Rise Up Sweet Family Dear
By M.S.S. Guru Singh Khalsa

Sing-a-Long Lyrics

Rise up, rise up, sweet family dear
A time of the Lord and rememberin'
Love is here
Love, love is all you'll say
If you'll awake and rise up right away
Hey, hey
If you'll awake and rise up right away

Rise up, rise up, sweet family dear
The time of the Lord and rememberin'
Love is here
Love, love is all you'll say
If you'll awake and rise up right away

Lord will bless you so many ways
If you will rise up right now
Sing His praise

Rise up, rise up, sweet family dear
Time of the Lord and rememberin'
Love is here
Love, love is all you'll say
If you'll awake and rise up right away
Hey, hey

If you'll awake and rise up right away

Rise up, rise up, sweet family dear
A time of the Lord and rememberin'
Love is here
Love, love is all you'll say
If you'll awake and rise up right away
Hey, hey

If you'll awake and rise up right away
Hey, hey

If you'll awake and rise up right away

Lord will bless you so many ways
If you will rise up right now
Sing His praise

Rise up, rise up, sweet family dear
Time of the Lord and rememberin'
Love is here
Love, love is all you'll say
If you'll awake and rise up right away

If you'll awake and rise up right away
If you'll awake and rise up right away
If you'll awake and rise up right away --

See Morning Sadhana Resources.

"Every accomplishment begins with the decision to show up.
It's called commitment." Hari Singh Bird

"This mind, from life, after life, after life, has built up dirt and blackness and it
has become so dark that nothing can get through. What made the mind dirty?
Uncommitted deeds. What can make it clean? Commitment!" Yogi Bhajan

"A daily Sadhana practice is a must for any yoga teacher.
Yogi Bhajan is consistently insistent on the practice of daily
Sadhana. This daily practice must however, be sustainable. It must
include the exercises, pranayam, meditation and duration that conforms
with the individual's ability to accomplish the practice each and every day.
A regimen, which isn't sustainable is meaningless. One's commitment to Sadhana
must be steadfast, but realistic...a doable, sustainable challenge." Hari Singh Bird

"Practicing daily Sadhana is like defragmenting your PC. But unlike your PC,
defragmenting yourself each day is necessary for peak performance." Hari Singh Bird

Singh Sahib Jot Singh Khalsa

Jot Singh Khalsa

This compilation is based on the reflections of Singh Sahib Jot Singh Khalsa (jotkhalsa@comcast.net), Millis, MA, USA, above, which were submitted to and approved by Siri Singh Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji, aka Yogi Bhajan (Novermber, 1997), and published in Mukhia Sardarni Sahiba Shakti Parwha Kaur’s, “Keeping up with Kundalini Yoga” newsletter (April, 1998).

Jot Singh Khalsa, left, with Yogi Bhajan and his wife Bibiji Inderjit Kaur Khalsa


Special Announcement
By Jot Singh Khalsa

Sat Nam, most respected Sisters and Brothers,

This is the final version of my book that has been approved by the Kundalini Research Institute in which much content has been added and refined. It is now available at these links: Apple iBook, Adobe pdf or Kindle edition.

Thanks, and many blessings to you and yours!

Jot Singh Khalsa --

Singh Sahib Jot Singh Khalsa and his wife,
Sardarni Sahiba Harbhajan Kaur Khalsa


Why do we get up for morning Sadhana?

Because we have to face the whole day, and we cannot face the day without a constant level of energy. People love you for three things only: Wisdom, Commitment, and Consistency.

Wisdom is the intuitive nature that allows you to give the right answer by listening within the question that is asked. For every question there is an answer in it.

Commitment is the ability for your whole self to sustain its status in projected reality of action. Then people can trust you. Otherwise, it is like building a cozy bungalow on the top of a volcano. If you act like an earthquake or volcano, who will build upon you?

Consistency is steadiness through time. Sadhana gives us sensitivity to know, to feel, and to touch. It gives us intuition to touch reality. The methods are three-fold: Jappa, Tappa, Sanjam. Jappa is repetition. Tappa is the heat of central impulsation. Sanjam is merger through simran -- meditation -- on a very slow, conscious breath. Yogi Bhajan


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