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One Skin, Different Perspectives
"There needs to be a conversational relationship
between white eyes and colored eyes in America."

White Eyes                              Colored Eyes

My Sikh Sense

SatHanuman Singh Khalsa

Sat Nam, Ranbir Singh! I would like you to show more leadership in this matter, not sit on the sidelines and judge.

From my view, there are some serious people here who have questions. I don't feel anyone is going to jeopardize MPA or anyones relationship with Sikh Dharma International. Many of the individuals having this very honest discussion need you to join in to help. We are NOT Punjabis by culture or birth. We are Sikhs and we care about the Guru's Teachings. We are NOT to be considered only 3HO yoga students. We respect and honor the technology of Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Many of us have committed to the Dharma of Siri Guru Nanak - Siri Guru Gobind Singh and bow our heads to Siri Guru Granth Sahib.

In this discussion, which is from the heart and not the head, we are discussing the honest human conditions, which exist today with every faith, regardless of hierarchy or leadership.

Guru Fateh Singh, Siri Bandhu Kaur, Hari Singh, and I respect the Jethedar of the SIri Akal Takhat but in this matter of 'Gay Marriage', not necessarily the Anand Karaj as put forth in the Rehat Maryada. But we are asking pertinent questions. It's all about the essence of the Guru's Teachings, not the Dharma, which followed.

I would appreciate it if you didn't judge us so harshly. We are not just Americans or Canadians, we are SIkhs first. Our time to sacrifice, as you state, may have not yet crystalized. You were born Punjabi and therefore Indian, into a Sikh family. However, you have grown up and spent most of your life in the U.S. Have you sacrificed for the Dharma personally? I don't mean financially. We have all done that. But have you given your head and stood for what is right to defend the Sadh Sangat or the Siri Guru Granth? (See Siri Guru Granth Sahib Protocol.)

"It is incumbent on those who know to teach those who do not know."

Do you think we have to be Punjabis to be authentic Sikhs? Just because some few people have let you down, why speak to us? We have all been betrayed and/or otherized. Its the Guru's play, is it not?

I strongly urge you not to sit on the sidelines, but to join in this task and show some active leadership.

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh! --

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My Sikh Sense

Aftab Singh Khalsa

Sat Nam, Ranbir Singh! Surely time will change everything, albeit sometimes very slowly. Orthodox Jewish wives still shave their heads, then foolishly I think, wear a wig - and that is after thousands of years of "evolution". Leaders sometimes have to bite the bullet and start the change. That's us.

When you say,Now, do you all want to challenge the SGPC?

The SGPC has never done anything for me. We do not need to challenge it. We can have mutual respect. Don't mess with my cool-aid and I won't mess with yours.

When you say,SDI is a weak organization since it does not participate with indian punjabi community.

I do not agree that that is the reason why SDI is weak. It is weak because it lacks the courage to address the issues of the day, like marriage equality and racism, plus others.

When you say,...But Akal Takhat Jethedar certainly and with absolute terms will issue a dictate against any organization...

When you say "issue a dictate", is that like an Imam's fatwa?

We need to understand that ALL Indian Sikhs come with their own interpretations of how and what a Sikh is based upon their upbringing - the way that they were indoctrinated or programmed from birth. This is inbred very deeply in their emotions and identity. This is not inherently a bad thing but it does pose limitations in their ability to be objective in progressive Sikh religious matters. We just need to find common ground and not become like "Sunni - Shiite", i.e., tribal Sikhs fighting to prove which is purer.

BTW: In the realm of romance and other insanities nothing matters - there is no top or bottom, left or right, male or female, or as Yogi Bhajan puts it, there is no sexual perversion between a consenting couple if none is noticed.

However, it does not matter is you sleep through the sunrise or sunset - natural law has the Earth rotating anyway and that cannot be changed. The aura of a man works differently from that of a woman and being gay or lesbian does not change that. A fixed magnet has a field around it and this field attracts or repels other magnetic fields depending on how they are aligned. The male aura is projective and the female is receptive. The voltage (attraction) and current flow between a man and woman is determined by this natural existence. This is the basis of Tantric or White Tantric Yoga - the stimulation and movement of male and female energy between each other to achieve various effects.

Yogis do not see right or wrong, good or bad, moral or immoral: there is no judgement, but religious people do.

My Sikh Sense

Guru Fatha Singh Khalsa

Sat Nam. There are plenty of big issues and sometimes I think that, eleven years on, Espanola is a terrible place to headquarter an international organization. It is so isolated from the world, and the Sikh world in particular. In the early years of our tradition, the center of Sikh activity moved twice: from Kartarpur to Khadur Sahib, and from Khadur Sahib to Goindwal. It must have shaken the early followers out of their complacency and made them reconfigure their commitment to the Holy Guru. Perhaps we need something like that. Perhaps it is coming to us as well.

As much as he strove most earnestly for unity among Sikhs - among us, the Siri Singh Sahib once threatened he would start a whole new 3HO if we did not shape up. Did we shape up? Did we fulfill his aspirations for us? Who can say?

I wish more of you could enjoy the blessed confluence of cultures and inspiration here in the Sikh part of Toronto. Hari Singh and Hari Kaur (Bird) were fortunate to have a taste of it when they visited last month. Kundalini Yoga has come to Brampton and it is very humbling to see folks from families that have been Sikh for many generations come out for classes and bring their children as well.

Good things are happening far from Espanola. Gurutej Singh ji must have his own stories to tell about life in Singapore. I suspect that as science unravels the physiological secrets of meditation, we - and the teachings of the Siri Singh Sahib - will find increasing acceptance among our brothers and sisters in faith. Without bragging, I think the best Kundalini Yoga researcher today is in Toronto and she is Ismaili (Muslim). Dr. Farah Jindani is a blessed soul. Like Bhai Mardana and Mian Mir and Sheik Fareed, we are fortunate to have her among us.

In the Name of the Cosmos that prevails through everyBODY, and the Holy Nam which holds the world. --

Guru Gobind Singh directed Sikhs to tie turban.
See Why don't Sikh women tie turban?

My Sikh Sense

Hari Singh Bird Khalsa

May 27, 2015

To Siri Singh Sahib Corporation Board of Directors:

Sat Nam, Sangat Ji!

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa! Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

I recently received a request from the Guru Amar Das Gurdwara Sangat of Boulder, Colorado, for assistance regarding the issues as stated below. I subsequently had a conversation with a representative of the Sikh Dharma of Colorado board,* May 18, 2015, whereupon, I requested a statement from the SDC board addressing these issues from their view. No statement has been received after several days.* Therefore I am requesting that the Siri Singh Sahib Corporation board put a hold on any action by the SDC board against the Guru Amar Das Gurdwara Sangat, and Immediately appoint an independent board of review to act as a fact-finding mediator, in order to assess issues from the perspective of both parties in the interest of an equitable and transparent resolution. (See Who Is Guru Amar Das? See Save Guru Amar Das Gurdwara.)

Thank you!

Guru rakha!


MSS Hari Singh Bird Khalsa --

*A statement from a board representative of the Sikh Dharma of Colorado addressing the above issues from their point of view was requested May 18, 2015. No statement has been received as of June 14, 2015.

SDC current board members: Kirpal Singh Khalsa, Sat Sundri Kaur Khalsa, Varnjeet Kaur Khalsa, Ek Ong Kar Singh, and Pritpal Singh Khalsa.

My Sikh Sense

Akal Kaur Wieting

Sat Siri Akal, Brothers and Sisters of the Sikh Dharma of Colorado.

I find that the most recent events and actions taken by Sikh Dharma of Colorado Board of Directors in Espanola, New Mexico, toward us, your fellow Sikhs, are very disturbing. I must say that prior to and during your visits to the Boulder, Guru Amar Das Gurdwara, your other secretive actions seemed not so honorable:

Paying for the secretly arranged, unannounced, unnecessary inspection of our Gurdwara from our Sikh Dharma of Colorado bank account, which was discovered on our relative statement.

Paying from the Gurdwara bank account for your secret acquisition of the Philadelphia Insurance Co. Policy covering only the protection of yourselves which did not include coverage for the Gurdwara premises.

Paying from the Gurdwara bank account for your secret retention of an attorney for your legal wishes.

Refusing to have the money reimbursed to the Gurdwara bank account withdrawn for legal expenses when attempting to falsely evict Drasan Singh and Himmat Kaur from the premises as well as paying for your mold inspection.

Himmat Kaur Victoria

Refusing to reimburse Drasan Singh for the necessary repairs and upkeep of Guru Amar Das Gurdwara since 2009 to meet the City of Boulder Codes, including the flood damage repairs of 2013.

This is contrary to Kirpal Singh's statement in email of October 29, 2013 to wit, "I did indicate that the owners of the property should be responsible for maintaining basic necessities, including furnaces. I am very grateful that you have done the necessary work."

Removing $7,000 from the Gurdwara Timed Savings and Utility bank accounts and opening a secret account.

The non-action of the Board in acquiring the Rental License which accrued late penalties of $400.00 plus the $70.00 Rental License fee. This caused the Sangat to act on our behalf by paying the license fee and the late fee.

Drasan Singh worked with Mr. Case in acquiring the approved property inspection required by the City of Boulder.

Your having a Notice to Quit dated April 22, 2015, served at the Gurdwara for Drasan Singh, Himmat Kaur, Hari Simran Kaur and myself, Akal Kaur (the latter two who do not live in the Gurdwara) "to vacate said premises and surrender possession thereof not later than midnight of the 31st of May, 2015."

There has been no assistance from any of the formerly active Sikhs since 2009, which had there been the current situation would probably not be occurring.

We have voluntarily taken the responsibility of completing the required Annual Tax Exempt Reports and Annual Periodic Reports to the State of Colorado at our own expense since 2009, with Drasan Singh's re-imbursement to we who did the reports. Had there been a confirmed Board from our 2009 election it would have been the responsibility of others.

What is going on?

Drasan Singh and Himmat Kaur simply work by the sweat of their brows, share what they have with others, are vegetarians, pay for their own expenses, and most of all peacefully and responsibly take proper care of the Siri Guru Granth Sahibs (three) and the Gurdwara as Sevadars:

They lead our prayers, meditate, prepare Guru Prashad, and Langar, bring joy by performing kirtan, and bringing the Spirit of Cherdi Kalaa into the Gurdwara. The Sangat takes care of the wildlife and grounds with happy hearts.

It is quite a disappointment for everyone here to observe what has and is transpiring.

Yes, we know you want to sell the Gurdwara. What are your reasons for doing so?

Drasan Singh has offered to purchase it in order to keep the Gurdwara as Yogi Bhajan intended to teach and maintain God and Guru's Light in Boulder.

Of course, it would be natural to make arrangements for the thousands of dollars he has spent on the Guru Amar Das Gurdwara to be honorably applied toward the purchase price which to date has not been established.

Drasan Singh was willing to consider replacement of the furnaces as his donation which still needs to be confirmed.

Certainly you could not expect him to forfeit all of the monies he has put out. He even used his dental repair savings on behalf of the Gurdwara. Would you have done the same?

No, we are not teaching Kundalini Yoga at the Gurdwara at this time. There are many, many teachers (Wahe Guru!) sharing those teachings in Boulder in their preferred spaces.

We are a Gurdwara and everyone is welcome to come to ceremonies and read from the Guru.

I feel it is important to take another look at what is going on in our hearts and minds for the good of all, putting aside personality conflicts. It is important to learn and balance our past lives and present karmas. We need to look at what is being created Spiritually for all by our thoughts, words and deeds...to overcome lust, anger, greed, pride and attachment. This can make a big difference when we leave this world for Higher Realms.

We cannot take our money with us...only the lessons learned and the good we have accomplished while we have a physical body with which to balance such things.

Surely all of the Master Teachers who have so lovingly shared the Highest Teachings watch this worldly play continue would suggest we follow the Universal Laws for the Good of all and not get caught in the petty human nature of this world.

May we please all take a breath, meditate and do what is best for the good of the whole...soon?

Sat Siri Akal,

Akal Kaur Wieting --

NOTE: A statement from a board representative of the SDC addressing the above issues from their point of view was requested May 18, 2015. No statement has been received as of October 2, 2015. See May 27, 2015 Letter. See Gurdwara Protocol From Sikh Dharma Training Manual. See Save Guru Amar Das Gurdwara.

My Sikh Sense

Drasan Singh

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Sat Sri Akal, Sadh Sangat Ji,

We are calling ALL Sikh Brothers and Sisters to stand up with us and SAVE Guru Amar Das Gurdwara from being shut down, Sangat evicted, and sold off. With the recent takeover by the Sikh Dharma of Colorado board of Espanola, New Mexico, it was decided to sell Guru Amar Das Gurdwara at the best price and to evict the Sri Guru Granth Sahib and the Sevadars/Sangat from the property. (See Eviction Notice to Quit.)

Guru Amar Das Gurdwara Sangat is holding a Gurdwara ceremony this Sunday, May 31, 2015, to celebrate Guru Amar Das's Birthday last Saturday, and Guru Arjan Dev Ji's shaheed last Friday, as well as to pray to save Guru Amar Das Gurdwara. The Sadh Sangat is humbly requested to participate during this commemoration, and to seek the blessings of Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

Sikh Dharma International says, "We would love to hear from you. Let us know what topics and articles you would like Sikh Dharma International to feature. We are here to serve you. Thank you!"

We say, "SAVE GURU AMAR DAS GURDWARA!" This is what is important to us. We call upon all our Sikh Brothers and Sisters to unite to pray and enighten themselves in Guru's Court and SAVE Guru Amar Das Gurdwara, Boulder, Colorado. -- (See Akal Kaur's statement above.)

NOTE: A statement from a board representative of the SDC addressing the above issues from their point of view was requested May 18, 2015. No statement has been received as of June 14, 2015. See May 27, 2015 Letter. See Gurdwara Protocol From Sikh Dharma Training Manual. See Save Guru Amar Das Gurdwara.

My Sikh Sense

Himmat Kaur Victoria

Humble Request For Your Assistance

June 2, 2015

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Dear Sadh Sangat Ji,

I am an Amritdhari Sikh Sevadar in Guru Amar Das Gurdwara in Boulder, Colorado (I took amrit at Baru Sahib by Guru's Divine Grace).

We URGENTLY need help from our Khalsa Brothers and Sisters throughout the U.S., and the world if possible. We recently had a Sikh Dharma of Colorado board takeover that has decided to shut down our beloved Gurdwara and evict the caretakers who are here (which includes myself). We are trying to fight this and it looks like this is headed toward legal court soon (we have been summoned to court after receiving an Eviction Notice to Quit).

We have implored the board to stop this bullying and come up with a more humane resolution. We want to buy the property to keep it a Gurdwara, but our small Sangat cannot afford. We have started a crowd fund and are requesting any other help if possible.

The Guru is MOST important and the beautiful Gurdwara that is here is so valuable to us, we don't want to have to fight, and it looks like this is what is happening. We are calling on our Sadh Sangat and the Company of the Holy for support and guidance at this time (as well, we have had to hire lawyers).

We wish Guru Amar Das to keep his Divine Gurdwara. Please respond with any questions or thoughts here.

See our beloved Guru Amar Das's Palace: http://www.guruamardasgurdwara.com/

If your soul feels pulled to help, please see our campaign for funding at: http://www.gofundme.com/SaveGuruAmarDas

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

With Respect,

Himmat Kaur Victoria --

P.S. We received our court summons yesterday evening (6/2/2015) and are in the process of hiring a lawyer to fight the eviction. Our court date is June 12 next Friday to answer in court about the complaint of not leaving the Gurdwara after the Quit Notice expired on Sunday. We will be forwarding emails...thanks for your Divine guidance. We need all the help we can get.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! --

See Gurdwara Protocol From Sikh Dharma Training Manual.


Sande Shuman

June 3, 2015

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Dear Mr. Hari Singh Bird,

I received your email tonight. I know who you are from Himmat Kaur and Drasan Singh, and I'm very pleased that you would ask to use my letter to Drasan Singh on the MySikhSense.com Web site. I am grateful that you are being so supportive of the Sikhs' cause of the Guru Amar Das Gurdwara in Boulder, CO, because Himmat Kaur is my daughter. And it is through her life in the Gurdwara, as one of the Sevadars, that I met Drasan Singh.

I have developed a deep heart connection with Guru Amar Das Gurdwara, I try to fly out from Knoxville, TN, to be with my daughter at least once a year, usually in the Spring or Summer. I love that place!

While there, I take part in prayers, I take Prashad, help with dishes - I'm not much of a cook so i let them do that! - I have moved my share of furniture, put together collaged posters telling the history of the Sikhs, hammered poles into the ground for growing produce... I could go on... and as an artist, I photographed many fantastic goings-on there. So you can see that I am deeply invested.

But to get back to the subject of this letter. Yes, you may post this message (see below*). You may edit it if needed to make it stronger. I will attempt to send a photo that Himmat took of me in my "piece of the sky" scarf she gave me for my birthday/mother's day gift. I tried cropping it first. You may crop it, if needed.


Sande Shuman --

See Gurdwara Protocol From Sikh Dharma Training Manual.


Sande Shuman

June 3, 2015

Hi, Drasan Singh Ji,

When I called Himmat Kaur a few nights ago, I figured y'all hadn't been thrown out of the Gurdwara, after all!

Himmat told me about the progress you've made towards saving Guru Amar Das Gurdwara. She is really on it, yes? I am so proud of her. I am seeing great things happening alongside you. The fight for the Gurdwara is well underway (see commentary above). That is no small great thing. She is striving with diligence and consistency of hard work for a career in healing others. And you are providing her with a wonderful place to be, good food and prayers. I say she is a pretty awesomely blessed person! I like the way you both work together to keep the place updated and clean.

I am spreading the word about the Web site and the funding campaign. All of us are praying for great blessings from the hearts and pocketbooks of people to save the Gurdwara. Jane and I have humbly given recently. We sincerely want to see you buy it, so you'll get these people who don't care, or even know about what you're doing (they live in New Mexico), off your back!

Loved my visit, all your good cooking and shopping for food, and has anyone bought the brass container at Kerry's yet? Loved being at his nursery taking pictures on your new tablet. Going into the room where we all do prayers was satisfying this visit.

I like visiting the Gurdwara. It was so nice to see everybody, too; the Sangat, I believe, is the word for your Congregation? I wish you all well in your diligence to keep Guru Amar Das Gurdwara, which is how it should be!


Sande --


My Sikh Sense

Juan Kaur

June 3, 2015

Dear Sat Sangat & Friends,

I have decided it is time for me to move back home to stay with my family in Massachusetts and pursue my career as a dance teacher and student. I wanted to express my sincere gratitude to all of you who have been a part of my journey during my stay here in the Guru Amar Das Gurdwara.

May I say firstly that having been welcomed to stay in the Gurdwara has completely changed my life! It has been a blessing and miracle I could have never expected. Being here has helped me to grow spiritually, mentally and emotionally in ways I have trouble describing in words. I want to give my gratitude to Drasan Singh Singh and Himmat Kaur especially for guiding me to the Guru and helping my Soul to elevate to receive God's Blessing. I also want to acknowledge all of the Sangat members that have shown me kindness and have taught me wonderful lessons along the way. Thank you all for welcoming me with such open arms into a Religion and culture that was previously completely foreign to me!

I want the Sangat to know how dedicated I am to continue my study of Sikhism and that I have already begun to reach out to Gurdwaras and Sikh university communities in Boston. I also want to encourage that we continue to communicate  even as I depart from here. It would be such an honor to receive updates and hear from each of you individually as I continue along on my Path. Also please keep me informed on any important happenings, (festivals, holidays, Hukams, etc.) in the Gurdwara. I am so thrilled to have spent this time learning from all of you about the core values of Sikhism and how to walk in this world with grace, dignity and a sincere love for God. Please know how grateful and blessed I feel to have had the opportunity to stay here and spend time in the presence of the Guru and all His gracious servants. I love you all!

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

May the Guru continue to Bless you all with His True Light,

Juan Kaur --

See Gurdwara Protocol From Sikh Dharma Training Manual.

My Sikh Sense

Juan Kaur

June 4, 2015

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Dear Himmat Kaur Ji,

Great to hear from you! I have been following the progress of the Go Fund Me and My Sikh Sense. Wonderful forums to reach out and seems you are receiving lots of support already. May this continue to be the case!

I have been really utilizing the prayers you copied for me. I still pray twice a day and keep 'Waheguru' constantly on my lips and vibrating in my mind... It's a huge transition being home, but so splendid to take the Guru's lessons with me. I am in search of Kundalini Yoga in my area as well.

I found a summer job pretty immediately teaching dance integration at an urban arts program for youth in Providence and have been meeting with dance organizations in Boston and providence asking how i can become involved in the dance community. There is much on the rise for me! Wishing you, Drasan Singh Ji and the Sangat the best with these next court proceedings. May Guru's grace stand tall within you.

Sat Siri Akaal!

Juan Kaur --

See Gurdwara Protocol From Sikh Dharma Training Manual.


My Sikh Sense

Drasan Singh

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Dear Respected Sangat Ji,

On Tuesday, we received a court summons for Drasan Singh and Himmat Kaur and all other occupants (Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji - Our Living Guru) to answer in court on June 12, 2015, as to why the judge should not enter judgment against the Guru for not obeying the Eviction Notice to Quit, which expired May 31, 2015 at midnight. See Court Summons. See Final Eviction Notice of 6/25/15.

The Sikh Dharma of Colorado board in New Mexico wants to get rid of the property and sell the Gurdwara because they want to open up a corporate yoga studio under SDC. This creates a conflict since 3HO is the corporation that oversees yoga, but Guru Amar Das Gurdwara is under Sikh Dharma, not 3HO. While we, here in the Boulder Gurdwara, have never denied anyone coming to teach yoga here, we do focus our attention on running the Gurdwara, e.g., daily prayers, Gurdwara ceremony, Langar, maintaining and upkeeping the Gurdwara, by Guru's Grace.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! --

See Gurdwara Protocol From Sikh Dharma Training Manual. See Save Guru Amar Das Gurdwara.

My Sikh Sense

Hari Singh Bird Khalsa

Sat Nam. Here's an interesting quote.

You can’t wake a person who is pretending to be asleep.

Some thoughts on its meaning.

People who are pretending to be asleep will resist being awakened because they have something to lose by ending the charade. (See Was The Civil War About Slavery?)

People who pretend to be asleep can often lose track of what is real and what is pretend and thus cannot respond normally to situations.

People will act as if nothing is happening when they don’t want to face the reality of the situation by pretending to be unaware or unsure despite being presented with the evidence. Source.

Click here to add your thoughts. Read me first.

My Sikh Sense

Gurumukh Singh

For those of us like myself, who are Indigenous, (Yes my African relatives were imported about 2 centuries ago, but they mixed with my Native relatives who have been here by their count 80,000 or more years) what you think of as liberal and progressive, we think of as Traditions that were interrupted by certain immigrants practicing settler colonialism. So don't count me among the 400 years ago immigrant crowd, that doesn't come close to defining me. The last and only person in my genetic line was the slave owner Keller, who gave his mullatto daughter into marriage to my Black Indian great, great, grandfather. Some of us could pass for Black in all Black towns in the South, because we were too dark to pass for "Indians".

3HO has not been a refuge from American racism for us, and that's real talk. Real talk that I thought this forum was about, which is why I participated in it because of what happened to Awtar, the same sex couple, Krishna Kaur, numerous others I could name, but don't need to. It was a nice outpouring of support for HarKrishan Kaur in her final weeks with us, but let's not get twisted what happened before that, which was not facilitative of healing.

At our Longhouse this evening, I was invited to introduce our speaker Gyasi Ross, (Blackfoot), to speak on the local schools #BlackLivesMatter observance. He observed his 8 year old asking... "Did people of your generation really care about gay people getting married, enough to forbid it?" Just like another generation didn't want Whites marrying Non-Whites, until the Loving Decision.

He said, the children aren't the future leaders, they are today's leaders. We old folks, are fighting battles from 150 years ago. So it is with this Diversity Inclusion thing... lots of the rest of the world is moving way faster than 3HO, and has been, for some time. What some people call liberal and progressive, others call Tradition.

My opinion of the CO Gurdwara: The corruption virus is firmly infected there. People taking the "church's" money, other people donating their dental money to help the church. It's an old story, who do you trust with the churches money, when the people you trust thieve and steal? There are pretty mundane solutions to this, financial controls that could be applied. If you find this a "real issue", all I can say is Black Lives Matter was in my Longhouse, I'm the father of sons and daughters who are targets of police.

What happened to Awtar, at Solstice proved to me, there is no hiding from police, at Solstice, even in turban and Whites, being Khalsa, going to Gurdwara, reading from the Guru, in fact people from the Sangat called the police. It's not so much a sanctuary. It stopped being a safe place, when Krishna Kaur's sheepskin was stolen right off the stage, behind the mix position, before she led Tantric warmups. She didn't want me to make a big stink of it at the time. But it's an indicator of conditions to me....simply be on your guard.

I'm attending Solstice in a few weeks. This time, not doing it half blind, from rage. I've definitely got my navel set... on some real issues.

Sat Nam. --

Click here to add your thoughts. Read me first.

My Sikh Sense

Drasan Singh

June 18, 2015

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Dear Respected Sangat Ji,

. Sikh Dharma of Colorado (SDC) has decided to evict the GURU, tomorrow.
. A Sri Guru Granth Sahib, our Living Guru recently and mysteriously arrived in a shoe box.
. Sri Guru Granth Sahib resides in Guru's home at 3840 Baseline Road, Boulder, the Guru Amar Das Gurdwara.
. Now, Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji is being evicted from Guru's home by the board of Sikh Dharma of Colorado comprised of these five Khalsas:

Kirpal Singh - President,
Sat Sundry Kaur - Secretary
Varnjeet Kaur - Treasurer
Pritpal Singh - Director
Ek Ong Kar Singh - Contact Director

SDC Board meeting with Guru Amar Das Sangat, 12/06/14

. The reason for evicting Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji from his home is to sell Guru's home, Guru Amar Das Gurdwara, since their reasons are, a) SDC does not have a rental license, b) SDC claims the City of Boulder has declared Guru's home uninhabitable, and c) SDC wants money to set up a new yoga center.

. SDC has offered to sell Guru Amar Das Gurdwara to the present Sangat, but SDC has refused to give the Sangat a price.

. It is sad what Maya can do to human beings who can evict our Living Guru along with the Sevadhars, and sell off Guru's home.

. Every able SIKH must stand up and stop this Madness, and protect our Living GURU.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! --

See Gurdwara Protocol From Sikh Dharma Training Manual.

My Sikh Sense

SatHanuman Singh Khalsa

June 18, 2015

Sat Nam. Dear Bhai Sahiba Ji,

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

This Sikh Dharma of Colorado board action, meant to drive our Guru Sahib and these Sevadars from their premises in Boulder, Colorado, is deplorable and echoes Unto Infinity, UI, all over again. Please take action, Bhai Sahiba Ji, to protect our Guru Sahib and block any actions taken by SDC against this small devoted Sangat.

It's not acceptable to call one's self a Singh Sahib and take such action. It may be that some have never merged in their consciousness with Guru Sahib, but no matter, we as Khalsa must stand to protect our Guru from mistreatment. I have spoken to both MSS Hari Singh Khalsa and Drasan Singh, Himmat Kaur and Akal Kaur.

Too much emphasis is being placed on areas where presumed money can be made by establishing a 'yoga center'. Ironically, Sikh Dharma "ministers", with the name "Khalsa", are forcing individuals to exit this sacred place where they serve their Guru daily. It's all business with no heart or concern for Guru Amar Das Gurdwara.

After almost 45 years of establishing Gurdwaras around the world, where they never existed or where there was no awareness of the Shabd Guru, Sikh Dharma Colorado is sacrificing the most humble and devoted disciples to make way for "Yoga as a business" in the Rocky Mountain city of Boulder. In the 35 years "Yogiji", also known world-wide as Siri Singh Sahib Ji would never allow this action nor would it have been considered or come to the light of day. Each name given to an Ashram, a Niwas, or Gurdwara, embodied the Spirit of the Sant or one of the 10 Sat Guru's.

As they are not merely homes or properties, so too is our Guru Sahib not a 'book' or religious text. One cannot separate the Guru from his Sikh.

As Singh Sahib, appointed by Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa, I stand with this Sangat and our Guru. I humbly request the Office of Bhai Sahiba to immediately step in and stop this action, legally or otherwise. From my discussions, only the Sangat Sevadars in Boulder are standing vigilant to care, serve and protect Guru Sahib, first. The SDC board in New Mexico has decided on taking this action with no regard for the Guru. They are looking at this property and not seeing a Gurdwara, named for the 3rd Guru. From what I've heard and seen to this point, no one in NM is reaching out to serve the Guru and with no regard for the Guru's comfort, or where the Palki, or other vestments will be protected and stored. Do they expect Guru Sahib to be evicted and stored in a warehouse?

I am inspired and applaud the consciousness and fearless spirit of Akal Kaur, Himmat Kaur and Drasan Singh, and other community members of Boulder who are dedicated to protecting the Guru's home.

I am also grateful for SS Krishna Singh and MSS Hari Singh's council and commitment to support them.

My prayers are for your health and wellbeing, Bhai Sahiba Ji. Bless you and may Guru Ram Das always guide and protect you.

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!


Singh Sahib SatHanuman Singh Khalsa
Guru Nanak Niwas
Troutdale, Oregon

See Gurdwara Protocol From Sikh Dharma Training Manual.

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By Randeep Jawa
Posted on Sikhnet

June 19, 2015

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

I wanted to let you know of an amazing Gurdwara located in Boulder, Colorado. It's called Guru Amar Das Gurdwara.

True to Guru Amar Das' teachings and legacy, this place provides food (Langar) and shelter to all. By all, I mean it does not just provide service to all people, but to a magnificent array of other creatures.

It is the only place that I have ever seen squirrels rise when Ardas was said, where flowers that should not be viable in the climate blossom. It is where community leaders from other faiths have congregated. Perhaps because of its unique location, ideally situated between a Jewish temple and a Christian Church, it has allowed people who would perhaps otherwise not know our religion a wonderful place to see the beauty of Sikhism.

Perhaps you have heard of it, but if you have not...now you have.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

My Sikh Sense

Drasan Singh

A Case of Unjust Enrichment
First, it was
Unto Infinity, now this.

(Another example of 'corporate' Shakti Pad?)

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Dear Respected Hari Singh Bird Khalsa Ji,

This is the experience we had in the court, yesterday, June 19, 2015, regarding Sikh Dharma of Colorado's, hereinafter SDC (board members), attempt to evict the residents of Guru Amar Das Gurdwara, to the best of our memory:

Presiding Judge was the honorable Judith L. LaBuda.

Case began at 9:00 am, was scheduled until 11:00 am, but lasted until 1:00 pm, including two fifteen-minute recesses.

. First opening statement by Plaintiffs' (SDC) lawyer, Mr. Ronald Jung.

. Second opening statement by Defendants' (residents of Guru Amar Das Gurdwara) lawyer, Mr. Ivan Call.

. First witness testimony was from Ek Ong Kar Singh, hereinafter Ek Singh, who addressed the court by phone, as he was not actually present at court.

Mr. Jung asked Ek Singh:

a.) What is a Sikh?

b.) What is a Gurdwara?

c.) Can a Gurdwara be moved?
– Yes.

d.) Who owns Guru Amar Das Gurdwara?
-- Sikh Dharma of Colorado.

e.) Ek Singh expressed how Gurdwaras can easily be moved and changed, and that to move the Guru is an easy ceremony.

. Cross examination of Ek Singh by Mr. Ivan Call.

a.) What is your position on the board? Are you a director?
-- No, I am just a board member.

b.) How long have you served on the board?
-- Since April 2014 when the board asked me to advise on real estate matters as an expert in the real estate sale.

c.) How many times have you been to the Guru Amar Das Gurdwara, Boulder?
-- Once for a couple of days.

d.) Did you know about the damages and repairs to the buiding?
-- Yes, I knew about that.

e.) Do you know about how much the repairs were? More than three figures? In the three figure range over $100,000?
-- The exact figure has not yet been determined, but may be approaching more than three figures.

f.) Will Drasan Singh be reimbursed by the board?
-- The board will consider reimbursement.

g.) Ek Singh states that SDC wants to sell the Gurdwara because it is not serving the community at large. (See Guru Amar Das Ji.)

h.) Are you planning to sell Guru Amar Das Gurdwara to open a yoga studio?
-- The board has discussed many options and has not determined exactly how the money will be used.

i.) Are you going to open another Gurdwara?
-- There are many options and the board has not come to any decisions.

j.) Does the board know the appraisal of the property?
-- We are working on getting a few different appraisals.

k.) Additionally, Ek Singh expressed how Guru Amar Das Gurdwara is damaged and that the board is highly concerned about the safety and habitability issue (even though many major issues have been addressed already by major repairs).

. There were a few moments when Ek Singh began to discuss all his expertise and experience in the Massachusetts Sikh community and the judge cut him short.

. Next witness, Kirpal Singh Khalsa, president of the SDC board, was to be called to the witness stand after a 15-minute recess, but Mr. Jung stated that he will not call Kirpal Singh to the stand. Judge LaBuda asked if he was subpoenaed, and Jung stated that he was not. (Why did he not subpoena Kirpal Singh, president of SDC?)

. Defense witnesses were now called to the stand.

. First defense testimony was by Drasan Singh.

a.) Drasan Singh expressed that he was brought to the Guru Amar Das Gurdwara in 2009 to help set up the Gurdwara and assist the Gurdwara community.

b.) Drasan Singh expressed his duties as Sevadhar and described the amount of work it takes to run the Gurdwara: wake up at 5:00 am, do morning prayers, begin the day by cleaning and tidying the Gurdwara, cook Langar everyday, do evening prayers, close the Gurdwara at night, etc.

c.) Drasan Singh expressed how he has faithfully served from 2009 until today, and used his own resources to repair Guru Amar Das Gurdwara throughout the years, and particularly after the historic 2013 Boulder Canyon flood.

d.) Drasan Singh expressed how he understood the Guru Amar Das Gurdwara to be the permanent Gurdwara in Boulder because of the documents he received (the articles of incorporation and bylaws of SDC) when he moved in to help in 2009.

e.) Drasan Singh stated that when the SDC board came to visit the Gurdwara in December, 2014 they offered to sell the Gurdwara to him since SDC wanted to open a corporate yoga studio because Guru Amar Das Gurdwara was not producing any income.

f.) Drasan Singh expressed his dedication to protecting the Guru Granth Sahib with his life.

g.) Opposition council asked Drasan Singh if he is filing a carbon monoxide case against SDC for carbon monoxide posioning. Drasan Singh stated that he was poisoned from 2009-2013 until Drasan Singh replaced the furnace, and stated that he had filed the case against SDC.

h.) Jung then asked, "You have this carbon monoxide posioning case and you still want to live there?" Drasan Singh expressed how new furnaces were installed and that the problem has been fixed, and that he is to protect his Guru.

. Second defense witness called was Himmat Kaur.

a.) Himmat Kaur expressed how she works a few different jobs as well as serving the Gurdwara by working everyday, doing prayers, and caretaking the Gurdwara.

b.) Himmat Kaur also expressed how she helps to run all the ceremonies, play kirtan, conduct prayers, read from the Guru for the Sangat, helps cook for Langar, and any other duties needed to run the Gurdwara.

c.) Himmat Kaur discussed the flood and damages as well as her role in helping to make repairs when she can help financially, and cleaning up the Gurdwara after the flood.

d.) Himmat Kaur discussed the SDC board visit in 2014 and how they offered to sell the Gurdwara to the Sangat.

e.) Himmat Kaur discussed the terms of the rental agreement and the work exchange program.

. Closing arguments by Mr. Jung.

. Closing arguments by Mr. Call.

. Judge LaBuda reviewed the evidence and made a judgment from the bench granting possession to SDC according to the Colorado laws that govern ownership of property.

. Judge LaBuda made a point to Mr. Call (defense lawyer) that a counterclaim for Unjust Enrichment should be filed in the court straightaway, but that the parties should work to resolve this issue amicably outside of the court. Then she proceeded to discuss scheduling the Unjust Enrichment case for trial and wants Mr. Call to file as soon as possible. (Didn't the Unto Infinity, UI, lawsuit also involve Unjust Enrichment? See Signs of Shakti Pad. See Signs of Kali Yuga.)

This is the best that we can remember of the 4-hour court proceedings.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Drasan Singh --

NOTES: MSS Hari Singh Bird Khalsa reached out to SDC, as of June 19, 2015, for their account of the court proceedings, in the interest of transparency. No reply has been received as of this writing.

Defendants' attorney has confirmed the above account in writing.

My Sikh Sense

Hari Singh Bird Khalsa

Solstice Diversity Census

June 22, 2015

Sat Nam. Happy Summer Solstice!

The disparity in the perception of diversity by 'White Eye' folks as opposed to 'Colored Eye' folks is interesting.

I just received an onsite observation from a Caucasian attendee who excitedly reported that there are a "whole lot of people of color, including African Americans," at Summer Solstice, 2015.

My response...I asked how many attendees could be identified as turban-wearing Sikhs, with hair and beards? After significant hesitation, they said, "Oh, not so many, really!"

Hmmm! Makes me wonder again about how much real diversity there is NOT among 3HO/Sikhs, and why. (See Latest Solstice Photos.)

See What Diversity Is. See What Diversity Is Not.

"Looking at the one and only Black Family native to 3HO/KRI/SDI
after 50 years from my perspective as a person of color I have to ask,
why are there so few Blacks?* Oh sure, there are African Americans
represented, but they are disproportionate in number. Do other people of
color see this disparity as a positive or as a negative?" Hari Singh Bird Khalsa

*"In 2013, the population of African Americans, including those of more than one race,
was estimated at 45 million, making up 15.2% of the total U.S. population." Source.
U.S. organizations should reflect about 15 African Americans out of every 100.

My Sikh Sense

Drasan Singh

Guru Amar Das Gurdwara
Move-out date is July 13, 2015

June 24, 2015

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Dear Respected Hari Singh Bird Khalsa Ji,

This is the eviction execution notice from our attorney.

Dear Drasan Singh and Himmat Kaur,

In response to my request on Monday, Sikh Dharma of Colorado has reluctantly agreed to the requested move-out extension. Mr. Jung (SDC attorney) indicated that July 13, 2015 is firm and the move-out must be complete on or before that date.

I am still waiting for SDI’s (Sikh Dharma International) trial availability and expect to have some dates for you to choose from shortly. Also, I am in discussions with Mr. Jung about a possible mediation to see if we can resolve the remaining issues as quickly as possible so both sides can hopefully avoid the uncertainty and expense of a contested trial.



Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Drasan Singh --

My Sikh Sense

SatHanuman Singh Khalsa

July 21, 2015

To: Siri Singh Sahib Corporation,
Sikh Dharma International,
Office of the Bhai Sahiba,
Sadh Sangat,

Sat Nam, Sangat Ji!

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa! Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

I wish to address the situation in Boulder, Colorado, as I have witnessed it. I write this commentary as Singh Sahib, appointed in the spring of 1998 by Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa.

In my capacity as Singh Sahib, I have taken upon the Seva, Protocol, and Protection of the Shabd Guru. I served from 1998 in New England until October 2005 when I relocated to Portland, Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. While living in New England, I worked to unite the New England Sangats as one Sangat. After 9/11, I organized community events in Millis, MA, and represented the Sikh Community in Boston to honor the passengers and crews of United Flight 93 and American Airlines Flight 587 in 2001. I brought the Christian and Jewish Communities together with the Sikh communities, and thanks to the work of Siri Singh Sahib Ji, I got strong support from U.S. Congressman Barney Frank and even the World War II veterans in Millis, whom I served for two years as Chaplain.

This is what I request of Sikh Dharma of Colorado, New Mexico, and their various boards. As I see it, the issue is NOT one man who has lived in Guru Amardas Niwas, or the Sevadars who care for the Guru Sahib. The issue is the Guru.

I have observed a sort of Sikhi illiteracy in some communities. I am referring to the overlapping and intermingling of Kundalini Yoga, Teacher Training and other 3HO activities in the same space as the Guru Sahib. This is not proper respect for the "Living Guru" of the Khalsa.

When a building or buildings are owned by Sikh Dharma, as Sikhs (the Khalsa Panth) we need to respectfully care first for Guru, the Living Shabd Guru Sahib.

I have heard that Drasan Singh, the man who has lived at Guru Amardas Niwas for several years has been a challenge for some folks to deal with. Okay, this may be so. He is a very strong personality. But culturally and as I understand, spiritually, he is an Amritdhari Sikh. HE could have even once eaten meat, cut his Kesh, drank alcohol, but he knows that the Guru is his Guru.

The Shabd Guru belongs to all Sikhs, no matter their gender, their national origin, culture, or skin color. When I was told that Sikh Dharma was legally evicting him, my first response was what are you doing with the Siri Guru Granth Sahib? How are you treating the Guru Sahib? As it turned out, I never heard of anyone except Drasan Singh, Himmat Kaur, Akal Kaur taking care of the Guru first, in the proper manner. No one from Espanola, or Colorado, or Millis, for that matter seemed to know how to treat their Guru Sahib. (See Siri Guru Granth Sahib Protocol.)

It is apparent that some folks, not all, are somewhat illiterate about Guru Sahib protocol and Seva. Some folks have the awareness, but it doesn't seem to be with leaders, except for the Bhai Sahiba, and I've not heard from her.

The are my observations of the Siri Singh Sahib Ji. The first Gurdwara created by him was at 1620 Pruess Road in Los Angeles. The second is in Espanola, where Mukhia Jethedar Singh Sahib Amrit Singh Khalsa serves as Chief Sevadar. Notice that in both cases the original names were Guru Ram Das Ashram. Yes, at first, like other Ashrams, e.g., Ahimsa Ashram in Washington, DC, the space was cramped and confined, but we did the best we could. We put up screens (Los Angeles) to separate the Guru and protect the sacred space around the Guru. We bulit or created Darbars and Gurdwaras that were separated from the Sadhana area, yoga classes, meditation courses and bhangara class activities. Ahimsa Ashram Sangat did the same, as did the Sangat in Sterling, VA.

I suggest that today we separate activities as is now done at Ram Das Puri, in Espanola, New Mexico, where Siri Singh Sahib Ji showed the way.

Those who've been to Amritsar know you cannot carry your shoes or sandals across the Parkarma at Darbar Sahib. We remove our shoes and cover our heads, if not wearing a Daastar, when we enter the court of the Guru. We keep our heads covered even in the Guru's Langar. For those of us who've been blessed to see where Guru Amar Das Ji drew water from the well at Goindwal and carried it 10 miles for Guru Angad Dev Ji to bathe. We've also seen whenever Guru is retired, all over the Punjab and at historic Darbars, Guru is carried to Gowindwal to be cremated. Our Guru is living! Guru is not just a book or scripture like the Koran, the Vedas, the Torah or the Christian Bible.

Whenever legal action is taken and the Guru Sahib is involved, we send a Panj to say Ardas, hear the Hukumnama, and eat Langar. WE then put Guru Sahib in Sukhasan, and carry it respectfully with Chori Sahib and Sevadars to a specific vehicle for transport to a Gurdwara where Guru Sahib is laid to rest in a bed made for a KING. We don't evict the inhabitants and send the Guru to a warehouse. This is the practice of true Sikhs of the Guru.

I am asking you to please consider these comments and avoid any unconscious behavior in the house of Guru Sahib in the future.

The Boulder property is now Sikh Dharma's, and Sikh Dharma of Colorado has the full responsibility to care for it, repair it, and/or sell it so a Kundalini Yoga Center (Teaching Training Center) can be acquired. I pray the Shabd Guru in Boulder is always placed first, and that the Sevadars attend and protect the Guru, and thereby fully represent the Legacy of the Siri Singh Sahib Ji while continuing to serve the Guru Sahib with devotion, love and respect.

Humbly and respectfully submitted,

Singh Sahib SatHanuman Singh Khalsa
Guru Nanak Nivas
3209 SW Corbeth Lane
Troutdale, OR 97060 --

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My Sikh Sense

Akal Kaur Wieting
for the Boulder Sangat

July 21, 2015

Sat Nam Wahe Guru!

To Singh Sahib SatHanuman Singh Khalsa Ji,

We, of the former Guru Amar Das Gurdwara, Boulder, Colorado, wish to express our appreciation for your Wisdom, Clarification and Education for all Khalsa Sikhs and others, of Proper Protocol as shown in your current posting concerning the Gurdwara, formerly located at 3840 Baseline Road, Boulder, Colorado, and the proper treatment of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib.

We, the subject Sangat, accepted the total responsiblity of caring properly for the Gurus and FIRST acted upon re-locating the Siri Guru Granth Sahibs, Ramalas, Chori Sahibs, Palki Sahibs/Manjees and Nishan Sahib* to safe, secure locations away from the long-standing Boulder location, upon the eviction of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib and Sevadars/Legal Renters from the Guru Amar Das Gurdwara by the Sikh Dharma of Colorado Board...Sikh Dharma International, located in Espanola, New Mexico. (*See Glossary of Terms.)

Then followed the removal of personal furnishings and Gurdwara items acquired since 2009, at the personal expense of Drasan Singh, Himmat Kaur and sangat members for performing proper Gurdwara services and langar during our occupancy there.

SS Kirpal Singh requested by phone on Sunday, July 12, that the upstairs Gurus (the one-volume copy and an eight-volume set of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, Ramalas, Chori Sahibs, and small table) be re-located to a location to be picked up by SS Kirpal Singh et. al. on Monday morning, July 13. These were consequently delivered to SS Indra Kaur Khalsa, Sunday evening, July 12, who graciously agreed to give them to SS Kirpal Singh, soon thereafter.

The second request was for the brass Palki Sahib from the upstairs area, glass-table and glass-top larger table be given to Akbar Singh and Sat Tara Kaur from Hari Simran's home, who so graciously took care of them and laundered some of the linens prior to their delivery. This was accomplished yesterday evening, Monday, July 20th.

Boulder Sangat members moving Siri Guru Granth Sahib

The Gurdwara building was cleaned as best possible prior to the deadline of being out of the premises by mid-night Monday, July 13, 2015. When finishing moving details at the Gurdwara, a car with Kirpal Singh and other occupants turned into the driveway, at which time Drasan Singh motioned for them to come on in. They proceeded to turn around and leave.

We have fulfilled any requirements for closing the Guru Amar Das Gurdwara in Boulder, contrary to the original wishes of the Siri Singh Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji many years ago. Any mediation requests on the part of the Boulder sangat with Sikh Dharma International Board were totally refused by the Sikh Dharma International Board. Any further actions remain in the legal hands of well-qualified attorneys.

Sat Siri Akal,

Guru Amar Das Gurdwara Sangat --

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My Sikh Sense
From Sikh Dharma of Colorado

Monday, November 9, 2015

To: All Colorado Sangat Members
From: Sikh Dharma Colorado Board

Sat Nam and Wahe Guru,

We wanted to reach out and share with you what we have been working on in development of the community in Colorado.

The current Board Members came together approximately 18 months ago and began focusing and addressing issues in the community, particularly in regards to the Guru Amar Das Nivas located at 3840 Baseline Road in Boulder.

We conducted a survey in the Fall of 2014. This survey was sent out to Colorado Sangat members as well as yoga students and kundalini yoga teachers, to assess the status and the needs of the community.

It was determined that the Nivas, and the Nivas managing members were not in a position to serve the Colorado community and to grow the Mission of the Siri Singh Sahib and the teachings in Colorado.

We have worked very diligently on this situation over the past year and we are happy to report to you that the house where Guru Amar Das Nivas was located was sold on September 21st.

This is good news, as the funds that were acquired from the sale of this Property, have been placed into an account which will be devoted to the growth and development of Sikh Dharma and the Kundalini yoga community in Colorado.

We are currently looking at the next steps and are planning a trip to Colorado in early Spring 2016 to meet with community members. We will hold this get together in Boulder and invite people from all areas to attend.

If you would like to share with us what you would like to see happen in Colorado, feel free to send us an email with your thoughts. We would like to involve as many community members who are interested to participate.

Let us know of your interest and we will keep you posted on the date and location of our next visit!

We are here to serve you.


Kirpal Singh Khalsa President
Sat Sundri Khalsa Secretary
Varnjeet Khalsa Treasurer
Ek Ong Kar Singh Khalsa
Pritpal Singh Khalsa --

My Sikh Sense

Hari Singh Bird Khalsa

Key indicator of an identity crisis

Sat Nam, Sangat Ji! I find it significant and unfortunate that the two senior female Sikh ministers who signed the above document failed to use their Sikh name, Kaur. As a result an uninformed Sikh person especially will not know their gender.

This is in line with, and gives support to a significant and unfortunate current trend to modify and abbreviate name identity in today's Sikh youth, both Eastern and Western, as it fuels a sense of duality and indicates a possible identity crisis.

I remind the reader that Siri Singh Sahib Ji persisted and insisted on identifying and projecting himself as Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji.

Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib
Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji


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