Happy Birthday, Khalsa Ji!

Khalsa mero roop hai khaas, Khaalse meh hau karau nivaas
Khalsa is my special form. In the Khalsa I live. 

Khalsa mero mukh hai angaa, Khaalse ke haun sad sad sangaa
Khalsa is my body. With the Khalsa I am ever and ever present

Khalsa mero mitar sakhaaee, Khalsa maat pita sukhdaaee
Khalsa is my friend, my companion. Khalsa is my mother, my father, my peacegiver.

Khalsa mero dharam our karam, Khalsa mero bhed nij maram
Khalsa is my faith and my actions. Khalsa is my distinct, personal mystique.

Khalsa mero bhavan bhandaara, Khaalse kar mero satkaara
Khalsa is my vast treasure. Khalsa sustains my honor

Khalsa mero satgur poora, Khalsa mero sajjan soora
Khalsa is my Satguru complete. Khalsa is my virtous noble friend, my brave dauntless warrior

Khalsa akal purakh ki fauj, pragteo Khalsa paramatam ki mauj.
Khalsa is the army of God, the Akal Purakh. Khalsa is the joy of Supreme Being. --

Bole So Nihaal...Saat Siri Akaal
One who speaks this shall be blessed...
Truth is Supreme and Undying.


"Grant me this boon, O God. May I never refrain from righteous actions. May I fight,
without fear, all foes in life's battles, with confident courage, claiming victory! May
Thy glory be engraved in my mind, and my highest ambition be singing Thy praises.
And when this temporal life comes to end, may I die fighting with limitless courage."

Bole So Nihaal...Saat Siri Akaal
Dhaeh shiva bar mohi eihai
Subh karaman thae kabehoon n ttaro

Dhaeh shiva bar mohi eihai
Subh karaman thae kabehoon n ttaro
N ddaro ar so jab jaae laro
Nischai kar apanee jeeth karo
Dhaeh shiva bar mohi eihai

Ar Sikh ho aapanae hee man ka
Eih laalach ho gun tho oucharo

Jab aav kee aoudh nidhaan banai
Ath hee rann mai thab joojh maro

Bole So Nihaal...Saat Siri Akaal
Dhaeh shiva bar mohi eihai
Subh karaman thae kabehoon n ttaro
N ddaro ar so jab jaae laro
Nischai kar apanee jeeth karo
Dhaeh shiva bar mohi eihai
Jo tho praem khaelan kaa chaao
Sir dhar thalee galee maeree aao
Eith maarag paidr dhareejai
Sir dheejai kaan n keejai

Bole So Nihaal...Saat Siri Akaal
Dhaeh shiva bar mohi eihai
Subh karaman thae kabehoon n ttaro
N ddaro ar so jab jaae laro
Nischai kar apanee jeeth karo
Dhaeh shiva bar mohi eihai
Sooraa so pehichaaneeai
J larai dheen kae haeth
Purajaa purajaa katt marai
Kabehoo n shaaddai khaeth

Bole So Nihaal...Saat Siri Akaal
Dhaeh shiva bar mohi eihai
Subh karaman thae kabehoon n ttaro
N ddaro ar so jab jaae laro
Nischai kar apanee jeeth karo
Dhaeh shiva bar mohi eihai
Marathaa marathaa jag muaa mar bh n jaanai koe
Aisee maranee jo marai bahur n maranaa hoe

Bole So Nihaal...Saat Siri Akaal
Dhaeh shiva bar mohi eihai
Subh karaman thae kabehoon n ttaro
N ddaro ar so jab jaae laro
Nischai kar apanee jeeth karo
Dhaeh shiva bar mohi eihai
Dhaeh shiva bar mohi eihai
Dhaeh shiva bar mohi eihai
Dhaeh shiva bar mohi eihai

Bole So Nihaal...Saat Siri Akaa
Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Bole So Nihaal...Saat Siri Akaal

Bole So Nihaal...Saat Siri Akaal

See Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

See Life According To Nanak Dev Ji.

Guru Ki Maya


My Sikh Sense
By M.S.S. Hari Jiwan Singh Khalsa

Hari Jiwan Singh Khalsa

I’m going to share a secret with you. It’s a secret, which requires great karma to even be aware of. It’s something so rare that very few take advantage of it. I’m going to share it with you. I know that many will think what I say is hogwash, that’s O.K. Others will understand but can’t be challenged. Nevertheless, for those who sincerely take advantage of what I say, a life changing experience is the result.

Baisakhi celebration comes with a blessing. It’s one of the treasures in life. It’s a way to experience something you otherwise would not. It’s an opportunity only a relative few will avail themselves of. It’s the experience of living in another dimension, a fourth dimension. It’s a life balanced through the subtle body. It’s a way beyond bias; it’s a way beyond prejudice. It’s an exquisite way beyond the beyond.

Spirituality is a progression. Like “Jacob’s latter,” each step up the staircase of consciousness has it’s own uniquely and crescendoing beauty. What it you could climb up a step or three before you’re allowed? What if you allowed yourself to experience this state of being? What if you had the guts to go beyond, beyond that which is comfortable? What if that discomfort turned to pleasure?

Attending a Baisakhi celebration is where one of the rare earthly occurrences occurs. Rarely are we humans given a free pass from karma. It’s not permanent so it’s allowable, but, make no mistake about it, it’s another life changing experience. It’s a chance to view, experience, and share an experience of life which cannot be denied. An experience which must be pursued. A step into prosperity.

This is what Guru Gobind Singh gave to his Khalsa on this sacred Baisakhi day in 1699. It’s as available today as it was back then. The Guru offered an experience of higher steps before one’s time. Five men gave their head. This is the test. The more you give your head (remember, you can’t fool Mother Nature), the more steps you are lifted unto.

Right on the spot. The more sincerely you commit to seva, doing the Guru’s duty, the more steps are traversed automatically, and the higher the consciousness flies. This experience can be overwhelming. It does overcome any skepticism or doubt left in your mind. There’s no more reason to not go full guns and commit totally. The reality of hope is realized.

This journey may or may not be experienced consciously, or may or may not be permeant, but it definitely will deliver all the motivation, the inspiration, necessary to assure its continuance. The irony is that not only is this blessing able to deliver what we can’t, it also delivers on the fact that just going to a Baisakhi celebration is a blessing beyond our time as well. So, it’s a double hit. What are the odds of that happening? Astronomical, that’s what.

So, please go to a Baisakhi celebration and receive this opportunity. At least you are still in the game. We’ll work on the more subtle aspects of the game latter. Just keep in the game by going.Take advantage of this rare opportunity to let the Guru bestow upon you the blessing of a helping hand. It’s not only helpful, it’s joyful. Take advantage of your good karma and pay the cost for Guru’s extra helping hand.

So go find a Sikh Gurdwara today, bow in true reverence, activate your destiny and make a further commitment to live the truth. Try it you’ll like it.

In the Humility of Service and Gratitude,
MSS Hari Jiwan Singh Khalsa
Chief of Protocol
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