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Firsthand account of the early days
of 3HO, according to Vince Melito
See 3HOLegacyLinks.com.

Vince Melito

"Sat Nam. Like many years ago, in Denver, Japji was how we started our morning practice. I loved the English version (Peace Lagoon). I really resonated with this prayer.

Through the Denver ashram and a man named Geetee we learned to read Gurmukhi script and Sikh history for part of our morning practice. After a time I could see and feel the benefit of listening and reciting Guru's language.

I profoundly believed that Hari Singh was an incarnation of Guru Gobind Singh. There was no one that had his presence and it was like a train passing when he was on his way to morning Sadhana.

This time period was very important to my soul and to have found a master filled what the Bhagavad Gita instructs.

I was always so happy to hear Shakti Kaur (Mary) laughing and squealing every morning. I had found my home and God was there.

I loved seeing Ong Kar and Sat Kartar standing in their blankets while Hari Singh's read Anand Sahib. I was deluded to think that I had the same karma as this soldier saint. I didn't. I had lots of work to do for neophytes like myself. I was damaged from drugs and alcohol as well as horrible circumstances in my parent’s home.

I was afraid that I would screw up one of the most important relationships of my life. I was again in fear that I would not be able to be connected to the Hari's and I would lose my family in disgrace. I did lose my family. I violated my own principles and walked away from the Guru.

I wasn't about to try again because of all the damage and embarrassment I had caused other people (my kids and their mother) and surely embarrassing my spiritual teacher. I honestly think my heart problems are my attempt to end a vicious circle.

It was too late to be excellent like Hari or Yogiji.

I still think that Guru Nanak knows my heart is sincere. It is very important that I cause no harm from here.

It is a spiritual delight for me to have that support and guidance. I may be damaged, but I am a happy man and a good husband." --

Firsthand account of the early days
of 3HO, according to Vince Melito

Vince Melito

"Sat Nam. One of the highest spiritual practices I ever did was Close Order Drill at the 3HO Denver ashram. I learned so much about responding over reacting -- about authority over disrespect -- about the other over the self. Thank you, Hari Singh Bird, the greatest spiritual teacher I ever had." --

Firsthand account of the early days
of 3HO, according to a KWTC attendee

"Sat Nam. I too had a profound experience during a long KWTC march through Espanola one summer. It was hot and gruelling, not my kind of thing at all. I'm more the type to lounge at the beach. Yet, at the core of the marching I found a fountain of courage and strength far beyond my own. It was what enabled me to make it through the ordeal." --

See another woman's Drill Team experience at the Khalsa Women's Training Camp.

Firsthand account of the early days
of 3HO, according to Vince Melito

Vince Melito

"Sat Nam. I did volunteer work in India years ago and remember overhearing a Hindu heart surgeon speaking to the Christian minister I served under.

He said that if Christians would quit assuming a higher moral ground, that they would be much more tolerated in India. He said that Christians offered most of their services only if the Hindus would accept Jesus as the only way -- like hanging a carrot in front of a hungry horse.

I open this up for all people to get that if they have something to offer in terms of medical -- food -- or other material goods -- do it in good faith and do not invalidate the spiritual culture of those you serve. Offer your services, goods, or religious beliefs "as an invitation" and NOT as a condition or mandate." -- See Proselytize.

Firsthand account of the early days
of 3HO, according to Hari Singh Bird

Hari Singh Bird

"Sat Nam. Reading these accounts caused me to reflect on my training and experiences with Close Order Drill in the Marine Corps, and when Yogi Bhajan requested that I go to the Phoenix, AZ and San Francisco, CA 3HO ashrams back in the late '70s to lead COD during morning sadhana. It also makes me wonder why this training is not a part of today's 3HO/Sikh Dharma experience as when Yogiji introduced it to the women at KWTC many years ago. I've often wondered too if people understand the technology and its role in teaching leadership skills." --

Firsthand account of the early days
of 3HO, according to Adrian Gomez
Courtesy of The Albuquerque Journal

Adrian Gomez

Siblings’ Relationship Is Focus of Film

"Sat Nam. Growing up in the Duke City, Martina Comstock recalls watching movies at the Guild Cinema in Nob Hill. Those visits were always as a fan, and she never felt any pressure.

Fast forward to 2011 and after five years of living in Vancouver, British Columbia, and studying film at Emily Carr University Art + Design, Comstock will make her Albuquerque debut with a screening of “Pair of Opposites” on Friday.

“It’s been a lot of work, and I’m so thrilled the Guild is giving me the opportunity,” she said. “It’s all just beginning for me, and I’ve just got back to town.”

Her film explores the interconnected nature of siblings through the dynamic of the sister-brother relationship.

On one end, you have Comstock, who is a creative filmmaker and esoteric, yoga instructor immersed in a far-out spiritual group called 3HO. On the other, her brother, Alan, is a hard-living daredevil with a feverish passion for rock climbing.

Alan and Martina Comstock
Courtesy of Martina Comstock

Their life philosophies differ as much as their interests; whereas Comstock values balance and grace, Alan prefers living dangerously close to the edge.

Comstock said she wanted the film to explore the relationship between the two.

“We are quite different, and you don’t always see brother-sister relationships,” she said. “There is always a focus on parent-child relationships, and I wanted to show something different.”

Comstock said her brother is a thrill-seeker who climbed El Capitan in Yosemite National Park at the age of 17, while she practices Kundalini yoga and takes a different approach to her life.

She said Yogi Bhajan, who brought the style of yoga to the United States, lived in Española until his death in 2004 and his followers hold an event every year to celebrate the practice.

“The premise of the film is that we step into each other’s world,” she said. “He’s never done meditation or yoga, and I, in turn, went with him to explore his extreme rock climbing.”

Comstock started shooting the film last summer in the Jemez Mountains and then she went to Yosemite to film the other half. After the monthlong shoot, she had about 25 hours of footage and the editing process began.

“It was very difficult because my school required the film to be 10 minutes,” she said. “It landed up being 20 minutes.”

She said when she screened the film at her school, she was told that the film didn’t feel like it ran 20 minutes.

“I hope that being told that was a testament to the entertainment value of the movie,” she said. “It was nice to have it done.”

Comstock said when she was growing up, she was always interested in fine arts and performing arts. She didn’t get the idea to be a filmmaker until she started attending screenings at the Guild and fell in love with movies.

“It hit me, and I’ve been chasing it since,” she said. “Even when I was writing my essay to get into art school, the Guild lent me their copy of ‘Touch the Sound’ by Thomas Riedelsheimer.”

Comstock said Riedelsheimer did a residency at her art school while she was there.

“I got to work with him and it was amazing,” she said. “I learned a lot from him.”

As Comstock readies her film to screen, she said she’s been asked to do a documentary on the life of Yogi Bhajan and is working on an hourlong version of “Pair of Opposites.”

“I’m trying to take one thing at a time,” she said. “I’m honored to be working in a medium that I love.”

See the history of the song, May The Long Time Sun.


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