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I   AM   IT

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I Am I Am

You Are
The Essence

Act your age!

Know who you are.
You'll know what to do.

"Inside you there is a soul, which obeys no boundary
and no limit. It is as pure and as bright as God." Yogi Bhajan

"Tohi mohi, mohi tohi." (I am you, you are me.) Siri Guru Granth Sahib

"Without realizing who you are, happiness cannot come to you." Yogi Bhajan

"If you know who you are, you'll know what to do." IfYouKnowWhoYouAre.com

"God Himself is the One in all forms. Through every eye He
sees only Himself. All His creation is His body. He it is Who
listens to Himself as He speaks His own praises. It is all His
play, this coming and going, and Maya too works within His
will. He lives in the midst of all, yet remains unattached. And
He sees that what is spoken is what He wants to say. We all
come and go by His will, and when He wishes to end the play, all
are drawn back into Himself." Ashtapadi XXIII, Sukhmani Sahib

OMMMM ... Listen ... Listen ... Down ... Down with that sound!

WHAT IS IT? A current of air? Vibrating vocal cords? Your own ear drums? Something running in your head? It’s all of these. But goes so deep. This sound is You vibrating. And who are you?

Don't give me your name, address and occupation ... You know that's just a mask ... a front ... a big act. Who puts it on? Who puts it on ... your body? Huh! What an act that is! And who puts that on? Your father and mother? Did they put you on? Come off it. You know very well who You are, but you won't admit it. Deep in there in the middle, middle of your heart, You know it. You've always been around and always will be. And the You in you is the same as the You in me.

You're not some sort of tourist just visiting in this world for a short time. You belong here, like the apple on the tree. And as the apple is the energy of the tree, you, yes You, are the energy of the world.

You don't know who You are do you? You can't really get at yourself, just as the fingertip can't touch itself and the teeth can't bite themselves. And that's because You ... the far in you ... is what we call Brahman, the Self of the Universe. The Which of which there is no whicher. The Heart and Foundation of all that's going on.

You think you're going to die someday. Yes! That's because every now and then you have to go off so that you can know you're on. You can't have an up without a down ... or a back without a front ... or a light day without a dark night. The whole thing is pulse.

Brahman's Play...Night and Day

So what are you doing Brahman? You're playing on and off with yourself, hide and seek with yourself. You're just passing eternal time with adventure. You forget who you are really. Every now and then You make like you're just a John Doe or a Mary Smith, or a butterfly, or a worm, or a star and that you're lost in the middle of a big, big, outside world that isn't you, that you don't understand and that you don't control. Of course! There has to be something else ... something other ... to bring out the feeling that You are you.

And so that You can feel really you, that outside world has to feel really strange, different, weird. You old trickster ... deep down in, You know the whole bit. And therefore, what You want is a surprise.

So you have to let things get out of control. You have to feel lost and lonely to know You is you. You play the thing out by inventing lusts and loves, fears and terrors, gnawing anxieties and screaming meemees. Also, you can imagine, "It's not really me ... it's IT that runs the show.

But our secret is ... as we say ... Tatvamasi ... You Are IT. You are running the show, by not letting your right hand know what your left is doing. By making life as a whopping great split between what You do and what happens to You. And this is what we call Maya, the great illusion ... and Lila, the play, the big act.

And You don't just play your game with such simple elements as on and off, black and white, or life and death. To seem as real as real can be, this world that You are playing must be so complicated that you can't figure IT out ... especially if you are using figures to figure IT. So between black and white, there is a whole range of colors, between thunder and silence, the whole scale of tones, and between something and nothing, between a smashing fist on the face, and trying to touch air, there are all the textures of feeling; burning, throbbing, pushing, hugging, fondling, tickling, kissing, brushing, and light wind on the skin. Your world is all these elements of light and sound; of tastes, smell and touch, woven together in many dimensions on the fabulous loom of your brain. Your brain ... the most complicated thing in the world, which you ... Yourself ... grew ... without even thinking about it.

Your brain...The Hands of God

You have always been around. For You, I, the Self, is simply what there is ... and all that there is. All of us are rays from One center, teats on One sow, sounds on One flute, forever and ever. But it doesn't get monotonous, boring, because we keep forgetting IT. We keep the on's on by putting off's between them.

How big is IT ... and how long is on and how long off? Don't take these figures literally for their purpose is just to give an idea of vastness.

We say that man, human life, is a dance that lasts for 4,320,000 years. And, of course, there are all sorts of other dances going on at the same time with their own rhythms. Star dances, rock dances, fish dances, insect dances, plant dances; and strange animal scenes, like crocodile dances, elephant dances ... The human dance runs for 4,320,000 years, a span of time that we call a Kalpa. Before it begins and after it ends, there is always another Kalpa, or off period of rest during which the Self is simply the Self and doesn't pretend to be this me or that you. We call this rest period the Pralaya ... peace, uninvolvement, pure bliss.

When 4,320,000 years of rest draw to a close, the Lila dance begins again; though it always seems like the first time. Every day is today. And then through many centuries, through many pulses of waking and sleeping, life and death, you stretch your world out through a span of time that varies in mood like the rainbow; running from purple to red, from royal delight to destruction and fire. For as there is no purple without red, there is no pleasure without pain.

There are thus four great divisions of the Kalpa. We call each one a Yuga and name them after the four throws in the Hindu game of dice; Krita, the perfect throw of four; Treta, the slightly imperfect throw of three; Dvapara, the throw of two; and Kali, the worst throw of one.

And so the first period, the Krita Yuga ... runs for 1,728,000 years, during which the whole world is as perfect as a fresh flower and as unblemished as the skin of a young girl.

The second period, the Treta Yuga ... is a little shorter. It runs for 1,296,000 years, during which a small element of evil and decay comes into life and the tips of the petals are very slightly browned.

The third period is the Dvapara Yuga ... running for 864,000 years. The syllable Dva in Dvapara means two, double or dual, so that in this age, the powers of good and evil are equally balanced.

The fourth period is Kali Yuga ... running for only 432,000 years in which the power of evil and destruction takes over. At the end, your eternal Self takes the form of Shiva, the Lord of renewal through death; blue bodied and ten armed with a necklace of skulls. BUT with one hand in the gesture called "fear not" as a reminder that all this is in illusion and play. And then Shiva dances the Tandala dance, the dance of fire in which the material world is destroyed and the Self returns to the state of Pralaya ... of peace, uninvolvement, and pure bliss. (See More Kali Yuga. See The 12 Signs of Kali Yuga. Hear OM by The Moody Blues. See Hindu Cosmology.)

Shiva, Lord of Renewal

All this goes on forever, through Kalpa after Kalpa after Kalpa ... and not only in this visible world that we call the universe, for this universe that we know is only a speck of dust in another universe. And all the specks of dust in this universe that we know contain minute universes without measure; boundless inward in the atom, boundless outward in the whole.

However vast, however incomprehensible, however terrifying this entire display may seem to be, all of it is at root, your own inmost Self; the Self which you cannot touch, or see, or pin down or control because IT’s too close, too new, right in the middle of everything. Because IT'S YOU!... OMMMM. Go to Side 2.



OM, this WORD is the whole universe. It is explained that everything past, present, and future is the sound OM. And whatever is beyond these three divisions of time, that also, indeed, is OM. In the beginning there was only the Self ... like a person alone. Looking around, IT saw nothing other than Itself. IT first said "I AM". And so there came the Name, I. Thus, to this day, when one is asked, "Who is there?", he replies: "IT is I", and then gives what other name he may have.

The Self was afraid as one who is alone is afraid. But IT thought, "Since there is nothing beside Myself, of what am I afraid ?" Where at the fear vanished. For what could IT have feared? Fear can come only from something other ... But the Self had no delight as one alone has no delight. IT desired another. IT expanded to the form of male and female in tight embrace and then fell into two parts. Thus it is that everybody is one half ... like one of the halves of a split pea. And the missing half is filled by a spouse.

Then He coupled with Her and produced all human beings.

She thought, "How can He have intercourse with me, having produced me from Himself? I will hide". She became a cow. But He became a bull and coupling with Her produced all cattle. And in turn, She became a mare and He a stallion; She a female donkey and He a male donkey; She a she-goat and He a he-goat; She a yew and He a ram. And thus were born from their union, all beings that exist in pairs down to the very ants.

He knew. I am in fact this universe, for I have produced it all. In this way, He became the universe ...

By whose direction is the mind aware of objects? By whose command does life first move? By whose will is this speaking uttered? And what god empowers the eye and the ear? IT is the Hearing of the ear, the Awareness of the mind, the very Sound of speech, the Life of the breath and the Sight of the eye. Therefore, the wise surrendering themselves, go beyond this world and are immortal.

But IT is beyond the reach of sight, speech and thought and we neither know nor understand how IT can be taught. IT is other than the known, and beyond the unknown. Thus we have heard from the wise. IT is that which cannot be spoken, but by which we speak. IT is that which cannot be thought, but by which we think. IT is that which cannot be seen, but by which we see. IT is that which cannot be heard, but by which we hear. IT is the breath which cannot be held, but by which we breathe. IT is known to those who do not know IT. To those who know IT … IT is unknown. IT is not understood by those who understand IT. IT is understood by those who understand IT not. There was never a time when I was not, nor you, nor these others. Nor will there ever be a time to come when we shall cease.

As one passes in this body through childhood, youth and old age, even so is the taking on of other bodies. This does not trouble the wise. Of the nonexistent, there is no coming to be. Of the existent, there is no ceasing to be. That by which all this is pervaded cannot be destroyed. As one casts off worn out clothes, and puts on others that are new, even so, the Self casts off worn out bodies, and assumes others that are new. Weapons cannot cut this Self. Fire cannot burn IT. Water does not make IT wet, nor the wind dry. IT is eternal, all pervading, changeless, and unmoved. IT is the same forever. IT is said to be unmanifest, inconceivable and without change. Knowing IT thus you should not grieve ... Go to Side 3.

The Knower, the Central Self, is not born and does not die. IT is not produced from anything, and produces nothing apart from ITSELF. IT is unborn, eternal, enduring, primordial. IT is not slain when the body is slain ... If the slayer thinks he slays or if the slain thinks he is slain, neither understand. IT neither slays nor can be slain. Smaller than the small, greater than the great, IT is the Self in the heart of all beings ...


"Bring here a fruit from that fig tree."

"Here it is, Sir."

"Break it."

"Sir, it is broken."

"What do you see inside?"

"There are, Sir, these minute seeds."

"Break one of them."

"It is broken, Sir."

"What do you see there?"

"Sir, I see nothing at all."

"My son, that subtle essence which you do not see is the Self of this whole universe, That is the Real, That is the Self, and you are IT." (You are IT, I am IT, We are IT.) -- Alan Watts



According to the rules of Sanskrit grammar, the finite-related (we humans) may not chant OM*, the Creator-Absolute sound. Rather,the sound current OM must manifest as ONG. That is to say, by dropping the sound current mm, substituting nnnng and thereby expressing ONNNNG, we experience a more direct and noticeably greater stimulation of the pineal-pituitary reflex zone by virtue of the resultant contact of the tongue with the upper palate, thereby assisting deep brain function, cranial-nervous system resonance, the experience of tranquillity, and the expansion of awareness. Please see the "Kundalini Yoga" article in the Summer Solstice 1976 Bicentennial edition of the 3HO Foundation's 'Kundalini Quarterly' for more details. See ONG, the Meditation. See also The Science of Mantra.

OM is the collective resonant tone of Life Force that fills the Infinite Living
. But ONG is that tone impinging on Matter, creating the physical
Universe, which resonates like a gong, from atom to galaxy. The Cosmos
quivers with sound like an infinite number of leaves quivering in the breeze.
Out of ONG, and also contained within it, are all the sounds that make up
the vibrating forms of life. Just as sound when projected through a liquid
solution, or sand on a metal plate produces geometric patterns, so does
form result throughout the creative manifestation, including the human body.


"The sound OM, or more correctly, A-U-M, is sung with the whole range of the voice from the throat to the lips. It is therefore used in India to mean THAT which is all-inclusive ... the universal and eternal Self or Ground of the universe. This is the Brahman, the Godhead from which, and in which, everything happens, in much the same way that all sounds heard on the radio and phonograph are vibrations of the diaphragm in the speaker. OM (ONG) represents, then, the basic vibration or energy which assumes the myriad forms and disguises of stars and planets, mountains and oceans, plants and fish, animals and men, and is also understood as the central Self, or Atman, in all beings. (See ONG mandala.) The sound OM (ONG) is chanted, or sung silently in the head, as a focal point for deep concentration, by means of which the individual finds out that the life-energy which he calls himself is One and the same as the eternal energy of the Cosmos. He is thereby set free from anxiety." Alan Watts 'The Sound of Hinduism' -- See You Don't Exist. See ONG, the Meditation. See WordPhysiology.com.

The Big Act
One Creator of Creation, Ek Ong Kar, pretending to be you and me.


“You, dear ones, who have to have the knowledge of the Age to follow, the Age to come, we call it the 'Age of Aquarius'. We must understand beyond rituals what we know because Aquarius is 'I know and I believe', not 'I believe I know'. When you fold hands in prayer, you must know what you are doing. You are becoming at that moment a neutral energy, and neutral energy is God energy.

“It is Ong, not Om. Om is the absolute. Ong is the creativity of that absolute. There is a difference between 'g' and 'm'. There is no such Sanskrit word. You can't write 'Om Kaar'. There is no such thing. You have to write 'Ong Kaar'. Ong is the sound of creativity, which is the sound of the gong. Ong. There's energy in it. There's creativity in it, and Kaar is the universe.

“God is universe. Universe is God. That we have to understand. So every part of this supreme soul, aatmaa is parmaatmaa, parmaatmaa is aatmaa. Use any language. It doesn't matter. Talk in English. Talk in Sanskrit. Talk in French. It will come out the same thing. If I call a computer a great master computer and I call myself a unit computer, it is the same when I say aatmaa or parmaatmaa, only we look at it in this age time language.

“But look how aware the man is! He's fighting for the language. He's fighting for the political boundaries. He's fighting for the greed. So unaware is the man! One who does not know about his tongue, says he knows about the entire universe. This universe of ours is within us, and we cannot physically discover our universe, but the easiest way is to discover ourselves. If we can discover our Self within our self, there is nothing in this universe that will be unknown to us.

“But, you know, man wants a pill. Man will make everything, but he will never make a knowledge pill. Knowledge pill will never be available to the man because he has to learn the Gur, and he has to learn it from a Guru. And he has to become Guru to lead his destiny. To know the Gur and learn it from a Guru does not make any sense if you do not become Guru – because you have to be PhD, you have to do a doctorate. And when you do a doctorate, you write your own thesis.

“Who teaches you? Libraries? Are libraries your Guru? No disciple. You write your own thesis. You do your own research. All you have to do is submit it. And when you submit it, they will know it, they will assess it as good you will have it. And if not, when?

“There's a lot, a whole lot a man has to know. If he knows one thing – that he's part of that Ong, and that Ong is one, and he's the one to be one with the one – he has to know nothing. Otherwise, he has to know nothing everything. And if he knows he's the one of the one and he's the one to be one with the one, he has to practice it. And then he has to know nothing. Otherwise, he has to know everything. Time and again, time and again, he will go through this cycle.

“And this man has to decide within himself. And this is a very important moment of man's life when he decides. 'Man' includes woman in this statement of mine. He has to decide. Is he going to be what he ought to be within himself?

“After that, he can find ways and means that he'll be delivered. He'll be fulfilled. This fulfillment is known as 'nirvana', 'liberation', 'levitation'... You may call it anything. 'Higher consciousness', 'holy being'... They are all words that sound the same note. That means he's a man of higher consciousness and this consciousness has to be acquired by each man by unfolding himself.

“From a bud, one has to become a flower so that the smell, the fragrance can come out. And that is why one has to raise his kundalini for which we are very afraid because the books have been written on it. The bud may never become pregnant. The flower may wilt, but the bud had the fragrance. You can't deny that. And this unfoldment will come to those who fold their hands, become neutral, and learn the truth – because knowledge does not come to an egocentric. Knowledge is the rightful light of a humble being.

“Knowledge comes only to those who are humble. Truth only awakens in those hearts that are humble and sweet. The moment you become humble and sweet, you become conscious and you are consciously conscious that you are a great being. And great beings always have contact with great beings, so my soul, they have the contacts with the greatest of the great beings we call 'God'.

“And this is how we have to develop our personality, and that is why we chant 'Guru Guru Whahe Guru, Guru Raam Daas Guru'. That is the purpose, that is the note behind it, and that is the tone behind it. And this light on which we meditate is the light within and the light without. We call it 'supreme consciousness' or 'God consciousness' or 'higher consciousness'." -- Yogi Bhajan

SPECIAL NOTE: The sound MMMM, can only be made by bringing the lips together, both of which create a much different and more expansive experience than just keeping the mouth open as some video presentations appear to demonstrate. For instance, try expressing the sound OMMMM, of which ONG is the derivation, without bringing the lips together while expressing MMMM.

The Hindus do not, however, define the supreme Self, or God, as the personal governor and king of the universe. They would say, rather, that the Brahman acts or manifests the world without calculation, much as we grow our hair, circulate our blood, and form our brains and nerves. The world is not made, like an artifact, but performed, like a play -- and the one basic Actor plays all the parts.

"Thoughts reflect and affect our mood, our attitude and our general tenor.
Thoughts are silent sounds. And sounds are electromagnetic vibrations.
The more refined our thoughts, the more elevated our vibration; the more
elevated our vibration, the closer we get to the highest vibration of all–our
own divine nature. The entire universe was built on sound (WORD), which is
nothing but vibration. By vibrating a certain combination of sounds, we are
able to tune into various levels of intelligence, or consciousness. Thus,
chanting mantras is a conscious method of controlling our moods, and
in turn, our frequency and resultant all-around radiance." -- Donna Quesada

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By MSS Gurutej Singh Khalsa

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"When you will become nothing;
then you shall see everything,
then you shall feel everything,
then you shall know everything
and you shall command everything."

"The greatest power in a person is when he has
realized that he is God, and then he acts like a god."

"You can never go wrong if you sing your holiest
of songs, God and me, me and God are One.''

"Many Avatars came and claimed that God is in them. I agree.
I want to know who that person is in whom God is not?"

"God is nothing but your own inner consciousness. Now I will agree with you
that you cannot always feel this God, but that is because you think that you
are separate from God. We call it
Maya. Maya is the illusion of separateness:
it is the quicksand of this life. Sometimes we sink into this quicksand and then we
need a hook; we need some guidance to help us pull ourselves out so that we can
continue our journey. The hook that we use to do this is called the Guru." --
Yogi Bhajan

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