Akal Committee 13

Akal Committee Thirteen
Successor to Adhoc Committee Thirteen
Established by ACT For Diversity.

Inspired by Ek Ong Kar
= 13 = Ek Ong Kar
One Creator Creation
From One Many
Ex Uno Plures

Formerly known as AdhocCommitteeThirteen.com,
we're now AkalCommitteeThirteen.com aka AkalCommittee13.com.
From an ad hoc, limited-focus group, we have evolved to become a
social action group with an unlimited scope and an undying commitment.


A robust transparency is necessary at this time in our history.
We pledge to advocate and participate in thoughtful disagreement.
Therefore our prime objective is to promote diversity and cultural
competency, explore issues of color and gender, and inspire people
who have a history of being marginalized, using social media and other
means as platforms to inform various communities of the life experiences
and concerns of marginalized people with regard to the necessity for social
action, dialogue, inclusion, compassion, tolerance, and cultural literacy to
expand and improve human relations going forward, in order to better facilitate
the current worldwide shift in global consciousness from tribalism, instability,
and extremism, to harmony, cooperation and enduring peace. In addition, we
welcome and support other organizations that promote the transformation of
as taught by spiritual teachers like Guru Nanak Dev and others.

ACT's vision is to advocate and teach Kundalini Yoga, as directed by
Yogi Bhajan, for which we seek the assistance of organizations not only in
the United States, but in India and around the world. To achieve this goal
ACT uses social media, teacher training, and more. Our commitment is to
afford every person the opportunity to explore the deepest potentials of his or
her human spirit. To fulfill our vision, we inspire each person to: (a) maintain an
awareness of everyone’s longing for inclusion, and their innate longing to belong
within our global family; (b) respond with compassionate consideration and sensitivity to
differences of gender, race, culture, religion, ethnicity, economic conditions, social status,
psychological challenges, and philosophical differences that exist in all human interactions.


ACT utilizes the Word and Wisdom of the Guru, and the technology of Kundalini Yoga as
taught by the Siri Singh Sahib, aka Yogi Bhajan. These powerful technologies expand
awareness and uplift humanity without the use of drugs or any external stimulation.

The most difficult thing is the decision to act.
The rest is merely tenacity. -- Amelia Earhart

One is the answer. What is the question? --

Your reliability will give people the courage to trust you.
Their trust will give you the power to carry a situation. A leader
carries and serves people. Learn to lead as a Seva, to sacrifice your time
and resources for the benefit of others without wanting anything in return.
People will love you, and you will continue to expand. -- Yogi Bhajan

The secret of happiness is in your action, not in your reaction. If you
want to progress in your life and grow, act, do not react. -- Yogi Bhajan

The Siri Singh Sahib frequently expressed the challenge that he
expects his students to be 10 times greater. Therefore, we must
expect, and be willing to work with 10 times the difficulties. It's
the Law of Polarity. It's our challenge as his students. -- ACT

.) On numerous occasions the Siri Singh Sahib, aka Yogi Bhajan, directed his teachers in the U.S. and the West to teach Kundalini Yoga technology to the people of India and the East. At the same time he directed the Sikhs in India to teach the principals of Sikhism to the people of the U.S. and the West.

See Siri Singh Sahib's Directive 2001. Also see Drug Addiction In Punjab. See Man Quits Drugs, Becomes A Sikh. See Attributes of Agents of Change.

.) The word AKAL (Akaal) is derived from Gurbani, meaning Undying. Akal appears in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib of the Sikhs. Akal implies a state of being, which is ageless, infinite, immortal and timeless, the true state. The word Akal describes ACT's undying mission, which is based on the principal that it is incumbent on those who know to teach those who do not know. Akal literally means timeless, immortal, non-temporal, a term integral to Sikh philosophy. Akal is seen extensively in the Dasam Granth hymns by Guru Gobind Singh. See Example.

.) The word-symbol is derived from Gurmukhi, meaning One Creator of Creation. When stylized in English characters, is represented by the number 13, as in Akal Committee Thirteen, Akal Committee 13, or more simply, the acronym ACT.

.) The words EX UNO PLURES are derived from Latin, meaning from the One comes the many,
the concept championed by the 15th century Sikh Master, Guru Nanak. On the other hand, E PLUIBUS UNUM, as seen on America's money and America's Great Seal, means from the many comes the One, thereby placing the One as secondary.

See Definitions. Also see Sikh Definitions. See Glossary of Sikh Terms. See Signs of Kali Yuga. See OneAndOneEqualsEleven.com.

Guru Nanak Dev
First Sikh of Sikh Dharma

Guru Nanak Dev

Points To Ponder

"Recognize the Divine light within all,
and do not consider social class or status; there
are no classes or castes, hereafter." Guru Nanak Dev

“If you know who you are you'll know what to do. You are
the Essence. Act your age!" IfYouKnowWhoYouAre.com

"What does Ek Ong Kar mean? It means God and me,
me and God are one." GodAndMeMeAndGodAreOne.com

Akal Committee Thirteen

Symbol of Wisdom

We watch, we listen, we ACT!

"It's time for a shift in world consciousness.
It's time for Sikhs to get their shift together.
It's time for Sikhs to be genuine agents of change.
It's time to promote more chardi kala around the world.
It's time for those who know to teach those who do not know.
And it's time for those who do not know to surrender their ego."

"For wheresoever are the Pure Ones dedicated to God,
there my presence shall always be." Guru Gobind Singh

"You have to understand the purpose of life. The purpose of life is to
do something, which will live forever."
Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji

“A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith
in their Mission can alter the course of history.” Mahatma Gandhi


Akal Committee Thirteen, aka ACT, is a not for profit, volunteer social action group, whose Mission is to promote chardi kala throughout the world using social media as a platform for (1) teaching the technology of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation as taught by Yogi Bhajan; and (2) informing multiple and diverse communities of the life experiences and concerns of marginalized people with regard to the necessity for dialogue, social justice, inclusion, compassion, tolerance, cultural literacy, and growth in our human relations as championed by Guru Nanak Dev in order to better facilitate the current worldwide shift in global consciousness from tribalism, instability, extremism and discord, to harmony, cooperation and enduring peace. See Deg Tegh Fateh Yatra. Download ACT's Mission And Goals. See Code of Ethics. See Acknowledgements.

It is important for ACT to hear the concerns and suggestions of marginalized women and people of color to encourage and enable truthful, transparent, and transformational dialogue and interactions between those cultures, religions, ideas, beliefs, lifestyles, races, sexual orientation and customs, which are different from their own. Need more information or want to join the ACT mailing list? Click here to provide your name and e-mail address or call 855-410-2700.

NOTE: To early Christian Gnostics, the owl is associated with Lilith, the first wife of Adam, who refused his advances and control. More.

See ACT For Diversity. See Definitions. See Sikh Definitions. See Glossary of Sikh Terms. See Core Issues For Sikhs. See The Fifth Estate. See The Case For Dialogue. Watch Tribalism For Those Who Dare. See OneIsTheAnswerWhatIsTheQuestion.com. See Acknowledgements.

Aims and Objectives


.) Uplift and Empower minority and underprivileged communities and individuals worldwide to experience personal development, social advancement and economic prosperity, and religious freedom.

.) Promote safe water sanitation practices in under developed communities. Support various NGO’s and other organizations involved in humanitarian services and relief operations.

.) Develop, Nurture and Promote peace and dialogue among the diverse religious communities worldwide, and work towards the cessation of wars and other conflicts around the world.

.) Eliminate discrimination by color, race, religion, caste, gender and ethnicity. Promote gender equality and education, and foster friendships within diverse cultures.

.) Empower and Motivate individuals and communities to a deeper appreciation of religious freedom, social justice and equality for all. Foster an empathetic understanding towards all creeds, faiths and traditions. Click here for more.

.) Develop Educational Technologies for spiritual and lifestyle practices using social media, web sites, print, video and other formats to allow intellectual space for those interested to study and experience yogic traditions and lifestyles.

.) Create and Operate Educational Centers and provide ongoing scholarships including educational and vocational programs.


.) Foster understanding and goodwill towards all creeds, religions and faiths to further peace in the world.

.) Empower and elevate the status of women. Advance the security and wellbeing of children and the less privileged in the world.

.) Provide rehabilitation and addiction intervention services for people in need. See Drug Addiction In Punjab.

.) Provide renewable energy and ecofriendly green services to combat climate change.

.) Provide educational scholarship funds to needy in India and Asian countries, Africa, and other countries needing educational assistance for deprived students.

.) Teach the technologies of Yoga and Meditation as taught by Yogi Bhajan, and Ayurveda, promoting health and wellness. See Deg Tegh Fateh Yatra 2017 Invitation for Kundalini Yoga Teachers. See Post Yatra Slideshow.

.) Assist abused children, women and those with learning disabilities and health disorders.

.) Assist Seniors and Veterans with vocational training and other forms of assistance.

.) Promote peace among conflicting religious and political factions by fostering friendship, education and other peace initiatives to increase understanding, respect and the acceptance of diversity.

.) Assist in the resolution of differences between factions within religious organizations, encouraging positive and enduring relationships within those communities. --

Ek Ong Kar
Ex Uno Plures
The Source of Self
One Creator - One Diversity
God and me, me and God are One.
One is the answer, what is the question?

More Points To Ponder

The word-symbol (13) is derived from Gurmukhi, meaning One Creator of Creation; From One Many, or Ex Uno Plures, meaning all things come from One Source, i.e. all mankind comes from One Creator as championed by the 15th century Sikh Master, Guru Nanak. When stylized in English characters, is represented by the number 13, as in Akal Committee 13, or more simply, the acronym ACT.

NOTE: In the eyes of the enlightened student of religion, there is only One Creator; the same Creator worshipped by various religions, and known by various names and descriptions, e.g., in Islam, it's Allah; in Christianity and Judaism, it's GOD (the Generator, Organizer, Destroyer); in Hinduism, it's Ram; in Sikhism, it's Wahe Guru or Akal Purkh. These are all the same Infinite Being masquerading as the diversity of creation while wearing the mask of what Sikhs, Hindus and others call Maya. See More.

Diversity: The quality or state of having people who are of different races or who come from different cultures within a group or organization.

Truthful: Words, ideas or actions that accurately represent a reality, a genuine transparency.

Transparent: The quality of being able to be seen through; or easy to notice or understand; not secretive. Transparency is Truth made manifest. Transparency is intellectual honesty. Transparency can be exercised without exposing confidential contacts. Transparency is essential in order to build trust in relationships, and to clarify and resolve conflicted issues.

Transformational: Having to do with life-changing practices or events.

Many individuals as well as organizations attempt to act in secrecy and with false intentions. At the same time these entities tend to covertly gather intelligence and work to keep their affairs unknown in an attempt to remain unaccountable.

The U.S. government, National Security Agency (NSA), banks, investment firms, philanthropic organizations, religious institutions, corporate sporting association leagues, like the National Football League (NFL), etc. come to mind. When left unchecked, organizations have a tendency to become opaque, exclusive, monochromatic, and eventually tribalistic.

Historically, opaque entities became corrupted such as Unto Infinity (UI), even criminal, like Federation Internationale de Football (FIFA). In this Age of Transparency, opaque entities are seen by their constituents as dysfunctional, dishonest, untrustworthy and irrelevant. See Acknowledgements. See Definitions. See Signs of Kali Yuga. See ACT Kriya. See DiversityDialogues.org.

"When left unchecked, organizations have a tendency to become
opaque, exclusive, monochromatic, and eventually tribal-like."

"How can any organization monitor member attitudes toward diversity issues
including race, if it does not know the demographics of its organization? A
common requirement amongst governmental agencies is to regularly inquire
of ethnic and marginalized members as to their perceptions and grievances.
Any organization that fails to maintain open communication and dialogue with
its constituency is at risk of dysfunction, loss of credibility, and irrelevancy."


Sat Nam! Dear friends of Akal Committee Thirteen,

We are saddened to learn that false rumors have been circulating about Akal Committee Thirteen, and our Deg Tegh Fateh Yatra. There have been claims that we are acting as "rebels"; that ACT works to oppose Sikh Dharma; and that ACT is not supportive of the teachings of the Siri Singh Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji. These are absolutely false claims about which the following points aim to clarify.

. ACT members are Certified Kundalini Yoga Teachers.

. Each ACT member has studied with the Siri Singh Sahib in the years between 1970 and 2004.

. Each and every ACT member is associated with and supportive of Sikh Dharma International, SDI, the Healthy, Happy, Holy Organization, 3HO, the Kundalini Research Institute, KRI, and related organizations. ACT has never, in any way, spoken or taken any action against our teacher the Siri Singh Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji (Yogi Bhajan), nor against the teachings of Siri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the ten Gurus, nor against any of the organizations mentioned above. See our Mission Statement.

. ACT has in fact made several attempts to include Sikh Dharma International, 3HO, and KRI in proposed activities over the past three years, so far without success.

. ACT remains hopeful that by Guru's grace we can join harmoniously with the above mentioned organizations to serve the Mission of Guru Nanak Dev Ji and the Mission of the Siri Singh Sahib, and to teach the technology of Kundalini Yoga to Sikh brothers, sisters, and others throughout India and the world.

"What is hate? When love is not maintained, when
people don't stand under." -- Yogi Bhajan 8/6/1975

In service and in all humility, we are,

Akal Committee Thirteen

Attention Deg Tegh Fateh Yatra 2016-2017 Participants


Ex Uno Plures
From One Many
Diversity is our heritage

Diversity: The quality or state of having people who are of different
races or who have different cultures within a group or organization.

Guru Nanak Dev

"Recognize the Divine light within all, and do not consider social class
or status; there is no class or caste, hereafter." -- Guru Nanak Dev

"We're all part of One, and One is part of all. Be prosperous, be
generous, be kind and be compassionate." -- Yogi Bhajan

"America must work to make diversity an advantage." -- Hari Singh Bird

"As humanity enters the Space Age, how will we resonate with Greens and Grays
when we can't relate well to Blacks, Browns and Gays?" -- Hari Singh Bird

"First you have to master yourself and then you will become teachers.
Teacher is very open, a public park where anybody can walk in; so teacher
has to be very clean. Your conduct has to be crystal clear and you have to be
absolutely transparent. Only then can you be a teacher." -- Yogi Bhajan 5/7/1969

Ang Sang Wahe Guru

Ang Sung Wahe Guru celebrates the realization that there is no piece or part of ourselves,
no action, and no life that is not already the living vibration of the Infinite. IT is all God.
We are all one unified, pluralistic field of Diversity. See YouAreTheEssence.com.

Due to the fact that People of Color who remain silent enable White people to remain culturally illiterate, it is incumbent on people of color to stand up and speak out in order to promote cultural competency among White populations. See Recommended Reading. See Required Reading. See ForThePeopleOfColor.com. See The Butterfly Effect. See Definitions. See What Diversity Is. See What Diversity Is Not.

Points To Ponder

"You're not going to solve the problem if it's not being talked about."
President Barack Obama on race, December 19, 2014.

"Discourse about racism is not meant to stir up feelings of guilt.
Discourse is meant to drive people to action against injustice.
Question is, are we mature enough to sit down and discuss
issues of diversity, including religion, gender and race?"

"Since the election of President Obama many Americans claim to
be weary of the ongoing conversation about racism. Think about the
weariness of people of color who have waited for centuries for any
substantive discourse to occur. That conversation has just begun."

"Are there even occasional conversations between White eyes
and Colored eyes regarding the issues of diversity and racism and
their impact and complexities within our American communities today?
Issues to do with diversity are not going to go away just because we
deny that they exist, or because they cause us discomfort to discuss.
We must promote pluralism as did Guru Nanak throughout his ministry."

"The human mind was created to discriminate, e.g., make choices between
up and down, in and out, black and white, etc. We must remain aware of our
tendency to use our discretionary abilities in order to marginalize and repress
people with whom we differ. We need to constantly see to it that we advocate for
pluralism, against tribalism, in the interest of justice as taught by Guru Nanak Dev.
Our choices are to live for each other, or to live at each other." Hari Singh Bird Khalsa

It is incumbent on those who know
to teach those who do not know.

What Diversity Is  

The quality or state of having people who are of different races
or who have different cultures within a group or organization.

Dance for Diversity



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