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Yogi Bhajan

Compassion is for the very strong. Compassion does not come to the weak. People who are unkind, bullies, use rude language, are not strong people. They are very weak people.
Yogi Bhajan 7/31/1987

My soul, bless me, be with me. Energize me so I can face the world with the strength of the spirit. Save me from duality, give me the reality and royalty so I can face my world in peace and tranquility. May this journey of life be completed with love and affection, kindness and compassion for all living things.
Yogi Bhajan 1/23/1998

You shall never be in a position to command the 108 elements of the universe until you know perfectly how to obey.
Yogi Bhajan 4/23/1997

Life is one simple challenge. Act, don't react. Calm yourself and claim yourself. When you reflect like a torch for a long distance, it takes away the darkness.
Yogi Bhajan 1/17/2000

The science, which teaches you how to absorb the shock of adversity and come out with grace and wonder of life, in the old days was called Kundalini Yoga.
Yogi Bhajan 6/22/2001

When fundamentally and basically we do not do what we are supposed to do, then Time becomes the teacher. Time leaves no space.
Yogi Bhajan 6/27/1993

Our fears spoil our life. It is not you who betrays the soul. It is your fear that betrays the soul. Your fear tells you that only you can hassle and only you can make it. It is never true, never was, nor is, nor shall be. The guiding hand in this world is the hand of God.
Yogi Bhajan 4/23/1997

Medically, there is no medicine in the world to open up the capillaries other than the cold shower. In the morning when the sun is hitting the earth at sixty-degree angle, take a cold shower. Then, dry yourself, cover yourself with warm blanket, and meditate. The blood comes into all the organs to feed them and make them strong. On the outside, your skin is beautiful. On the inside, your body is active and youthful.
Yogi Bhajan 4/24/1997

You are caught between the memory of those things you have done and the thought of those things, which you want to do. You are caught between the two.
Yogi Bhajan

Don't put so many stakes on the earth that at the time of going to heavens you are stuck with your own ropes to your own stakes and you can't get to the height.
Yogi Bhajan 4/4/1997

The thread of God in you, this candle of light, is the breath of life. And all breathe the same way. Some short, some long, some big, some hold it, some don't. But as long the breath is in us, we are alive.
Yogi Bhajan 10/5/1996

May we all understand that God lives in us as He made us to be in His own image. Let us honor that strength and serve in affection, in compassion, in kindness and in care. May this day change the life to become positive, courageous, and motivated, so we can walk on this earth with grace, with radiance and with prosperity. Sat Nam.
Yogi Bhajan 1/23/1998

There is nothing more important than you. You must decide what is wrong and what is right. If you decide it is right to be wrong, then go ahead. Experience it.
Yogi Bhajan 9/20/1977

When you only play the game of time and space, the whole life of the human being is wasted in creating the conflict and then solving the conflict.
Yogi Bhajan 9/15/1977

Step up to a 'better stool'.

The more you simulate a natural squat position, the better.
Using a stool for optimal elimination posture provides a
relaxed position as close as possible to a natural squat.

First thing in the morning, mix two parts alum and one part potassium salt. Place a small amount in the palm of your hand and run toothbrush through it. Brush gums and tongue and then take your finger or brush and press the back of the tongue to make a gag and bring up mucus from the monkey glands. This mucus has to come out; otherwise it will go back into body and pollute your system. Rinse and smile!
Yogi Bhajan
(Editor's Note: Migraine-Headache issues can be traced to mucus accumulations.)

The motivated self in you is nothing but your thought. When thought is added to the sphere of creativity it becomes experienced, it becomes reality.
Yogi Bhajan 9/26/1977

Whenever you are secure, be grateful. When security comes without gratitude it becomes tragedy. Nobody will teach you this part. With security, remember to be humble.
Yogi Bhajan 10/3/1977

Prayer is not only that which you say or utter. Prayer really means attention. When you, your soul, and your mind, pay attention, that is called prayer. Prayer means power.
Yogi Bhajan 12/1/1986

Truth is nothing but giving your values of earth away and taking the values of ether to you. Truth is nothing but your strength of your commitment. Truth is your security.
Yogi Bhajan 10/6/1977

There is no fun in exposing anybody. The action of a person will always expose him. That is why people of God don't defend themselves. They are defended by God because they defend God.
Yogi Bhajan 11/23/1977

When you comb the hair of the head with a wooden comb, you do not disturb the electromagnetic field and the 25 watt electricity required for the function of this most wonderful computer, which is in this cantaloupe called the human head, which you seldom use.
Yogi Bhajan 11/30/1977

To be humble requires the highest efficiency of your proficient training in practical intelligence. To be kind you need courage like God. To be decent you must be alert at the top rate of your human efficiency.
Yogi Bhajan 12/1/1977

Will it ever look graceful? Do you look graceful while doing it? Will I ever look graceful in the future?
Yogi Bhajan 12/2/1977

People forget there is a cosmic destiny also. The capacity of an individual is based on the capacity of the individual power to commit. It is the one-pointed mind which can take you to the One.
Yogi Bhajan 12/12/1977

Who is learned? A person who has gone through the experience of learning. Therefore, if you want to be trusted, you must trust yourself and create an environment of trust. In that lies your grace.
Yogi Bhajan 12/9/1977

Why do we suffer? The actual fact is we want to suffer. If we are relaxed we will never suffer.
Yogi Bhajan 11/19/2000

People who do not meditate, do not change, do not recite Holy Naam, they have very clogged up arteries of the mind. They are in line to get a heart -mind attack.
Yogi Bhajan 7/24/1988

When adversity comes, automatically we meditate. We cannot survive through adversity without meditation. Meditation is a process through which you take your total self and your total pride and your total ego and your total spirit and you put it on the line.
Yogi Bhajan 3/21/1989

You need strength, Chardikala (rising spirit). The phoenix rises from the ashes. Man rises from the adversity. This universe is a university in which we graduate against adversity. Man is supposed to be unbreakable.
Yogi Bhajan 11/19/1989

Never ever attack anybody's altar. Never ever interfere with worship. And never break anybody's heart. Even the humble cry of an injured man of faith can change the universe.
Yogi Bhajan 4/23/1997

One is always all and all is always one; and that has to be honored, that has to be accepted, that has to be related.
Yogi Bhajan 11/20/1988

When you have consistency in contentment, even tea without sugar tastes sweet.
Yogi Bhajan 3/20/2001

Live for each other. Today you will live for humans. Tomorrow you can live for God, your own Creator, O creature, and you can learn the truth.
Yogi Bhajan 9/15/1977

It is a simple idea that out of the woman comes the human generations. Whatever her mind is, that will be imprinted on the child during pregnancy, which is 9 months and 4 days, exclusive of the day of conception.

Whatever she conceives and imagines her child should be, that will be the structure built up in the child in the first 120 days, because there is no soul in the first 120 days. When there is no soul, there is no mind.

After 120 days, her behavior will imprint on the child's mind. So actually the child's mind is built while the child is in that pregnancy. This is why a rightful ritual after 120 days we ask the woman to come and all the relatives come around and bring her presents.

She is relieved of all hard duties and is assured sympathy, because with the biological and psychical changes the woman goes through during pregnancy, she normally becomes insecure in those days.

The second month she doesn't want to eat, she starts vomiting normally and feels bad about food. The third month she is tired, and the fourth month, when the soul enters, she is less effective; she wants to rest more.

Now, all these changes look unusual to men. They don't understand. But her total structure inside changes, her metabolism changes, the composition of the important ingredients like metals and vitamins change. Therefore, those months she is required to be in circumstances which are very secure, respectable, comfortable and in which she can have a lot of understanding around her.

We always know how to raise the rose bush, but we never have tried to study how to raise our children. Our children are actually raised within those 9 months of pregnancy and development. Those are very important days of life of the child.
Yogi Bhajan

(Editor's note: "Our teacher, Yogi Bhajan, spoke of the Mind being Universal and the body having a brain. The use of (the word) Mind is in fact the use of the Brain-Mind connection. This connection would not take place before the Soul-Body enters the physical body. Until that moment, it is just a construction site without occupancy--same as a house being built before the people move in."
M.S.S. Guru Singh Khalsa

The purpose of life is for you to reach a state of consciousness where there is no peer group, period. Only then can you become a giver. Before that you are in the business of give and take. But when you give and give and give and, for the sake of living, you live, then you have to have no peer group. Then you become "lk"- the One. One is very lonely. It has its own beginning, it has its own end, and its own process. That's why Guru Nanak described Ik: Aad sach, jugaad sach, haibhee sach, Naanak hosee bhee sach. What will it be? Ik. That One.

You are all afraid to become lonely, you are scared to become lonely. You do not know what to do with your loneliness because you do not know how to give. Give your loneliness, that oneness, that ecstasy, that state of higher consciousness. When you do not even have a peer group, nobody can match you, nobody can reach you, nobody can understand you, nobody can know you, then you become heaven, heaven becomes you, earth has nothing to do with you ... Loneliness means being in a state of consciousness where you see everybody as you. (See You Are IT.)

That oneness, that loneliness, is a state of consciousness in which you do not see anyone other than you -- one focus, one picture, one meditation, one consciousness, one feeling, one emotion. People say, "What should I do with my feelings?" Have them. Because shashara releases thoughts, and thoughts become emotions and feelings. But that's fine. Having emotions and feelings is perfect. There's nothing wrong with it. What's wrong is when every feeling and every emotion becomes neurosis and commotion. Rather every feeling, every emotion, should be put to the test through intelligence and consciousness. The first two things are okay. The other two you don't want to do. You don't want to do the homework, and yet you want to enjoy life. Now tell me what will happen if you do not survey where you are going, which road are you going to take, which freeway will you take, which lane will you take? If you do not take enough gas in your car, enough food, enough money, how can you get to the destination?

And just as an ordinary destination is part of daily life, in the travel of the soul, we call it "destiny." In the travel of a man, we call it "destination." There's no difference. And everybody goes alone. Even that driver who has six passengers in the car is alone and is the driver by designation. Destination, distance, destiny; it's the same thing. You are designated as a human being for the destiny to become One. It is a very long, lonely road. Nobody else can travel on it with you, match up with you, understand you, or be with you, because you are very specially made by the One in the image of the One's own Self. For convenience you call it "God."

"God" is a convenient word. Just to express the known and the unknown together in the living self, three things must meet: known, unknown, and you. That is Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh.

The Creator, Sustainer, and Destroyer. Three powers must meet together to create the word "God." And there is but one God. Totally lonely. Have you ever understood? When you merge in God, God is very lonely because there are no two Gods. He even cannot go bowling. What can He do? He has nobody. Nobody can judge Him, no one can understand Him, nobody can know Him, because He is beyond, beyond, beyond.

Nit, Nit, Nit, Namo, Namo, Namo -- No, No, No, I bow, I bow, I bow. Because God is not this, God is not that, God is just God. Parapaarabraham, paramesheram. That is beyond the beyond, that creative self or the total self in destiny and dignity, and insanity and sane self, and wrong and right and plus and minus, beauty and ugliness and thief and saint, are all just saying one thing.

You do not know you are unique. You are One. The Oneness in you, you have not found. That's why people take everything away from you. That's why you want sociability, and society, and relations. How bizarre and berserk these relationships are, and you all want it because the one relationship you need with One has not been established.

You don't understand Sikh Dharma at all. Sikh Dharma started with that one lonely word: One. Ik Ong Kaar. There is but One Creator of the entire creation, therefore you cannot say anything. It means, "shut up." It's very simple. When you have to say nothing, you do nothing, be nothing, then you know what you are? You are a lighthouse, so nobody else can wreck near you. That is the one thing in life you have to do. Spread the light. Be the lighthouse. So every journey, every destiny, every distance will be safe.
Yogi Bhajan 11/1987

There are a lot of people who love a lot of things. But are you going to have the capacity to love that Infinite God who created you, as gratitude? Can you develop that attitude? That is called, "Self".
Yogi Bhajan 1/15/1997

Your strength is in your purity and in your piety, and your power is in your projection, in your service. Your beauty is in your manners and your understanding. And your bounty is in your openness and love.
Yogi Bhajan 4/24/1997

Without the flow of moral force in you, you can't love anybody, you can't sacrifice for anybody, you can't help anybody, you can't give to anybody.
Yogi Bhajan 9/19/1977

Reason, logic, questions, gain, no gain. Should I, should I not? All this is beyond the sphere of love. Love has no argument.
Yogi Bhajan 10/3/1977

Love has no limit. Love cannot be limited. Because love takes Infinity and reproduces it within the limited concept of the human being.
Yogi Bhajan 1/16/1995

It is surprising to me that people do not understand the simple formula of how the subtle body works. Basically, you have to understand that electricity is created by rotation and cross-rotation of the electromagnetic field. That’s how electricity is produced. People can communicate from one place to another place with wireless telephones; there’s no distance.

Similarly, the subtle body of the Mahan Tantric lives; it is an everlasting, factual fact. It is a privilege to tune into it. And that’s why, within my lifetime, I am trying to educate you. Because there can only be one Mahan Tantric, and God knows on whom this crown shall be bestowed, or if it ever will be or not; I’m not predicting it. But to protect you, to save you, and to make you understand, I am using a mixture of my attained powers as Mahan Tantric and as Master of Kundalini Yoga. Kundalini Yoga was not always openly taught to people. Generally the person has to initiate himself, come to a standard of perfection and then qualify to meet the Master. If the Master approves him, then he gives him the kriya or Sadhana or dikshaa, whatever you want to call it. But I have openly taught Kundalini Yoga and survived, so I feel God is very kind and merciful to me, and he wants the mission to be complete.

When I was sick I enjoyed the sickness because it handicapped me, and I couldn’t move or work. It also created a shortage of money. But you came through with everything with your devotion, with your experience, and with your excellence. And it made us realize that we cannot stop the Tantric energy. We want to enrich ourselves, we want to grow, and we want to progress. That’s why we started using the “wireless telephone” method for the Tantric courses. Through the television, you’ll go through the energy, and your subtle body will tune in with my subtle body. (See You Have 10 Bodies.)

So death, for that purpose, will never mean a thing. For those who believe that I am dead, I shall be dead for them. And for those who believe that I still live, I shall live a hundred times more powerful and stronger in them than they have ever experienced. With these words, I’d like to tell you that we shall have an everlasting, loving, beautiful relationship, here, hereafter, unto Infinity, and even beyond that.
Yogi Bhajan

Man changes with the cycles, with the consciousness of seven years, intelligence eleven years, life cycle eighteen years. But woman totally changes her identity every nine years.
Yogi Bhajan 6/27/1991

You are never bad and you are never good. All it depends on is how fast you come to a mutual understanding, and when you stand under in an understanding, how powerfully spiritual you are that you can live it.
Yogi Bhajan 12/17/1999

Every female has a natural power of abundance, good luck, and prosperity, but she has to decide to concentrate on it. If a woman provokes the Divine, there will be prosperity. Her discipline guarantees it. But often she wastes her energy in many ways. What is prosperity for a woman? It is when she expands herself, her goodwill, her good manners, her smiles, her counseling and her uplifting. Prosperity is all good things together. Prosperity and abundance are assured. But if she wastes her time in bitterness, poverty is assured. A woman must make kindness a priority. Kindness is an essential part of every female. As her kindness expands, prosperity grows.
Yogi Bhajan 6/26/2001

Question to Yogi Bhajan from an interview:
From the point of view of a yogi, can you tell us what self-esteem is?

Simply it is the state or condition of mind in which the self is realized. I defined it as the character of human excellence. For example, if we excel in the human virtues of kindness, righteousness, courage, dignity and grace we experience our own nobility and divinity. This is the wellspring of self-esteem. Actually speaking, it is the self-conscious good performance, which gives self-esteem.
Yogi Bhajan 5/1988

Whenever you mentally expand, you save yourself trouble, but when you mentally contract, you will trouble yourself. When you become vast, your troubles become zero. When you become little, your troubles become big and you become small.
Yogi Bhajan 3/8/1995

The greatest thing I was taught was that I have a complete, full, sovereign identity. Your sovereignty can only be given to you as a child by your mother, by her identifying you as a complete, total individual. What you call ‘grit’, the strength of the identity, is given to you by the father. It is all done in the first eleven years. Afterwards, anything done or said or taught by the parents is useless, because the base is already built.
Yogi Bhajan 2/19/1985

You are all afraid to become lonely, you are scared to become lonely. You do not know what to do with your loneliness because you do not know how to give. Give your loneliness that oneness, that ecstasy, that state of higher consciousness. When you do not ever have a peer group, nobody can match you, nobody can understand you, nobody can know you, then you become heaven, heaven becomes you, earth has nothing to do with you ... Loneliness means being in a state of consciousness where you see everybody as you. That oneness, that loneliness, is a state of consciousness in which you don't see anyone other than you - one focus, one picture, one meditation, one consciousness, one feeling, one emotion.
Yogi Bhajan 1/1/1987

You should make yourself so happy, that by looking at you, other people become happy.
Yogi Bhajan

When your two eyes concentrate on the tip of the nose, the mind stops flirting around.
Yogi Bhajan 3/30/1990

Your power is not in your strength and weakness, in your show and your capacity, in your titles and your achievements, in your money, and in your playing games. Your power is to uplift others. Those who uplift others, God shall uplift them, because it is God's Will to uplift everybody. When you live in your Godliness, He will not let you fall.
Yogi Bhajan 6/20/1993

You should be dependable, authentic, and everlasting.
Yogi Bhajan 3/30/1990

Self-control is not a discipline.
Self-control is not a break.
Self-control is not something applied by the mind or the will.
Self-control is whether you are in touch with your soul or not. It's not mental, it's not physical, it has nothing to do with all nonsense.
Yogi Bhajan 3/13/1990

We are all pioneers in the Age of Aquarius.
No man can give a man anything other than love.
No man can give a man anything other than hope.
No man can give a man anything but service. The only thing you can do is act like a forklift - go into the dirt and lift the other person and put him on track, so he can proceed. Then the big forklift called God will come, and He will go into the dirt and lift you up.
Yogi Bhajan 6/20/1993

Facing the life decides whether you are fulfilled or not. When you face your life you win, you are fulfilled. This is the secret we all know and this is the only thing we do not want to do.
Yogi Bhajan 4/9/1991

What can you give to your child except the values of self-justice, except self-identity and self-sovereignty? A child must be told in a practical way, how to behave and must be treated to be self-sovereign. Otherwise you are absolutely not giving self-respect to that child. If you take away self-respect, after childhood, the child reacts and then needs psychologists, psychiatrists, mental hospitals, and the like. In childhood we have to be taught about life and justice. We have to be asked to relate to the reality of life in practical sovereignty, and to our independence. We have to have a system of judiciary within ourselves so we can have the experience of it.
Yogi Bhajan 2/19/1985

When an obstruction comes into our lives, we feel very upset. We suffer. We think everything is ruined. No, it’s not true. A car without brakes is not going to be driven on any road. These obstructions, these negativities, these nuisances are part of the game. They give you a chance to cross over them. But you can’t cross them because you have not acquired friendship with your own spirit.
Yogi Bhajan 10/5/1973

You cannot be noble, you cannot be honorable, and you cannot be graceful if you do not have very committed, pure sentiments.
Yogi Bhajan 3/13/1990

Any human being who can develop his or her consciousness to trust the Universe is going to be absolutely all right because you are a part of the Universe and the Universe is part of you.
Yogi Bhajan 10/5/1973

Emotions, feelings, sentiments and values should be subject to our own conscious control.
Yogi Bhajan 10/16/1984

Those who will just identify their identity into the oneness of each other, God shall serve them. God shall not only bless them; that's too little of a thing to ask for. God becomes the servant of those who amalgamate their egos and bring one identity out of the union of the two. They are such that God grants them the soul for which their generations will live forever. And that is how saints are born on the earth.
Yogi Bhajan 7/15/1984

When you are half insane you will not listen. When you are totally insane, you totally won't listen. Sanity and listening are in one hundred percent proportion.
Yogi Bhajan 7/31/1987

One who flirts is not alert and is a failure in the end.
Yogi Bhajan 3/30/1990

Woman without reverence has no strength. You must demand reverence. It's your right. And you must command reverence; and you must live reverence when you must. Otherwise you will be exploited; you will be misled. You'll be cheated. Your life will be nothing but pain. It's not worth anything. Every woman - beautiful or ugly, short or tall, young or old, married or unmarried, rich or poor - who commands reverence will never be poor and shall never have pain. She can face the calculated life and shall always be the winner.
Yogi Bhajan 7/8/1997

If your power to communicate does not combine with your spirit and your caliber of honor, you should not speak.
Yogi Bhajan 4/14/1997

When you are going through any trouble, duality, depression or misery, go into silence, go into thoughtlessness for a few moments. Meditate yourself that way. You will get an answer and you will come out of it in the best color.
Yogi Bhajan 6/25/1998

The majority of your actions do nothing. All you do is satisfy your emotions. And all this lifestyle and lifetime you spend on satisfying your emotions will be enough to kill you. Everybody has to die. Some shall die fulfilled, but many will die without fulfillment. That is the tragedy of being human.
Yogi Bhajan 1/5/1994

Trust is the keynote of life. If you trust in God the entire creativity will trust you because everything belongs to God. Trust is the key of love, happiness, dignity, divinity and grace.
Yogi Bhajan

You now have an action to take, you must achieve your own fulfillment so that your inner satisfaction will be strong enough and your courage will be strong enough that you can let the world know that there is a place where we live in total reality. There is an achievement that a man can accomplish, not ritualistically, but in a total reality, and it is that total reality which shall prevail tomorrow.
Yogi Bhajan 12/31/1989

On the basis of actual prosperity, actual prosperity in human life is just like spring ... The tree grows, the leaf grows, they get filled up, there is a lot of color, there is a lot of life. With every prosperity, there is a purpose. Human prosperity is not what human has in matter. Human prosperity is what a human has in spirit.
Yogi Bhajan 10/4/1975

Give your discomforts to God, and take happiness home. It is the happiness, which you can share, not the troubles. God is interested in your troubles, people are not. Out of sympathy and apathy, they will listen to you for a while. Then they will avoid you.
Yogi Bhajan 4/26/1997

You will never enjoy happiness in your life by isolating yourself and separating yourself.
Yogi Bhajan 10/5/1996

You will never find a community leader who doesn't know how to give. Giving is the only way. Don't give only to those who ask. Give to those who don't ask.
Yogi Bhajan 3/5/1995

Appreciation is an art and a lifestyle; a source of happiness and fulfillment. It’s called gratitude, an attitude of gratitude. A person who develops an attitude of gratitude is absolutely divine. You don’t have to sweat. If you have achieved the attitude of gratitude, everything in the world will come to you. If you make it a point to have an attitude of gratitude, it could be the greatest achievement in your life. Gratefulness will make you great. It takes away any discrepancy, any negativity, any bother.
Yogi Bhajan 6/27/1984

Misery doesn’t need appreciation. Misery needs to give you pain. The purpose of misery is to put you through pain. As soon as you start appreciating misery, its purpose is lost.
Yogi Bhajan 6/27/1984

When the heart gets into prayer, every beat of the heart creates a miracle.
Yogi Bhajan 10/5/1996

The opportunity that we are given for a life of consciousness is to clear this debt and live in the highest peaceful allocated self. Guru Nanak said it all starts from Ek Ong Kar - "the One Creator Who created the creation." To live in the highest Self is what human life is all about, but we waste our life on small things. Our poverty doesn't hurt us, but our neighbor's richness does. We are always competing and comparing and planning and imagining things. We rarely allow the flow of life as God wants us to flow with it. But now, as we are entering the Age of Aquarius, we have to know what life is all about.
Yogi Bhajan (See entire lecture here.)

We want you to have the hot food in these jagnas and saadhanas. Why? Purpose is we want you to stimulate within yourself, that your energy may be stimulated. raajasic food. We are doing sattvic saadhana eight and nine hours a day. And we eat sattvic food? No. We eat raajasic food so there may be lot of energy, so that we may accomplish what we want to accomplish. It is creating a balance.

If I tell you, "Just drink a glass of milk, or seven days be on fast, and do these exercises," half of you would die with a heart attack. You would have no energy. Who can do it?

That is why we are not calling these things "retreats." We are not retreating for anything. We are going to advance. From whom we are retreating? We are advancing to God. We are not retreating. Why you call it that? Why you got those vibrations? I am retreating from where?

Words do mean something. They are vibrations. They build in the mental self. I am not going to retreat from everything. I'm going to fulfilment of everything. I'm going to go on the path of sacrifice. I'm going to offer my lower self as a gift to my higher self.

That is renunciation. Renounce your lower self and give it to your higher self. That is renunciation. Renunciation is not, my friend, to leave home, leave children, get away.
Yogi Bhajan 1/31/1972

To live in the highest Self is what human life is all about, but we waste our life on small things. Our poverty doesn’t hurt us, but our neighbor’s richness does. We are always competing and comparing and planning and imagining things. We rarely allow the flow of life as God wants us to flow with it.
Yogi Bhajan 7/28/2002

When you meditate, the subconscious starts releasing the garbage. Mantra is the soap that cleans it.
Yogi Bhajan 5/1/1991

You cannot live under a camouflage. You have to live openly, honestly, brightly, and forthrightly. Your words should be so strong that they affect every heart; your truth should be so pure it lifts a person’s soul to the heights.
Yogi Bhajan 7/28/2002

You have to have an understanding that you are like a lotus flower in a pool of mud. You are not to let your leaves get dirty with it.
Yogi Bhajan 7/28/2002

Even if life is lived with purity and piety, in happiness and in abundance, still it’s the journey, which we are supposed to take and supposed to finish. Let us finish it with victory, so nothing falls short in our lives. God has given us this chance with every breath of life, every moment of life.
Yogi Bhajan 7/28/2002

Life is a living experience; it's not something you can borrow.
Yogi Bhajan 7/29/1992

You can have thousands and thousands and thousands of merits - one action can wipe it all out; plus put you in the negative.
Yogi Bhajan 7/29/1992

Do you understand what your problem as a woman is? Woman is a living, organic psyche. Woman is not a machine for intercourse, or a baby machine, or a servant to "his highness, the husband." There is no such thing in a woman. Woman is a living psyche-vibrating, organic, original. All she has to remember is to live in the consciousness of: "I am a woman." I am telling you one of the most powerful scriptures which I have read: If a woman within herself is a woman, the only guardian angel for service and for pleasure is God, Himself. If a woman within herself is a woman, then the Hand of God is always there to serve you. It's not a miracle. We're talking about science.
Yogi Bhajan 7/11/1997

You are not human if you are not excellent.
Yogi Bhajan 1988

When input is direct, it expects an output. But that expectation of an output, because input has been put in, does not fit in the ego. Because everybody has his own agenda. And when the input is direct, and it cannot match the output, it must burst. There’s no way out. Because that is natural law, the law of nature. Input MUST equal output.
Yogi Bhajan 1988

Man is so weak that he has not created a universal system. All he has created is a political system. A political system is outright a system where a bunch of people rules other people. As long as a bunch of people will rule other people, God shall never become our ruler. As long as people will rule people, it will be difficult for mankind to realize that God is our ultimate ruler.
Yogi Bhajan 11/18/1987

Love that shrinks is not love. It is passion. Love endures the endurable.
Yogi Bhajan 12/22/1987

You can run after satisfaction all over the world, but satisfaction must come from within you.
Yogi Bhajan 2/8/1990

Give and I guarantee you, you will get a hundred fold, but I also put it on record, those who go there to take or steal or manipulate and do their hookery, their families shall go under the curse of poverty and shall be crushed by the time.
Yogi Bhajan 10/5/1996

The Holy Nam gives you the state of ecstasy and when equilibrium and ecstasy become amalgamated, when they merge together, a person becomes infinitely divine.
Yogi Bhajan 1976

All things come from God. All things go to God. This is the ultimate truth, which you must understand and you must believe and you must trust.
Yogi Bhajan 6/27/1991

If you do not understand that life is there to challenge you with every breath of life, you do not understand living. If you do not challenge your life yourself, somebody else will challenge it.
Yogi Bhajan 3/12/1989

Those of you, who intend to survive or feel like going on, must understand: don’t count your wrongs, count your blessings and you shall not fail. Any human who calls himself a creature of God who does not count many times during the day the blessings, but only counts what he doesn’t have, is insulting to God and devilish to himself.
Yogi Bhajan 1988

Don’t expect life will treat you nicely if you do not treat life nicely.
Yogi Bhajan 1988

You should be SO angelic, SO graceful, SO perfect that your mood and your routine can be totally predictable so that people can trust you. You want people to trust you but you don’t want to be open. That is an insult, which NO human being, no matter how rotten he may be, can accept. That’s why you lose people. That’s why you lose friendship. That’s why you lose relationships. If any of you want to be a leader, (which you all want to, and I know, that’s your hidden agenda) you have to do the first thing first. You should be predictable. And you should be in a position to be acknowledged by your routine.
Yogi Bhajan 1988

The problem is that you have one thousand thoughts in the shashara, the seventh chakra, which are released in one wink of the eye. And any thought which is released automatically, which is none of your problem, has to be caught by the id and has to be processed by the ego. And whatever this ego will process, it shall have duality. “May I, may I not? Should I, should I not? Is it, is it not?” That’s called processing. Otherwise there’s no processing. And when the ego processes, only at that time, if your faith, your wisdom, your courage, your commitment, your consciousness comes through, you will go through it. And you will come through it successfully.
Yogi Bhajan 1988

If you call yourself a Khalsa (Pure One), then you must be identified in silence by your behavior, by your appearance, by your thought, by your company, by your talking, by your communication, by your deeds, by your acts, by your reality, by your non-reality.
Yogi Bhajan 1988

Those who shall not learn to obey shall never be in a position to command.
Yogi Bhajan 1/10/1997

People, who waste their energy speaking, waste the God in them. Never speak without integrity. Never. Word is God.
Yogi Bhajan 4/7/1983

The most precious thing in the human body is the breath. A meditation which cannot bring normalcy and equilibrium to your breathing is useless, because the rate and length of the breathing will determine the rate of secretion of your glandular system, and that secretion will give you physical stability. Physical stability will then give you mental stability, and mental stability will project the radiance of the spirit, the soul in you. And when the spirit becomes radiant and healthy, you will look spiritual.
Yogi Bhajan 1976

To have a conflict is a conscious act. But to keep it inside, and hidden, is a personal crime. If you have to face that kind of situation, you cannot live in peace and tranquility.
Yogi Bhajan 10/3/2002

What is the purpose of this life? To be happy. We have to be happy that we have inner conflicts and we clean them out every day. Every day you make your bed. You sleep in your bed; you have to make your bed. Right? So you live. There are conflicts. Conflict comes from all sides of the angle, triangle, chakras, etc. But you are beyond it. Conflicts have come to test your purity and piety, your unison-ness, your grace, and your reaction to it.
Yogi Bhajan 10/3/2002

In ordinary life, you are not about to become a saint. You are to become pure with a depth of piety such that through your feelings and your ideas and your thoughts, if you touch somebody or you look at somebody, that person is elevated to the height of ecstasy (“Drib Drishti”). It’s not that you close your eyes like you are doped up. That’s not ecstasy. Ecstasy is when you are firm and live as a human in the pleasure of the Divine God. Then you shall have no duality.
Yogi Bhajan 10/3/2002

There’s nobody without God. If you cannot see God in all, you cannot see God at all.
Yogi Bhajan 10/3/2002

We have the ultimate strength of the spirit – the soul. You may not know it, but you have an awakened soul. We are born spiritual people. Simply, we have to be kind and cozy as humans. So there is nothing to worry about.
Yogi Bhajan's 10/3/2002

My soul, bless me, be with me. Energize me so I can face the world with the strength of the spirit. Save me from duality, give me the reality and royalty so I can face my world in peace and tranquility. May this journey of life be completed with love and affection, kindness and compassion for all living things.
Yogi Bhajan 1/23/1998

You know those bumper stickers that say, " have you hugged your kids today?" I think we should have a 3HO bumper sticker that say, "Have you hugged your soul today?" Have you talked to yourself today? We totally ignore our identity. And we deny our identity to ourselves. We want to please everybody for everything and not ourselves. Then we have mental problems. We get burnt out. We get tired. We get frustrated. We get depressed. Why not? We must now start to learn to remove our body blocks and let the mind understand that we don't have only a body, we have a mind of our own, and we have a soul of our own. And our body, mind and soul make our identity. We cannot just cater to our physical body.
Yogi Bhajan 9/17/1984

God is not outside you. He is within you, and feel Him within you, so when you lie, just understand, the guy is hearing it. When you are doing something, which is mean, God doesn’t like to tell you but He knows it. It is that sensitivity of knowledge, which you have to achieve. It doesn’t matter how powerful or expensive a car may be, if it doesn’t have brakes, an accident is inevitable. If your mind doesn’t know how to stop within the psyche of the circumstances of the flow… to create a universe and unisonness in you--you have not learned to live as a human.
Yogi Bhajan 9/23/2002

At an early age you ask this question: “Why are we born? What is the purpose of birth on this planet Earth?” When we are almost middle aged, when the heat of the young blood is gone, and a little cold seeps in, we start asking: “What is my purpose?” The fact is that whatever you have achieved, it is because of the karma. It is because of the karma of previous lives. Opportunities, wealth, health, happiness, relatives, friends--they are all part of the karma. This life is to settle the account, to pay for the karma, and to progress on the path or dharma--whichever dharma you may have.
Yogi Bhajan 8/21/2001

What is a meditation? It is a practice to fight negativity by self-control.
Yogi Bhajan 4/24/1997

We believe the strength of the man is in the challenge: the higher the challenge, the higher the man's capacity to meet it, the higher is his achievement in life. Challenge is not something that destroys you; challenge is something that gives you an experience.
Yogi Bhajan

When someone tells you something, don't reject it. Don't say it is wrong. Don't say it is right. Just think over what the person has said. Then think what you will say.
Yogi Bhajan 12/14/1977

Where there is mastery, there is no mystery. Everything is there for you to do, but it is up to you to do it.
Yogi Bhajan 1981

The fact is, nobody can control anybody. All you can do is flow with each other like rivers and streams and end up in the same ocean. All things come from God and all things go to God.
Yogi Bhajan 2/2/1976

A spiritual teacher is nothing but an emergency brake. A spiritual teacher is not your friend, not your enemy, not your altar, not your worship, not your knowledge, not your money, not your wife, not your husband. The spiritual teacher has no relationship with you, but functions only as an emergency brake.
Yogi Bhajan 1978

Commitment will dry up and die if you don't nurture it.
Commitment needs to have a constant flow behind it.
Commitment has to be nurtured, renewed, and refreshed.
Yogi Bhajan 4/1981

Woman loves the wise man in every man. She does not need you. She needs security. That depth of security is founded in your wisdom -- not in you.
Yogi Bhajan 1981

It is a real strength of the real person to avoid the foolish person and his company. Too much company of the foolish person can make you obnoxious. Try to understand the saying, "Be in the company of the Holy (or the company of the wise)."
Yogi Bhajan 4/81

When you have trust in God, then you are not afraid; and when you are not afraid, you don't react. You let the Divine create the sequence and the consequences and you enjoy it.
Yogi Bhajan 1981

The beauty of the woman is not her eyes, or her lips, or her nose, or whether she is young or old, and all that. Her beauty is her playfulness.
Yogi Bhajan 4/1981

The Inner Self, the real Self, has to be found, has to be felt, has to be touched creatively before anything in life matters.
Yogi Bhajan 1981

Your ultimate desire is a desire that uplifts you, your spirit, and your consciousness. It is always positive to you and your surroundings and your framework. It is a feeling within the feeling; it deals with the innermost essence. It is a love of self and grace. It is a consciousness, which has nothing but radiance about it.
Yogi Bhajan 4/1981

If one becomes a saint by the process of elevated consciousness, it is a virtue. If one becomes a beloved of God, it is a virtue. If one gives away all one’s worldly wealth for a good cause, it is a virtue. If one sacrifices one’s given human body in the Name of God, it is a virtue. If one defends the weak and the poor, it is a virtue, but it is not the virtue of virtues. But what is the virtue of virtues? When somebody is falling apart or freaking out, if someone can hold that person up in the flow of the spirit, it is the virtue of virtues. There is no other virtue.
Yogi Bhajan 7/2/1978

There is no other way of spiritual progress. There are forms of demagogy, people will teach you. People will process you. People will reach you. Some will take away a person’s money, some will take away youth, some will take away beauty and some will take away a person’s talents. Some will take away this, some will take away that, but nobody will give one the experience of God consciousness. There is only one way. A person has to have the spirit, and does not allow another person to fall from the spirit. That is the secret of one phrase, which you worship and say all the time: Chardee Kalaa, the constant rising of the spirit of Godhood.
Yogi Bhajan 7/2/1978

Nobility is the foundation of every grace. Somebody once asked, “Define a noble person.” “Noble is noble in the beginning, in the end and remains noble through time and space and beyond. There is no era, which is left. Nobility is a virtue; it is a fountain from which grace springs.”
Yogi Bhajan 7/2/1978

Nobility is cultivated only when one consciously relates to one’s spirit and flow of the soul and one feels the total divinity within. It is a manifestation of divinity. Nobility takes one away from temptation, anger, lust, greed, unvirtuous and unrighteous living. It gives one a qualifying factor to impress everybody without impressing. That is the beauty of nobility. The way one talks, walks, sees, deals, serves, gets served, is a total sum of one’s living behavior. There is a tremendous flow of spirit in a noble person. A noble person is a very powerful individual.
Yogi Bhajan 7/2/1978

Everyone must remember that there are certain characteristics of a noble person, a noble woman. A noble person is noble through all time and space. A noble person is constant and consistent whatever the time and space. Some people behave differently with rich relatives as compared to poor relatives. That is not nobility. Nobility teaches one equality before God. So under any circumstances, one can find a noble person through their constant behavior, which is absolute in equilibrium through all pressures and all shortcomings. That is one great sign. Constant continuity of equilibrium of any kind of behavior is the first sign of a noble person. A noble person is one who will not barter, who is not even tempted to barter, the values of character for benefit. Noble people are those who will not forget the presence of God within a person. And most importantly a noble person is a dedicated person, like the Infinity of God. God is Infinity. There is no shortcut, and people who try to shortcut will always end up adopting unnoble ways and means. It requires an infinite endurance to live within the range and the circumstances of one’s nobility.
Yogi Bhajan 7/2/1978

The noble way to act towards a slanderer is to ignore him. It is the greatest punishment one can award to anybody. Do you know how bad you feel if someone doesn’t even look at you? You should not lose your merits in contrast to someone’s demerits.
Yogi Bhajan 7/2/1978

Walk nobly, talk nobly, live nobly and experience divinity.
Yogi Bhajan 7/2/1978

The sign of nobility is that it has a deep effect in relationship with any person one comes across. They say nobility is a virtue, which affects every soul. It is a virtue, which affects every soul just as innocence affects every heart. Woman has only one virtue: she is noble in the beginning and noble until her death. People do hanky-panky along the way, thus they pollute their virtue of nobility. If nobility is ever precious to a person, that person will never, ever put himself or herself down the tube for any reason, for any argument, concept, thought or feeling whatsoever. Because nobility is like a mirror; once a crack is in it, the entire image is distorted. Noble habits, noble language, noble behavior, noble posture and a noble way of communication are so powerfully impressive that even an enemy’s heart can be melted.
Yogi Bhajan 7/2/1978

You ask your child to have good grades in school. You never teach that there are mental grades, spiritual grades, and social grades. There are grades in etiquette, manners. There are grades in courage.
Yogi Bhajan 6/27/1993

In social and political changes, a woman must understand that whenever a woman becomes power hungry she becomes a monster. The Chinese dragon is a monster. It is a very beautiful view of such women who instead of flowing with the flow of noble tradition become possessive monsters. I have seen in practical life, a noble mother becoming a possessive monster and ruining the future of her children because of her social, psychological and personal handicaps. There is nothing more noble than the relationship of the mother, but in that same relationship of the mother, she becomes a destructive monster when she becomes possessive. A mother becomes possessive because of her social, economical, and personal handicaps.
Yogi Bhajan 7/2/1978

Questioner: You said that nobility is like a mirror, when it is cracked it distorts the image. If one appears unnoble in front of a person, will one’s nobility be distorted forever in the eyes of that person?

Reply: It may get healed but there shall be a scar. Nobility is like a trust. Once it is broken, one has to rebuild it. It is like a credit report. Therefore it is not very fair to discredit yourself.
Yogi Bhajan 7/2/1978

Questioner: If a child is going through his traumas, what is the noble way to act?

Reply: First noble way is to make him recognize that he is going through the trauma and that you understand. The moment the child will understand that the parents understand that the trauma is being played as a trauma, then, it just becomes a drama. The child will immediately change the drama act and start doing something different. If that does not work, the parents have to exert their authority in a legitimate way to make the child think that they cannot be conquered by that injection of trauma. They will be successful. When a child reaches the age of eleven, one should never ever play any drama with that child, but should be straight and firm. Now they are entering the stage of ego trauma. You can win them by frank, straight talk. You will win it. When parents try to hide their own weaknesses from their children and lie to them, it spoils the children. That destroys the image of the parents’ nobility. They won’t be able to believe their parents or act upon their advice.
Yogi Bhajan 7/2/1978

You are not here to experience life. Earth is not the experience of life. Earth is the experience of death. You will be shocked to know that. You have been told differently. You have been told that Earth is the experience of life- that is wrong from the beginning. Life is a continuous factor. Earth is a flow of that life. You come to Earth to flow.
Yogi Bhajan 9/10/1983

In the garden of God, you are His one and only rose. Carry your own smell with your own deeds.
Yogi Bhajan 9/25/1982

Please remember it: First, success, which is not everlasting, is failure. Second, success is only success when neither time nor space can take it away.
Yogi Bhajan 9/10/1982

When you start out - look good. Look in your mirror, look in your consciousness, look in your intelligence, look at yourself-body, mind and soul- and ask one question: "Can I win the trust?"
Yogi Bhajan 1982

Keep the trust. That is what I mean when I say, "Keep Up". Keep Up means keep the trust flowing, keep the trust going, keep the trust living, keep the trust accelerating.
Yogi Bhajan 9/25/1982

You must realize that the strength in you is you. The material world around you is to supplement your strength or to complement your strength; it is not your strength.
Yogi Bhajan 9/10/1983

You cannot tolerate the fact that sometimes, in order to have one thing you must give up another.
Yogi Bhajan 1984

There are blocks that man can't talk about. These blocks are keeping you from achieving your potential as men. If we are not willing to talk about something, how can we get rid of it?
Yogi Bhajan 1984

I'll give you the secret of how to become God. When another person calls you in the name of trust, and you come through and you deliver it, you are the God. When God is called upon in the name of justice and truth, God delivers it.
Yogi Bhajan 9/25/1982

Richness is how much of yourself you achieve. Richness is not how much you have amassed around you - that's a weight.
Yogi Bhajan 9/10/1983

You are not time and you are not space.
You are passing through time and space.
Time and space are not reality, they are an orbit.
Time and space provide an orbit.
Yogi Bhajan 9/10/1983

If your mood comes first, you can never be happy. You will never enjoy life. Anyone, whether he is a millionaire or a pauper, who deals with life through mood is guaranteed to be unhappy.
Yogi Bhajan 9/10/1983

It takes 40 days to break a habit;
90 days to gain the new habit;
120 days and you are the habit;
1,000 days you are Master of it.
Yogi Bhajan

For menstruating women: Take a handful of almonds, about two ounces of ginger juice, some banana, some raisins, and blend it into a beautiful drink. When you get your first cramp, let this be your morning drink.
Yogi Bhajan 9/9/1995

Touch a person, hold a person and then carry a person. You can’t drag anybody, you cannot lean on anybody. Carry them simply and truthfully.
Yogi Bhajan 12/20/1997

The most difficult thing to believe is, "Humee Hum Brahm Hum," "We are we and we are God." I may teach another 100 years, but I will not be able to convince you that you are God. Sometimes you do not even believe that you are a part of God. You do not even believe that the One who rotates this Earth can take care of your routine. Once you believe that you are God, Mother Nature will start working for you ... You have to learn to be. Just sit down, close your eyes, calm down and be. Be yourself! Not anybody else. Just a creative human being. (See BeYourAllness.com.)
Yogi Bhajan

The real worth of a human mind is contentment. The real wealth of the spirit is when you prevail as divine.
Yogi Bhajan

If you do not understand that life is there to challenge you with every breath of life, you do not understand living. If you do not challenge your life yourself, somebody else will challenge it.
Yogi Bhajan 3/12/1989

What is self-respect? When you value your own soul, your own identity, your own personality, your own reality.
Yogi Bhajan 3/25/1997

Learn to bless yourself and everything will be blessed around you. Just bless yourself always.
Yogi Bhajan 6/11/2001

To wear the garb of a holy man, and to read the Holy Scripture and to pretend to be holy is easy. But there is one fundamental law and that is to accept the will of God, your Creator.
Yogi Bhajan 9/15/1997

Forgiveness is the highest performance of the elevated consciousness. There is a kindness of nature and a direct approach to life. There is no deficiency and no depression. It makes a man dedicate himself.
Yogi Bhajan

You have to develop your mind with meditation. You have to develop your spirit with kindness.
Yogi Bhajan 6/11/2001

We have forgotten who we are. We are one and there is One to whom we belong. The aim of life is to inspire each other to God-consciousness.
Yogi Bhajan

You are wrong if you think your intelligence works or your words are powerful or you are very charismatic. Actually it is your radiant body, the glow, the shine in you that works.
Yogi Bhajan 11/24/1990

The first stage of higher consciousness is the state of equilibrium where neither praise inflates you nor slander depresses you. You may love the praise but you offer it at the altar of your Creator. You may dislike slander but you offer it at the altar of your Creator. A person who lives in this state is super-sensitive therefore he is grateful. This attitude of gratitude makes a person great.
Yogi Bhajan

In your life you must project, because God gave you life and therefore God can only relate to life. If a prayer has life in it, it shall be accepted. If love has life in it, it will live.
Yogi Bhajan 7/16/1982

You only want to deal with a few things, so you pick and choose. This way you build character of being limited, because you only want to deal with the limited. No limited thing can be happy, because God is unlimited and the environments are unlimited.
Yogi Bhajan 2/13/1995

Love is a power, not a logic, debate, discussion, argument or question. Use it wisely to elevate yourself to excellence.
Yogi Bhajan

Yoga is a science of reality and an experiential proof of the sacredness of all life.
Yogi Bhajan 1/31/1996

Whosoever shall spend some part of his life spreading righteousness and serving righteousness and serving righteously, helping others to live righteously, advising others to live righteously taking care of people who are falling apart and helping them to walk on the path or righteousness, shall always be exalted on this earth as a righteous human.
Yogi Bhajan

Two plus two is four, but for some, two plus two is five. They are so good. They add smiles, they add warmth, they add love, they add passion to it, they say hello, they go one
step further to meet and shake hands.
Yogi Bhajan 6/22/2001

It is very difficult to become spiritual. That means you become a part of the Universe, and the Universe becomes a part of you.
Yogi Bhajan

The highest Sadhana (spiritual practice) is, that your presence should remind people of God. What bigger and more powerful miracle than that can there be, that by your very presence you can invoke Godhood in people?
Yogi Bhajan

Whatever your weaknesses are, they are all divine and whatever your strengths are they are all divine. Balance it out and you will be absolutely great.
Yogi Bhajan July 1983

Honesty is when your character is your character, and nobody can make it change.
Yogi Bhajan

Without tranquility of self you don't have a chance to face even an ordinary thing in your life. Forget about big deals. You need that tranquility and you cannot force yourself from the outer stimulation to reach inside.
Yogi Bhajan 11/19/1989

You don't enjoy yourself, you don't want to trust yourself, you don't want to believe yourself. You want somebody to appreciate you and for that you do dummy neurotic actions.
Yogi Bhajan 12/1/1977

Every defeat in your life is based on your own reaction to the situation.
Yogi Bhajan

Our children are to be morally, ethically, physically flawless. The world has to follow them. These children have to walk themselves. If you cannot make them strong and deep rooted, and get in them the character like iron, you do not have affection for them.
Yogi Bhajan 6/22/2001

Moment you start working and seeing God in everything, all wealth, prosperity and opportunity shall come to you.
Yogi Bhajan

The most precious thing in the human body is the breath. A meditation which cannot bring normalcy and equilibrium to your breathing is useless, because the rate and length of the breathing will determine the rate of secretion of your glandular system, and that secretion will give you physical stability. Physical stability will then give you mental stability, and mental stability will project the radiance of the spirit, the soul in you. And when the spirit becomes radiant and healthy, you will look spiritual.
Yogi Bhajan (1976 Beads of Truth)

Why do we suffer? The actual fact is we want to suffer. If we are relaxed we will never suffer.
Yogi Bhajan 11/19/2000

Blessed are those who care for their values and virtues, who understand their lifespan is a gift, who love God in others, and Find God in Themselves.
Yogi Bhajan

Communication, like a road, is already mapped. And every communication has to have an indication in it as to who you are dealing with. Are you dealing with a person of authority? A person of love? A person of shallow relationship? An acquaintance? You must gear yourself before you even utter one word.
Yogi Bhajan

What is prosperity for a woman? It is when she expands herself, her goodwill, her good manners, her smiles, her counseling, and her uplifting. Prosperity is all good things. Whenever a woman puts all good things together, prosperity and abundance are assured. But if she wastes her time in bitterness, poverty is assured.
Yogi Bhajan 6/26/2001

A person who talks to you already trusts you until you blow it. Trust is built by every single phrase of communication. It is always computed by the subconscious mind, please understand that. And trust is the most vital truth of life. Trust is the total truth of social life. Your social life, in which more than one person is involved, is absolutely based on your trust.
Yogi Bhajan

Your normal process of life is to not give. Not giving yourself a chance, not giving to others. You do not believe in creating a vacuum. Where there is a vacuum, God must fill it.
Yogi Bhajan 6/1996

Harmony should bring you success.
It should bring you peace.
It should bring you tranquility.
It should bring you happiness.
It should bring you the things you need.
You don?t believe it.
Yogi Bhajan 12/1/1986

I think that people who think they are not insecure, are in ecstasy. I think they are statues. I think if you get up in the morning, and you get up in an absolute negative mind and conquer it in one second, you are much more a saint than a saint himself. I think you must have a virtue.
Yogi Bhajan 1/6/1990

We are people of the earth, but our religion is divine. We come from God. We have to carry that powerful image of God with us throughout our lives, and stop worrying about the earth plane so much.
Yogi Bhajan

Yoga is a science of reality and an experiential proof of the sacredness of all life.
Yogi Bhajan 1/31/1996

Experience has stages.
First you feel that life is juicy.
The second stage is delight.
In the third stage you become very polite.
In the fourth you become very humble.
In the fifth you become elevated.
In the sixth you become graceful and enlightened.
Yogi Bhajan

Attitude of gratitude brings you opportunities beyond your concept. And when the prayer becomes the vibration of the soul, mind and self, we can create a miracle.
Yogi Bhajan 1989

Try to understand that each one of us has a soul... each one of us has a mind... and each one of us has bodies - mental, spiritual, physical, subtle... all combinations. We have a life... the breath of life... without which we cannot even live. Our real master, our real employer, our real relative, our real owner is the breath of life. The moment the real owner, the Master, the breath of life abandons our body, the mortal falls. The immortal, the soul, leaves. It takes the shelter of the subtle body and a subtle weight leaves the human as all the designs and ambitions are gone. The purpose of being human in this life is to become immortal.
Yogi Bhajan 1/6/1990

The secret of happiness is in your power to sacrifice and uplift others. Happiness is in giving, not in taking. God will give to you. Trust in the fact! The fact of life is that you and God are one identity. There is no place for duality!
Yogi Bhajan

The moment you become a prayerful person, the fear of the Unknown is gone and love of the Unknown awakens.
Yogi Bhajan 1982

With meditation, achievements can be manifold; without meditation, the mind will not be a partner.
Yogi Bhajan

Fulfillment comes when your elements coordinate with your frequency and create a magnetic field where there is no complaint, no weakness, no punishment, no priority to see anything negative, and you flow to give and share and uplift everyone you touch, see and feel. That is the basis of spirituality.
Yogi Bhajan

The ironic thing that happened in this last century is that man started finding God outside himself. Man forgot that God is the working God, “Karta Purkh,” which Nanak, the first Sikh Guru, said works and breathes in us. It’s part of us; it’s not separate. We were blind to God’s presence everywhere. (See You Are The Essence.)

Today we have become limited, small, squeezed to a point of just physical existence. We have little quality, quantity, character, and commitment. Our character is mostly inconsistent. We often say things that are not true. We truthfully say things that are not true. We dramatically say things that are not true.

We do the most detrimental thing on this planet. In order to build a tower that surrounds the individual--like adding to how many houses, how many boyfriends, how much money we have--we end up on dirt, a termite heap of dirt.

In character we have become very shallow. We talk about how many TV sets we have, how much bigger our TV set is, how many cars we have. You won’t hear a person talking about how much satisfaction, how much containment, how much contentment, how much character, or how much realization he has.

What you hear these days is, “Who had sex with whom? Who wants who? Who chased who? Who is nude? Who is more nude?” Do you understand? There’s a competition going on. You see our magazines; it’s a human joke. When a race of humans starts making a mockery of themselves openly and obnoxiously, nothing is sacred. So this is the state of affairs, and it has to go on for 12 more years of this cusp period. And it will be bad for us. (See The 12 Signs of Kali Yuga.)

My idea to present this to you is that many of you will try to reach out to help people or to help yourselves, and you will have something to understand. It’s called “building the foundation of the New Age.”

The Age of Aquarius will be the Age of experience in which people of experience will be liked, respected, worshipped, talked to, and understood. It’s not a matter of how old you are or how young you are or how white you are or how black you are.

Religion, as it has been known, has become absolutely obsolete. In the past 5000 years religion has been teaching you to redeem your soul. The soul is already redeemed. What you should redeem is your being not true to your words, not true to your commitment, not true to your character. That’s what you should redeem.

The majority of people in the world are nothing but show business. You put on a show. And today even spirituality is nothing but a show. No human believes that they are a fact of life, a fact of existence, that they are real, that they are born in the image of God. The most magnificent Allah, most infinite God Jehovah, the most pure wise Lord Buddha, whatever you want to call God, has created you in His own image.
Yogi Bhajan 8/1/2001

God the Giver constantly gives His gifts and recipients become tired of receiving. Throughout the ages all have been provided for by His Grace. If you have not recognized that you are made in God, recognize it today. Believe it, trust it and be it. Your life will change, your environments will change. Prosperity and opportunity will come to you.
Yogi Bhajan

The main experience in the Age of Aquarius is God within; then you are grateful, you are merciful, you are passionate, you are wonderful. Whatever God has given you, He'll give more.
Yogi Bhajan

Opposition is just like a mustard seed; it will grow in proportion to your light.
Yogi Bhajan

If you think you are poor, you are poor because you do not communicate with your soul, the source of prosperity, the source of reality. If you think you are desperate, you are desperate because you have no Sadhana. Desperation, depression, and a feeling of destitution comes only to those who have no discipline or Sadhana. Only a house, which is not cleaned looks dirty and the mind which is not cleaned stinks. Sadhana is the most selfish act, because it is a self-cleansing. Cleanliness is Godliness. It is good to wear good clothes, look good, be bright, beautiful. But when you want to be blissful and bountiful, you have to have a clear mind, a mind through which your soul, your spirit can shine. (See You Have 10 Bodies.)
Yogi Bhajan

Never be right or wrong, always be neutral. Speak not through the positive mind or the negative mind, but from the neutral mind.
Yogi Bhajan

There is no intimacy without compassion.
There is no love without compassion.
There is no community without compassion.
It is caring and compassion; the rest is all a joke.
Never be selfish-be caring,
be compassionate, be kind.
Yogi Bhajan

There are a lot of things we need: One of these needs is that for the mind to work for you for the whole day, it must be fresh and clear; it must be made livable. That is why it is a requirement to rise early in the morning when nobody can disturb you, when you can be yourself.
Yogi Bhajan

So people think that if they live long, live healthy, live rich, live powerful, all that etc, etc, etc, that is the sign that they are people, they are human. Not true. Not true. A person is a person... per his sun, he has seen the light within and without. If a candle does not light another candle, it breaks the continuity." If you have not done one good thing today to elevate one person, you have wasted your day. If you have not inspired one person today, if you have not served one human today, if you have not smiled at one person... take all good qualities of you... if you have not used them all today, one way or another, you have lost a part of you. And it is each day. And that's the difference between an animal and a human. Human has an impulse of consciousness to ignore light -- or be lit with it.
Yogi Bhajan 3/13/1990

Wherever you are, whatever you are and whatever the will of God is, may you be blessed, saved, protected and guided into the destiny of divinity, grace and unto Infinity.
Yogi Bhajan 2/19/1981

I realize breath is the direct message of God.
God is not beyond vibration and each breath brings the divine vibration and charges my body.
Yogi Bhajan

There are a lot of ways you can maneuver your life, but you have no life, you are rather a burden to life when your axle breaks. And every life has an axle, and that is the spirit of God, the breath of life... the most important thing the mortal has to see is that immortality is the axle of life.
Yogi Bhajan

I know sometimes you act very obnoxiously in a most belittling way when it comes to challenge to your ego. Whatever you cannot handle, you handle it very angrily. And anger gives you insensitivity and makes you immune, and cuts you off from the inflow of Infinity. It takes away from you your will and competency to be loving, to be sharing, to be trusting, to be understanding, to be flowing.
Yogi Bhajan

Let us be kind and gentle to the fact of reality that God is never going to abandon the planet earth. Therefore the Creator is not going to abandon creation and the creatures. Let us start our today with ecstasy of consciousness and feeling of oneness with God and with each other. Let us make a resolution that each day we'll say little bit good-bye to insecurity and we'll rely on security little bit more. And that each day, that little bit in a small way, shall go all the way. In the end you will find it is multiplied by 365. That many days are there. But if you're really smart, do it by the hour. If you think you are really smart, do it by the minute. And if you have a real computer consciousness, do it by the second.
Yogi Bhajan

There is no progress if there are no challenges; there is no progress if there are no calamities; there is no progress if there are no mishaps.
Yogi Bhajan

Your ego is not your owner. Don't forget the owner of the whole thing is God Himself, the spirit, the breath of life. Your ego is not your owner.
Yogi Bhajan

Don’t worry about obnoxiousness, narrowness, abusiveness, negativity and neurosis of a student. Had he not been all that, why should he come to you? So please, when you become a Teacher, serve all, like the sun, which shines on all with light and warmth.
Yogi Bhajan 8/1/1996

Even though we don't mean to hurt anybody, sometimes we do. The reason is very simple. There are two energies, two polarities in a human mind. One is when you say something to cover the time and the space; and second is when you say something beyond time and space. When you say something to cover time and space, you are not real, because you are living to the moment. But when you say something beyond time and space, you are real.
Yogi Bhajan

You perhaps do not know, it is called: 'act of karma.' Each day one negative thought will create a one negative scene tomorrow. These are laws you can't change.
Yogi Bhajan

The two most important things in your body are the upper palate, which is the base of the hypothalamus, because the hypothalamus controls the entire nervous system, and the tip of the tongue, which affects the central nerve channel, hushumna. That controls your entire psyche.
Yogi Bhajan Women's Camp 1992

To put blocks against your own vibration is the worst thing you can do to yourself. Whosoever will do this to oneself shall never find the Self. The Light of God shall always show you the way.
Yogi Bhajan

A human cannot recognize another human just as a human, just as he is. You recognize gold as it is, and then you start looking at the purity of it: fourteen carat, eighteen carat, twenty-two carat, twenty-four carat, right? That's what you do. Have you ever measured another human being or person just as a person and then related to their evaluation, their purity of the heart and clarity of the head?
Yogi Bhajan

I am asking you to be committed so that you can have self-confidence, self-projection, so that you can create a strong enough magnetic field that you can be graceful, dignified and noble.
Yogi Bhajan

Woman can only be a woman if she has grace around her, and man is only a man if he has courage around him. Man without courage and woman without grace are so-and-so's. That is the politest thing I can say.
Yogi Bhajan

Do not follow anybody, do not listen to anybody, do not look for anything, don't hear a thing, don't worry about anything -- all you have to do is to find in you your own sacredness.
Yogi Bhajan

When a male child is born and a female child is born, mother out of attachment thinks it is my child. That is where wrong happens. There is no such thing as MY CHILD. One soul is so pure, so genuine, so competent, so creative that it can give birth to another soul. Actually to be a woman is only to allow another soul to go through the experience of the creativity of God, but once you possess it that this is my child you start the trouble right that minute. Because when it is your child you will give it the values as you want to give it, but when it is a gift of God then you will give it the values of God like. This is the error, which every mother does. Now what is the fault of that poor soul which took your body to just come and experience the creativity of God and you started laying your number on that all your neurosis you fight with your husband, you beat the child. If your husband doesn't love you, you start over loving the child. You are supposed to only give birth to the child and let the child grow in the consciousness of God so that child can experience it's own future, but your job is not to only give him birth but reach him to that God consciousness. Your first lesson to that child is you are with me because God wills it. You are owned by God and I am supposed to serve you, that's the second. Third, this life is yours and this future is yours and within the means God has provided us both husband and wife, we will try to build you so that you can enjoy your life tomorrow. All goodness has a evilness. It is your prerogative, your privilege to choose whatever you want. It is the very evilish thing to think of a child as your own property.
Yogi Bhajan 7/4/1977

Transportation principle is that you cannot transport until you do not have gears. And gears give you power, strength and adjustability to cope up with the time and space, and you are on the road.
Yogi Bhajan

Whenever you have a problem, if you put your problem at the touchstone of the spirit, the consciousness and the soul, you will be surprised how easy it is for you to solve that problem. But whenever you take a problem and look at it from the ego's point of view, it will not only bring you confusion, but it will also bring you destruction.
Yogi Bhajan

1. Love is blind. It never sees anything.
2. Love is Infinite. What you hear is not worth anything. What is worthwhile, you don’t have to hear.
3. Love is in silence and deep sound. It has no word.
4. So when you are in love, you neither see, nor hear, nor speak.
5. Experience your partner as yourself.
6. Within yourself lies the grace, which you can feel in the projection of your mate.
7. Love is amalgamation—not adjustment.
8. Love is sublimation—not a gross understanding.
9. Love is a distillation and not a relation of feelings or emotions.
10. Love is a consciousness and intelligence—living in another being and experiencing your self.
If you can even understand these ten points, then feel that you are married—you are married in love.
Yogi Bhajan 1997

Everybody has a dream. It’s my dream that every child will have the birthright to have a mother who is graceful and he or she can be proud of her. I think I have a dream that every man can have a wife who never says, “why” and “if” but through her light she shows the path, not to him alone, but to the entire family, to the entire future. That shall be a day when man will not go to an astrologer or a psychic, but he will have the very faith in his wife to tell him how tomorrow will be.
Yogi Bhajan 7/27/1989

There’s a foolishness that Kundalini teachers do: they mix so many things—astrology, numerology, tarot cards, yum-yum, yo-yo, bananas-pananas-chananas. They are afraid to cover their head when they teach. They want to be very popular. If you want to sell yourself, sell in the open market, but do not take a profession as a Teacher. Don’t insult this institution. In the end you will be sorry and regret it. The teachings are never for sale, and a teacher never has a price. You are priceless, guaranteed by the One who made this Universe.
Yogi Bhajan 7/22/1996

The pelvic bone is where the breath of life is triggered and where the breathing power of the pranic body is found.
The lungs are cleansing processors, the diaphragm is an aid to that process, and it is through the spinal column that the energy flows.
Yogi Bhajan

All knowledge, all scriptures, all wealth, all environments, all energy is meant to perform duty.
When righteous action is done, God is pleased.
Yogi Bhajan 8/6/1975

Let us sincerely sit down, talk to our heart and head, speak with our neutral mind, and see what is our path. And let us walk on that path, totally conquering our mind, so that the world can trust us, believe us, and be with us.
Yogi Bhajan 10/8/1998

When you are mad, angry, emotional, insecure, naive; then just find the Infinity of God. The coin has two sides.
Turn it over, look at the other side."
Yogi Bhajan 2/5/1992

You don't have to learn to be wise.
If you just flow you can be successful. Mother Nature will carry you.
Yogi Bhajan 6/11/1999

Food is the medicine, which creates essential energy in the body and creates essential rest in the body to bring equilibrium. That is the beauty of food. All food was considered as human medicine to begin with.
Yogi Bhajan

The strength of the man does not lie in what he has, but what he can give.
Yogi Bhajan

As long as you don't compliment yourself, your environments and your job, you will always be miserable. Complaints bring misery, compliments brings strength.
Yogi Bhajan 10/16/1997

The power of prayer can bring peace to the earth and peace to the heart.
Yogi Bhajan

Corruption happens when a religious man, having established being religious, becomes corrupt to save his authority and does not save his mission. He does not save what made him spiritual.
Yogi Bhajan 1/7/1990

If we cannot create an institution in which we create oneness of two individuals, then a child cannot be born with the caliber and intelligence to save the planet Earth
Yogi Bhajan

Physical intercourse is called 'the bridge of seven constructions.' You can elevate your physical, mental, and spiritual body seven times over if it is an intercourse of mind, body and soul - if it is sacred, if it is worthwhile. Otherwise, it is the dumbest thing to do.
Yogi Bhajan (Marriage on the Spiritual Path)

When your soul will be the sole guiding factor in the sector of your activities, it will always be a prosperous life, it will be always happy life.
Yogi Bhajan 1/27/1985

When will joins the ego, it makes you fanatic. And when will joins your lower consciousness it makes you depressed. When will joins you, it makes you divine.
Yogi Bhajan 5/24/1982

I will wait for that time when the soul in you will become so pure, so awake, so aware that you will be willing to sacrifice your being to protect the very gentle, sweet being who brought you to what you are today. With these words and with this prayer of mine, on this most beautiful day, which I relate to, it is a day to be reminded of my own source of energy, I bow to every mother and I also ask to the would-be mother, to be graceful. And I ask every man who would seek peace to realize peace doesn't come by protests and rallies. We know it and we are aware of it. Peace comes by peaceful actions and so long as those born of the mother will not learn to respect the woman, there shall not be any peace on this planet. The day on this planet the woman will not be exploited, there shall be peace on this earth.
Yogi Bhajan 5/9/1971

Give us strength. Encourage us in spirit. Elevate us in radiance so we can be healthy, happy, holy and blessed with the bliss of our life and love so that we can smile, communicate and be as a spirit shining in Thy name to all human beings. Sat Nam.
Yogi Bhajan

God's fear only means don't harm anybody. "Ahimsa," compassion. That's what it means. God's fear does not mean stand and shake. Don't take that concept, please. God's fear means when you have a fear of God you shall not do wrong to anyone, including you.
Yogi Bhajan

A teacher has a primary responsibility to be a conscious leader, to be ahead of the times.
Yogi Bhajan

The first qualification of a Kundalini Yoga Teacher is that he goes through calamity with a radiant smile, he deals with another person with a most humble understanding and he lives in the core relationship of Imperial Majesty.
Yogi Bhajan

Your greatest art of life to win the world is to move gracefully with utmost patience, tolerance, kindness and compassion, because Mother is not which delivers a baby; Mother is which delivers the universe...If you want to see the strength of a nation, you can see it in the depth of the eyes of the woman and the smile on the face of the child. If you want to see God on earth, you can see it in the depth of the commitment of the woman towards her own nobility. If you ever want to see the miracle of God, just see a very saintly, noble, committed, divine woman, and wherever the light of her human eyes fall, that becomes heaven...and that is the power of a woman.
Yogi Bhajan 7/15/1988

There’s no substitution for victory. And there’s no equal to nobility–noble dress, noble behavior, noble conduct, noble code, noble appearance, noble jewelry, noble virtues, noble everything. We decided to belong to purity. We brought our dress to the standard of purity and we are trying to bring our conduct to purity. We want to be pure. We want to have a meditative mind. That’s why we do Sadhana (Spiritual Practice). I am explaining to you that emotions are like little waves, which don’t carry you anywhere, but nobility is like the trade winds. It will take you where you belong.
Yogi Bhajan 7/1992

Subconscious anger can completely and totally destroy your mind. When your mind is destroyed by your subconscious, then you have only one thing with which to help yourself, and that is ego. Because you have no friend, you have no energy. You cannot keep yourself together. And when you deal with life with ego, then you are a rebel, then you do not flow with the flow. Then the hassle in life starts. Then you’ll sweat and stink.
Yogi Bhajan 7/1983

When you will become nothing; you shall see everything, you shall feel everything, you shall know everything and you shall command everything.
Yogi Bhajan 3/12/1989

Be balanced within yourself, be balanced with your environments, be balanced with your one to one relationship, just understand what can bring trust for you is the balance, not you win, that's not balance, that person loses that is not balance, that person wins, that's not balance, you lose that's not balance, balance is when you and the other person are in an understanding, nobody loses, nobody wins, life goes on.
Yogi Bhajan 6/30/1992

It’s your birthright to be Healthy, Happy, and Holy—and the practice of Kundalini Yoga is the method to claim that birthright.
Yogi Bhajan

The only thing that is heard and understood and communicated at the same time is truth. Therefore you should be truthful. Do not speak for your advantage or my advantage.
Yogi Bhajan 6/1/1983

Sane is that who can deal with insanity and still smile. Brave is that, which can deal with cowardness and still keep going. Rich is that, which can face the poverty and still not give up his consciousness. Spiritual is that, against all devilish darkness, he keeps the light burning. Giving is God, taking is taking, doesn't matter what you take.
Yogi Bhajan 4/8/1985

Service creates permanent love and friendship.
Self-discipline creates grace. And the neutral mind creates wisdom. These are the rules of life.
Yogi Bhajan 7/11/1995

Love is the frequency of psyche of an individual, which entangles with the frequency of the psyche of another person. It creates inseparable image and it's qualifying. It's not quality, it's not quantity…that is what God is. Totality of God is the love of self. And if you cannot see God in all, you cannot see God at all. If you see this is bad and this is good, you have already divorced fifty percent of you. And if you can deny fifty percent of you, you can deny hundred percent of you. When they say don't judge, that's exactly what they mean, don't judge.
Yogi Bhajan 6/4/1994

Consciousness, intelligence and ego, take exactly the same energy, what emotions, commotion and ego takes. Happiness is in the palm of your hand, if you take it. Life is a constant flow of love, only takes your participation, your participation is requested.
Yogi Bhajan 4/8/1985

We do not feel that we have to raise our children for tomorrow. Child is born to us innocent, child is born to us for love, child is given to us in trust of God. You see how we break the trust of God. Our own chemistry doesn't meet, our own situation falls apart, our own things are stupid and we break the heart of the child. You are just parents, you just pay the rent. Forget about everything else. God has given them their destiny and dignity, Let them be who they are. If you can't help, get out.
Yogi Bhajan 12/11/1988

Your children born of you do not understand you. Do not understand your values. All they understand is their rights and the privilege you provide, that's why give children not the rights and the privilege, give them the values and the technology to have those values. Give children the biggest gift, a value of life. When you give children a technology of life in which you say these are your privileges and every privilege you give, becomes his right, they are asking more and more, you give in more and more, finally you reach a point where you cannot give in and the war starts. War starts that way the day the child will do a drama and wars get to the height when he starts throwing tantrums and trauma and the war is in the worst when he leaves, he is out of the door, but you caused it. You did not give him life and its values, which is your responsibility as parents. You got blinded by the love and forgot your duty.
Yogi Bhajan 7/11/1991

The most elementary object of human life with all a sensory system is to meet your own soul, mate your own soul and live with your own soul, that is the sole purpose and all prosperity and virtue shall come to you.
Yogi Bhajan 1/27/1985

First of all, as humans we have a wrong way to talk. We talk shallow talk, we talk showoff talk, we talk convincing talk, we talk sales talk and sometimes we talk stupid talk. We are not limited to anything. But the only best way to talk in your life is when you just talk to build an understanding. That's very important.
Yogi Bhajan 12/11/1988

Student: What do you do if the destiny is negative and you want to make it positive?

YB: Destiny is not negative. It is the fate, which is negative. Fate eats you up on the way. Destiny or fate is two sides of the same coin. If you will not reach the destiny, you will reach your fate. So question is whether you want to reach the destiny or you don't want to reach the destiny. It's very difficult to go on the top of the mountain; it's very easy to fall at the bottom. That's the law of gravity. Make your choice. You want to sweat or you want to fall. Both hurts. Sweat is difficult and fall is hurt. But one is achievement. One is losing. Do as you want.
Yogi Bhajan 12/10/1990

Give to everybody, smile at everybody, pay attention. It will all come back to you. People give for the sake of giving, for the sake of the return, for the sake of public relations, for the sake of better relations. Giving is in our nature, but it is conditional. Those who can give unconditionally are those who feel that everything they have comes from God. There needs to be "x" amount of time, personality, self-projection, thinking and planning, which must be one-tenth of your totality, to guide you to the realm of yourself, your soul. Give to God what belongs to God: one-tenth of your time, belongings, income, thoughts, projection, communication, one-tenth of every act. Every act shall be a blessed act in which one-tenth belongs to God.
Yogi Bhajan

There are a lot of very important things in our life. Mind is the muscle; body is the shell. There cannot be two opinions about it: The mind either controls you, or you control your mind. There cannot be two relationships. It's impossible to both control the mind and have the mind control you. No. It is always one-way traffic. It's a one-way road. Either you control your mind, or your mind controls you. If your mind controls you, whether you are rich or poor, you are done. You will just come and go. If you control your mind, even if you control only forty percent of it, you make sense. If you control fifty percent of it, you make prosperity. If you control sixty percent you become a legend. Life is all about the control of the mind; but there has to be spirit behind it - the soul.
Yogi Bhajan

See Woman: According To Yogi Bhajan.

See Women: Wimps or Warriors.

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