Age of Aquarius
Age of great change
and changing perspectives

From Piscean Age into The Aquarian Age
From Kali Yuga into The Golden Age
This cosmic shift began in 1968
intensified in December 2012
and will conlude in 2037.
Aquarian Age began here.

The Event Horizon

What To Expect In The Aquarian Age

Go to the 8 minute mark for how to remain grounded.
(Hear Ad Guray Nameh mantra.)

Points To Ponder

"The Age of Aquarius has so many differences from the religion you have
practiced for the last five thousand years. The past won't work;
philosophies, assurances, men, institutions will not deliver.
You will learn the science to deliver yourself to you first
and come out and serve others." -- Yogi Bhajan

"Capitalism as practiced in this the Age of Aquarius is hopelessly flawed.
Today's capitalists have it all backwards. The new paradigm is: Serve
consumers and profit will follow, i.e., service trumps the dollar. Those
who fail to put serving others first will become irrelevant." -- Hari Singh

"The time is coming when everything that is covered up will be revealed,
and all that is secret will be made known to all." -- Luke 12:2

"Now we are leaving the Piscean Age, the Age of 'I believe', and
beginning the Aquarian Age, the Age of 'I know'" -- Yogi Bhajan

“We are entering the Age of Aquarius on November 11, 2011.
It will be a new time. The entire psyche is changing. You must
purify the mind, body and soul to be real, innocent, and sattvic
(pure). Elevate yourself to be angelic. This Age, which you will
serve, is an Age of Awareness and Experience." -- Yogi Bhajan

"Take the teachings of the Age of Aquarius seriously
and do not pollute them by mixing them with the Piscean
teachings - that is the only danger there is." -- Yogi Bhajan

"The Creator and Creation are One. This is Who I Am.
The experience of this wisdom is beyond all words
and brings indescribable bliss." -- Ashana

"Man's purpose is to serve others. Service is an intrinsic value, not
to be added. Those institutions of the Age of Pisces that use money
to measure their success must now adopt the more relevant paradigm
'to serve is to succeed' or become irrelevant." -- Hari Singh Bird

Five Sutras* For The Aquarian Age
By Yogi Bhajan

Yogi Bhajan

1. Recognize that the other person is you.
2. There is a way through every block.
3. When the time is on you, start, and the pressure will be off.
4. Understand through compassion or you will misunderstand the times.
5. Vibrate the Cosmos. The Cosmos shall clear the path.

NOTE: It is said that the Age of Aquarius actually began in 1968 and fully manifested in 2012. The changes will be complete by 2037, according to Yogi Bhajan. See AquarianAgeBeganHere.com.

*Sutra: A rule or aphorism, often intended for memorization.

The Aquarian Sutras of Yogi Bhajan
Compassion Equals Understanding
A commentary by Dev Atma

The Hopis say we are living in the Age of animals. The Age of the human, like the Age of Aquarius, is about to begin. The Hopi terminology is helpful for highlighting the first of Yogi Bhajan’s Sutras for the Aquarian Age.

Medicine Wheels

Representations of all peoples of the world uniting as one.
Ex Uno Plures. From One Many.

Animals are ruled by instinct. Abstract thoughts – hope, charity, justice – do not occur to them. (Of course there are examples of humanistic behavior throughout the animal kingdom, but the brains of God’s creatures are very much different, in terms of both hard-wiring and actual cognitive capabilities.)

That said, the teachings of the ancients hold that this animalistic orientation is applicable to humans in the world today. While certainly capable of “understanding,” people tend to see truth as something that happens to them, originating from outside. Thus terms that convey the sense of knowledge allude to its externality – one “grasps” the situation or perceives a “kernel of truth." See KaliYugaSigns.com.

Destroying this model of understanding about understanding was a large part of Yogi Bhajan’s project on Earth. His approach to this project was different at different times, but it was with this aim that he insisted on the power of experience, on teaching in order to master a subject, and even faking it to make it. None of those ideas are exclusively Yogi Bhajan’s, but the way he used them, they were subtle suggestions for a profound reorientation of the psyche. As evinced in the Sutra, the mind is to be guided by the heart.

To return to the Hopi concept, Yogi Bhajan is telling us how to adapt to the “Age of the Human.” The secret, he says, is compassion.

Within the word compassion itself are component parts necessary to effect this acclimatization to the New Age. “Com-passion” is the psycho-emotional bond shared by more than one person. So the Word itself contains the proposition that we balance head and heart. In the Sutra, compassion is imparted as a lens, through which understanding takes place.

At first glance, the Sutra also appears to offer a solution and a consequence. But it is really, like a poem, a well-hidden statement of fact. The solution, engaging in compassion, developing the relationship between head and heart, involves serious commitment. Why? Because eventually, there will have to be a reconciliation between thought and deed.

Faith, in the Age of the animal, was a bridge too far, the promise of redemption – again, oriented to change from the outside. The Sutra is a closer bridge. Because compassion implies a singular relating to a whole, as a core way of being, it implies constant remembrance, a bowing of the head so that the heart may rule in any given situation. --

From The Piscean Age Into The Aquarian Age
From Kali Yuga Into The Golden Age
Now, Word Reigns



The Earth Transformed
Adi Shakti Mantra for the Aquarian Age

In the Piscean Age that we have just left behind, it was a central and even sacred task to find and gain access to the right information. The motto of the Piscean Age was “to be or not to be.” Learn, grow, and become something. Great knowledge about human potential has been guarded by secrecy and layers of initiations. The Piscean Age has been dominated by machines and hierarchies. As the Aquarian Age dawns, the old defenses and manipulations based on hiding and controlling access to information will no longer work.

The Aquarian Age is ruled by awareness, information, and energy. In this, the Aquarian Age, there are no secrets. Information is readily available. Finding it is not a difficult or central task any longer. In the Aquarian Age, the motto is "To serve is to succeed.” Real value will come from Truth embodied in practical actions, and in the internal caliber and qualities of our minds and hearts. Your greatest power is The Word – your consciously projected Words. --

See AquarianAgeBeganHere.com.

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