See the Unseen, hear the Unheard, know the Unknown.
Meditation allows the Isolated Seer within to experience
that altered state of detached awareness in which one
experiences neutrality of being and objectivity of mind.

“When you don’t go within you go without." Yogi Bhajan

"We don’t meditate because it gives us something. No, it is
just practice, so in the end, when we have to go, we can calmly
meditate and say, ‘Here I come, take me, my Lord.’" Yogi Bhajan

Isolated Seer

Meditation is the means by which one can experience the Isolated Seer.
It is a technical practice that results in a predictable and reliable outcome.

Technology of Consciousness
As taught by Yogi Bhajan

® All rights reserved.

Yogi Bhajan

"Prayer is when the mind is one-pointed and man talks to Infinity.
Meditation is when the mind becomes totally clean and
receptive, and Infinity talks to the man." Yogi Bhajan

"Words cast spells. That's why we call it spelling." WordPhysiology.com

"Your Infinity is you when you stop thinking. Have you stopped thinking?
That’s the end of it. Awareness takes these things away from you: thinking,
reason, logic, argument, fantasies, planning, scheming, knowing and worrying.
These nine things must go before you can say that you are on the path of
awareness. Do you know why? Because the One who rotates the Earth can
take care of your routine. These nine things you do are unwanted. They only
satisfy your ego. Where there is ego, there is no Amigo." Yogi Bhajan


"Recite mantra to cleanse the Soul.
Meditate to cleanse the Mind.
Bath to cleanse the Body.”
Yogi Bhajan

"Prayer is talking to God. Meditation
is letting God talk to you." Yogi Bhajan

"What is a meditation? It is a practice to
fight negativity by self-control." Yogi Bhajan

"Meditation is only to become intuitive.
It is not emotional. It is not sentimental. It is not
attached. It is a basic reality of life." Yogi Bhajan

"Everybody wants to feel good - it is not a sin. Just follow
the path of wisdom, not the path of the mind." Yogi Bhajan

"When you are going through any trouble, duality,
depression or misery, go into silence, go into thoughtlessness
for a few moments. Meditate yourself, that way. You will get an
answer and you will come out of it in the best color." Yogi Bhajan

"When you have your own mind under control, intuition
will give you all the knowledge of the world. When you have
control of your mind through your social and structural facets, you
have the answer to everything. When you have control of your own
mind, you can see the soul and God right within you." Yogi Bhajan

"When as a person, you are unable to control your own anger and when
as a person you cannot control the little part of you that is your tongue;
when as a person, you cannot control your own commotions and when as
a person, you cannot control your own neurosis, then as a person you want
to control the whole world. What a fool you are. You have not learned one thing:
that beyond self, there is nothing. It is self-control, which matters in life." Yogi Bhajan

"Thoughts reflect and affect our mood, our attitude and our general tenor.
Thoughts are silent sounds. And sounds are electromagnetic vibrations.
The more refined our thoughts, the more elevated our vibration; the more
elevated our vibration, the closer we get to the highest vibration of all, our
own divine nature. The entire universe was built on sound (Word), which is
nothing but vibration. By vibrating a certain combination of sounds, we are
able to tune in to various levels of intelligence, or consciousness. Thus,
chanting mantras is a conscious method of controlling our moods, and
in turn, our frequency, and resultant all-around radiance." Donna Quesada

"The side effects of practicing Kundalini Yoga and Meditation
can be increased sensitivity - heightened awareness. It's not like
Kundalini Yoga 'creates problems' - it sheds light on 'problems' that have
been there all along - just buried deep within the psyche." Hari Bhajan Singh

"Awareness: Being conscious of everything you are experiencing at every
moment. This is the path to wholeness, wisdom, compassion, and healing.
This allows you to achieve your fullest potential." Hari Singh Bird Khalsa

"May you have the strength and power and courage to go out and touch
everybody without discrimination and heal people in the name of Guru. Hail
Guru Ram Das and heal people. If you’ve ever heard me in so many years,
that's the last word you should hear, and it should resound in your ears, in
your heart, and in your head. There is nothing more to it." Yogi Bhajan



Sat Nam. Meditation can be practiced daily. A regular, same-time-daily schedule for 40 days for each meditation is recommended. (Given the daily changes in the Earth's magnetic field, the ideal time for meditation is between 3 AM and 6 AM.) However, to be practical and moderate in all undertakings is the universal rule. Unless otherwise indicated, you may choose the length of time for which you intend to do these exercises such as 3 minute, 11 minute or 31 minute - yogic time intervals - and set your timer. Choose the time that works for you. See notice below.*


Prayer Pose - Anjali Mudra
Get details here.

IMPORTANT: Kundalini Yoga participants begin each session by 'Tuning In'. Step 1) Rapidly rub your palms together for 5-10 seconds in order to stimulate the nervous system. Step 2) Chant the Adi Mantra, ONNNNG ... NAMO ... GURU ... DEV ... NAMO, three to five times, with your hands in Prayer Pose, thumbs against the sternum.

See OM vs. ONG for more specific details. See the transformational mantra for the Aquarian Age, the Adi Shakti Ashtang Meditation. See WordPhysiology.com.


Infinite Creator
I Call On That
Subtle Energy
I Call On That

"Do not just sing or otherwise express this mantra.
Consciously chant the words in such a way
that your cranium resonates as if you are
striking a Gong." Hari Singh Khalsa

"The Gong is the first and last instrument for the human mind. There
is only one thing that can supercede and command the human mind,
the sound of the Gong. It is the first sound in the universe, the sound
that created this universe. It's the basic creative sound. To the mind, the
sound of the Gong is like a mother and father that gave it birth. The
mind has no power to resist a Gong that is well played." Yogi Bhajan


Mantra is vibration. Energy vibrates. There’s a particular vibratory frequency corresponding to every sound in the universe. By vibrating a particular combination of sounds (syllables), you tune in to different levels of your intelligence-consciousness.

The mantra translated above can be read as: "I open myself to the experience beyond my limited self. Let my unlimited spirit and consciousness guide me. I call on the subtle knowledge of my own highest mind to uplift me with what I learn" or "I bow to the Creator, to the Divine Teacher within." See 10 Reasons to Chant Mantras.


Heal yourself. Heal the world.
Hear Snatam Kaur.


The practice of Kundalini Yoga, including meditation, is highly effective in helping change any self-defeating habit patterns. The technology does not mask the pain. It helps to uncover and release pain and trauma. It provides the space to heal, to experience who we truly are, and to connect with our unlimited soul.

Kundalini Yoga and Meditation works on many levels to eventually bring relief to those who practice the technology. The physical stretching opens the body. The breathing techniques move the suppressed emotions and stuck energy so that they can be circulated, transformed, and released. Postures build resilience. Meditations create the conditions for the calming effects of the parasympathetic nervous system to dominate, as the glandular system re-sets.

This ancient technology creates the space to heal, to let go of what is no longer serving our highest and best nature, and what is interfering with our ability to experience true freedom. -- Click here!


The Healing Meditation
As taught by Yogi Bhajan


Mudra: Sit in easy pose, i.e., with your legs crossed and spine straight in neck lock as shown, or sit in a chair with feet flat on the floor.

Eyes: Closed and focused at the third-eye point.*

Mantra: Ra Ma Da Sa, Sa Say So Hung. The mantra should be sung in one complete exhalation. As you chant the first Sa, your navel point is pulled in so that this syllable is abbreviated. You should also pull your navel point in as you chant Hung. Hung should be vibrated at the root of the nose. The rest of the syllables are drawn out in a strong, powerful chant. Strive to keep your chant at full volume (loud but not raucous) throughout the meditation.

Ra = sun energy
Ma = moon energy
Da = earth energy
Sa = infinity, universal energy
Sa (repeated)
Say = the personal embodiment of Sa
So = the personal sense of merger with Sa
Hung = the Infinite, vibrating and real
This mantra literally means: “I am Thou." It can also mean, "the service of God is within me."

Commentary: This meditation creates and spreads healing from within ourselves to the entire universe. Close your eyes, inhale deeply and meditate, chanting aloud the mantra Ra Ma Da Sa, Sa Se (Say) So Hung. Inhale and chant again, Ra Ma Da Sa, Sa Se So Hung. Continue for 11 minutes. This mantra translates as "Sun, Moon, Earth, Infinity, Totality of Experience, I am Thou." With it we affirm the Universal Power within us, for the healing of ourselves and others. We can sustain peace only by maintaining inner peace and good health. See 10 Reasons To Meditate.

Mudra: Bend the arms and bring the elbows against the side of the rib cage. The palms of the hands are parallel and face the sky (see photo of Snatam Kaur above). The elbows are snug at your sides with the forearms in close to your upper arms. The hands are at a 60 degree angle, halfway between pointing forward and pointing to the sides. (See
Science of Mudra. Also see Science of Mantra.)

Duration: 11 minutes.

Finish: Inhale deeply, hold your breath and visualize the person you want to send healing to (it can be yourself). Make that image in your mind very clear and see a glowing green light around the person. Keeping that person in your mind, exhale. Inhale deeply, hold your breath and continue to send the person healing green light. Still keeping that vision in your mind, exhale. For the last time, inhale deeply, hold your breath and see the person very clearly, see the green healing light bathing the person, bathing every cell in the body.
Exhale, and relax and rejoice. More

*"When your two eyes concentrate on the tip of the nose, the mind stops flirting around." Yogi Bhajan


Improve Brain Function
Stop Alzheimer's Disease

As taught by Yogi Bhajan

Sit in easy pose.
(Or sit on chair with feet flat on floor.)

NOTE: This specific meditation has been shown to halt the disease
and-or improve the condition of Alzheimer's patients.
Research notes.

Mudra: Sit straight in easy pose as shown. Meditate at the brow point (third eye) and produce the five primal sounds: (A) Sa, Ta, Na, Ma. (See Video on Primal Sounds.)

Eyes: Closed and focused at the brow point, which stimulates the pineal-pituitary centers within the brain.

Mantra: Saa, Taa, Naa, Maa. These Sanskrit sounds, Sa, Ta, Na, Ma, translated respectively, mean birth, life, death, rebirth.

On "Saa" touch the index finger (Jupiter finger) with the thumb tip with pressure.
On "Taa" touch the middle finger (Saturn finger) with the thumb tip with pressure.
On "Naa" touch the ring finger (Sun finger) with the thumb tip with pressure.
On "Maa" touch the little finger (Mercury finger) with the thumb tip with pressure.

Jupiter finger mudra stimulates the brain and imparts knowledge, expands our field of possibilities, and releases us from limitations.

Saturn finger mudra stimulates the brain and imparts patience, wisdom and purity.

Sun finger mudra stimulates the brain and imparts vitality and vigor.

Mercury finger mudra stimulates the brain and aids clear communication.

Each time you close a mudra by joining the thumb with a finger, your ego "seals" its effect in your consciousness.

Visualize or feel each individual sound come in the crown chakra at the top of the head, down through the middle of the head and out to infinity through the third eye in the pathway of the letter 'L'. This is very important and must be done with each sound. It is an essential part of the cleansing process. If this part of the meditation is not done, you may experience a headache.

Important: During this meditation, you may experience pictures of the past come up like on a movie screen in your mind. Let them dance in front of your eyes and release them with the mantra. This is part of the cleansing of the subconscious mind. If emotions come up, you can also incorporate them in the chanting, i.e. if you feel anger then chant out the anger. Whatever you experience is okay. Do not try to avoid or control your experiences. Simply be the Isolated Seer with what is going on and go through it. It is all part of the cleansing process.

Continue chanting, Saa Taa Naa Maa, for a total of 31 minutes in this manner:

For the first 5 minutes chant OUT LOUD (the voice of humans)
For the second 5 minutes chant in an AUDIBLE WHISPER (the voice of lovers)
For the next 10 minutes chant SILENTLY (the voice of the divine) and keep the hands moving, visualizing the L pathway in the head, and keep the tongue moving
Then chant 5 minutes in a AUDIBLE WHISPER
Finish with 5 minutes OUT LOUD
During the final minute of the 31 minutes, listen inside and hear the mantra and experience the 'L' pathway in the head WITHOUT finger movements

Optimally this meditation is done for 31 minutes. It can also be done for 62 minutes by doubling the times.

This meditation can also be done for shorter times. Yogi Bhajan has said that during these stressful times it should be done for at least 11 minutes every day. For the eleven minute version do:

2 minutes OUT LOUD
2 minutes in an AUDIBLE WHISPER
3 minutes chant SILENTLY. Keep the hands moving, visualizing the 'L' pathway in the head, and keep the tongue moving
2 minutes OUT LOUD
During the final minute of the 11 minutes, listen inside and hear the mantra and experience the 'L' pathway in the head WITHOUT finger movements

Finish: At the end of either version, ALWAYS inhale deeply, raise the arms up in the air and vigorously shake the arms and fingers. You can involve the whole body and spine. Exhale. Repeat 1 or 2 more time if you desire. This is an important part of the meditation as it helps move and release the energy in the body. Relax and rejoice for a few minutes before going about your day. Or relax on your back. If it is before bed time, simply go to sleep. Get the iPhone App here.

Commentary By Yogi Bhajan

"When there comes a moment in your life when nothing works, if all shelter and hope is gone, when enemies overcome you and friends have left, do this meditation. The sound current has an Infinite power. It is the only power that is given to the human to excel. Vaak Siddhi is the perfection of the sound projection (a spiritual power that makes what you say happen). Guru Nanak explained it: ‘Through the mouth you utter a sound current, to which God listens with love.' (See Life According To Guru Nanak.)

What you talk is not a sound current. The sound current is that which you create with the organic matter of your body where you use your pranas. That has a projective power." --
Yogi Bhajan

Note: The connotation of the word “kriya” is an action or series of actions that completes a process and has a predictable outcome. By practicing Kirtan Kriya, we can begin to understand the cycle of creation. From the Infinite comes life, from life comes death or change. From death or change comes the re-birth of consciousness to the joy of the Infinite through which compassion leads back to life. See More.


As taught by Yogi Bhajan, October 10, 1973

Note: The practice of Kundalini Yoga begins by Tuning In.
Each session starts with 'Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo', and
ends with May The Long Time Sun Shine Upon You.

"You cannot live by feelings and emotions;
you have to live by your intuition and consciousness."

Mudra: Sit with a straight spine or sit on chair with feet flat on floor. The shoulders and hips should be in line. Now, lock the tips of the front teeth together.

Eyes: Look at the tip of the nose towards the chest.

Tongue: Touches the upper palate (this should occur automatically within about 1 minute).

Mentally project the mantra 'Saa Taa Naa Maa' out from the third eye. Beam it out, creating an internal harmony. Continue for 31 minutes.

Dhrib Dhristi Lochina Karma Kriya is the "action of acquiring the insight of the future." This powerful yet simple meditation was first taught on the eve of a full moon. When practiced at this time, the effects are great as the subconscious mind is fully open to the vibratory action of the meditation. The pituitary gland is stimulated to secrete, which develops your intuition.

Although most meditations and Kriyas require long periods of practice and mastery, it is possible to master this one in a single or several sittings. This is explained by the wide range of individual differences between yoga practitioners and the uniqueness of this particular meditation.

Duration: This meditation should be practiced for at least 31 minutes at a sitting. The minimum time is 15 minutes, and to master it you should practice for one and one-half hours. 3 hours practice will open up the psychic capacities.

Commentary: If you honestly practice this kriya the following things will happen: 1) your eyes will have the power to heal anyone; 2) your words will have the power to penetrate deeply; 3) you will learn to talk inspiringly and your words will always represent the truth of a given situation (this is known as "vac siddhi"); 4) you will be able to project your personality or your bodily sensations anywhere; 5) you will always know the consequence of any sequence that you may start.

Total Time: 15-90 minutes


Mudra: Sit with the legs crossed on the floor or sit on a chair with the feet on the floor. Hands on the knees or thighs, eyes closed, spine straight in neck lock. Inhale and exhale deeply 3 times. Then repeat the following for 11 minutes. After which, inhale deeply, then relax and rejoice!

To be confident
Will take care of it…
We’re so fortunate.

To be confident
Will take care of it…
We’re so fortunate.


Mudra: Sit with the legs crossed on the floor or sit on a chair with the feet on the floor. Hands on the knees or thighs, eyes closed, spine straight in neck lock. Inhale and exhale deeply 3 times. Then repeat the following for 11 minutes. After which, inhale deeply, then relax and rejoice!

I am Who I Am,
That is That.
I am Who I Am,
That is That.
I am Who I Am,
That is That.
Thank God...
I Am Who I Am.

I am Who I Am,
That is That.
I am Who I Am,
That is That.
I am Who I Am,
That is That.
Thank God...
I Am Who I Am

Finish: After 11 minutes, inhale deeply, then relax and rejoice!

Hear Guru Singh and Seal's rendition here.


Mudra: Sit with the legs crossed on the floor or sit on a chair with the feet on the floor. Hands on the knees or thighs, eyes closed, spine straight in neck lock. Inhale and exhale deeply 3 times. Then inhale deeply and repeat the following for 11 minutes inhaling deeply between chants.

Healthy am I…
Happy am I…
Holy am I. (Inhale deeply and continue.)

Healthy am I…
Happy am I…
Holy am I. (Inhale deeply and continue.)

Finish: After 11 minutes, inhale deeply, then relax and rejoice!

See ScienceOfMantra.com.

"The complete mantra is 'I am, I AM'.
'I am' is the finite and 'I AM' is the Infinite and the
mind must shuttle between the two."
Yogi Bhajan

Mudra: Sit with the legs crossed on the floor or sit on a chair with the feet flat on the floor. Hands on the knees or thighs, eyes closed, spine spine straight in neck lock, i.e., pull chin back, but not down to align the neck straight with the spine. Inhale and exhale deeply 3 times. Then repeat the following in easy rhythm for 11 minutes.

I am... (Simultaneously bring the right palm to the left chest.)
I AM. (Simultaneously bring the left palm to right chest and return the right hand to leg.)
I am... (Again, bring the right palm to the left chest and return the left hand to leg.)
I AM. (Again, bring the left palm to right chest and return the right hand to leg.)

Keep repeating this cycle.

Finish: After 11 minutes, inhale deeply, then relax and rejoice!

See ScienceOfMantra.com.

The Sound of the Gong

OM is the collective resonant tone of Life Force that fills the Infinite Living
Universe. But ONG is that tone impinging on Matter, creating the physical
Universe, which resonates like a gong from atom to galaxy. The Cosmos
quivers with sound like an infinite number of leaves quivering in the breeze.
Out of ONG and also contained within it are all the sounds that make up
the vibrating forms of life. Just as sound when projected through a liquid
solution, or sand on a metal plate produces geometric patterns, so does
form result throughout the creative manifestation, including the human body.

Mudra: Sit with the legs crossed on the floor or sit on a chair with the feet on the floor. Left hand in lap with right hand on left, palms up, and thumbs touching lightly. (This mudra is known as Buddhi mudra.) Eyes are closed, spine straight, pull chin back (neck lock) but not down, to align the neck straight with the spine. Inhale and exhale deeply 3 times. Inhale deeply, and begin repeating in a stretched-out form the sound ONG for 11 minutes, touching the tongue to the upper palate lightly to make the entire cranial cavity vibrate like a bell. Inhale deeply between each repetition and resonate the sound current for the duration of the breath. (See More About ONG.)

Onnnng (Then, inhale deeply and continue.)

Onnnng (Then, inhale deeply and continue.)

Finish: After 11 minutes, inhale deeply, then relax and rejoice! (31 minutes duration is another option.)

Note: Try this meditation with a group. The sound current will become continuous with each person chanting at their own rhythm. This creates a noticeably different and greater effect.

See When you're here, you're OM.


Mudra: Sit with the legs crossed on the floor or sit on a chair with the feet on the floor. Hands are on the knees with each thumb and forefinger touching. Palms are turned up. Eyes are closed, spine straight in neck lock, i.e., pull chin back, but not down to align the neck straight with the spine. Inhale and exhale deeply 3 times. Inhale deeply, and begin repeating the following for 11 minutes.

Inhale deeply and chant: God and me, me and God are One. (Inhale deeply and continue.)

God and me...me and God...are One. (Inhale deeply and continue.)

God and me...me and God...are One. (Inhale deeply and continue for 11 minutes.)

Duration: After 11 minutes, inhale deeply, then relax and rejoice!

See Siri Mantra For Life. See All Is One. See I Am IT.


Step 1: Sit in Easy Pose with a straight spine. Chin in, chest lifted high.

Step 2: Raise the hands in front of the heart center with the elbows bent so the forearms make a straight line parallel to the ground. Spread the fingers of both hands and press the finger and thumbs tips of opposite hands together with the thumbs pointing toward the chest. Create enough pressure to join the first segments of each finger. The palms remain separated.

Step 3: Fix the eyes on the tip of the nose.

Step 4: Inhale smoothly and deeply through the nose.

Step 5: Exhale through rounded lips in 8 equal emphatic strokes and pull the navel point on each exhale.

Step 6: To finish, inhale deeply and relax.

Duration: Continue for three minutes. Build the practice slowly to 11 minutes.

Commentary: The five elements, called tattvas, i.e., earth, air, water, fire, and ether (space), are categories of quality based in the energetic flow of your life force. If all of the elements are strong, in balance, and located in their proper place in your body, then you can resist stress, trauma and illness.

The deep inhale gives endurance and calmness. The exhale through the mouth calms reaction to stress. The strokes of the exhale stimulate the pituitary gland to optimize your clarity, intuition and decision making capacities. This meditation resolves many inner conflicts, especially when the conflicts arise from the competition between different levels of your functioning, eg: spiritual vs. mental vs. physical or survival needs.

Shiv Karni Kriya
Meditation for Prosperity*

Mudra: Sit straight with spine straight. Make a tight fist of the left hand and rest the wrist of the right hand on top of it, facing forward, with the fingers and thumb tightly arched like an open-mouthed snake ready to strike. Place this mudra in front of the Heart Center. Elbows are relaxed down.

Eyes: 1/10th open and focused at the tip of the nose.

Mantra: Chant the Ik Acharee Chand shabad using the recording by Gurushabad Singh and Nirinjan Kaur. Click to listen.

Duration: 31 minutes.

Finish: Inhale and hold briefly. Exhale, then relax and rejoice!

*Prosperity: the state of being prosperous. Synonyms: success; profitability; affluence; wealth; opulence; luxury; the good life; milk and honey; good fortune; ease; plenty; comfort, security; well-being.


"Understand Guru Nanak’s words, Ek-Ong-Kaar. 'The universe is created by ONE, and you are that ONE.' Have patience and wait. Things will start happening. All prosperity is based on opportunity, though you believe opportunity has to be caught. But it will only happen when the Hand of the Creator is behind it, not when you involve your ego. The ultimate knowledge of the Age of Aquarius is that purkha is the source of prakriti. Chanting Ajai Alai with this mudra is like releasing an arrow from a bowstring. Without this mudra it is like throwing an arrow with the hand. This mudra makes a heavenly difference.” Yogi Bhajan, April 30th, 2001 -- Source.

Meditation for Prosperity*

Hands are placed over the heart, left hand over right.

Mantra: Aap Sahaaee Hoaa -- Sachay Daa Sachaa Doaa -- Har Har Har

Meaning: The Creator is my protector. The Truest of the True takes care of me. Har - the primal name-sound of the Creator.

Mudra: Sit with straight spine. Hands are placed over the heart, left over right. See photo above.

Eyes: Close eyes with gaze fixed at root of nose.

Duration: Chant this mantra for 11 to 31 minutes every day to bring the blessings of prosperity* into your life.

Finish: Inhale deeply, hold the breath for 10 seconds, then relax and rejoice!

*Prosperity: the state of being prosperous. Synonyms: success; profitability; affluence; wealth; opulence; luxury; the good life; milk and honey; good fortune; ease; plenty; comfort, security; well-being.


"These words 'Aap sahaaee hoaa sachay daa sachaa doaa...' are from Siri Guru Granth. The effectiveness of this is that, in your life there must be some animosity against you. We call this the square in the life. Sometimes you are told because of this, this is a square in your life. Therefore, you have to face this, go through it, bad luck and all that. These words will totally eliminate enemies and animosity forever. And the three words of 'Har, Har, Har' -- with a powerful three-minute breath-of-fire, can totally give you mental self-control, by yourself and your mental self, with control of your all five Tattvas.

Do it for ninety days. You will experience this great miracle of the spoken word. It's my prayer and understanding that some of you are ready to look into the unknown areas of your Greater Self. Instead of being afraid of the unknown, make the unknown your friend and this is our first gift to you, it is a first opening, where you can penetrate through the unknown without fear. It is very simple. It is very rhythmic. It's very nobly done, and it is helpful."  Yogi Bhajan, May 17th, 1983

"What I am telling you is the most powerful thing. It is called the Sudarshan Chakra. Sudarshan Chakra is the power [the circle] that you run on the finger, and you can rotate the psyche of the universe [he shows a horizontal circular motion with the finger]. But this Sudarshan Chakra is between the heart and the aura, the arc line, it runs this way [he shows a vertical circular movement between the heart center, penetrating towards the back, up above the Tenth Gate and back to the heart center]. ...This 'Har, Har' should come at the heart, 'Aap sahaaee hoaa sachay daa sachaa doaa' [makes a circular movement from heart, over the head], and 'har har har,' should come here [back at the heart center].

This is how it goes. It is penetrating at the heart center; it goes backwards; comes up and then comes back here [to the heart center]. If you just circulate the energy this way, it gives you the piston power. So mentally from one 'Har' [at the heart center], 'Aap sahaaee hoaa sachay daa sachaa doaa' [circulating back and over the head], and here comes 'Har, Har' [back at the heart center]. If you just circulate the energy mentally that way, I think in eleven minutes we can find it out. Let us do it."  Yogi Bhajan, July 9th, 1985

"Twenty eight years ago I was running a booming business as well as teaching. Like today, the economy suddenly tanked and we were way over-leveraged to survive a deep slow down. I sat with Yogi Bhajan at the Los Angeles airport and explained this dilemma. He gave a mantra to me - first time anyone had heard this one -- Aap sahaaee hoaa sachay daa sachaa doaa. He said to have it playing in the office 24-7.

In 1980 the only way to accomplish this was to use a 60-second cassette loop (made for answering machines). We recorded 60-seconds of this mantra repeating, and we played that cassette until the media fell off the tape nine months later. During that nine months we came up with revolutionary ways to not only survive but to thrive. This mantra overcomes all challenges." Guru Singh Khalsa 

See Siri Mantra For Life. See All Is One. See I Am IT.

By Jai Jagdeesh

(Note: Listen to Hans Christian's cello.)

Mantra: Aad Guray Nameh Jugaad Guray Nameh Sat Guray Nameh Siri Guru Devay Nameh

Meaning: I bow to the Primal Guru. I bow to the Guru woven troughout time. I bow to the True Guru, the true identity of the Self. I bow to the Supreme Guru whose Great Glory will always be.

Mudra: Sit with legs crossed or in a chair, spine straight. Hands are placed on the knees in gyan mudra. Inhale deeply, chant the mantra, Aad Guray Nameh Jugaad Guray Nameh Sat Guray Nameh Siri Guru Devay Nameh. Inhale deeply, chant mantra. Inhale deeply, chant mantra. Continue.

Duration: Chant this mantra for 11 to 31 minutes.

Finish: Inhale and hold the breath for 10 seconds, then relax and rejoice!

By Snatam Kaur Khalsa


Tratakam is the meditative technique of gazing. Gazing with the eyes is recognized as a powerful method for focusing life force energy. In the yogic Scripture it says, "even a glance from the eyes of a holy man can cure mental and physical imbalances." Gazing with the eyes is recognized as a powerful technique for focusing pranic energy. The pranic energy gives life to the atom, all material, and the mind.

Tratakam Gaze

Gaze into these eyes for 3 minutes for affect.

The laws of regulation and interaction of pranic energy form the basis of most occult sciences, and explain many obscure passages in the scriptures. The general technique of gazing is called Tratakam (Trataka, Tratakum). Applying Tratakam to a particular image of a teacher is Guru Yoga. The stories surrounding the practice of gazing are so many, the simple truths have become obscured. If one reads the old literature of yogic and mystic lore that was published around the turn of the century, there are descriptions of yogis gazing at the sun all day.

This ancient literature describes a glance that hypnotizes, removing one's will, and eyes that shine beams of light for miles. In many modern movies, the power of eye communication is used as main technique to represent emotional states. At the base of all this, there is an exciting and different understanding of man, energy, and the nature and function of vision.

More about Tratakam.



"If you want things to be done for you so you don’t have to do anything, then you must breathe from one to five or six breaths per minute. If you can practice that, then you can attract the universe to you. It is no secret. It’s a simple thing. The longer and deeper your breath is, the more your psyche attracts everything to you - it’s a way to prosperity. " Yogi Bhajan

Mudra: Sit in easy pose, spine straight, legs crossed, or sit in a chair with feet flat on the floor. Hands in Gyan mudra.

Gyan mudra

Eyes: Closed.

Breath: Inhale for 20 seconds, hold for 20 seconds, exhale for 20 seconds.

Duration: Continue for 11 minutes to 31 minutes.

Finish: Inhale deeply, hold briefly, then relax and rejoice!

Commentary: The physiological effects of this meditation include: Dramatic calming of anxiety, fear and worry, openness to feeling one’s presence and the presence of spirit and a stronger intuition.

"You have the right to prosperity."

"The clouds of war are always hanging on us. The entire economy of the country is at a standstill and people are in disarray, physically, mentally and spiritually. Nobody knows what is going to happen tomorrow, but people who practice calmness and quietness, who have meditative minds, know that what is happening is not what many think. Time has brought the earth to all this, and sometimes things do happen which are required to happen.

Jo upaijo so binas hai paro aaj kai kaal
Nanak har gun gaa-ay lay chaad sagal janjaal.

One who is born has to die and death has to take it’s toll.

We are not permanent here. Nothing around us is permanent. Everything moves on. This is the spirit of the universe. As the Aquarian Age has to come, the Piscean Age has to leave. And so, the people who are Pisceans shall eliminate themselves in many ways.

Kuaar hoay sabh milangay, bachay sharan jo hoay.
Those who will get out of this madness and muddiness
of time shall meet again for peace and tranquility.

They shall take the true shelter of God in their hearts and on their lips. They see the spirit in everybody. There’s no reason to worry. Things are many faceted and happen as God wants them to manifest.

If all the wishes of mankind would come true there would be no life to live nor rebirth. When our consciousness elevates us into sensory human beings, then we will see the reality, feel the reality, and flow with the reality rather than with maya. Therefore, my request to you is, do not let your calmness go. Do not let your peace of mind go.

Be with the Guru through this time. Your spirit shall be content, and out of that contentment you’ll find yourself with a lot of richness. It is very essential at this time. Majority of the world is living in a terrible fear. Nobody knows what is happening. There’s too much information available to process. That is not the way. Just feel, within yourself, content and satisfied, peaceful and unique.

You are walking on the path of the Guru, where you must glow in that radiance and that truth so that others may recognize you are people of peace. And that’s the way we are. If life is that short or long or small, it has a reason for purpose, and you will do your purposeful living on this planet. That’s why you are here. You have the right to prosperity and proportionate happiness within yourselves and with each other. I pray, and pray deeply, that nothing should upset you. The Guru has designed your set -up to guide you. Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice!" -- Yogi Bhajan


Sat Avtar Kaur

"Aad Guray Nameh is a mantra used to invoke the protective energy of the Universe. This shabad mantra is found on page 262 of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib. It is the foremost stanza of Sukhmani Sahib, written by Guru Arjun Dev Ji, fifth Guru of the Sikhs. This chant is also a common Kundalini Yoga Music Chant that became popular by way of Yogi Bhajan and the 3HO-Sikh Dharma movement.

Kundalini Yoga Mantras are chanted in a special language, Gurmukhi, that connects us with the inner sound current. The words 'guru-mukh literally mean "from the mouth of the guru". While "Gurmukhi" is spoken, it is a poetic rendering, written in a script intended for spiritual writings. Chanting a mantra is also considered a meditation and can include a Mudra (hand position), breathing in a certain way, and the sound of the words.

Correct pronunciation of these ancient Kundalini Yoga Words, vibrates different parts of the roof of the mouth, touching on meridian points, balancing and stimulating different parts of the body and brain, and listening to the sound inside you. That, plus how many minutes or hours a person chants, all combines to bring you safety to inner states of awareness (enlightenment) and change. (See my Web site at http://www.kundalini-yoga-info.com/Kundalini-Yoga-Mantras.html.)

As far as I am concerned there are no 'Cons' to chanting this mantra.

You may ask questions from your Logical, Scientific, Intellectual mind or Business Person's mind. But no one can answer your questions, in the way that you want. As far as I know, there has not been a scientific study done to see if it works, because that would be impossible. Kundalini Yoga mantras are experiential.

A person once asked me for proof that this mantra works. Each person that uses this mantra has to prove it for himself. I can tell you of other people's experiences, but that does not prove anything. You have to do it. That is all. Yogi Bhajan, the Master of Kundalini Yoga, said that it works and I believe him.

I once lived in a house in which rats came in through the attic, got between the wall of my bedroom and the next room, woke me at 2:00 am and even had fights. It was winter time and no one was going to fix that part of the roof. So one day, when I was chanting this mantra around the house, I said it around the edges of the ceiling, and no more rats came into the house.

Another person told me that she was driving down the road chanting the mantra, and a car pulled over into her lane coming directly at her. There was no time to do anything. She closed her eyes, and when she opened her eyes, she looked in the rear view mirror and saw the car behind her going down the road. I have my proof that it works." -- Sat Avtar Kaur


Hari Singh Bird

"My wife and I frequently ride our bikes. I have a habit of reciting the Aad Guray Nameh mantra either aloud or silently when on my bike or in a car. On one occasion we were preparing to cross a high-traffic street. When traffic had cleared, we proceeded into the intersection. Just then a large pickup truck from the opposite side suddenly entered the intersection. The driver was on his cell phone. The truck came roaring straight towards us with me in a direct line.

As my wife screamed, the truck stopped just as its front bumper came to rest against my front wheel." -- Hari Singh Bird


Guru Rattana Kaur

"Cultivating Your Neutral Mind...Awareness and Paying Attention...The process is simple (but practice is essential) – Close your eyes and look into your inner space. Whatever you see, hear or perceive when you close your eyes is IT. Common experiences are darkness, space, cave, nothing, void, light, etc. Whatever YOU see, pay attention to that – dark, stable, peaceful, nothing. Don’t distract yourself with ‘is this it?’ It is through paying attention to whatever is there that does not change that the awakening happens. Simply pay attention to what is. Not to what you want. Not to what you think ‘should’ be there. Do not contrive a mentally or emotionally directed visualization.

Over time you will discover that you are paying attention to much more than space or blackness. All the qualities that you have been searching for are the essence qualities of your neutral mind – peace, stability, neutrality, non-judgment, stillness, silence, etc. Focus on these qualities until you experience them in your being. These essence qualities exist in every cell of your being (ung sung wahe guru) and in the whole universe. They are always present.

Allow yourself to be absorbed into these qualities (one at a time) and you will experience the oneness that was always there and always will be there. All we have to do is pay attention to IT. Take time between exercises and after a kriya and meditation to pay attention and to go deep into your experience. You will find your essence, unity, oneness and Love. The more you pay attention, the more familiar you will become with IT.

You will begin to experience the reality of – Take one step toward God and God takes many steps toward you. One step is paying attention. Notice the difference between searching and paying attention. Grabbing, searching takes energy and leads you nowhere. Paying attention takes the same energy, but you get something wonderful back – the gifts of inner peace, stability, neutrality and love."

Neutral Is Our Power Base - In our usual asleep state, awareness is very limited and often monopolized by random thoughts or spaced out. There is a vast reality within that we are unaware of -- our soul, the Infinite, inner peace, universal wisdom, and Divine Love.

As multidimensional beings living in a multidimensional world and universe, we need more than our dualistic mind to experience and compute what is going on. We need our neutral mind, which has access to subtle information from our Soul and the Infinite.

Neutral is not nothing. Neutral is the container for everything. Neutral is the ability to see and perceive reality the way it is, not the way we want it to be.

Our neutral mind is our base. It is our observer station. But rather than being a passive instrument, it is an active witness to our thoughts, emotions, and reactions. Its job is to keep our faculties of consciousness and awareness active and our inner space receptive and expansive.

Neutral Shifts Our Inner Reality. As we learn to access and pay attention to the neutral channel, our mental, emotional, and physical states begin to shift and harmonize.XXIn our neutral channel, we experience a dependable, stable place inside ourselves, where we can relax, let go, and trust.

When we have access to the neutral channel, the dual mind can finally be relieved of the stress caused by thinking it has to figure everything out. In the neutral channel we can listen to the wise counsel of our intuition and hear our soul's voice direct our decisions.

The neutral mind is our access route to higher love, peace, harmony, and oneness, all of which are not available in the dualistic mind. From the lighthouse of our neutral mind, we look at life differently.

We discover that our identity and our reality extend beyond our current personalities into a non-physical presence and being.

As we let go of mental ideas of who we are and how life should be, we begin to experience peace, satisfaction, and fulfillment.

Basic Guidelines - The following are the most basic guidelines to awaken and become aware of your neutral mind and inner space.

Pay Attention with Sensory Faculties - Our first task in meditation is to pay attention to ourselves (to our bodies and inside our skin) with our subtle sensory faculties of (1) awareness, (2) listening, and (3) feeling.

We train ourselves to use our sensory faculties to focus inside instead of outside ourselves. Use these faculties to direct your mind to be present to what you are feeling in your body. Get in touch with your physical, mental, and emotional condition. Don't analyze or think about anything. Deeply listen, feel, and be non-verbally present to your body and breath.

Look Inside Your Head - Close your eyes. Look inside your head. Keep looking until you see a dark space. This space can be dark or light, but it is usually simply a dark cave-like space. Whatever you see (dark, space, nothing, empty, etc.) pay attention to that. Use your faculties of awareness and listening to tune in to the neutral space in your mind. The more you look, the more you will realize that this space is vast, pure, open, and totally available for you. Your primary and ongoing training then is to focus on the space inside your head. Do not get distracted by images, lights, or any other visuals that might appear. Look deeply beyond any thoughts or visuals.

Listen Inside Your Head - In addition to looking, engage your faculty of listening to listen inside your head. Listen between your ears, as though you have an inner ear inside your head. Listen deeply underneath any thoughts, until you hear the sound of silence. You will become aware of a "sound" that is always there. This is a constant infinite "sound of silence" that is very soothing and always in the background.

Keep Coming Back to Neutral - It is normal that your attention will be diverted by thoughts in the dual mind, which continues to emit thoughts. Allow the thoughts, but don't pay attention to them. Engage your faculty of listening to pay attention to the sound of silence. Don't get involved in thinking, evaluating, analyzing, or judging what you are doing. You will notice that when you engage your attention on rational mind activities, you pop out of your neutral channel.

Dwell in 'My Sacred Space' - We quickly notice that our inner space is always there. We can always return to this place of peace, which is permanently in our psyche. The sound of silence is always present without discussion. This experience of permanency is comforting and reassuring. We begin to trust that we have an inner sanctuary to which we can always return. Think of it as my personal space. No one except me has access to my sacred space of peace.

Our task then is to (1) access, (2) stay in, (3) deepen, and (4) train ourselves to operate from the vantage point of our sacred space in our body. As we do so, we can hold this inner space of stillness and place of peace and equanimity inside ourselves while we carry out our daily activities.

The Power of Neutral will show you how you can train yourself to simply (without judgment or frustration) return your attention to your sacred neutral space. -- The Power of Neutral By Guru Rattana Kaur, Ph.D.


"In the beginning was the Word. It doesn't
say in the beginning was God.
-- Yogi Bhajan


When Yogi Bhajan taught about the unique classes of languages, he
called them phonetic languages where the sounds of the syllables impart
meaning by the way they resonate with the archetypal human psyche. He
described Gurmukhi, Sanskrit and French as three such languages. In the
16th century, the second Sikh guru, Guru Angad, created the Gurmukhi
alphabet to phonetically represent many, if not all, languages.

"Guru Angad, the second Sikh Master, invented the Gurmukhi script. Guru Nanak named Guru Angad to succeed him as the Guru for the Sikhs in 1539. Gurmukhi means "from the mouth of the Guru." The Gurmukhi script accomplished something very special. It allowed people to be able to read and pronounce the songs written by Guru Nanak. Up until that point in history, the dialect spoken by Guru Nanak and his contemporaries had no written equivalent. Written languages were reserved for the powerful, the wealthy, and the high-castes. There was no writing or reading based on the common language.


"The meaning of the Word-Sound is not what is important.
It is the effect of the Word-Sound that matters." Hari Singh Khalsa

Gurmukhi was developed to be a very precise phonetic language. By learning to pronounce Gurmukhi, people could not only learn to read and pronounce the songs written by Guru Nanak; they could also learn how to pronounce the songs that Guru Nanak had preserved during his life from other masters and sages, even if those songs were in a completely different language. The purpose of Gurmukhi was not to simply represent the common language of the time, but to allow people to read and sing sacred songs in other languages as well.

Why did this phonetic language develop? And what does it have to do with the Shabad Guru – the Guiding Sound of Wisdom?

Being awakened or enlightened is not simply a mental state. It is a physiological state as well. How we breathe, how the glands secrete, how the nervous system is operating—all of this changes based on what we speak, what we hear, and what we perceive. When Guru Nanak sang his songs, the words he brought forth had a two-fold effect. On the level of language, they imparted a certain philosophical meaning of how to see the world. But in the science of Naad (sound), the songs have the ability to change the physiology of a person and bring them to a more heightened state of consciousness.

The invention of Gurmukhi was key to opening the doors of the Shabad Guru to all people. Through learning this very simple, precise method of pronunciation, and by repeating the words of the sages, you begin to induce in yourself the same state of consciousness that they were in when they sang the songs. It begins to create the same changes in the physiology. It opens the door to higher awareness. And all that is required is your breath and voice imitating and repeating those sounds.

This is the essence of the Shabad Guru. It is between you and you. There is no one else involved. It only requires your breath reciting this sacred poetry. By this practice, there is a process you undergo within your own ego and identity to transform your awareness to live at these heights. Ek Ong Kaar Kaur Khalsa

See Understanding Shabad Guru. See The Transformational Mantra For Planet Earth. See The Sacred Songs of the Sikhs. Also see Sat Nam Means. And to learn more about the Effects of Reciting Banis, which are recited regularly by Sikhs, click here.

As taught by Yogi Bhajan

Mudra: Sit in easy pose with a straight spine. Interlace your fingers so that the finger tips press into the cavities between the fingers on the back of each hand. The index fingers are straight up, pressed together along their length. Thumbs cross each other comfortably. Hands are held at chest level.

Eyes: Open, focused at the tip of the nose.

Mantra: Chant Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru, Wahe Jio* from your navel point, creating a mental focus in this way. At the sound of Wha focus at the navel point; Hey focus at the chest; Gu (as in "good") - roo (as in "true") focus at the lips. Follow the same sequence and rhythm for Wahe Jio ("ji" as in "gee;" "o" as in "go").

Duration: Continue for 3 minutes building up to 31 minutes.

Finish: Inhale and hold. Listen to the sound of the mantra. Exhale, inhale, hold, and give back all the cold depression to God. Exhale, inhale, hold, and feel the preciousness of life. Let it go through your exhalation. Relax and rejoice!

Cold Depression Will Persist Until 2038

*COLD DEPRESSION is our single biggest challenge as we enter the Aquarian Age. It affects vitality of spirit and leads us to behave in ways we would not otherwise. Yogi Bhajan, the Master of Kundalini Yoga, cautioned us that as we transition into this Aquarian Age, i.e., through the year 2038, humanity will suffer from a phenomenon he called Cold Depression.

By Shanti Shanti Kaur

Cold depression occurs when the external demand is greater than the internal capacity to deliver and we have spent our reserves. We are depressed but we are so numb and insensitive to our own self, we do not feel it. The depression is therefore “cold.” This leads us to inner anger and isolation from our soul. Cold Depression is when we are cut off from our spirit, source, strength, and inner guidance. At its core is a deep sense of loneliness, a prevailing sense of anxiety, and a loss of meaning. Yogi Bhajan called this, “The Silence of the Soul.”

We instinctively counter the numbness of Cold Depression with behavior that fulfills the need for stimulation. A person experiencing Cold Depression does not seem depressed to themself or others. This is because they keep busy, active, and appear energized. She may overwork, create “emergencies” or drink 6 energy drinks a day. He may engage in extreme sports, risk taking, or substance abuse. This insensitivity of Cold Depression may lead to reactivity, impatience, and drama. Know anyone like this?

Cold Depression is not just a personal challenge; it occurs across an entire population during global transition such as the one we are in now. When there is a major frequency change, Cold Depression can increase to profound levels, like a sudden tide. Yogi Bhajan said this “gray period” of the planet has occurred in the past, whenever there was an epochal transition.

What Causes Cold Depression?

Information overload, unrelenting stress, and rapid change contribute to Cold Depression. Bigger. Faster. More. These are all elements of modern life. The glandular and nervous systems of most people on the planet are not sufficiently developed to meet this challenge. When we don’t have the energy within, we seek it outside ourselves. We go for the rush. --

See Meditation For Cold Depression.

Note: From a lecture by Yogi Bhajan, October 17, 2000 This meditation is re-published from the GRD website at http://www.grdcenter.org/articles/cold-depression.php.


Strengthen your mind-set to be successful.
Gain the drive and inspiration to pick up new skills.
Achieve greater control over your thought patterns.
Establish a profound connection with the subconscious mind.
Improve your capacity for creative thought and problem-solving.
Experience the Isolated Seer, be aware, detached and care-free.

Refine your skill to become still, grateful, and to surpass limitations. More





Ek Ong Kar Sat Nam Siri WhaHe Guru

Translation: The Creator and Creation are One. This is who I am. The experience of this wisdom is beyond all words and brings indescribable bliss. See AdiShaktiMantra.com for complete details. Also see You Are IT.


Ek Ong Kaar, Sat Naam, Kartaa Purakh, Nirbhao, Nirvair, Akaal Moorat, Ajoonee Saibhang, Gur Prasaad, Jap, Aad Such, Jugaad Such, Haibhee Such, Naanak Hosee Bhee Such

Translation: The Creator and Creation are One. I Am IT. IT does all, and causes all to be done. IT protects me through all incidents of time and space. IT fears nothing and knows nothing of vengeance or anger. Deathless, IT comes into form. In ITSELF, IT has never been born. Flowing through the cycles of birth and death, IT moves by ITS own purity and projection. This understanding comes only as a sweet blessing, as a gift. In every moment, IT continues in ITS continual remembrance. From the beginning this Truth was True. All through time and space IT is True. Even now, IT is True. Nanak says, IT shall ever be True. See What Happens When You Meditate. See ScienceOfMantra.com.


When you're here you're OM.

As taught by Yogi Bhajan

Mudra: Lie flat on your stomach. Place your hands in fists under the body close to the ovaries and inside the hips. Keep the chin and upper torso on the ground and raise your legs as high as you can without straining yourself. Your legs should stay as straight as possible. Breathe long and deeply through the nose for 1-3 minutes. Then lower your legs, take a few deep breaths and relax. This posture is called Shalabasama or Locust and is excellent for toning the lower back, stomach and legs, and for women, relieving pre-menstrual discomfort.

As taught by Yogi Bhajan

Mudra: Sit cross-legged or in a chair with your spine straight in neck lock and feet flat on the floor. Raise your arms, bringing your hands up to ear level. Pull the shoulders back so that there is a slight pressure on the spine between the shoulders and the nape of the neck. Lock the ring and the pinkie fingers down with the thumbs and extend the forefingers and middle fingers straight upward. Close your eyes and concentrate on the top of the head. Breathe long and deep. Continue for 11 minutes. To finish, inhale deeply, then relax and rejoice! The Desiderata

As taught by Yogi Bhajan

Mudra: Sit in a cross-legged position or in a chair with your spine straight in neck lock and feet flat on the floor. Cross your arms, right palm on top of the left elbow and the top of the left hand under the right elbow. Fingers are together. Bring the crossed arms up so the arms are parallel to the ground and stretch out the arms from the shoulders as much as possible. Close the eyes and allow the breath to become slow. Continue for 3-minutes. To finish, inhale deeply, then relax and rejoice! Desiderata II

As taught by Yogi Bhajan

Mudra: Sit cross-legged or in a chair with your spine straight in neck lock and feet flat on the floor. Curl your tongue down the middle to its length as much as you can, and extend it out slightly past the lips. Inhale deeply through the tongue and exhale through the nose. Continue for 5 minutes. Then inhale, pull the tongue in and hold the breath briefly. Exhale and relax. This breath soothes and cools the body and has been used by yogis to reduce fever. It is excellent for rejuvenation and detoxification.

As taught by Yogi Bhajan

"Purpose of meditation is prosperity,
here and hereafter." -- Yogi Bhajan

"However things go, you must remain calm,
quiet and peaceful. That peace is the source
of prosperity. Self-containment is the art of
prosperity. It is the highest spiritual strength.
There is nothing to match it." -- Yogi Bhajan


Mudra: Sit with a straight back in easy pose, a cross legged position, or on a chair with your spine straight and neck-chin in neck lock, and feet flat on the floor. Your eyes are 9/10 closed, and focused at the tip of the nose.* Bring your forearms up to a 60 degree angle, a) hit the sides of the hands together, PALMS DOWN. Chant HAR, from the navel. Use the tip of the tongue to roll the R with each HAR (Harrr). Then, b) hit the sides of the hands together, PALMS UP, and chant HAR (Harrr). The thumbs will hit when the palms are down. This movement is rhythmic and the speed is about one hit of the hands per second. CONTINUE for 11 to 31 minutes. To finish, inhale deeply, then relax and rejoice! See What Prosperity Means. See The Science of Mantra Meditation.

*"When your two eyes concentrate on the tip of the nose, the mind stops flirting around." Yogi Bhajan


As taught by Yogi Bhajan


Mudra: Sit in easy pose, cross-legged, eyes 1/10 open, looking towards the tip of your nose. Raise your hands as if taking a double oath, elbows contacting the base of your ribs. Your thumbs press the base of your little fingers. Rotate your forearms* in small, vigorous, circles: right clockwise, left counterclockwise. 3-11 minutes.

*The elbows remain loosely in contact with the base of the ribs throughout. The hands describe (horizontal) circles (on a parallel plane with the ceiling). The circles are a foot or less in diameter. Essentially, the forearms come along for the ride!


Immediately raise your arms overhead. Spread your fingers wide. Inhale deeply and chant a Long Saaaaaaaaaat and a very brief Nam. The ratio of Sat to Nam is about 35/1. Continue Long Sat Nam's for 1-3 minutes.

Commentary: Yogi Bhajan said, regarding Part 1: "The force of the movement of the hands allows your lower back to release. This is an effective exercise to help prevent or address chronic lower back pain. This exercise helps to keep a person young." Be sure you keep your thumbs pressed against the mounds of Mercury the entire time. This force of the hands also will clear the ears, nose, and throat. As a result of this Meditation, your communication with other people will be effective and mutually harmonious.

Sat Nam translates as Authentic Self. Truth is Unchangeable and Everlasting, but our authentic selves need to be flexible to meet the tests of the times, personally and collectively. Communicating effectively means that we accept that another person's agenda may be different than our own. That their basic assumptions may be different than our own. In the various venues of life different modes of communication are called for. This happens automatically when we can invoke the necessary frequencies (chakras) for the situation at hand. In this Meditation, the thumb at the base of the little finger stimulates Mercury (communication) energy. Rotating the forearms activates our auras. Raising the arms with the fingers wide projects our authenticity throughout the various layers (frequencies) of self and psyche. This gives us the ability to communicate directly from the vantage of all the levels which comprise us.


As taught by Yogi Bhajan

A kriya is a specially designed sequence of yoga exercises, each lasting from one to three minutes. This series will "work out" a certain component of your mind and body system - be it your glandular system, your nervous system, your organs or your muscular system. At the end of the series, you will be consolidated in a new physical and mental state.

First, sit on the floor with crossed legs and straight spine or sit in a chair with both feet flat on the floor. Pull the chin back (neck lock) but not down, to align the neck straight with the spine, i.e., hold your chin level, pull it in a little, then push your chest-heart out a little.

Remember doing this as a child, “Here’s the church, here’s the steeple”, with your hands and fingers? Do this now by alternately interlocking your fingers together while pointing the finger tips in towards the palm side. Then make a “steeple” not with your index fingers, but with your ring fingers. This means drawing the ring fingers from each hand to point out rather than in, like the rest of the fingers, and touch the two ring finger tips together to form a “steeple.” This can be a little tricky! The hand position is called a “mudra” and the whole thing just rests in front of your diaphragm area, pointing the steeple out and up.

Next, is the breath. Cut down on the time to accommodate your ability. Keep the pattern regular. Inhale slowly and regularly for 20 seconds; lightly hold the breath in for 20 seconds; exhale slowly and regularly for 20 seconds. Continue to repeat this cycle. Do not hold the breath out. Watch a clock for the first few cycles, then do your best to keep a regular rhythm, according to the time your body can accommodate.

Lastly, close your eyelids nine-tenths to look at the tip of the nose through the slits of your eyes.* There is no “mantra” or words to go with this meditation. Choose the length of time for which you intend to do this meditation such as 3 minutes, 11 minutes or 31 minutes - yogic time intervals, and set your timer. On the last inhale, hold your breath in a little longer, and consciously raise your energy from the bottom of your spine, up through the top of your head. Then exhale and feel the benefits!

This kriya can be done daily, especially if you want to address a fear within yourself. Or, if a certain fear comes up, just use this meditation for as long as it takes to transform the fear. It’s an amazing “Life Tool!”

Without fear, you can’t be exploited by either those who would harm you, or by those who would take your power in exchange for false promises. You become free within yourself and you reduce stress on your mind and body, thereby improving the health of both. More Kriyas as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Videos


Whahe Guru, Whahe Guru, Whahe Guru, Whahe Guru

WhaHe Guru, WhaHe Guru, WhaHe Guru, WhaHe Guru
Wha - The experience of Ecstasy.
He - Here and now.
Guru - That which brings you from darkness to light.

Anand bha-i-aa, mayree maa-ay, Satiguruu mai paa-i-aa.
I am in bliss, Oh my mother, for I have found my True Guru.

Satigur ta paa-iaa sahej saytee, man vajee-aa vaadhaa-i-aa.
I have found my True Guru with intuitive ease, and my mind resounds with the music of bliss.

Raag rattan paarvaar paree-aa Shabad gaavan aa-ee-aa.
The jeweled melodies and the celestial harmonies have come to sing the Shabad (the sacred sound current of the Guru).

Shabado ta gaavaho Haree kayree man jinee vasaa-i-aa.
Those who sing the Shabad - the Lord dwells within their minds.

Kahai Naanak, anand ho-aa, Satiguruu mai paa-i-aa.
Says Nanak, I am in ecstasy, for I have found my True Guru.

*Anand means bliss, but it is not just bliss in the way that we are used to thinking. Anand is the state of bliss that comes when every word that you speak, and every action you take supports the light and journey of your soul.

In the words of Yogi Bhajan, "Many people believe that the spiritual path is difficult and the neurotic path is easy ... It takes the same effort and energy to walk either path. The difficulty lies in the nature of the mind and how it grasps things and becomes entranced by feelings and sensations (Maya) ... Direct the mind with immediate sensations and convoluted negotiations, and we create neurosis and confusion. Direct it with the power of the Infinite Word, words of truth, and we will excel with clarity, kindness, and love." See 10 Reasons to Chant Mantras. See One is the answer. What is the question?

The Power of Allurement


Prayer pose is the mudra used with some meditations.
Gently pressing the palms together at the chest produces a
sense of harmony, and balances the cerebral hemispheres.

Salaam pose is a posture used as a gesture of veneration.
It is also used as a, 'I bow to the spirit within thee,' greeting.

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Kundalini Yoga Guidelines
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