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Patients deserve a fully personalized design and handcrafted form-fitting of their eyewear. There now is a company that produces one-of-a-kind eyewear built specifically to fit...really fit, a hard-to-fit face. Indivijual Custom Eyewear is working with Optometrists and Opticians to provide stylish custom-built frames guaranteed to fit each unique face.


OpticiansForChange.com does not ordinarily promote specific vendors. Here, we make exception due to the fact that too many Eye Care Professionals are unable to find the custom resources and products offered by Indivijual Custom Eyewear. OpticiansForChange.com offers the following vendor narrative strictly as a public service. OpticiansForChange.com maintains no financial interest or relationship with Indivijual Custom Eyewear.

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At last, Eye Care Professionals can provide a perfect solution for Hard-to-Fit Patients. After years of working successfully with direct customer orders, Indivijual Custom Eyewear is now reaching out to Eye Care Providers with a product that has a track record of precision fit and a flattering appearance. Indivijual provides a dispensing fee program for Optometrists and other Eye Care Professionals, and the custom frame is shipped to that Eye Care Provider for the lenses and the final adjustment on the face. Custom eyewear can now be an affordable solution for hard to fit faces.

Now, every face can be fitted with eyeglasses or sunglasses that provide a precision fit and a flattering look. Indivijual Custom Eyewear has developed technology that solves hard-to-fit problems and provides unparalleled precision. Indivijual both designs and hand crafts a custom frame for each customer. Each frame is sculpted to order based on the customer’s unique physical attributes and personal style. Indivijual’s artists and engineers perfect the lines, the shape, the size and the fit that frame every unique face as a work of art.

Custom fit is the bedrock of our business. Indivijual Custom Eyewear conducts comprehensive information gathering that includes sculpting clay to create a mold of the nose, a measuring device to determine face and head dimensions, and color charts to assess skin, hair, and eye tones. Using this information, the company makes a three-dimensional model of the patient’s nose that guides construction of the precision-made frames. They also include a customer profile questionnaire to give designers insight into personal style and preferences. The questionnaire furnishes details about occupation, recreational habits, predominant wardrobe colors, and hairstyle that ensure the finished frames will suit the customer’s lifestyle and personality.

Three Dimensional Design

Indivijual Custom Eyewear receives orders from customers all around the globe, and while all seem to appreciate the benefit of the style factor, it’s the amazing fit on each face that brings in the rave reviews. “Send us all your hard-to-fit faces like big heads, flat nose bridges, noses of any size, narrow faces, Asian fit and African fit,” says Randall Barnett, Founder and CEO. “Indivijual can frame them all.” Such hard-to-fit faces are usually just a small percentage of an eye care practice, so it’s a challenge to find and stock any XXXL or extra small sizes or the sort of nose designs to solve an ethnic fit problem. Many women with small faces are relegated to wearing child-sized and child-styled frames with very limited options.

“Most people have a closet full of clothes they only wear a few times a month," Barnett points out. "Eyeglasses are something you put on your face every day. Nothing else you wear is more a part of your look or your persona than your eyewear. You are unique. Your eyewear should be, too.”

Sheng Qiang

"I need a frame over 170mm wide, almost 7 inches. In my entire life
I could never find an eyeglass frame big enough to fit. Indivijual
Custom Eyewear
solved the problem." -- Sheng Qiang, Australia

How the Custom Eyewear Process Works from Start to Finish

What happens when you refer a Hard-to-Fit Patient to Indivijual Custom Eyewear? Upon receipt of the patient’s contact info, Indivijual will contact them via email and phone to provide information about our custom services and how the custom process can solve hard-to-fit problems. Whether the patient wants to initiate the custom solution is strictly up to them. We don’t persuade, we simply provide information and answer any questions the patient may have.

What happens if the Patient wants to place an order for custom frames? Indivijual conducts a comprehensive information gathering and analysis that drives our custom design process. The patient will be shipped a Customer Info Kit that contains all the ingredients to gather that information. A profile questionnaire is used to learn about lifestyle, personality, and the patient’s tastes. Custom color charts and instruments are used to take detailed measurements of the face, skin tone, hair color and eye color. Detailed instructions walk the patient step by step as photos of the face and a mold of the patient’s nose are created to assure that the custom eyewear design is a perfect fit. All of this is shipped back to Indivijual in a convenient mailing box complete with return address label and pre-paid postage.

How does Indivijual create the custom design? When the information is received, we dig in for a detailed analysis of the patient’s physical features, lifestyle and personality. All of these factors affect the design process as we work to design a frame to make the patient look their very best.

Once this analysis is completed, our team of artists and engineers create a series of preliminary designs in a two dimensional format. These “prelim designs” include different options, which are superimposed on a photo of the patient. We then develop color recommendations based on skin tone, hair, eye color, and the information gathered about the patient’s wardrobe and color preferences. Our design process shapes and sculpts each segment of the frame to enhance the look of the face. We start with classic shapes and subtly perfect the lines, the thicknesses and the size to frame each face as a work of art. A presentation is then provided for the patient’s review.

Crafting the Custom Frame

Once the detailed design process is complete and the patient has given authorization to commence production, the creation of the custom frame begins. A block of the finest Italian cellulose acetate, an organic plastic made from wood and cotton, is selected, from which the custom frame is then carved. This process is complicated, requires a great deal of hand crafting and cannot be rushed. A custom design typically takes from six to ten weeks to complete from start to finish.

The custom eyeglass or sunglass frame is then shipped to the Eye Care Professional for lenses and final adjustment on the Patient. All of the specifications, nose mold and measurements will be retained in our files so that the patient can easily make future orders for their signature design or for a totally new design. Our dispensing fee program remains in effect for repeat orders and each frame will be shipped to the Eye Care Provider for lenses and final adjustments.

How to get started. Please call or email Randall Barnett, Founder and CEO, for any questions you have and to discuss our Dispensing Fee Program and the current price of our service for Hard-to-Fit patients. Here’s all the info we need to begin solving your hard-to-fit patient’s problem:

1. Eye Care Provider Contact and Ship-to Information.

2. Patient Name, Contact Info and PD measurement.

More about Indivijual. Click here.

How to place your order. Get details here.

Contact Information:
Randall Barnett, Owner
Indivijual Custom Eyewear
Abilene, Texas USA
325.675.0850 Central

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Books, lectures and tests can take an Optician's skills only so far.

It is time for direct, touch and feel, Hands-on-the-Patient training.

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"Handcrafted frame fitting, i.e., touch and feel, hands-on dispensing,
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ABO, American Board of Opticianry accredited, and Florida State Board approved CE
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