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Hello, my friend, hello!  

This Web site does not represent any Lake Killarney
businesses or Board of Directors. Data heriein is offered
only as a source of information for friends of Lake Killarney.

Lakeside Manor
Karen McRainey, LCAM, Manager
2500 Lee Road in Winter Park, Florida. Call 407-574-5393.
Built in 1969 as a retirement center by Musician's Club of America,
Lakeside Manor became a condominium community in 1979. See photos.

BOARD MEETING Wednesday, October 17, 2018, 7:00 PM, Clubhouse

ANNUAL MEETING Wed., December 5, 2018, 7:00 PM, Clubhouse

CONTACT Karen McRainey, Manager, Pathway Properties


Click here or call 407-574-5393 for more information

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If I Get Dementia

See Security Tips

Points to Ponder

Here is a cool security tip you should know about to keep your home
safe while you're away. Former CIA officer Jason Hanson says that
homeowners often leave their front porch light on when they go on
vacation, thinking they can trick criminals to believing they're home.
This could be a mistake. What you should do is buy a large dog bowl
and place it by your back door. Criminals are in search of the easiest
target so they will go for a different home that doesn't have a 'big dog'.

Adding a vented dryer to a LM unit requires the modification of an
outside wall to accommodate the vent. This requires Board approval.
There are dryers available that are inside-vented via a tray of water.
These are designed for apartments, require no special wiring, and are
common in Europe. They are now becoming available in the States.

For the sake of Security and Safety each condo resident needs to
give attention to Locks, Lighting, Landscaping and Mirrors.

The December 6, 2017 annual Members Meeting was a no show.
The body was unable to conduct business for lack of quorum.
This was due to absence of only one (1) voting member/proxy.
Owners are urged to take part in the affairs of Lakeside Manor.

WPFD requires each LM resident to submit a smoke detector
monitoring notice each month. Call management for details.

For Easy Listening Music check out Spectrum Channel 447.

The first purpose of any Board of Directors is to administer
the business of the organization for the common good.

Residents are requested to place raw garbage in adequate
containers before putting in garbage pick-up areas to avoid
breeding places for roaches, rodents, unpleasant odors, etc.

In the event a resident requires the removal of a snake or
other nuisance wildlife, call Critter Capture at 407-810-9727.

WPPD Safety and Security officer urges all LM residents
who see something to say something. Call 407-644-1313.

Home owners need to get a city permit to change outer
doors for reasons of safety and fire code requirements.

Bathers need to remove gold jewelry when swimming
in chlorinated swimming pool water. See why here!

Residents, whether owners or tenants, must maintain
their respective AC drain line. AC technicians suggest
the regular use of 'AC Line Cleaner'. Residents needing
AC self-service assistance click here. Get details here!

Failure to maintain drain line can result in flooding of unit.

Remember to call LM Management for a replacement
parking sticker when you acquire a different vehicle.

Parking space is extemely limited at Lakeside Manor.
Residents are urged to park in assigned space only.

Leave your AC set at 80-82 degrees cooling when
away for more than a week. See special notice!

Bike room rental fee is $12.00 per year per bike.
Space is very limited. Click here for assistance.

Boat owners should consider backing their boat
into their boat slip for security considerations.

Do you know your building number? Click here.

Helpful Home Hints

. SUPER IMPORTANT: Clean Out Your AC Evaporator Drain. -- Air conditioner drains need to be serviced quarterly. Know where your outside AC evaporator drain is located and follow these steps: a) Use a wet-vac device to vacuum out any dirt or obstructing debris from the evaporator drain at least quarterly; b) The less effective but better than nothing method is to pour a 50/50 solution of white vinegar-water through the drain. These procedures will help to keep your drain clean and avoid expensive backup water damage, which can happen in your neighboring units as well; c) Have your AC serviced once a year for preventive maintenance, maximum efficiency and economy. See More AC Tips.

SPECIAL NOTICE Leave Your AC Setting At 80-82 Degrees Cooling While Away For More Than A Week. -- Your dehumidifier runs only in tandum with the AC. If the AC is off or set too high you may find mold and mildew damage upon your return. The longer you're gone the more mold and mildew damage you could find.

. SUPER IMPORTANT: Hot Water Heater Maintenance -- Check the date of installation. If your water heater is more than 10 years old, consider getting it inspected or even replacing it. And whenever you do replace your old water heater place a date tag where it can be easily seen. You'll need to keep track of water heater age… the years tend to get away. All water heaters will fail at some point.

NOTE: There have been several recent water heater failures/leaks, which have caused extensive damage to downstairs units. BTW: Does your homeowner's insurance cover such water heater liability issues?

. CHLORINE AND GOLD DO NOT MIX Remove all gold jewelry before entering the swimming pool! Chlorine can interact with gold to dissolve jewelry mountings to the point of risking the loss of precious stones.

. Water Turn-off Valves -- Know where your inside and outside turn-off valves are located. Turn your water off at the outside turn-off whenever vacating your unit for more than a weekend.

. Garbage Disposal Tips -- Plumbing experts suggest letting the water run for a minute or two after the garbage disposal is turned off to make sure the residue is flushed, otherwise it can result in a clogged drain.

. Be Aware of Nuisance Flooring Issues... Especially Second Floor Residents -- Whenever upstairs residents install tile, hardwood, or laminate flooring (see health risks due to laminate flooring) they risk a surprising loss of privacy. Downstairs residents, even adjacent neighbors, may likely hear foot traffic and other percussion-based noises, including bathroom and bedroom sounds, and other private activities, which can radiate up and down walls and even into adjacent units. See more.

As a general rule, if second floor residents can hear it, downstairs residents can hear it even more, due to the resonant amplification of percussive sounds through laminate flooring especially. For adjacent units the result can be likened to living inside a drum. See Actual Resident's Letter of Concern. Note: Carpeting laid with underlying pad on upstairs floors especially, produces relatively noiseless results and avoids privacy concerns. See more.

Leave Your Unit And Mailbox Key With A Relative Or Trusted Friend -- In the event of a water leak, fire or other emergency, access to your unit can be made in your absence.

. Watch Your Speed... 10 mph Is The Speed Llimit At Lakeside Manor -- DRIVERS PLEASE SLOW DOWN -- Watch out for pedestrians, especially kids. And watch for cars pulling out from parking spaces. We have toddler residents who appreciate our attention to slower speeds while on our campus. Please pass this cautionary message along to friends, guests, and neighbors.

. Park Your Vehicle Head-in, Forward-only -- There are two main reasons for residents' cooperation. 1) Authorized vehicle parking stickers are visible only from the rear of the vehicle. 2) Some doors or windows directly face parking spaces. Head-in, forward-only parking prevents exhaust gases from being drawn into these units through windows and doors.

. Advise Your Visitors To Park In a VISITOR Parking Space -- All numbered spaces are for residents only.

. If You See Something, Say Something -- The Winter Park Police Department advises residents to call their non-emergency number at 407-644-1313, or even 911 to report suspected trespassers or questionable activities.

WARNING: DO NOT ENCOUNTER ANY UNKNOWN OR SUSPICIOUS PERSONS DIRECTLY. Even a minor trespass incident can sometimes escalate to a more serious matter. For fire, medical or any life threatening emergencies, of course, call 911.

. Be Proactive -- The Winter Park Police Department advises management and residents to pay attention to deficiencies that may exist in onsite Locks, Lighting, Landscaping, and Mirrors.

. When All Else Fails, Refer To God's 11th Commandment -- Don't make me come down there.

Want to join the mailing list for Lake Killarney news? Click here. See our Privacy Statement.

Helpful Hurricane Hints



. GETTING READY -- Click here.

. INSURANCE TIPS -- Click here.









Florda At Night From NASA

Lakeside Manor Campus Building Numbers

Lee Road                                 North - South                            Lake Killarney

More Helpful Hurricane Hints

Attention Condo Owners
Laminate flooring may be harmful to your health

The daughter of a Lakeside Manor Condo owner recently reported having health issues that happen only when she resides in their LM unit. When she stays elsewhere her health issues disappear. Could formaldehyde tainted laminate flooring or other contaminated materials be the problem?

If you own laminate flooring that came from Lumber Liquidators, America's largest source of laminate flooring, your health may be at serious risk. Watch this video by '60 Minutes'.

See Signs of Kali Yuga.

My Sense
By Mr. Hari S. Bird
Lakeside Manor Resident

June 21, 2016

Dear Lakeside Manor Neighbors,

Kindly permit me to share the following points.

.) Solicited Security Vendor #1 conducted a security survey, Thursday, 5/31/16.

Vendor #1 advised that access locks are needed on both laundry room doors and three pool gates. Vendor has submitted data to LM.

.) Solicited Security Vendor #2 conducted a security survey, Wednesday, 6/1/16.

Vendor #2 advised that access locks are needed on both laundry room doors and three pool gates. Vendor has submitted data to LM.

.) WPPD Neighborhood Watch Officer Gonzales conducted a Neighborhood Watch meeting at our clubhouse, Wednesday, 6/8/16. (Sign up here for the WPPD Newsletter.)

.) WPPD Officer Sharone Ligon performed a Security Inspection, Thursday, 6/16/16.

Officer Ligon advised that access locks are needed on both laundry room doors and all three pool gates. (Note: WPPD Officer Javier Rodriquez subsequently conducted a comprehensive Security Survey, 8/4/16, including photos and a nighttime survey, for presentation to Association members at the December Annual Members Meeting. Officer Rodriquez also advised that access locks are needed on both laundry room doors and all three pool gates. See Attractive Nuisance Liability.)

.) Three unaccompanied male guests were observed rough-housing at poolside and jumping into the pool from the clubhouse roof, Sunday, 6/19/16.

.) A $300 iPad was stolen from a resident's vehicle parked on the lakefront, Sunday night, 6/19/16. Responding WPPD officer was given a report of the incident.

.) A suspected male trespasser was observed by a LM resident in the pool, and using the shower and restroom, Monday, 6/20/16.

If You See Something, Say Something

LM residents are urged to be watchful for strangers who are obviously trespassing on LM property, i.e., people walking onto property from the street or adjacent property, or driving/walking in to fish from the lake, or visitors accompanied or unaccompanied who break LM rules.

IMPORTANT: If You See Something, Say Something -- The Winter Park Police Department advises LM residents to call the WPPD non-emergency number at 407-644-1313, or even 911 to report suspected trespassers or questionable activities. WPPD also advises... DO NOT ENCOUNTER ANY UNKNOWN OR SUSPICIOUS PERSONS DIRECTLY. Even a minor trespass incident can sometimes escalate to a more serious matter. For fire, medical or any life threatening emergencies, of course, call 911. (Sign Up For Area Crime Mapping. See Helpful Home Hints.)

Your comments are welcome here.

Please share this message with other Lakeside Manor residents.

Thank you for your attention! -- See Announcements.

Winter Park's 'Breast Reduction'
'Double Mastectomy'

The Booby Trap

February 12, 2015 -- Winter Park Voice -- By Anne Mooney -- At 11:30 on the morning of February 11, 2015, a big yellow crane flattened the iconic breast-shaped roofs of the building at 2600 Lee Road formerly known as the Booby Trap. In a unanimous vote December 8, 2014, the Winter Park City Commission voted to purchase the property for $990,000 -- a premium above the appraised value of $830,000. The deal closed shortly thereafter on January 28, 2015.

Former Booby Trap Up for Sale

As the double domed-shaped roofs collapsed, Mayor Kenneth Bradley erected a For Sale sign and the property went on the market for $1 Million.

Recently known as Club Rio, the former Booby Trap has gone the way of other local watering holes such as Tom & Jerry's and the Red Fox at the Mt. Vernon Inn. This is part of a larger effort by the City to "clean up" the Lee Road gateway into Winter Park.

In a Media Alert, the stated rationale for purchasing this property was to "eliminate significant... police/criminal activity, eliminate repeated code violations... and improve one of the city's main gateways."

Before the 'Double Mastectomy'

During the 'Double Mastectomy'

After the 'Double Mastectomy'

Source of Drug, Criminal Activity

As the den of iniquity fell, Mayor Kenneth Bradley noted that while there might be some nostalgia for what he called an "historic landmark," the City bought the building "because it's been a source of tremendous crime in our city and drug activity."

Bradley said the City has already received expressions of interest in the property and that its commercial zoning would make it a good site for an office or restaurant. Bradley said the City was getting rid of an "eyesore" and was making an important investment, an investment that will improve the area. The properties immediately east of the Booby Trap, at 2540 Lee Road and 2566 Lee Road, are owned by Bradley's employer, Florida Hospital.

"Off the Record," a Few Neighbors Will Miss It

Mike Gottlieb, a neighbor who rode his bike to witness the demolition, remarked that this was a sad day for him. "Now I won't be able to tell people how to find my house," he said.

Another bystander, Winter Park resident Hilary Blessler, objected to the cost paid by the city, noting that money might be better used for trees or schools. Another bystander, who requested his name be withheld, said, "This will improve our neighborhood and raise our property values but," he said, referring to the old club, "off the record, it was a hell of a lot of fun." -- Read on.

The Booby Trap Goes 'Bust'

December 6, 2014 -- Orlando Sentinel -- By

The former Booby Trap on Lee Road is not long for this world.

The Winter Park City Commission voted unanimously at its Monday meeting to purchase the structure -- and added an amendment to raze it immediately.

The owner of the breast-shaped building offered to sell the property to the city to resolve a potential legal dispute. Adult nightclubs are normally not allowed in commercial zones, but the club was grandfathered in after annexation from Orange County in 2003 -- as long as it was open at last once in 90 days, which the city claims the tenant has failed to do.

The owner, 2600 Lee Road LLC, asked for $990,000.While the property was appraised at $830,000, City Manager Randy Knight said that the city would save on legal, law enforcement and city code costs in the long run by paying the asking price.

Resident Steven Roberts said that he opposed buying the property for above the appraised value, saying that "you're taking a $160,000 loss for the sake of getting rid of a couple of boobs on the road."

Knight said that the owner had originally asked for $1.5 million and the price was actually bargained down.

While there have been serious and half-serious suggestions online and elsewhere that the building be moved and preserved somewhere -- "Somebody's going to think it's historic," Mayor Ken Bradley jokingly said -- Commissioner Carolyn Cooper added an amendment to raze the building as soon as the city code allows, likely within 30 days.

"If we're going to pay above market value for it, I want it down now," Cooper said.

During the entire discussion and vote, except for Roberts' comments, the building's former names and its shape were only alluded to and never mentioned.

The unique architecture of the nightclub has gone through many changes, from the original Booby Trap -- once topped with pink lights -- to being painted as two soccer balls during the World Cup, to more recent incarnations as Club Harem, Club Rio and the current tenant, Christie's Cabaret.


The Booby Trap

Original owner Tom Veigle stands on steps of The Booby Trap
under constuction in the early '70s (Courtesy, Susan Martinez)

The Booby Trap's Previous Incarnations

The Booby Trap Now

The news of the potential sale has garnered interest from as far away as New Delhi, where India Today ran an online story complete with a birds-eye view from above.

The building was most recently in the news for a 2008 undercover police investigation at Club Harem that led to a federal lawsuit by its owners. The case, Hugh Johnson Enterprises vs. City of Winter Park, was settled in 2011 for $250,000. -- See ILUVWinterPark.


Merita Bread

Ahhh! The sweet smell of cinnamon!


WINTER PARK POLICE DEPARTMENT works for all its residents and community stakeholders to have the safest experience possible as they live, conduct business and play in our community. The purpose of this notification is not to alarm you but to provide valuable information regarding the increase of property crimes, specifically burglaries occurring to residences throughout the Central Florida area, including Winter Park. Although, property crimes are of concern at this time, violent crime continues to remain very low in Winter Park and Winter Park remains one of the safest communities to reside in throughout Central Florida.

Winter Park and Central Florida in general is currently experiencing daytime burglaries to both residences and vehicles and burglaries continue to be a statewide concern. Through our collaboration with other agencies across Florida, several common threads appear.

RESIDENTIAL BURGLARIES: Burglars are working together in groups (multiple perpetrators), canvassing specific neighborhoods in the early morning hours and targeting a specific residence or group of residences. They knock on doors to determine occupancy of the residence and leave the area. The same group returns a short time later and either backs into the driveway or parks on the street in front of the residence and usually makes entry in the rear of the residence. These groups of burglars have been known to use “look-outs”. The suspects are usually dressed appropriately (business attire or medical scrub type uniforms) for the neighborhood in attempts to minimize others noticing them and deeming them “out of place”.

Common items being stolen are jewelry, high-end electronics, firearms (in some cases) and vehicles (keys left out for easy taking). Suspect vehicles include a blue BMW, a blue Mini Cooper and the use of rentals has been noted as well.

VEHICLE BURGLARIES: Vehicles parked at playgrounds and parks, athletic fields and parking lots where the driver will most likely be gone for a period of time (medical related businesses, gyms, grocery stores) are being targeted. Items that are left out in plain view are being stolen after the suspect smashes the window. Items commonly taken are purses, small electronics (GPS and cell phones, laptops) and money.

CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY should you see anything suspicious in your area. There have been several incidents where neighbors have seen something out of place and have not called. DO NOT APPROACH any vehicles or suspects but be prepared to provide detailed information to the 911 operator who is collecting the information and sharing it in real time with responding officers. Helpful information you might be able to provide would include description of the vehicle, any license plate numbers, number of suspects and a detailed description of their clothing and appearance and direction of travel.

WINTER PARK POLICE DEPARTMENT encourages everyone to secure their homes and vehicles, even if you will be gone for “just a few minutes”. Never leave any valuables in plain view in your vehicle.

UTILIZE ALARM SYSTEMS. Should you regularly store valuables in your home, consider using/getting a safety deposit box or large safe that cannot be easily moved.


Warning To Upstairs Residents
Your privacy may be at risk if your floors are not carpeted!

Notable Factoid: Many states require Sellers to provide prospective Buyers
with written disclosure statement covering working condition of items such
as appliances, structural defects and modifications, possible easements,
nuisance-noise flooring in upstairs units, neighborhood problems and
other material facts that may affect the principal's decision to purchase.
Avoid installing tile and laminate floors in second story units to comply
with codes to avoid acoustical nuisance for ground floor residents.
As a general rule, if you can hear it, they can hear even more due
to the resonance of percussive sounds on laminate flooring.
Think about it. You're under surveillance. Your downstairs
neighbor is aware of just about everything you are doing.
See CBS 60 Minutes report on laminate flooring health risk.

Here's an actual Lakeside Manor resident's letter of privacy concern.

Some states (not Florida) require disclosure of deaths as well, and not just
from unnatural causes. If a natural death occurred in the house within the
past three years, it needs to be disclosed -- right up there with whether
unleaded paint is on the walls if the home was built before 1978 and
whether any termite or other infestations have ever occurred. As a seller,
it's important to be up front about your home's flaws -- even the ones you
have paid to correct. It's a good way to avoid the risk of future legal actions.
And it also underscores the importance, if you are a buyer, of doing your due
diligence and investigating every disclosure your seller is required to make.


From Winter Park Police Department

Historically, Winter Park Has enjoyed a relatively low crime rate. This can be attributed to the vigilant actions of our residents as well as the proactive actions taken by our Police Department. This fact is most evident as the neighboring communities that surround Winter Park have all seen status quo in the number of crimes reported while our numbers have decreased during the last few months. However, recently there have been several daytime burglaries west of the downtown area and with your help, we would like to get ahead of this trend before others get victimized. Therefore, we wanted to remind you to please remain vigilant and take the following precautions;

Always keep your doors and windows locked, even while you are at home.

If you park your vehicle outside, make sure that you remove your valuables (to include cellphones, GPS units, purses/briefcases and spare change) and lock the doors and use the alarm system.

If you have a home alarm system, please activate it every time you leave your home and adjust your window coverings to impede a direct view into your residence.

If you see something, say something! When you see suspicious people in the neighborhood or something that “just doesn’t look normal”, take the initiative to call the Police at 407-644-1313, or even 911, to report it.

A recent call to the Police Department by an alert citizen that saw an unusual car parked in his neighbor’s driveway resulted in the apprehension and arrest of one burglar, so your calls do matter!

FREE residential and commercial security surveys are available by calling 407-599-3507. Also, if you or any other Lakeside Manor resident wishes to be on the mailing list, click here to provide your name and email address. See our Privacy Statement.

Ways To Enhance Security At Lakeside Manor

.) Lakeside Manor community can foster an environment of cooperation and open dialogue whereby all residents, including tenants, can address multiple and different issues and concerns whereby everybody can contribute ideas, and have access to proposed solutions for the consideration and final decision by the Board of Directors.

.) Lakeside Manor community can proactively eliminate the obvious and open invitations to trespassing by homeless or other persons seeking bathroom or bathing facilities, or a more comfortable sleeping area, or petty theft of clothing and other property.

Installation of combination keypad locks on the pool gates and laundry room doors offer an effective and relatively inexpensive deterrent. These are sufficient to redirect trespassers to easier access elsewhere. It is also the least expensive.

.) Security cameras could be another answer, although they are more costly and can involve variable monitoring situations, whether by static, on site monitoring, or a mobilized off-site, private monitoring service, which include a monthly fee. An initial question to ask is what kind of activities and what time of day are trespass incidents likely to occur? Are these mostly during daylight hours, or after dark?

.) The ability to identify who belongs on site and who does not is very important. Occasional social activities, town hall meetings and celebrations that include invitation to ALL residents, including tenants, and frequent use of name tags to encourage familiarity is very helpful.

The Winter Park police department urges residents that see something, to say something! Whenever suspicious people are on site, or an activity doesn’t look right, residents should call the WPPD at 407-644-1313, or 911. Sign up here for the WPPD Newsletter. Sign Up For Crime Mapping.

.) Residents should be prepared to change their security priorities to match the circumstances and changing times, and fast-changing technologies. All residents are better served by being more proactive and less reactive re security issues, i.e., LM needs to take preventive actions before trespassers and thieves gain access to the property rather than respond after injury and/or damage or loss occurs. "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Ben Franklin --


Newly Approved CPR Procedure



Lakeside Manor residents celebrate

Tree removal at Lakeside Manor May 10, 2013

Lakeside Manor residents, Richard (L) and Avery
with their day's catch, a 'chair' fish, June 9, 2013



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Sorry, buddy! No pot of gold for you!


If you like Easy Listening Music, check out Spectrum Channel 447.

Call WP Lakes Dept. for dead animal removal at 407-836-3111.

November 28, 2013 was the last occasion on which we celebrated
Thanksgiving and Hanukka jointly for the next 79,403 years.
The previous occasion was the year 1888.
Check it out here.

Now, watch the sequel.




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Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in
anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in
anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe
in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in
traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after
observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is
conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.

Siddhartha Gautama Buddha

Personal computers and Internet technology have empowered mankind.
Having emerged from the Age of 'I believe' into the Age of 'I know',
we have advanced into an Age of transparency and full disclosure.

Man's purpose is to serve others. Service is an intrinsic value, not
a value to be added. Those institutions that are of the Piscean Age
persuasion whereby their success is measured by money must now adopt
the Aquarian Age paradigm, 'To serve is to succeed,' or soon disappear.

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Due to the power and corrupting influence of Big Pharma, the teaching
of nutritional science and the use of vitamin and herbal supplements is
not taught to any significant extent in our medical schools. The obvious
reason is that teaching this science reduces the use of prescription drugs.

When the summer approaches... you need to clean your air conditioner drain every 30 days with white vinegar, followed by a quart of warm water to clean out the sludge.

Use 1 cup of undiluted white vinegar. When you pour the vinegar and then the water on the pan or down the drain pipe, depending on the model of your air handler, you will see the sludge actually come out the drainpipe outside your unit.

This action can save costly repair bills. And don’t forget if you are on the ground floor, to check and see that the drain outlet is clear of soil and debris. If not, ask someone to clean it out for you if you are not able to complete the task yourself. If you need further instruction, don’t hesitate to contact Lakeside Manor resident, Mr. Bird, here, or at 855-410-2700. He will be happy to assist you over the phone at no cost. See Computer Tips.

FLOORING...If you live on the second floor at Lakeside Manor especially, and you have flooring other than carpeting with pad, you need to be aware that your privacy is at risk and more than likely it has been compromised. Due to the concrete floor construction and no sound deadening space between the floors, most activities by second-floor dwellers can be heard by ground-floor residents, even their more intimate sounds. This issue can be corrected only with the installation of good quality pad and carpet, which is the flooring used when the complex was originally constructed well before the advent of today's flooring materials. Many latter-day flooring materials are known to transmit nuisance sound even laterally down through the walls. Laminate flooring is the worst offender. The experience of ground-floor residents can be that of living inside a bell along with having the unfortunate ability to track every move their upstairs neighbors make. How's that for your privacy?

WATER HEATER…If you live on the second floor at Lakeside Manor especially, be sure to take note of when your hot water heater was purchased-installed. A smart thing to do is to put the date on the unit itself with a permanent marker pen. The water heater is one thing we all tend to forget about until there is a leak or malfunction.

When an upper floor has a water leak, as has happened too many times in the past, it can leak through the ceiling to the lower floor. Sometimes no one becomes aware of the problem until the ceiling falls into the downstairs unit.

It becomes a crisis at this point, which requires major repairs and major expenses for the downstairs unit owner, and it could result in legal action against the offending unit owner in order to recover the cost of repairs.

Some owners replace their hot water heaters every 10 years, knowing that the life expectancy is not very much longer. Units belonging to absentee owners can be vacant for long periods of time, so this is a smart idea.

Recently, a ground floor owner just happened to have a housekeeper over to clean before returning after a few weeks away. An upstairs leak was found that nobody knew was leaking. The second floor unit is owned by an absentee owner. A few more days, and there would have been a severe mold and mildew problem and major reconstruction would have been needed.

Boric Acid + Sugar is recommended for getting rid of bugs... Mix (3 parts Borax to 1 part sugar) for getting rid of roaches. It's extremely effective because the Borax acts similarly to commercial roach killing sprays by dehydrating the pests' exoskeleton. The sugar just acts as a bait. The borax is a pretty safe product, too. Note: Some Lakeside Manor residents reportedly use Splenda or other Aspartame products with great success.


Congratulations with many thanks

Congratulations to the Lakeside Manor Social Committee members, Isabelle and Pat for spearheading the November painting and decorating of the clubhouse, as well as Monica Hicks for her seasonal theme artwork on the clubhouse windows. And thanks to Margaret Moran for the donation of an original Hal McIntosh oil painting (see others below) to hang over the clubhouse fireplace. Hal's work has been recently featured at the Casa Feliz Museum in Winter Park. In addition, a 'Well Done' appreciation is hereby expressed to all the 2011 board members for their selfless service. Congratulations also to the newly appointed 2012 board. And 'Happy Holidays' to all members-residents.

Paintings by Hal McIntosh of Winter Park



Thanks also to all the volunteers, i.e., Isabelle, Frank, Pat, Betty, Bill, Matt, Jenna, Dave, Joan, Julio, Sada, Eleanor, Mary, Jean, and Kay for their hard work with the latest 'Yard Sale'. The newly acquired funds will be used for replacement of signs around the complex, new flowers and various other social events to come. Thanks again, folks … you are all great.

And thanks again to Frank Cuff for his never-ending volunteer work keeping our swimming area, clubhouse roof top, and parking area around the pool clean, and free of leaves during this past “windy” and leaf-blown season.

Also, thanks to Frank and Julio for repairing the buoys in the lake and adding chains and cement blocks to keep them upright and in good repair.


See Florida Condo Statutes. 
See Florida Condo Resources.
2nd car parking is limited. See LM Rules.
Contact Management Company for application forms.

Lakeside Manor Action Reminders

Report any life threatening and criminal activities, which endanger life, safety and property. Call 911.

Report any non-life threatening activities and/or non-emergencies, which otherwise potentially endanger health, safety and property. Call 407-644-1313.

Shower before entering the swimming pool for the well-being of others. Also, see Lakeside Manor Rules and Regulations.

Cover infants and other children with appropriate protective swimming briefs to avoid pool contamination. Chlorinated water does not eliminate health risk. Also, see Lakeside Manor Rules and Regulations.

Keep all drinks and food out of the fenced swimming pool area. (This is an insurance and liability issue, as well as a legal requirement.)

Keep the gates of the swimming pool area closed at all times. Bathers under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a resident at all times. (This is an insurance, liability, and legal requirement.)

Avoid installing tile and laminate floors in 2nd story units to comply with local and state law to avoid any acoustical nuisance for ground floor residents.

Keep trash and garbage from protruding above trash can receptacles in order to facilitate sanitation workers servicing the containers.

Keep trash inside underground receptacles to avoid animal foraging.

Send proof of smoke alarm functionality to Management monthly. --

Lakeside Manor Letters

Lakeside Manor Directory

Caution: Use discretion when browsing the Web.
Do not believe everything you see, hear or think.

"Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in
anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in
anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe
in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in
traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after
observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is
conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.”
Siddhartha Gautama Buddha


"Due to the power and corrupting influence of Big Pharma, the teaching
of nutritional science and the use of vitamin and herbal supplements is
not taught to any significant extent in our medical schools. The obvious
reason is that teaching this science reduces the use of prescription drugs."
Hari S. Bird, Optician

"There is nothing wrong with people making money
and corporations being involved ... provided there
is an avenue in which those marketing forces are
not the deciding factor in what we are doing."
Keith Olbermann, Commentator, Current Media

"A corporation's first purpose is to make money for its
stockholders, not to serve the needs of consumers. The
Gulf Coast oil disaster is an example of what can happen
as a result of a corporation's obsession with profits and
their total indifference and insensitivity to peoples' needs."
Opticianry Review

"When corporations discover that their people are their
ultimate assets instead of their perpetual liabilities,
everybodys' economy will prosper and grow."
The Thank You Economy

"The use of music for spiritual attainment and healing of
the soul, which was prevalent in ancient times, is not found
to the same extent today. Music has been made a pastime,
the means of forgetting God instead of realizing God."
Hazrat Inayat Khan

"Eternity is an awfully long time, especially toward the end."
Woody Allen

"Here's my strategy on the Cold War: We win, they lose."
Ronald Reagan

"No matter where you go, there you are."
Yogi Berra

NOTICE: Lake Killarney residents may submit articles here. Please include your name and e-mail address. And if you need assistance with your computer, click here.

Lake Killarney residents meeting with Nancy Miles, January 3, 2012.
L to R: Betty Bayko, Isabelle Cuff, Nancy Miles, and Elinor Coates.

Lake Killarney Personal Profiles

Featuring Lake Killarney Residents

This month, features profiles of the Frank Cuff's and David Wright's of Lakeside Manor Condominiums, along with retired Lakeside Manor maintenance chief, Dan Sadler, with a special recognition for long-time Lake Killarney resident, Clyde Woody as well as Lionel Nelson, retired USPS carrier for the Lake Killarney community.

The Cuff's

Frank W. Cuff married his wife, Isabelle, in November of 1955. They have four kids and eight grand kids. Three of their kids live in the Orlando area and another in California.

Frank and Isabelle bought a home in Winter Park back in 1959, which they sold and moved to Lakeside Manor in December 1992.

Frank trained and raced harness horses each winter at the old Ben White Raceway on Lee Road, in Orlando, until 1970.

He retired from Winter Park Sprint Telephone in November of 1992 as Material and Fleet Manager. Frank's a member of the Central Florida Blood Bank ... 73 gallons and counting ... and both Frank and Isabelle are members of the St. Margaret Mary Church of Winter Park, where they do volunteer work.

They like to attend their grand kids' frequent and varied sports activities and they share a very close relationship with their entire family by way of cookouts for which Isabelle 'just loves' to cook.

Isabelle Cuff

Frank and Isabelle are among the most active Lakeside Manor members and have been long time members of the Social Committee. They've served many hours at planting flowers and beautifying the Lakeside Manor property, as well. Many thanks, to Frank and Isabelle Cuff and congratulations on your upcoming wedding anniversary!

The Wright's

David Wright and his wife, Joan, were married in September, 1995. Between them, they now have nine children, twenty-two grand kids and two great grand kids. Needless to say, Christmas is 'down-Wright' expensive! Especially since all of them are up North. The Wright's make a journey twice a year, at least, to see everybody.

David is a retired sound and video engineer, Joan a retired legal secretary. David is now back on his feet after successful hip replacement surgery.

We all look forward to seeing Dave around and about Lakeside Manor real soon. Best wishes, Dave and Joan!

Dan Sadler

Dan Sadler, the former Lakeside Manor Condominiums maintenance chief, is a resident of Oviedo, FL, and his wife's name is Gisela. Dan and Gisela have two sons. Dan retired from the Maryland, USPS as a letter carrier of 28 years. Dan has a 'can do' attitude about everything, along with a smile. Thanks for your service, Dan, and best wishes!

Clyde Woody

Clyde, or CW, is the most senior of Lake Killarney residents having resided here since October, 1970. He joined the staff of the former Musician's Club of America in 1970 when what's now known as Lakeside Manor Condominiums was first built. John Hildebrand, the owner and developer, hired Clyde as the first maintenance chief and Homer Gray, who administered the transition to condominium, kept Clyde on as an employee. Dorothy Brown was the first staff secretary.

Clyde married his current wife, Beulah, in July, 1975. Beulah was the Musician's Club secretary at the time. Together, they are the most senior married residents at Lakeside Manor.

Clyde saw military service in the U. S. Navy and is the father of a son and a daughter. They, in turn, have ten children between them and Clyde now has ten great grandchildren, as well. Clyde retired from the LMCA staff in December of 2000. Special thanks, Clyde and Beulah, for your years of service, and best wishes to you and your family!

Lionel Nelson

And Lionel Nelson, a former Marine and Vietnam Nam veteran, who recently retired from the USPS after serving the Lake Killarney community for over 20 years. Good luck, Lionel.

Lake Killarney residents may submit personal profiles for posting here. --

Note: This water resource is monitored by 15 sampling locations, which have
collected a total of 9,859 samples ranging from 2/22/1967 to 5/16/2016. Source.

Orange County Lake Management Resource

Lakes News for Winter Park Waterways

Winter Park Division of Lakes

More About Lake Killarney

Orange County Lake Killarney Advisory Board MISSION

Orange County Lake Killarney Advisory Board MEMBERS

Around Lake Killarney

Hillstone Restaurant in Winter Park


Formerly Houston's



Located at 215 South Orlando Avenue in Winter Park, Florida. See Map.
Featuring dining on the lakefront with a magnificent view of Lake Killarney.

The company was founded in 1977 by current owner and CEO, George Biel.
The first restaurant, Houston's, opened in 1977, the name paying homage
to George's home state of Texas. Over time, it expanded and the choice
for new locations was guided by an emphasis on integrating into unique and
vibrant communities. With and expanding repertoire and interest in creating
diversity, there is now a boutique collection of restaurants, which includes
Houston's, R+D Kitchen, Gulfstream, and Rutherford Grill among others.

Hillstone, the newest addition to the group, is a tribute to the name of the
parent company. It is also a name which is derived from a hillside vineyard
in the Napa Valley, which produces Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. In an effort
to strengthen the menu and celebrate its roots as a company, several
of the flagship locations have been transformed to the name Hillstone.

Hillstone remains a family owned business with a preeminent management
team, and under George's leadership, continues to develop an successful
enterprise dedicated to first rate hospitality and food which tastes great.

The City of Winter Park, Florida

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About Rollins College

Located at 203 East Lyman Avenue in downtown Winter Park, Florida.
A private liberal arts school, which was founded in 1885 by New England
Congregationalists in the resort town of Winter Park just north of Orlando.
It's Florida's oldest recognized college and has been nationally recognized
throughout its history for innovation in education. U.S. News & World Report,
"2008 America's Best Colleges" guide, ranks Rollins as No. 1 in the South
among the schools that offer undergraduate degrees and master's programs.

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