The Singularity
Ten Illusions, One Reality

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The following includes excerpts from
Communion With God
by Neal Donald Walsch

The Illusion of Need

This is not only the first illusion, but the grandest. On this illusion all other illusions are based.

Everything that you currently experience in life, everything that you feel moment to moment, is rooted in this idea, and your thoughts about it.

Need is non-existent in the Universe. One needs something only if one requires a particular result. The Universe does not require a particular result. The Universe is the result.

Need is likewise non-existent in the mind of God. God would need something only if God requires a particular result. God does not require any particular result. God is that which produces all results.

If God needed something to produce a result, where would God get it? There is nothing that exists outside of God. God is All That Is, All That Was, and All That Will Ever Be* There is nothing that is, that is not God. See below.*

You may better grasp this idea if you use the word "Life" in place of the word "God." The two words are interchangeable, so you cannot alter the meaning; you merely increase your understanding.

Nothing that Is, is not Life. If Life needed something to produce a result, where would Life get it? There is nothing that exists outside of Life. Life Is All That Is, All That Was, and All That Will Ever Be.

The Illusion of Failure

The idea that God's Will, assuming that God has one, could not be done, runs counter to everything you thought you knew about God -- namely, that God is all-powerful, ever present, the Supreme Being, the Creator -- but it is one that you nevertheless enthusiastically embraced.

This illusion produces the highly improbable but very powerful illusion that God can fail; God can desire something but not get it. God can desire something but not receive it. God can need something but not have it.

In short, God's Will can be thwarted.

This illusion is quite a stretch, for even the limited perception of the human mind can spot the contradiction. Yet your species has a rich imagination and can stretch credibility to the limit with amazing ease. You have not only imagined a God with needs, you have imagined a God who can fail to have his needs met.

How have you done this? Once again, through the use of projection. You have projected your self upon your God.

The Illusion of Disunity

The only escape from the conundrum of the second illusion is to create a third: The Creator and the creation are not one.

This requires the human mind to conceive of the possibility of the impossible - that That Which is One is not One; that That Which Is Unified is really separated.

This is the Illusion of Disunity - the idea that separation exists.

Your species reasons that if creations are separate from the Creator, and if the Creator allows the creations to do whatever they please, it's then possible for the creations to do something that the Creator does not want them to do. Under these circumstances, the Will of the Creator can be thwarted. God can have something but not give it. Disunity produces the possibility of failure, and failure is only possible if Need exists. One illusion depends upon another.

The Illusion of Insufficiency

It arises out of the third illusion, for without the idea of disunity, the Illusion of Insufficiency is unsupportable. If there is only One Thing, and that One Thing Is All That Is, there can be no insufficiency of any kind, because That One Thing Is Everything, and thus ...
It Is Sufficient unto Itself.

This is a statement of the Nature Of God.

This is not however, the experience of humans, because humans imagine themselves to be separate from God, and separate from each other as well. Yet no human is separate from God, since God is Everything That Is. Therefore humans are not and cannot, be separate from each other.

The Illusion of Requirement

The existence of Insufficiency leads rapidly and inevitably to the idea of the next illusion.
If there is enough stuff, there is nothing you have to do to get whatever it is that you want or need. You would just reach out and it will be there. But that is not how humans decide that it is. They say there is not enough. So now they face the question: How does one get enough? How does one qualify?

You imagine that there must be something that you have to do in order to get the stuff of which there is not enough - something that would allow you to lay claim to it without argument. This is the only way that you can figure out how to get everything - including God - divided in your favor without killing and squabbling. You imagine this to be the Requirement.

The Illusion of Judgment

Your decision that there is something that you must do in order to obtain that of which there is not enough - including God - requires you to answer difficult questions: How will it be determined whether a person has met the requirement or not? And what happens to those who have not?

Your answer to these questions produces the invention of Judgment.

Someone, you reason, must be the final arbiter. Since the Creator is the one who established the requirement, it seems only logical that the Creator is also the one to decide who has met the requirement and who has not.

For a very long time your species has held the thought that there is something you have to do in order to please God - and that the failure to please God produces dire consequences. That you came to such a conclusion is understandable. Looking around you, you see that some people's lives go well, and some do not. Primitive mind asks, why? And primitive mind came up with a primitive answer.

The Illusion of Condemnation

There has to be a consequence of Judgment. If it is true that Judgment exists, there has to be a why.

Clearly, one is judged in order to determine whether one should receive the rewards of meeting the requirement. That's how humans construct it. Seeking insight, trying to find answers, you go back to your original cultural stories, and to the first Illusions on which they are based. You told your self that I separated you from My Self when you failed to meet my requirement the first time.

The Illusion of Conditionality

In order for Condemnation to exist, there must be something you don't understand about Love.

This is your conclusion, and you invented Conditionality as a characteristic of life in order to resolve the dilemma that this presents.

Everything in life must be Conditional. Isn't this self-evident? Some of the thinkers among you ask. Have you not understood the second illusion? The outcome of life is in doubt.

Failure exists.

This means you can fail to win God's Love. God's Love is conditional. You must meet the Requirement. If you do not meet the Requirement, you will be separated. Is this not what the Third Illusion, the Illusion of Failure, taught you?

The Illusion of Superiority

Humans conclude if Conditionality exists, then knowing the conditions are necessary to enjoy and create the life - and the after life that one desires.

This conclusion is unavoidable, as is: Those who know the conditions are better off than those who do not. And it has not taken much time for the human race to remove the word "off" from the previous sentence.

Thus the idea of Superiority is born.

Superiority has many uses. Chief among them is providing inarguable justification for doing whatever is needed in order to guarantee that "enough" of everything - including God's Love - is available. Knowing the conditions gives you the right to ignore others, or seek to convert others, or simply eliminate others who did not know the conditions, or agree to them.

The Illusion of Ignorance

Increasingly, as each illusion is piled upon the last, Life becomes more and more difficult to figure out. Humans ask more and more questions that can not be answered.

If this is true, then why that? If that is true, then why this? It isn't long before philosophers and teachers begin throwing up their hands. "We don't know," they say, "and we don't know if it's possible to know."

Thus, the idea of ignorance is born.

This idea serves so many purposes that it spreads quickly and soon becomes the ultimate answer.

We just don't know.

Human institutions begin finding in this not only a refuge, but also a certain kind of power. "We don't know" becomes "We are not supposed to know," which becomes "You do not have a need (or a right) to know," which finally becomes "What you don't know won't hurt you."

This gives religions and governments the authority to say what they choose, and act as they please, without having to answer to anyone.

See More Illusions.


Ex Uno Plures. From One Many.

*Ek Ong Kar
Ex Uno Plures.
From One Many.

Where there is hatred, sow love;
Where there is injury, pardon;
Where there is doubt, faith;
Where there is despair, hope;
Where there is darkness, light;
Where there is sadness, joy.

Seek not so much to be consoled, as to console; to be understood, as to understand; to be loved, as to love. For Love is who you are, and who you have always been. IT is all there ever was, is now, and ever shall be. Ad Sach, Jugad Sach, Hebi Sach, Nanak Hosi Bi Sach.

Love is all we be, so be IT.

"I am concerned about justice. I am concerned about brotherhood.
I am concerned about truth. And when one is concerned about these,
one can never advocate violence. For through violence you may murder a
murderer but you cannot murder murder. Through violence you may murder
a liar but you cannot establish truth. Through violence you may murder a hater
but you cannot murder hate. Darkness cannot put out darkness. Only light can
do that... And I say to you, I have also decided to stick to love. For I know that
love is ultimately the only answer to mankind’s problems. And I’m going to talk
about it everywhere I go... [Because] I have seen too much hate…to want to
hate, myself... Hate is too great a burden to bear... I have decided to love." --
Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


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