Guru Gobind Singh 1666-1708
Tenth Master of Sikh Dharma
Life of Guru Gobind Singh

Legacy of Guru Gobind Singh
Chaupai Sahib of Guru Gobind Singh
Chaupai Sahib Translation and Transliteration

"We gladly accept all, and we shall exclude none, for after all,
we are the same - we are all One." Guru Gobind Singh

"The temple and the mosque are the same, there is no difference between
Hindu worship
and Muslim prayer; all human beings are really the same;
their differences are illusory. The Gods, Demons, Yakshas, Gandharvas,
Turks, Hindus come from different countries and seem different because
of their garb. However, their eyes are the same, their ears the same, their
bodies are the same and their habits are the same; after all, they are all an
admixture of the elements; earth, air, fire and water. The Allah of Muslims
and the Abhekh of Hindus are the same; the Puranas of the Hindus and the
Holy Quran of the Muslims are the same; all have the same beautiful form
and all have been created by the One Lord." Guru Gobind Singh

"The one thing men dread most is death. I have always lived in its
nearness and looked it in the face. So should every one of you who
claim to follow me. I will ride to my death as a bridegroom does to the
house of the bride. Do not grieve for me. For wheresoever are the Five Pure
Ones dedicated to God, there my presence shall always be." Guru Gobind Singh

"The sword breaks through and cuts down the demons of the mind and body.
This beautiful and powerful weapon adorns the battlefield of life. It is as
an extension of the arm, unbreakable, terribly fast, it’s awesome splendor
overshadows even the sun. It protects the peace and happiness of the saints
and destroys any powerful negative energy. It has erased the negativity and
guilt that I carry. I seek its refuge. Praise, praise be to the great doer of the world,
savior of the creation, my great protector, praise be to the sword!" Guru Gobind Singh

Guru Gobind Singh  
  aka Rishi Dusht Daman

Sikhs hold an important place in the history of India. Guru Nanak Dev founded Sikhism in the fifteenth century and he was followed by nine Gurus (enlightened teachers or prophets). Guru Angad developed the Gurumukhi script. Guru Ram Das laid the foundation for the city of Amritsar. Guru Arjan Dev compiled the Adi Granth, aka Siri Guru Granth Sahib, the sacred texts-songs of the Sikhs. But it was Guru Gobind Singh who gave Sikhs a renewed sense of chardee kala, and Sikh Dharma its resurgent vigor and mass following in the 17th century. The main principle of Sikhism is that there is but one God, and all people are servants of God. The people who are bound together in this holy brother-sisterhood are known as Khalsa. Guru Gobind Singh declared that he was the last of the earthly Gurus, and he commanded his followers to revere only the Guru-Word as Guru after his death.

Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Guru of the Sikhs, was born in 1666 in Patna Sahib, Bihar, India as Gobind Rai, to Mata Gujari and Guru Teg Bahadur. His birthday Gurpurb has traditionally been celebrated on January 5th each year. He lived much of his amazing life in Anandpur Sahib, Punjab, following in his father's footsteps in succession on the divine throne at the age of 9 after his father's martyrdom in 1675.

Takath Patna Sahib

Birthplace of Guru Gobind Singh Ji

His father, Guru Teg Bahadur was martyred, upholding religious freedom for the Hindus of Kashmir who were being forced to convert to Islam or die under Emperor Aurangzeb's rule. Guru Gobind Singh brought the Sikh Dharma through a difficult period of establishment, persecution and battles to which he gave his life. His entire family was killed in defense of religious freedom and Truth. He left his body in 1708, in Nanded, also known as Hazur Sahib. His prophecy is that 960 million souls will live in Khalsa Consciousness, and all will be safe in the Khalsa fold. See GurdwaraSecurity.com.

The Nine Spiritual Treasures
    And The Nine Worldly Treasures

Guru Teg Bahadur

Sat Nam. Guru Gobind Singh tells us that just by remembering his father, Guru Teg Bahadur Ji, and his selfless deeds and example, all of the aspects of wealth, prosperity and ecstasy will come directly into our lives. This promise of prosperity includes both the Nine Spiritual Treasures and the Nine Worldly Treasures (Nao Nidh), as defined below.

The Nine Spiritual Treasures

. Bharosa – Faith. A deep faith in God and Dependence of god. The firm faith in Waheguru is the first and foremost experience of a practitioner of naam.

. Leenta – An absolute Attachment to god.

. Santokh – Contentment.

. Bairaag – Detachment – From worldly possessions.

. Hukam – Acceptance of and Total Surrender to the will of God.

. Sahaj – Equilibrium and Equipoise of the mind.

. Anand – Perpetual delight and Permanant joy.

. Vismaad – Ecstasy. Joy and wonderment.

. Nadar – An awakened soul considers god as the prime reason of his attainments and that his own efforts means nothing. The attitude keeps ego far away from the person.

The Nine Worldly Treasures

. ‘Padam Nidhi’ – Attainment of children, grand children, precious metals, gold, silver, and the like.

. ‘Mahaan Padam’ – One gets, Diamond, Rubies and other precious stones. gems, jewels etc.

. ‘Sankh’ – Delicious things to eat.

. ‘Makar’ – Training in the use of arms for victory over enemies and protection of all.

. ‘Kachhap’ – Clothes, food grains, corn and the like.

. ‘Kund’ – Dealings in gold.

. ‘Neel’ – Trading in precious stones, gems and jewels.

. ‘Mukand’ – Mastery of the fine arts, music & poetry.

. ‘Kharab’ or ‘Warch’ – riches of all kinds. -- Source.

Jai Te Gung
  By Gurunam Singh Khalsa

Jai Te Gung
Author: Guru Gobind Singh

This shabd brings strength, courage, glow, grace and inspiration. This mantra is said to cut through your karma, to face our own demons and erase negativity. It activates the power of your spirit to surmount overwhelming odds.

Complete Mantra:
Khag khand bihandan khal dal khandan at ran mandan bar bandan

Bhuj dandh akhandan tej parchandan jot amandan bhaan prabhan

Sukh santaa karnang durman darning kilbikh harnang as sarnang

Jai jai jag kaaran srist ubaaran mam pratipaaran jai te gung

Jai te gung! Jai te gung! Jai te gung! Jai te gung!

Jai te gung! Jai te gung! Jai te gung! Jai te gung!

Translation from Gurmukhi:
The sword breaks through and cuts down the demons of the mind and body. This beautiful and powerful weapon adorns the battlefield of life.

It is as an extension of the arm, unbreakable, terribly fast, it’s awesome splendor overshadows even the sun.

It protects the peace and happiness of the saints and destroys any powerful negative energy. It has erased the negativity and guilt that I carry. I seek its refuge.

Praise, praise be to the great Doer of the world, Savior of the creation, my Great Protector, praise be to the sword (Power of God)!

Praise be to the sword! Praise be to the sword! Praise be to the sword! Praise be to the sword!

Praise be to the sword! Praise be to the sword! Praise be to the sword! Praise be to the sword!

Repeat 11 times per day for 40 days. Always tune in with Adi Mantra Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo at least 3 times before reciting. Hear Jai Te Gung.


Guru Gaddi Day

Guru Gobind Singh

"Today, we are celebrating the Shabad Guru. But what does it actually mean? It means Naam. It means perpetual experience of happiness. It means ecstasy. It means Anand. It means a lot of things. But it is not practiced. It is not understood. Naam means noun. Noun means personal identity. My personal identity bows to the Shabad Guru. It’s a very simple human thing. I bow that my words bring light to me and to my surroundings, even if I am in a grave. What does ecstasy mean, other than that?

It doesn't matter what is wrong with you. It is immaterial. But when you speak, it should be heavenly. It should be authentic. When you teach, it should be a penetrating, cut-throat, straight truth. Therefore, Shabad Guru means we are free from man’s opinion, worship or experience. If we are free from man’s worship, then what are we worshipping? We are worshipping ourselves as a man. The Shabad Guru and its domain practically means that you worship yourself by yourself. Be yourself, worship yourself, by yourself. That is exactly what Shabad Guru means." -- Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji, November 1, 1992

Guru Gobind Singh requests baptism

Guru Gobind Singh was a scholar and master of many languages, a poet and author of divine verse, keeping a court of 52 poets. He was a great warrior and statesman, defender of the faith, and beloved of God. He added to and preserved the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, and passed the Guruship (1708) for all time to the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, the embodiment of the Divine Word, the Shabad Guru.

In honor of this event, Guru Gaddi Day is celebrated worldwide, by reciting an Akandh Paath. An Akandh Paath is the continuous recitation, without stopping, of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib from beginning to end, 1430 pages, by relay teams of readers. which lasts about 72 hours. -- See Why Don't Sikh Women Tie Turban?


First Baisakhi Day 1699
By OngKar Kaur Khalsa

Our Beloved Guru put out the call.
The Sangat should attend Baisakhi –
A Springtime renewal for all.
Disciples from all over were excited and happy to comply.
A chance to be with our beautiful Guru and Sangat was the reason why.
To be in the presence of the Guru and bow our heads was not taken lightly --
It was the highest blessing from the Almighty.
Thousands of devotees heralded from villages far and wide.
Much seva to do, long lost friends to see and new ones to betide.
A sea of tents was created which was miles long.
Such a festive spirit amongst the throng.
The auspicious day arrived on Baisakhi 1699*
For a sight of the Guru we all did pine.
The crowd buzzed with excitement and anticipation.
What was the purpose of the Guru gathering such a large congregation?
There were many rumors that murmured around about the Mughal king
That he had spies everywhere and a nasty plan that would sting.
He was a mean and unruly emperor.
Many said we had yet to experience his full reign of terror.
There was a sudden rumble in the crowd.
The Guru had suddenly appeared, brilliant, radiant and proud.
A hush came over the Sangat, waiting for his address
His eyes pierced right through us –
There was no doubt the conviction he possessed.
His arm was raised high in the air
A long, sharp sword accompanied his intense stare.
His voice rang out loud and crystal clear:
“I need a head! I need it now!”
There was no uncertainty that he was sincere.
His strong words and what they meant swirled through my head.
Surely he wasn’t speaking to me, it must be my neighbor instead.
What about my husband, my community, my son
They still needed me; surely I wasn’t yet done.
At first, I admit, my heart did pound
But suddenly I felt my mind separated from the world around.
As I fully entered this out of body experience
I felt detached and relaxed and had a talk with myself that was quite serious.
I was devoted to my Guru completely and had always prayed to him so sweetly.
Or so I thought…
Has my life to this point been a sham, am I a fake?
Is my devotion to the Guru so easy to break?
When I bow my head am I doing so conditionally and artificially?
Or am I giving my love and devotion implicitly?
What is my life anyway without bowing, nay, giving my head?
If I’m not willing to give my life to my Guru, I may as well be dead.
Ha! I tell myself—how funny this is—what a predicament --
“If I’m not willing to die for my Guru, I might as well be dead?”
And here my Guru is ASKING me for my head. How magnificent is that!
I must give it. I must not wait!
I do not doubt it, the Guru IS my soul mate!
It is so true…
I feel a blissful peace come over me --
Thank God this is the conclusion that I drew!
As my mind slowly comes back to the earthly plane
I become aware once more of the panic around me and of people’s pain.
I want to reach out to them and tell them it’s OK, no actually, it’s great!
I want to tell them this is their chance to choose their destiny, not their fate.
I looked at the stage again to find my Guru.
He had 5 Sikhs around him, all radiant and beautiful.
Suddenly, the Guru put his hand up for silence. Once again he spoke loud and clear.
He said, these are my Beloved Ones – they have only love, no fear.
They are the Khalsa. Their hearts are pure
Their love of their Guru was completely sure.
Many of you do not understand my request
I know that what has occurred today is hard for you to digest.
However, the times we face in our future are sure to be difficult
To maintain your strength and grace, you must be vigilant.
Your love and devotion will be tested beyond your belief
For many, death will be your only relief.
You must be strong; to be prepared, your commitment must be steady
The enemy will have no empathy – you must be ready…
To live your destiny… or be vulnerable to your fate
Today was my effort for your destiny to create.
It is your true self who must decide.
You must be willing to die - for truth and righteousness.
There will be no other justice.
Then the Guru oversaw the making of nectar that he concocted
By stirring water with a sword and adding in sweets --
“Amrit” was the word for this that was adopted.
The Guru then baptized the 5 Beloved Ones and asked them to do to him the same.
Then thousands of us bowed our heads in understanding --
The Guru’s actions and words, our souls did inflame
The desire to commit to our Guru, come what may.
We begged the Guru to give us the nectar too – we were here to stay.
He saw our devotion and love shine through.
Our spirits had been renewed.
We chose our destiny, not our fate.
The rest is our history, which is GREAT!

*aka Vaisakhi

The Siri Guru Granth Sahib

Siri Guru Granth Sahib

Bole So Nihaal...Sat Siri Akaal
One who speaks this shall be blessed.
Only Truth is Supreme and Undying.


"Grant me this boon, O God. May I never refrain from righteous actions. May I fight,
without fear all foes, in life's battles, with confident courage, claiming victory! May
thy glory be engraved in my mind, and my highest ambition be singing Thy praises.
And when this mortal life comes to end, may I die fighting with limitless courage."

Bole So Nihaal...Saat Siri Akaal
Dhaeh shiva bar mohi eihai
Subh karaman thae kabehoon n ttaro

Dhaeh shiva bar mohi eihai
Subh karaman thae kabehoon n ttaro
N ddaro ar so jab jaae laro
Nischai kar apanee jeeth karo
Dhaeh shiva bar mohi eihai

Ar Sikh ho aapanae hee man ka
Eih laalach ho gun tho oucharo

Jab aav kee aoudh nidhaan banai
Ath hee rann mai thab joojh maro

Bole So Nihaal...Saat Siri Akaal
Dhaeh shiva bar mohi eihai
Subh karaman thae kabehoon n ttaro
N ddaro ar so jab jaae laro
Nischai kar apanee jeeth karo
Dhaeh shiva bar mohi eihai
Jo tho praem khaelan kaa chaao
Sir dhar thalee galee maeree aao
Eith maarag paidr dhareejai
Sir dheejai kaan n keejai

Bole So Nihaal...Saat Siri Akaal
Dhaeh shiva bar mohi eihai
Subh karaman thae kabehoon n ttaro
N ddaro ar so jab jaae laro
Nischai kar apanee jeeth karo
Dhaeh shiva bar mohi eihai
Sooraa so pehichaaneeai
J larai dheen kae haeth
Purajaa purajaa katt marai
Kabehoo n shaaddai khaeth

Bole So Nihaal...Saat Siri Akaal
Dhaeh shiva bar mohi eihai
Subh karaman thae kabehoon n ttaro
N ddaro ar so jab jaae laro
Nischai kar apanee jeeth karo
Dhaeh shiva bar mohi eihai
Marathaa marathaa jag muaa mar bh n jaanai koe
Aisee maranee jo marai bahur n maranaa hoe

Bole So Nihaal...Saat Siri Akaal
Dhaeh shiva bar mohi eihai
Subh karaman thae kabehoon n ttaro
N ddaro ar so jab jaae laro
Nischai kar apanee jeeth karo
Dhaeh shiva bar mohi eihai
Dhaeh shiva bar mohi eihai
Dhaeh shiva bar mohi eihai
Dhaeh shiva bar mohi eihai

Bole So Nihaal...Saat Siri Akaa
Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Bole So Nihaal...Saat Siri Akaal

Bole So Nihaal...Saat Siri Akaal
The Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji

Akandh Paath

Akhand Paaths (Paths) are an important meditative practice for Sikhs. The recitation (or "Paath") can be undertaken for various reasons. It can be in honor of a particular occasion; to mark a happy or sad occasion within the family; or simply to increase one's feeling of connection to Wahe Guru.

Some Gurdwaras hold a weekly Akhand Paath and this gives the congregation (Sadh Sangat) a beautiful opportunity to establish a close relationship with the Guru, the community and provides the opportunity of carry out volunteer work (Seva) thus obtaining the blessing of the Guru's Word to the whole of the community. --

See The 12 Aspirations of the Sikhs. See The Sikh Anthem. See The University of Guru Gobind Singh. See Glossary of Sikh Terms. See A Comprehensive Sikh History Quiz.

Guru Gobind Singh meets with the Sangat

A contemporary Sangat attending a Gurdwara service

Jaap Sahib (Meditation)

By Guru Gobind Singh
From Sacred Writings of The Sikhs


There is no mark, which sets apart
The Ever Changeless Light of hearts.
No caste or sect, shape, form or hue;
Imagination can't construe
His Greatness or His countless Names;
The King Who o'er the three worlds reigns;
A million Indras can't compete;
God's men and demons touch His feet.

The world's vast fortunes seem as weeds
Amidst the garden of His deeds.
Thus, by His deeds His Name is placed;
Breath of Wisdom, Grace of grace.
Even forests slim or small
In glades and glens repeat the call,
"He is Infinite and All ... Infinite and All."

I bow to Thee, Eternal,
Beyond death the Beauteous Form.
To the Merciful and Mighty,
O, I bow to Thee, Unborn;
To the One Who has no costume,
Who’s beyond all destiny,
Without treasure, without body, Indestructible is He;
Who is Nameless and cannot be named,
Who occupies no space,
Beyond karma, beyond dharma, beyond need of dwelling place.

O, I bow to Thee Unconquerable, the Stranger to defeat.
To the Fearless, Self Sufficient One, the One without deceit;
To the One Who has no color, no beginning and no end,
Who is Bountiful and Faultless, Far Too Great to comprehend;
O, I bow to Thee Who art but One and Thee Who many be.
Beyond earth, air, water, fire and gas, I bow my Lord to Thee ...
Beyond earth, air, water, fire and gas, I bow my Lord to Thee.

I bow to Him beyond all deeds, Who wears no special dress,
Who has no country, name or manner, the Desireless.
I bow to Thee Imperishable, Thee from sorrow free;
Beyond attachment, anger, pride, desire and greed is He;
To the One in need of no one, Who is worshipped in three worlds;
The Source of every treasure, He Who cannot be installed.
He Who’s free from all affliction, independent of all breath;
He Who organizes and destroys, Who is the Death of death.

O, I bow to He Who generates, the One Who can't be known.
The Source of passion, strength and grace;
I bow to Thee, Unborn;
He Who is the Supreme Yogi, far beyond all intellect;
He in need of no support, yet Who supports the ocean's depth ...
He in need of no support, yet Who supports the ocean's depth.

I bow to He Who has no caste, religion, faith or creed;
Sublime and All Prevailing Beauty, with no lineage;
The Countryless, the Garbless, Homeless, Spouseless, King of all,
Who dispenses death and mercy, He Who takes the shape of all.
O, I bow to the Creator, the Sustainer, the True Lord;
To the One Annihilator, low I bow to Thee Unborn;
To the One Who has no secrets, He Who is the Death of all;
The Creator of all beauties, their destruction and their fall.

O, I bow to the Sustainer, Omnipresent in all hues;
Who prevails throughout the universe, the Endless Well of Truths.
O, I bow to Thee, Immortal Lord, to Thee untouched by age;
To the Doer, the Forgiver, to the Fearless and the Sage ...
To the Doer, the Forgiver, to the Fearless and the Sage.

He Who is Every Occupation, no relations, no restraint;
To the kind and constant Husband, Aspiration of the saint;
To the Endless and the Infinite, the Love of every soul;
The Creator and Destroyer, bend thou low, this mortal coil.
Bow down to the Lord of Yogis, the Sustainer of the wife;
The Enjoyer of all pleasures, the Caretaker of all life.

He Who's kind and understanding, more impartial than the sea;
He Who dries up all life's fluids, O, I bow my God to Thee.
To the Bountiful and Fruitful, Who is not sustained by breath;
Who is Fearless and Desireless, He Who is the Death of death;
Who is Infinitely Gracious, Who’s within and out of me;
To the Only God whose Name is Truth, I bow, my Lord to Thee ...
To the Only God whose Name is Truth, I bow, my Lord to Thee.

I bow to Thee, O Virtuous, upon Whom all rely;
He Who lives in everyone, the One from Whom all shapes arise;
To the Moon of moons, the King of kings, the most respected One;
Unto He Who has no comrade, Hymn of hymns and Sun of suns;
He Who is the Dance within the dance, the Sound within the sound.
To the Music of all music, to the Current, I bow down;
To the One Who is the Hand and is the hand's Activity,
Who contains all forms, all maya, Great and Glorious is He.

The Dispute of all disputes, the Supreme Siddha of the verse;
To the User of all weapons, Mother of the universe;
Who is All-Supreme in wisdom, without lust and costume free;
To the Master of maneuvers, O, I bow my Lord to Thee ...
To the Master of maneuvers, O, I bow my Lord to Thee.

I bow to He Who cures disease, Who takes our daily care;
Present in both gods and demons, Who is Dutiful and Fair.
He Who knows all forms of cunning, the Embodiment of love;
Who bestows all life and charity, All Seeing Lord above;
To the Mantra of all mantras, Pure of fire and the Pure;
To the Jantra of all jantras, Conqueror of the universe;
The Immortal, Without Master, to the True and Blissful Form;
To the Tantra of all tantras, low, I bow to Thee Unborn.

O, I bow to He Who rules all wealth, the Brightest of the bright;
To the Seed of seeds, the Song of songs, the Form of dark and light;
To the Honored of all honored, without fear or mystery;
Object of all meditation, O, I bow my Lord to Thee ...
Object of all meditation, O, I bow my Lord to Thee.

I bow to the Bestower of all knowledge time and space;
To the Source of love, the Source of strength, salvation, bliss and grace.
He Who takes the form of passion, He Who takes the form of pain;
To the Harshest of the harsh, the Many and the One again;
To the Everlasting Sculptor Who is pleased with every mold;
The Embodiment of kindness, the Controller of the soul;
The Destroyer of the three conditions, future, past and now.

He Who is the Life of life, bestowing undestroyable power;
To the Battle of all battles, the Embodiment of peace;
The Unalterable Essence, Formless through eternity;
To the Righteous Lord of Indras, Who’s within and out of me;
Meditation of all meditations, Lord, I bow to Thee ...
Meditation of all meditations, Lord, I bow to Thee. --

Hear Guru Gobind Singh's Chaupai Sahib.

The words of Guru Gobind Singh

Stories of Guru Gobind Singh


SS SatHanuman Singh Khalsa

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Gobind Rai was born in Patna, in Bihar State, India, December 1666. He became Guru Gobind Rai on November 11th, 1675, when his Pitaji (father) and Guru (Guru Teg Bahadur) was martyred by Mughal Emperor Aurangazeb in Delhi, India.

On March 30, 1699 (now April 14), Guru Gobind Rai took Amrit from the Panj Pyara (Five Beloved Ones) to whom he had just administered Amrit. At that moment he became Guru Gobind Singh!

Guru Gobind Singh left his earthly body in Hazur Sahib in Nanded, Maharashtra State, India, in 1708. At that moment the Adi Granth became the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, the 11th Guru.

Chardi Kala! --

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