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A Touching Course For Eyewear Professionals


Opticianry is defined by how well the eyewear makes contact with the patient.

"Eyeglass consumers need and deserve the following:
a) Optician-assisted, in-depth lifestyle interview;
b) Optician-assisted, design and selection;
c) Handcrafted, form-fitting eyewear;
d) Free lifetime adjustments and
minor repair services, none of
which are available online."
Optical Guidelines

"For the last few decades our collective
mindset has manifested as, 'Divided we stand...
united we fall.' We must shift to, 'United we stand...
divided we fall,’ as our paradigm." 1Plus1Equals11.com

"When Opticians do not touch the consumer at the time
they dispense their eyewear, they're acting more as
unskilled eyeglass merchants than as Opticians."

"The real challenge for any Optician is to take a symmetrically 4-point
squared device and handcraft it to fit an asymmetrically shaped object.
The answer is hands-on training, hands-on training, hands-on training.
It's time for those Opticians who know to teach those who do not know.

And it is time for any Opticians who do not know to surrender their egos.
It's been predicted that if Opticians fail to practice customizing eyewear to
fit the Patient, Opticianry will become irrelevant as a healthcare profession."

"Opticianry is ultimately defined by how well the eyewear makes
contact with the Patient, not by the number of customers served.
Therefore, a conscious, precise, and personalized process of frame
selection, lens design, and in-place, hands-on fitting is required. In too
many cases unrealistic and excessive sales goals override the Optician's
mission of providing professional health care, whereby the personalized,
form-fitting of eyewear is given only the most minor consideration, if any."

"Dentists, Manicurists and Hairstylists make direct, tactile contact with the
consumer. Likewise, Opticians must make direct contact with the Patient.
Hands on the Patient Opticians, can determine by sense of touch how a
frame feels even in lieu of asking the Patient. Only an eyeglass merchant
routinely hands over prescription glasses with no hands-on assessment,
nor the appropriate touch and feel required to custom form-fit eyewear."

"Opticians must assume responsibility for the current market.
Our separation from "point of service" over the last few decades is
what has contributed directly to our loss of market share, today. (We
can't be anymore separated from point of service than the Internet.) The
Consumer didn't demand or cause this separation. Opticians abdicated
this direct connection, vis-a-vis insufficient practical, hands-on training.
Opticians traded away direct personal contact as providers of healthcare
to Patients for marketing merchandise to customers. Our focus is now
more on selling than it is on serving. Opticians must regain this lost balance.
The future of Opticianry is now literally and figuratively in the hands of Opticians.
And it is incumbent on those Opticians who know to teach those who do not know."

"When Opticians relate to Consumers as customers, it often has an adverse
impact on the relationship. When Consumers purchase prescription eyewear
they should invariably be served as Patients, never as customers. Patients
receive Healthcare. Customers receive merchandise." Optical Guidelines

With conscious human touch Opticians
can transform the patient's experience.

Dispensing prescription eyewear...a 'touching' experience.

For centuries, mothers have instinctively known it works -- pick up young children and they'll stop crying -- gently rub babies' backs and it's off to dreamland they go. Now scientists are also coming to recognize the Power of Touch -- and not just touch therapies such as reflexology, but simple conscious acts such as giving a back rub, holding hands, sharing a hug, putting your arm around someone, or an Optician in the process of delivering eyewear, touching and feeling for the points of contact of the frame with the Patient's skull in the process of adjusting their eyewear. And with research demonstrating the healing power of touch, more hospitals are incorporating massage programs into care protocols for cancer and cardiovascular patients, among others.

Tiffany Field, PhD, director of the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami School of Medicine, has studied the benefits of touch for many years. Her book, Touch, reviews medical and sociological research on the importance of touch to good health and also argues that the Western world, including the medical profession, has marginalized and minimized its importance. Dr. Field claims that many forms of touch can help reduce pain, anxiety, depression and aggressive behavior; promote immune function and healing; lower heart rate and blood pressure; and improve air flow in asthmatics. All this, and no drug side effects! See Touch As Nutrition. See Attitudes About Touch.


Previous research has suggested that touch deprivation leads to aggression and violent behavior in animals, so Dr. Field is concerned that living in our largely touch-deprived Western society can have negative consequences. It was these concerns that led researchers at the Touch Research Institute to examine how touch is treated differently in two cities with very different cultures -- Miami and Paris.

In one study, published in Early Child Development and Care in 1999, Dr. Field and her colleagues measured how much affectionate touch preschoolers received from their parents on playgrounds and also the children's level of aggressive behavior. In Paris, they found there was more touch toward peers and parents by children and less aggression. In a separate study, researchers also observed that French adolescents -- raised with more affectionate touch -- were more affectionate and less physically and verbally aggressive with one another than American adolescents. This association does not imply or prove causation, but does make a case for closer examination with further research.


Dr. Field explained that the benefits of touch seem to stem largely from its ability to reduce levels of cortisol, a stress hormone manufactured by the adrenal glands. This was measured in two dozen studies. She said that touching with moderate-pressure (a firm handshake) stimulates activity in the vagus nerve, one of the 12 cranial nerves in the brain, which in turn slows the heart and decreases the production of stress hormones including cortisol.

Other studies published from the Touch Research Institute, published in peer-reviewed journals, demonstrate that touch contributes to ...

Decreased pain. Children with mild to moderate juvenile rheumatoid arthritis who were given massages by their parents 15 minutes per day for one month experienced less anxiety and lower cortisol levels. Over a 30-day period, parents, kids and their physicians reported less pain overall in the children.

Enhanced immune function. In studies, women with breast cancer and HIV patients showed a measurable increase in natural killer cells -- part of a line of defense in the immune system against virus-infected cells and cancer cells -- after massage. They also experienced less anxiety and depression. Watch The Origin of Chair Massage. Enter code: xsw21qaz

Happier, healthier babies. Preemies who were touched more while in the NICU gained more weight.

Less labor pain. Women in labor who received a back rub the first 15 minutes of every hour of labor reported less pain and made fewer requests for pain medications. Their labor was also shorter, on average.

Enhanced alertness and performance. Following massage, adults completed math problems in significantly less time and with fewer errors.



Touching is good for the giver as well as the recipient, says Dr. Field. She cites a study in which 20 children with leukemia were given daily massages by their parents. After one month, the parents' depressed moods decreased, and the children's white blood cell and neutrophil counts increased. In another study of elderly volunteers who were trained to give massages to infants, Dr. Field found that after three weeks the seniors experienced improved mood with less anxiety or depression, decreased levels of stress hormones and more social contacts and fewer doctor visits.


Touch comes more naturally to some people than others. You can make a conscious effort to bring more touch into your daily life -- and more happiness to yourself and those around you. Give your kids hugs when they leave for school in the morning and when they come home. Hold your partner's hand when you take a walk, exchange back rubs and don't forget good-night kisses. Pet your dog or cat. Schedule a few sessions with a professional massage therapist and pay attention to what feels especially good -- then try it at home on one another. Relax and enjoy. See Reflexology. See Attitudes About Touch. See Back Walking.

Source: Tiffany Field, PhD, director of the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami School of Medicine in Florida. --


Healing Touch is a non-invasive therapy classified by the National Institutes of Health as a “biofield” therapy because its effects are thought to be due to manipulation of energy fields around the body.

This therapy is considered a Holistic Therapy and it is frequently used as an adjunct to medical treatment. Treatments include light touch on specific points on the body as well as around the body, with the goal of restoring energy and vitality to the body, increasing well-being and supporting the body’s ability to heal.

According to the theory underlying this modality, the Healing Touch practitioner uses a conscious, intentional process of directing energy through their hands to the patient either by contacting the patient’s energy field and-or touching the body. Healing Touch utilizes additional specific techniques for direction and modulation of energy. Interventions such as Healing Touch have been shown to elicit a profound relaxation response, enhance wound healing, reduce post surgical pain and use of pain medication, reduce tension headache pain and anxiety, and to enhance mood and well-being in individuals with serious illness.

Although Healing Touch is frequently used by cancer patients along with their medical treatments, very little is understood about the effects of this treatment on the immune system. Research is not yet able to fully explain why these methods heal the body.

The concept of electromagnetic fields affecting the biological systems is not new and attempts to measure electromagnetic patterns related to illness date back to the 1940’s. There is some documentation that the physiological processes of a living system such as plant growth, enzyme activation, or hemoglobin production can be positively influenced by “exchange of energy”. However, with few exceptions, technologies to measure the hypothesis of energy transfer have been largely absent. See Massage Therapy. See Dispensing Guidelines. See Hands On Healing. See The Rescuing Hug. See Reflexology. See Onsite Family Health Care. See TimeForCraftsmanship.com. See Shift Happens.




National Health Service of the United Kingdom rules...
Hands-on practice by therapists is banned!

for Eye Care Professionals
By Opticians For Change

Whatever happened to old-fashioned
Hands on the Patient Opticianry?

Contact Lens Care and Compliance

Eyewear For Hard-To-Fit Patients

NCLE No Fee CEs For Opticians

The Rap on Wrap-arounds

Sunwear Is Not An Option

Time For Craftsmanship


Books, lectures and tests can take an Optician's skills only so far.

It is time for touch-and-feel, Hands on the Patient training.
Only one on one craftsmanship training provides this.
Craftsmanship cannot be learned virtually.

"Handcrafted frame fitting, i.e., touch and feel, hands-on dispensing,
cannot be outsourced to lectures or virtual sources. It is an art form,
which requires direct and multi-dimensional contact with the patient."

"It is incumbent on those who know, to teach those who do not know.
It is incumbent on those who do not know to surrender their ego."

American Board of Opticianry accredited and Florida State Board approved CE hours
for Intermediate and Advanced Level Opticians in Handcrafted Frame Fitting are
currently offered under the sponsorship of POF, the Professional Opticians of
Florida. Click or 855-410-2700 to arrange for Training Session.





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