Accounts of outstanding service
by members of the Sikh community.

A robust transparency is necessary at this time in our history.
We pledge to advocate and participate in thoughtful disagreement.
Therefore our objective is to actively promote diversity and cultural
competency, explore issues of color and gender, and inspire people
who have a history of being marginalized, using social media and other
means as platforms to inform various communities of the life experiences
and concerns of marginalized people with regard to the necessity for social
action, dialogue, inclusion, compassion, tolerance, and cultural literacy to
expand and improve human relations going forward, in order to better facilitate
the current worldwide shift in global consciousness from tribalism, instability,
and extremism, to harmony, cooperation and enduring peace. In addition, we
welcome and support other organizations that promote the transformation of
as taught by spiritual teachers like Guru Nanak Dev and others.

Hardit Singh Malik!

Hardit Singh Malik 1892-1985

Sat Nam. Hardit Singh Malik is the first Sikh and first native Asian/Indian pilot to enter the Royal Air Force. He was born November 23, 1892 to a Sikh family from Rawalpindi, Punjab, which was part of pre-partitioned India. Hardit Singh immigrated to England at the age of 14 and attended English Public Schools and Eastborne College, from where he went to Balliol College at Oxford. This photo was taken May 17, 1917.

During World War I in 1914, Hardit Singh Malik was in his second year at Oxford and most of his British colleagues volunteered to join the fighting services. Sardar Hardit Singh Malik also wanted to join. He was initially denied permission to join the force and was instead asked to serve as an orderly in an Indian military hospital. But he overcame institutional racism to become a fighter pilot for the British before he took on the Germans.

When Hardit Singh was initially denied permission, dejected, he then went to France to serve as an ambulance driver and asked the authorities to serve as a volunteer in the air force. Thankfully, the French agreed. Hardit Singh wrote a letter to his tutor at Oxford giving him the good news. The tutor then took it up with the chief of the RFC who thought it would be an embarrassment if a British subject was employed by the French.

After this long struggle, Hardit Singh was sent for training and was commissioned in the RFC, becoming the first Indian fighter pilot. RFC would go on to become the RAF, Royal Air Force, during the war but it was Hardit Singh's commissioning that led the RFC to open its doors to Indians and other Asians.  -- See More.

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Lt. Colonel K.S. Kalsi!

Kamal Singh Kalsi

Sat Nam. Lt. Colonel Kalsi is an emergency room M.D. and a U.S. Army officer who has served in the military since 2001. He also serves as a member of Truman National Security Project’s Defense Council.

The first Sikh soldier to receive a religious accommodation to wear a turban and maintain a beard in uniform in over a generation, Kalsi founded SAVA, Sikh American Veteran's Alliance, in 2017, to promote Sikh military history and service.

Colonel Kalsi has been named to the New Jersey Governor-Elect transition team. See Details.

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Bhai Sahiba Bibiji Inderjit Kaur Khalsa!

Inderjit Kaur Khalsa aka
Bhai Sahiba Bibiji Inderjit Kaur Khalsa, Ph.D.

Sat Nam. Bibiji Inderjit Kaur Khalsa aka Bhai Sahiba Bibiji Inderjit Kaur Khalsa, Ph.D, was recently honored with the Sikhs In Education Award and the Jewels of the Punjab Award.

Bibiji was previously proclaimed Bhai Sahiba of the Western Hemisphere by her late husband, the Siri Singh Sahib, and the Khalsa Council of Sikh Dharma lnternational.

In 2004, Bibiji was honored again with a proclamation from the Akal Takhat, which acknowledged and confirmed her status as Bhai Sahiba. -- See Details.

Also see Bhai Sahiba Wins Ellis Island Medal of Honor and Bhai Sahiba's Letter To SGPC Re Women.

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Hari Nam Kaur Khalsa!

Hari Nam Kaur Khalsa

Sat Nam. An American Kundalini Yoga instructor, 61, shot dead two of four alleged burglars after they broke into her home in Chile.

Hari Nam Kaur Khalsa, originally from Texas, USA, shot and killed two home invaders as they allegedly attempted to rob her in her residence just north of Santiago, Chile, November 25, 2016.

Khalsa, 61, was in the bedroom of her Batuco home when four men entered and struck her on the head with a firearm.

The men tried to tie her up but Khalsa was able to free herself and grabbed her registered Taurus model revolver from beneath her pillow. Khalsa shot dead two of the men. The others escaped. The dead men's identities and origins were not immediately released. -- See Details.

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Singh Sahib Sat Jivan Singh Khalsa!

Sat Jivan Singh Khalsa

Sat Nam. Sat Jivan Singh is proprietor of The Khalsa Law Firm, PC, and Kundalini Yoga East. He's been in private practice in New York since 1974.

Over the years, his areas of expertise have developed to include business and commercial matters, the rights of the disabled, nonprofit organizations and education law, in addition to a wide range of estate planning specialties. His firm focuses solely on Estate Planning and Elder Law and includes: Living Trusts, Asset Protection, Charitable Trusts, Family Limited Partnerships, Medicaid Planning, Business Succession Planning, and Trusts for Children with Special Needs.

Sat Jivan Singh's first book, "Estate Planning Essentials: A Guidebook for Modern Families," was published in June, 2015 and introduces modern strategies that define a strong estate plan, and the evolution of changes in tax structures, and the way assets are passed from one generation to the next. 

Sat Jivan Singh formerly served as the president of the Sikh Lawyers Bar Association and as a Board of Director member of the Asian American Bar Association. He previously served as an aide to the late United States Senator John Sparkman.

Sat Jivan Singh Khalsa recently donated one of his kidneys as a gift of love. -- See Details.

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Bibi Jasbir Kaur Khalsa!

Jasbir Kaur Khalsa
July 5, 1947 - February 10, 2011

Sat Nam. Bibi Jasbir Kaur Khalsa's legacy is an inspiration to many people across the globe. Her commitment to teaching the ways of Sikhism to many in Asia, Europe, and North America is based in her own devotion.

Bibi ji's interest in propogating the original devotional music of the Sikhs known as Gurmat Sangeet inspired her brain child, the Adutti Gurmat Sangeet Sammelan, where Raagis present compositions from the Sikh scripture, the Sri Guru Granth Sahib, in the original Raag in which the compositions were written.

Bibi's legacy continues to encourage us with her wisdom and experience to live with devotion to an honest and spiritual life, imbibing the spirit of the the Sri Guru Granth Sahib into our daily lives.

In a historic first, the portrait of a Sikh woman, Bibi Jasbir Kaur Khalsa, is now displayed in the central Sikh museum at the Golden Temple honoring her contributions in the field of Gurmat Sangeet. -- See Details.

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Preet Kaur Didbal!

Preet Kaur Didbal

Sat Nam. Preet Kaur, 46, who is Indian-American, is currently a correctional health care services manager in the California Department of Corrections. She has served on the Yuba City Planning Commission for eight years. She holds an associate degree in nutrition, a bachelor’s degree in physical education, and a master’s in public administration.

Preet Kaur recently, Decemer 5, 2017, made history when she become the first Sikh woman mayor of a city in the U.S.

Preet Kaur being sworn in along side her mother.

Mom embraces daughter.

Preet Kaur as a child with parents.

She stood tall and smiling next to her mother as she was sworn in by her daughter as part of the Yuba City, California ceremony for new council members. -- See Details.

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Gurbir Singh Grewal!

Gurbir Singh Grewal

Sat Nam. Gurbir Singh Grewal was announced as New Jersey Govornor-elect Phil Murphy’s choice for attorney general. Grewal would be the first Sikh to be selected to the position in the state’s history, as well as the first Sikh state attorney general in U.S. history. See More.

Grewal, a Glen Rock father of three, is the first South Asian to be named to the position. A Democrat, he had served as acting prosecutor since his appointment by Governor Christie in January 2016. But a unanimous confirmation vote in the state Senate in November has allowed him to shed the “acting” title.

Grewal will serve a five-year term as the agency’s head. In that position, he will exercise substantial power to lead criminal investigations, coordinate regional task forces and oversee municipal police departments. -- Source.

Before becoming a federal prosecutor in New Jersey, Grewal also served as an AUSA in the Criminal Division of the United States Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York from 2004 to 2007, where he was ultimately assigned to the Business and Securities Fraud Unit. As an AUSA in the Eastern District of New York, he investigated and prosecuted a wide range of narcotics offenses, white collar crimes, and terrorism cases. His significant matters included the successful prosecution of 12 men charged with providing material support to the Tamil Tigers terrorist organization.

In addition to his work as a federal prosecutor, Grewal has also worked in private practice, including at Howrey LLP (from 1999 to 2004 in Washington, D.C., and from 2008 to 2010 in New York, NY). While at Howrey LLP, he counseled clients on a range of matters including securities, trademark, antitrust and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act issues; represented individuals and companies in government investigations and criminal proceedings; conducted internal investigations for public corporations; and conducted civil trials.

Grewal graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service from the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in 1995. He obtained his law degree from the College of William and Mary, Marshall-Wythe School of Law in 1999. -- Source.

See New York Times Article.

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Gagandeep Singh!

Gagandeep Singh

Sikh policeman, Gagandeep Singh, of Uttarakhand, India,
commended for saving a Muslim man from Hindu fanatics.

The Muslim man was visiting a temple with his Hindu girlfriend. The mob surrounded the man and tried to attack, accusing him of "love jihad". The term has been popularized by radical Hindu fringe groups who accuse Muslim men of participating in a conspiracy to turn Hindu women from their religion by seducing them.

Delhi Minorities Commission's Chairman Dr. Zafarul-Islam Khan commended Gagandeep Singh saying, “I and millions of the citizens of our country have been deeply moved by Gagandeep Singh's sense of duty and bravery in protecting and rescuing a Muslim youngster who had accompanied a girl to a Hindu temple. I highly commend and salute his bravery. He is a role model for our people, especially police officers, who take their responsibilities seriously and discharge their duties at their own physical risk. I wish Gagandeep Singh all the best and hope a bright and successful future for him in the police force and society. May his tribe increase.” Source.

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Gursoch Kaur!

Gursoch Kaur

Sat Nam. In New York City, NY, Auxiliary Police Officers act as liaison between communities and the police department. Recently, Gursoch Kaur made headlines when she became the first female Sikh officer to serve in the Auxiliary Unit wearing the traditional Sikh turban. Usually dastars are worn by Sikh men, but some women choose to wear them to raise awareness about their religion. See Video. Also see Turbanators.com.

"Given the very positive and growing public awareness of Sikhs,
Sikh women manifestly express their parity with Sikh men when
they wear turban, thereby advocating gender equality. Without
the turban the perception persists that Kaurs are not true Sikhs.
Singhs are perceived to be the genuine, even dominant gender.
Women wearing a turban makes gender equality more apparent.

Sikh women make a powerful statement about gender equality
when they tie turban. It is a graceful and effective way of putting Sikhs
and other communities on notice. It says, "We are who we are in support
of everyone's human rights irrespective of gender." -- DualityOptics.com

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