Ashtang Mantra for the Aquarian Age
aka Long Ek Ong Kar Meditation

Ek Ong Kar Sat Nam Siri Wahe Guru
The Creator and Creation are One.
This is my true name, who I am.

This experience is beyond all words
and brings indescribable bliss.

See Physiology of The Word.

See One Is The Answer.

This is the Transformational Mantra for the Aquarian Age

This 2-1/2 hours 'Long Ek Ong Kar' YouTube video was created to support those who are unable to join a support group and who may be reluctant to practice it on their own. It is composed of 150 repetitions of the mantra Ek Ong Kar Sat Nam Siri Wahe Guru.

Read me first.

Important: The following video provides an explanation of how to practice the Adi Shakti Mantra, aka Long Ek Ong Kar Meditation. Kindly check it out before beginning if you are unfamiliar with the meditation.

The Technology of Consciousness
As taught by Yogi Bhajan

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Yogi Bhajan

"In the time period two-and-a-half hours before the
rising of the Sun, when the channels are most clear, if the
Mantra is sung in sweet harmony, you will be one with the Lord."

"What can this long Ek Ong Kar do for you? It can give you all knowledge,
which existed in the universe of universes of universes. When you chant
this it opens up your ajna (the 6th Chakra) command center-trikuti."

"The two most important things in your body are the upper palate, which
is the base of the hypothalamus, because the hypothalamus controls the
entire nervous system, and the tip of the tongue, which affects the central
nerve channel, sushumna. That controls your entire psyche." Yogi Bhajan

After meditating at the Lotus Feet of my Master, who has granted me liberation from the time cycle and the cycle of Karma, oh my sweet student teachers of the day, I disclose to you the secret of the Nam. If you care to listen to me this day and will practice you will be liberated like me. I have seen the God. It is a light equal to millions and billions of rays of sunlight. It is the cosmic energy which is the brightest of the brightest and most beautiful of the beautiful. Nothing beyond this can be said. It is the greatest of the great. When the Master, through his blessing blesses you, you will realize this within you.

Out of the 4 Yugs (AGES), which the scriptures described, one was Sat Yug - the Age of Truth or Golden Age. Then came Treta Yug, when the truth was 3/4 full and it was the Silver Age. After this came Doapar Yug when the truth was 1/2 revealed. Thereafter came the Kali Yug when the truth is 1/4. This Yug is known as the Dark Age - Age of Steel or Machine Age. The duration of each is respectively 1,728,000, 1,296,000, 864,000 and 432,000 human years, a ratio of 4, 3, 2, 1. This ratio is found to prevail in many sacred computations. These 4 Yugs together make 4,320,000 Earth years of what is called a Maha Yug or Great Age.

In Sat Yug, the Age of Innocence, or Truth, man was one with the Divine and he realized the vibration which this Cosmic Energy created to make Prakriti (manifestation) and man meditated on the Nam "ONG" - the vibration of the Divine. After this came Treta Yug when the power of the truth came to 3/4, the being became weak and he recited the Nam "Sohang". Through this vibration he acknowledged his identity with the Divine which means "I am you". Thereafter came the Doapar Age when truth was weakened to 1/2 and man recited "Ong Namo Narayana"; he worshipped the God in the form.

We are now in the Steel Age - Age of Machine which is represented by a circle, which is the wheel of creation. It works with the power represented by another wheel which runs it. Constant vibrations from that wheel of Cosmic energy gives power of life movement to this wheel of creation. Now my dear sweet love, you draw one circle like the wheel and put another circle like a wheel over it (Wheel Over Wheel) will make the figure 8 which according to the Science of Numerology represents Infinity turned sideways.

Spermatozoa take 8 circles around the egg before union takes place. There are 26 bones supporting the human foundation, that is the foot and there are 26 vertebrae in your spinal column: 2 + 6 = 8, therefore said the Master, "Whosoever in this Machine Age will meditate and recite the Mantra, which will be the Glory to the Lord and will have 8 vibrations, will open the lock of ignorance and darkness and this will liberate the being and will unite him with the Divine."

Thus the Master meditated and became one with the Lord and gave the mantra EK ONG KAR SAT NAM SIRI WAHE GURU, which has 8 vibrations and describes the Glory of the Lord. Thus said the Master, "In the time period 2-1/2 hours before the rising of the Sun when the channels are most clear, if the Mantra is sung in sweet harmony, you will be one with the Lord." (Hear Adi Shakti Mantra - Long Ek Ong Kar by Livtar Singh.)

This will open the solar plexis, which in turn will charge the solar centers - they will get connected with the Cosmic Energy and thus man will be liberated from the time cycle of Karmas and those who will meditate on this Mantra in silence will charge their solar centers and be one with the Divine. That is why, with the blessing of my Master, I speak to you of why we should meditate and recite this Mantra. (See What happens when you meditate.)

All Mantras are good, they are all for the awakening of the Divine, but this Mantra is effective and it is the Mantra for this time, so my lovely students, at the will of my Master, I teach you the greatest Divine Key which has 8 levers and this key can open the lock of the time, which is 8 in figure (wheel over wheel). Therefore, when this Mantra is sung in the neck lock, at the point where Prana and Apana meet Sushumna, this vibration opens the lock thus one becomes one with the Divine.

In the town of Goindwal in Panjab, India, even today this Divine Mantra is still inscribed on the walls of the Bowli Sahib (sacred well) at the house of Guru Amar Das, the Guru of Guru Ram Das, through whose blessing today we vibrate in the Divine ecstacy. I disclose to you today this secret of the Divine for the uplift of humanity, and those who will follow it will be liberated, and be one with the Divine. Yogi Bhajan, April 8, 1971, Los Angeles, CA

Origin of the Adi Shakti Mantra

Ek Ong Kar Sat Nam Siri Wahe Guru.
Even today this mantra is inscribed on the walls
of the Bowli Sahib at the house of Guru Amar Das.

Yogi Bhajan

In the house of the Lord, the process is slow. But there is no ultimate darkness. You shall be answered if you will just call on him in the morning. See what happens. Discipline yourself. Forty days is not a whole lifetime. It is just 40 days. Within two and one half hours before the rising of the sun, if, for one fraction of a second, or even half of that, you will recite the mantra with a sweet harmony, He will be obligated to look after you. It is a contract.

Why can’t you do this beautiful contract? You do a thousand contracts. Why can’t you do this contract? Why can’t you be one with the Divine? That is the only way, a humble way, in which there is no ego involved. A simple way in which no one else is required. It is between you and Him. Don’t put a third person in between. It only takes two to make this union. Three makes a hodgepodge. Don’t bring anyone else into it. It is you and He. Go direct to Him; it will give you a beautiful bliss, a union in Time. And you’ll be free. You’ll be liberated.

Open your solar plexus, and don’t feel shy reciting it. It is a call to the Father; it is a call to the Divine. Humble yourself. Just pray. Prayer is the power of the man. Let us pray through these vibrations. Thank you very much for giving this time in the Name of the Lord God. He shall look after you. Every sincere thought is always projected.

Be one with Him and you are the Lord in manifestation. That is the only status that you have. That is the only name by which I can call you. I see you all in only one way. I see divine everywhere. Now that I have seen it I cannot see anything else. If I am blind to that man who made the rules and regulations, that is not my fault. I have lived under those rules, and it was the Grace and the Glory of the Master who gave me the sight. I don’t want to lose it at any cost. I am more willing to lose this body than to lose that sight which has taken me beyond time and beyond karma.

I am giving you the key which had the power to liberate me, and I want you to exert yourself. Remember, everybody for the sake of glory, has to carry his own cross.

That is the way the Lord made it, by giving His personal example. He carried His own cross, and He asked for that terrible time. He was crucified for your sins, and made a loving example by His sacrifice, that only by carrying the pain of others can you live in pleasure forever. Sacrifice brings glory to the man. And when you call the Lord who lives in you, you’ll be right and Divine; then for the time of sacrifice, you will not know any pain. If you really want to liberate yourself, this is the key. It has got eight levers; it will open the lock.

Do it. Test this mantra; it will work. I can assure you. Recite these vibrations into a glass of water if you want to help somebody, and give it to him to drink. It will work. He will work, He whose mantra this is. You are only a channel for it. EK ONG KAR SAT NAM SIRI WHA GURU. In the town of Goindwal in Punjab, India, even today this mantra is inscribed on the walls of the Bowli Sahib (aka Bowali Sahib, sacred well) at the house of Guru Amar Das, the Guru of Guru Ram Das, through whose blessing today we vibrate in Divine ecstasy. I disclose to you today this secret of the Divine for the uplift of humanity. Those who will follow it will be liberated and be one with the Divine. Yogi Bhajan


See You are IT. See Adi Shakti Mantra Mandala below.



"The meaning of the Word-Sound is not what is important. It is
the effect of the Word-Sound that matters." Hari Singh Khalsa

A mantra is a mind projection created in either a spoken or mental manner. Mantras can be a word, phrase, syllable or sound. They can be recited, sung or repeated silently in the mind. Reciting a mantra is a technique for regulating the mind. There are many mantras each one having its own quality, breath-rhythm, and effect. Every thought or feeling that we have is on a vibratory frequency. By using mantras we can direct the mind into a higher vibratory frequency. For thousands of years, mystics and yogis have used mantras for mental and spiritual transformation. See ScienceOfMantra.com. See DNA Can Be Reprogrammed By The Word.



The Meditation


This mantra is chanted every morning at the beginning
of the Aquarian Morning Sadhana (daily spiritual practice).


* Strengthen your mind-set to be successful.
* Gain the drive and inspiration to pick up new skills.
* Achieve greater control over your thought patterns.
* Establish a profound connection with the subconscious mind.
* Improve your capacity for creative thought and problem-solving.
* Experience the Isolated Seer, be aware, detached and care-free.

* Refine your skill to become still, grateful, and to surpass limitations. More.

Singh Sahib Guru Fatha Singh Khalsa

Guru Fatha Singh, Ph.D., met Yogi Bhajan, master of Kundalini Yoga and spiritual director
of the 3HO Foundation when he was 17. He is the founder and senior member of the Toronto
Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association. He is an ordained minister of the Sikh faith since 1987, and
in 2000 Guru Fatha Singh became a chaplain at the University of Toronto. Hari Singh Khalsa

Always Tune In, first

IMPORTANT: Kundalini Yoga class participants begin each session by 'Tuning In'. 1) Rapidly rubbing the palms of each hand together for 5-10 seconds in order to stimulate the nervous system, and 2) Chanting the Adi Mantra, ONNNNG ... NAMO ... GURU ... DEV ... NAMO, three to five times, with hands in Prayer Pose, thumbs against the sternum.


Infinite Creator
I Call On That
Subtle Energy
I Call On That

"Do not just sing or otherwise express this mantra.
Consciously chant the words in such a way
that your cranium resonates as if you are
striking a Gong." Hari Singh Khalsa

See more details, here

Prayer Pose - Anjali Mudra
All about Mudras, here.

Ek Ong Kar Sat Nam Siri Wahe Guru
aka The Long Ek Ong Kar Meditation

"Do not just sing or otherwise express this mantra.
Consciously chant the words in such a way
that your cranium resonates as if you are
striking a Gong." Hari Singh Khalsa

"Correctly chanting this mantra can be likened to using a
multi-dimensional ultra-sonic sound machine to stimulate
the brain and thereby cleanse the mind." Hari Singh Khalsa

"The Gong is the first and last instrument for the human mind. There
is only one thing that can supercede and command the human mind,
the sound of the Gong. It is the first sound in the universe, the sound
that created this universe. It's the basic creative sound. To the mind,
the sound of the Gong is like a mother and father that gave it birth. The
mind has no power to resist a Gong that is well played." Yogi Bhajan


1) Sit with the legs crossed on the floor or sit on a chair with the feet flat on the floor.
Hands are on the knees with each thumb and forefinger touching (Gyan Mudra). Palms are turned up. (See
Science of Mudra. See Science of Mantra.)
Eyes are closed.
Spine is straight. Pull the chin back, but not down in order to align the neck straight with the spine.
Inhale and exhale deeply 3 times. Inhale deeply and begin chanting...

Ek Onnnng Kaar; tongue against the palate on Onnnng, all the breath out, then inhale deeply and chant...

Sat Naammmm Siri (sounds like City); vibrate the skull on Naammmm, all the breath out, then inhale 1/2 breath and chant...

Waa Hee, i.e., WAA powerfully, albeit momentarily, squeeze mul bandh - pulling the navel back toward the rectum, then express a short-quick HEE with an aspirated 'H' sound, almost like a cough, followed by GURUUUUU stretching out the UUUUU; all the breath out, then inhale deeply.


Ek Onnnng Kaar; tongue against the palate on Onnnng, all the breath out, then inhale deeply and chant...

Sat Naammmm Siri (sounds like City); vibrate the skull on Naammmm, all the breath out, then inhale 1/2 breath and chant...

Waa Hee, i.e., WAA powerfully, albeit momentarily, squeeze mul bandh - pulling the navel back toward the rectum, then express a short-quick HEE with an aspirated 'H' sound, almost like a cough, followed by GURUUUUU stretching out the UUUUU; all the breath out, then inhale deeply. CONTINUE. (Click here for more detailed instructions.)

IMPORTANT: Pull the navel back sharply toward the spine during the expression of these 3 sounds, EK, SAT, and WAA. Observe all the sounds resonating like a gong throughout the cranium. Keep your spine straight and maintain the neck lock. Continue for 11 or 31 minutes. Then, inhale deeply, hold the breath for 10 seconds, relax. (See ONG - The Meditation.)

"The side effects of practicing Kundalini Yoga and Meditation
can be increased sensitivity - heightened awareness. It's not like
Kundalini Yoga creates 'problems' - it sheds light on problems that have
been there all along - just buried deep within the psyche." Hari Bhajan Singh




This is an Ashtang (8 piece) mantra, i.e., EK ONNNNG KAAR - SAT NAAMMMM SIRI - WAHE GURUUUUU. A very short 'HE' is correct, and the 'SIRI' at the end of the 2nd part is done when the lungs are almost completely emptied. Full inhalations for the first two parts and a very short inhalation for the third part. To get the maximum benefit, try to get the mantra to last a total of 60 seconds, including the inhalations - this way you will get the effect of breathing 2-1/2 breaths per minute. After 11 minutes your brain's frequency will slow down, and the pituitary gland will start to secrete more efficiently. -- AFTAB SINGH

On 'WAA HE GURUU', keeping the vowel sound in 'HE' (HE/HI) short is what it is according to the Gurmukhi rules of pronunciation. A lot of people hold 'HE' as if it were the long-vowel 'AY', but it's actually somewhere between short-vowel 'e' and short-vowel 'i'...and it's kept very SHORT in length. -- HARBHAJAN KAUR

When Siri Singh Sahib (Yogi Bhajan) taught us Long Ek Ong Kars, he emphasized that OM (Allness), when it is expressed before KAR (creation), merges its 'M' with the 'K' to create the 'G' sound. Neither is the 'M' pronounced separately, nor is the K (Sanskrit rule of grammar). Rather the conch-like sound pivots off the sound of 'G' (ONNNNG). -- GURU PREM KAUR
(See OM vs. ONG.)

'He Guru' runs together to form one beat. It really shouldn’t be spelled ‘hay’ since it is not pronounced that way. There is no diphthong (aaaeee) like English. It should be a pure sound, as in Aad Guray Nameh... Similar to Spanish or other romance languages. -- AMAR SINGH

Even some old-timers still forget that this is an Ashtang (eight syllable) mantra, in that they fail to recognize HEY-G’RUU as the eighth syllable, and running it all together by keeping the HEY very short and the GURU connected with it, almost as one syllable. Also, the neck lock is to be applied...as well as during other meditations. Make sure the pitch doesn’t get too low -- if it does, just bring it up a bit. -- SHAKTI PARWHA KAUR

Yogiji originally taught "EK ONG KAR SAT NAM SIRI WHA GURU." We have it like that in the earliest literature. There are a few - just a few to my knowledge - cases where Yogiji subsequently corrected his teachings and this is one of them. As I recall, by 1972 Yogiji was telling everyone to say, "WA-HE-GURU". (See 1973 document.) -- RAVITEJ SINGH

The original Mantra Sheets distributed in early 1970 had the mantra WHA GURU. After the 1st yatra to India, 1970-71, Yogiji made the correction to WA HE GURU. A careful reading of the Gurmukhi script...shows not only the correct pronunciation but also the correct emphasis. The first sound "WA" is pronounced with a bit of a "V" sound. The vowel "aa" is long and with strong emphasis. The second sound "HE" is short with weak emphasis. The third sound "GU" is short with weak emphasis. The fourth sound "RUU" - the "r" is hard, almost like a rolled "d", the vowel "uuu" is long and with strong emphasis. Perhaps a better transliteration would be: WA HE GRUU. -- KIRPAL SINGH (See 3HO Beads of Truth #11, 1971 Edition.)

I first learned this mantra in Fall of '69 and it was "WHA" then. Then when I was in L.A. through the first 6 months of 1970, we always chanted it as "WHA", I assume because that was how Yogiji's teacher taught to him that way and he didn't question. As far as how it got changed, the way I heard it was that Shakti Parwha Kaur asked Yogiji why it was always "WAHE" in Gurbani, but "WHA" in this mantra...To which Yogiji replied something like, "You are right, here's how it should be from now on." He then gave the new version with "HE" in it. I clearly remember adding the "HE", and not liking the change at first because I had spent hundreds (thousands?) of hours inside that mantra, and was very much imprinted with it. Anyway, that's the history as I remember it and maybe it should be noted that both versions were part of the evolution. -- LIVTAR SINGH

To set the record straight, in 1971 Yogiji had us chant Wahe Guru as Wha Guru, turning the head all the way to the left on Wha, and to the right on Guru, keeping the eyes focused on the tip of the nose, for three minutes, then inhale deeply, hold, and focus on the third eye. It was a kriya to open the third eye. About a year later, he told us to only chant Waheguru while doing this kriya. -- GURU PREM KAUR (See 3HO Beads of Truth #11, 1971 Edition.)

originally taught "Ek Ong Kar Sat Nam Siri Wha Guru." We have it like that in the earliest literature. (See image below.) There are a few - just a few to my knowledge - cases where Yogiji subsequently corrected his teachings and this is one of them. As I recall, by 1972 Yogiji was telling everyone to say "Wahe Guru." -- GURU FATHA SINGH

Page From 1973 Kundalini Yoga Teachers' Kit
Note the spelling of Wha

By Hari Singh Khalsa

Sat Nam. Regarding the WHA GURU versus WAHE GURU question, WAHE GURU is the correct form. Yogi Bhajan was very emphatic regarding this issue. I recall him admonishing students several times that WAHE GURU is the correct expression for the Adi Shakti Ashtang meditation. I was also advised that he corrected Indian musicians on the same issue, i.e., only WAHE GURU is acceptable. The Adi Shakti Ashtang Mantra meditation was taught to me by Yogi Bhajan as follows:

Following the First Full Deep Nostril-Breath, express EK powerfully, albeit momentarily, squeeze mul bandh, i.e., pull the navel back toward the rectum, followed by ONNNNG to tongue to palate, stretch out nnnng, then KAARRRR stretching out AARRRR, THEN...

Following a Second Full Deep Nostril-Breath, express SAT powerfully, albeit momentarily, squeeze mul bandh - pulling the navel back toward the rectum, followed by NAAMMMM stretch out mmmmm, lips touching, then express SIRI, which' sounds like 'CITY' and is recited as a short-quick expression, THEN...

Following a Half-Breath, express WAA powerfully, albeit momentarily, squeeze mul bandh - pulling the navel back toward the rectum, then express a short-quick HEE with an aspirated 'H' sound, almost like a cough, followed by GURUUUUU stretching out the UUUUU. NOTE: The entire sequence requires approximately 60 seconds to complete. (See MUL BANDH.)


The sound ONNNNG should resonate throughout the nasal-cranial cavities with the tongue touching the upper palate lightly causing the entire cranium to vibrate like a gong.

Chanting the sound NAAMMMM brings the lips together and causes the MMMM sound to resonate throughout the cranium like the sounding of a gong. Inhale deeply after 11 minutes, 31 minutes, or 2-1/2 hour durations, hold the breath for 10 seconds. Relax.

A quote from Yogi Bhajan: "God has provided us with a conch between the the nostrils and the throat. It is in that conch* that we chant. There are few chants, which can let you know you are chanting correctly. 'EK ONNNNNNNNNNG'. It's under the nose. 'EK' puts you there. 'ONNNNG' goes out, and then you do 'KAAAR'!" Page 296, 'The Master's Touch'

*Conch is the name given to the shell-shaped area located in the centre region of the ear. Also described as the external ear in mammals.

And The Chakras Affected

EK means One: Affects First Chakra
ONG means Creator: Affects Second Chakra
KAR means Creation: Affects Third Chakra
SAT means Truth: Affects Fourth Chakra
NAM means Naam-Name-Identity: Affects Fifth Chakra
SIRI means Supreme: Affects Sixth Chakra
WAHE GURU means Indescribable Wisdom: Affects Seventh Chakra


Maximum Effects

The Correct Pronunciation For Maximum Effect

After reflecting on my practice as opposed to the text presented in numerous other sources, and having taught this Mantra for many years, I realized that verbally expressing this mantra especially, as in a lecture-class venue, and then scripting the words-sounds, does not adequately convey the real-world expression to the reader or the online visitor. Teaching mantra-centered meditations via lectures or videos can more easily convey nuanced subtleties of a mantra as compared to any attempts to teach the correct practice using the printed word. The reader acquires a less than desirable understanding of how the mantra really sounds, or how to chant it. In reflecting on this scripting issue I determined that there are sounds contained in the Adi Shakti Ashtang Mantra, ONG and NAM particularly, that are better described in script form as ONNNNG, and NAAMMMM in order to more accurately mimic their true real-world expressions, ergo my textual presentation in the above narrative. (See WordPhysiology.com.)

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that properly expressed sounds-words stimulate tongue-palate-brain connections, which also create specific breathing patterns, which also impacts brain function, which in turn expands awareness, which in turn enhances intuitive sensibility. (See The Physiology of The Word for details.)

The sound ONNNNG, for instance, can only be made by bringing the tongue to the roof of the mouth, the upper palate. Try making the sound NNNN without touching the upper palate with the tongue.

The sound NAAMMMM, can only be made by bringing the lips together slowly, which creates a much different and more expansive experience than just keeping the mouth open as some video presentations appear to demonstrate. For instance, try expressing the sound OMMMM, of which ONG is the derivation, without bringing the lips together while expressing MMMM.

“The most precious thing in the human body is the Breath. A meditation, which cannot bring normalcy and equilibrium to your breathing is useless, because the rate and length of the breathing will determine the rate of secretion of your glandular system, and that secretion will give you physical stability. Physical stability will then give you mental stability, and mental stability will project the radiance of the spirit, the soul in you. And when the spirit becomes radiant and healthy, you will look spiritual.” Yogi Bhajan 1976 (Beads of Truth)



When you're here, you're OM.

"Do not just sing or otherwise express this mantra.
Consciously chant the words in such a way
that your cranium resonates as if you are
striking a Gong." Hari Singh Khalsa

If you attempt to chant ONNNNG without bringing the tongue and palate together, or NAAMMM without bringing the lips together, you cannot express the sounds NNNN or MMMM, you are unable to produce the intended affect (see The Physiology of The Word for details), and you therefore fail to acquire the experience provided by such practices. (Also see OM vs. ONG.)

SPECIAL NOTE: The 2-1/2 cycle per minute breathing sequence, working in combination with these sound currents, stimulates the central nervous system in such a way as to enhance and develop the intuitive sense, which is the main purpose and ultimate consequence of practicing Adi Shakti Ashtang Meditation specifically, and Kundalini Yoga in general. NOTE: It is important to execute this breathing cycle of 2-1/2 breaths per minute precisely as directed in order to acquire this effect. One can make use of a timing device in order to accomplish 2-1/2 breaths per minute. Some students may require practice in order to reach the necessary 2-1/2 breaths per minute.

I attended several classes where Yogi Bhajan, in his characteristic manner, drilled those present to place the tongue against the upper palate while chanting ONNNNG. He reiterated on several occasions, especially I recall, when he taught the ONG meditation, that this action stimulates the "pineal-pituitary reflex zone by virtue of the resultant contact of the tongue with the upper palate." My point is: If we chant ONNNNG without placing the tongue against the palate, we fail to acquire a significant experience, which is provided by such a practice.

This narrative is based on my personal witness as a student of Yogi Bhajan, and my experience of practicing the Adi Shakti Ashtang Mantra. I urge those who would challenge the accuracy of my statements regarding these issues to consider Yogi Bhajan's admonition, "Teach what you know (experience), don't teach what you don't know," to which I am an adherent.

Finally, for the interested researcher, a) There may be some recordings in existence of Yogi Bhajan where he advises regarding the tongue-to-palate issue other than the above links/references. b) I have previously referenced the Summer Solstice Sadhana 1976 Bicentennial edition of the 3HO Foundation's 'Kundalini Quarterly' as an early source. c) Siri Ved Singh, who faithfully recorded audio/video of Yogi Bhajan's classes and lectures for many years, is another possible source for audio and visual documentation. (See also The Physiology of The Word.)
Hari Singh Khalsa


The Pineal Gland is a pinecone-shaped tissue located in the central brain.
The pineal gland or third eye can be activated to other-worldly frequencies,
which enable a sense of all knowing euphoria and oneness. The pineal gland
when attuned to proper frequencies with the help of meditation enables a person
to experience other dimensions. Between the hours of 1:00 and 4:00 AM substances
are secreted within the brain that produce a sense of connection to your higher nature.


"Sat Nam, Hari Singh. I followed the link in your Kundalini Yoga Yahoo post on the Power of the Word, and would like to clarify a couple things. One, when chanting Long Ek Ong Kars, the way I learned it from Yogiji in 1971 was similar to how you explain it, except he was very specific that "Sat" is used to pierce through the block of the diaphragm, and a long, held out Naammmm is resonated in the heart center. (See Note** below.) By chanting a short "Siri" at the throat with the last bit of breath it naturally creates a neck lock from where the energy pivots up to the third eye with "Wa He" at the skull, with "Gu" (darkness) exiting through the skull and "Ru" (light), beaming unto Infinity.

The second point I would like to make is I feel a more meaningful comparative description of languages compared to Gurmukhi that Yogiji explained, namely that French, Spanish and Italian are Water languages, German and Russian are Fire languages, and Gurmukhi contains all the elements in perfect balance. English contains all the elements, too, but they are out of balance.

Like my synopses, Meditations for the New Millennium, these explanations are paraphrased. They are not Yogiji's exact quotes." Guru Prem Kaur Khalsa

**Note: It is my experience that Kaarrrr resonates in the heart center (Car-diac, Kar-diac, Heart, comes to mind), while Naammmm resonates in the brain-skull. Hari Singh Khalsa

OM versus ONG


According to the rules of Sanskrit grammar, the finite-related (we humans) may not chant OM*, the Creator-Absolute sound. Rather, the sound current OM must manifest as ONG. That is to say, by dropping the sound current mm, substituting nnnng and thereby expressing ONNNNG, we experience a more direct and noticeably greater stimulation of the pineal-pituitary reflex zone by virtue of the resultant contact of the tongue with the upper palate, thereby assisting deep brain function, cranial-nervous system resonance, the experience of tranquillity, and the expansion of awareness. Please see the "Kundalini Yoga" article in the Summer Solstice Sadhana 1976 Bicentennial edition of the 3HO Foundation's 'Kundalini Quarterly' for more details. See ONG, the Meditation. See Secrets of The Pineal Gland. See also The Science of Mantra.

OM* is the collective resonant tone of Life Force that fills the Infinite Living
Universe. But ONG is that tone impinging on Matter, creating the physical
Universe, which resonates like a gong, from atom to galaxy. The Cosmos
quivers with sound like an infinite number of leaves quivering in the breeze.
Out of ONG, and also contained within it, are all the sounds that make up
the vibrating forms of life. Just as sound when projected through a liquid
solution, or sand on a metal plate produces geometric patterns, so does
form result throughout the creative manifestation, including the human body.


"The sound OM, or more correctly, A-U-M, is sung with the whole range of the voice from the throat to the lips. It is therefore used in India to mean THAT, which is all-inclusive ... the universal and Eternal Self or Ground of the universe. This is the Brahman (the highest Universal Principle, the Ultimate Reality in the universe), the Godhead from which, and in which, everything happens, in much the same way that all sounds heard on the radio and phonograph are vibrations of the diaphragm in the speaker., the Godhead from which, and in which, everything happens, in much the same way that all sounds heard on the radio and phonograph are vibrations of the diaphragm in the speaker. OM (ONG) represents, then, the basic vibration or energy which assumes the myriad forms and disguises of stars and planets, mountains and oceans, plants and fish, animals and men, and is also understood as the central Self, or Atman, in all beings. (See ONG mandala.) The sound OM (ONG) is chanted, or sung silently in the head, as a focal point for deep concentration, by means of which the individual finds out that the life-energy which he calls himself is One and the same as the eternal energy of the Cosmos. He is thereby set free from anxiety." Alan Watts, 'The Sound of Hinduism' (See also ONG, the Meditation.)

The Hindus do not, however, define the supreme Self, or God, as the personal governor and king of the universe. They would say, rather, that the Brahman acts or manifests the world without calculation, much as we grow our hair, circulate our blood, and form our brains and nerves. The world is not made, like an artifact, but performed, like a play -- and the One Basic Actor plays all the parts.

"Thoughts reflect and affect our mood, our attitude and our general tenor.
Thoughts are silent sounds. And sounds are electromagnetic vibrations.
The more refined our thoughts, the more elevated our vibration; the more
elevated our vibration, the closer we get to the highest vibration of all–our
own divine nature. The entire universe was built on sound (WORD), which is
nothing but vibration. By vibrating a certain combination of sounds, we are
able to tune in to various levels of intelligence, or consciousness. Thus,
chanting mantras is a conscious method of controlling our moods, and
in turn, our frequency and resultant all-around radiance." Donna Quesada


Krishna Kaur Khalsa
Chanting Morning Call

The Creator and Creation are One. This is who I am.
The experience of this wisdom is beyond all
words and brings indescribable bliss.


The Siri Singh Sahib taught about the unique classes of languages. He
called them phonetic languages where the sounds of the syllables impart
meaning by the way they resonate with the archetypal human psyche. He
described Gurmukhi, Sanskrit and French as three such languages. In the
16th century, the second Sikh guru, Guru Angad, created the Gurmukhi
alphabet to phonetically represent many, if not all, languages.

Guru Angad, the second Sikh Master, formalized the Gurmukhi script. which is a combination of three different Indian dialects that were in existence long before Guru Nanak Dev. Guru Nanak named Guru Angad to succeed him as the Guru for the Sikhs in 1539. Gurmukhi means "from the mouth of the Guru." The Gurmukhi script accomplished something very special. It allowed people to be able to read and pronounce the songs written by Guru Nanak. Up until that point in history, the dialect spoken by Guru Nanak and his contemporaries had no written equivalent. Written languages were reserved for the powerful, the wealthy, and the high-castes. There was no writing or reading based on the common language.


"The meaning of the Word-Sound is not what is important.
It is the effect of the Word-Sound that matters." -- Hari Singh Khalsa

Gurmukhi was developed to be a very precise phonetic language. By learning to pronounce Gurmukhi, people could not only learn to read and pronounce the songs written by Guru Nanak; they could also learn how to pronounce the songs that Guru Nanak had preserved during his life from other masters and sages, even if those songs were in a completely different language. The purpose of Gurmukhi was not to simply represent the common language of the time, but to allow people to read and sing sacred songs in other languages as well. See Life According To Guru Nanak.

Why did this phonetic language develop? And what does it have to do with the Shabad Guru – the Guiding Sound of Wisdom?

Being awakened or enlightened is not simply a mental state. It is a physiological state as well. How we breathe, how the glands secrete, how the nervous system is operating—all of this changes based on what we speak, what we hear, and what we perceive. When Guru Nanak sang his songs, the words he brought forth had a two-fold effect. On the level of language, they imparted a certain philosophical meaning of how to see the world. But in the science of Naad (sound), the songs have the ability to change the physiology of a person and bring them to a more heightened state of consciousness.

IMPORTANT: The invention of Gurmukhi was key to opening the doors of the Shabad Guru to all people. Through learning this very simple, precise method of pronunciation, and by repeating the words of the sages, you begin to induce in yourself the same state of consciousness that they were in when they sang the songs. It begins to create the same changes in the physiology. It opens the door to higher awareness. And all that is required is your breath and voice imitating and repeating those sounds.

This is the essence of the Shabad Guru. It is between you and you. There is no one else involved. It only requires your breath reciting this sacred poetry. By this practice, there is a process you undergo within your own ego and identity to transform your awareness to live at these heights. --
Ek Ong Kaar Kaur Khalsa

See Understanding Shabad Guru. See The Transformational Mantra For Planet Earth. See The Sacred Songs of the Sikhs. Also see Sat Nam Means. And to learn more about the Effects of Reciting Banis, which are recited regularly by Sikhs, click here.



  CAUTIONARY NOTICE: After you have the physical movements of pranic breathing down... one cautionary note before you begin: If you have high blood pressure, you should not hold your breath longer than one second. Although pranic breathing stimulates the navel, which is the body’s primary storehouse of prana, it also stimulates the Meng Mein Chakra, which is located opposite the navel on the back. The meng mein controls blood pressure. Thus, for people with hypertension, a longer breath retention could increase their blood pressure beyond their safety range. Master Stephen Co

See More Cautionary Notes.

Meng Mein Chakra

  Consultation with a health care professional should occur before applying adjustments or treatments to the body, consuming medications or nutritional supplements and before dieting, fasting or exercising. None of these activities are herein presented as substitutes for competent medical treatment. See Disclaimer.

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