Sat Nam!
I'm Sat Kartar Bird,

aka Sat Kartar Singh Bird.
This is a photo album of my beautiful family.

Women of My Life

My mother-in-law, S.S. Gurubachan Kaur (left), my sister, Ong Kar Kaur, center rear,
my mother, S.S. Hari Kaur, center front, and my wife, Sat Bachan Kaur, right

Sukhmani Kaur, Sat Bachan Kaur and me.

Our kids, Amar Singh and his sister, Sukhmani Kaur,
with my wife,
Sat Bachan Kaur and me
, April 2012.

Me, the kids, and Sat Bachan Kaur.

Me and my wife, Sat Bachan Kaur, on vacation, April 2012.


Double ditto.

Me and my wife at our office.

Me and my wife at home.

My in-laws, S.S. Gurubachan Singh, S.S. Gurubachan Kaur,
with me and my wife, Sat Bachan Kaur.

Sukhmani Kaur and Amar Singh with me after breakfast, August, 2013.

Me watching over my nephew, Saibhang Singh, August, 2013.

Memories of my days at New Mexico Military Institute

Me with my 8th grade class '79.

Ong Kar and me with Baghti Singh at NMMI as RATs '80.

Me with my parents, S.S. Hari Kaur and M.S.S. Hari Singh,
and a classmate friend at '82 NMMI homecoming.

Me with some of my NMMI classmates.

With my parents, grandmothers, Ong Kar, friends and classmates '84.

Find me at my '84 NMMI graduation.

Me and classmates at '84 NMMI graduation.

My '84 NMMI graduation.

Me and '84 NMMI classmate Ray Niblock.

Me and '84 NMMI classmates Ray Niblock and Joseph Paul Smith
at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Fayetteville, AR 2014.

Sat Bachan and me at Disneyworld, December 2011, with our kids,
Amar Singh, and his sweet little sister, Sukhmani Kaur.

Sukhmani in her DW pixie dress.

Amar Singh and Sukhmani Kaur ready to roll, September, 2011.

Sukhmani and Amar at a wedding, July, 2011.

Sukhmani Kaur at the wedding reception, July, 2011.

Sukhmani Kaur at home, July, 2011.

The kids, having a bowl, July, 2011.

Sukhmani Kaur in Mom's turban.

Me and the kids awhile back.

Me and the kids having breakfast.

Amar, one 'toothless wonder,' and me, March 7, 2011.

Amar Singh on a horse at The Ranch while 'letting his hair down'.

Sukhmani Kaur gets the works.

'Deer' Sukhmani Kaur.

Amar Singh and Sukhmani Kaur joined at the waist.

Sukhmani with her birthday money.

Amar and Sukhmani in my t-shirts.

Sukhmani Kaur in her new glasses.

Two members of the notorious 'Mustache Gang'.

Three more members of the notorious 'Mustache Gang'.
Sat Bachan's brothers, Sat Gurumukh Singh, and Harimandir Jot Singh,
with me, and Sat Bachan at Harimandir Jot's wedding, May, 2009.

My father-in-law, Singh Sahib Gurubachan Singh Khalsa,
Sat Bachan Kaur's father.
See Lord of Miracles Tour.

S.S. Gurubachan Singh Khalsa in Chile, 2013.
Historic lecture on meditation and calming the mind.
Video was produced by the National Congress of Chile.

Gurubachan Singh Khalsa with a Chinese monk. See China Tour 2013.

Harimandir Jot Singh, Gurubachan Singh and Sat Gurmukh Singh.

Gurubachan Kaur, with newly weds Sat Gurmukh Singh,
Harimandir Kaur,
and Gurubachan Singh.

Sat Bachan's mother, Sardarni Sahiba Gurubachan Kaur Khalsa.

Sat Bachan's aunt Marcela, left, with Gurubachan Kaur.

Me, my wife and our kids, New Year's, 2011.

Amar Singh, Guru Simrat Kaur and Sat Bachan Kaur serving food to
hungry folks at Albuquerque's Free Kitchen, Sunday, March 6, 2011.

S.S. Gurubachan Kaur, Sat Bachan, Guru Simrat Kaur and Amar,
with S.S. Gurubachan Singh behind the counter March 6, 2011.

The Chef, S.S. Gurubachan Singh and company at the Free Kitchen March 6, 2011.

My sister Ong Kar and Sukhmani at the Free Kitchen, April, 2011.

"To serve is to succeed."

Left to Right: Hari Jiwan Singh, Avtar Hari Singh, Sat Bachan Kaur, Guru Rattan Kaur,
Gurujot Kaur, Bibiji Inderjit Kaur, SatSundri Kaur, Kirtan Singh, S. Guru Amrit Kaur,
Guru Kirin Kaur, Gurubachan Kaur, Siri Vishnu Singh, Sat Kartar Singh, Amrit Kaur,
Holy Kaur, Seva Kaur, Sat Hanuman Singh, Siri Mukta Singh, Siri Pritam Kaur,
Gurubachan Singh, and Tyaga Singh in Portland, OR, June, 2011.

SatSundri Kaur, Jennifer Davis (DWT paralegal), Andy McStay (DWT senior associate,
2nd chair), Avtar Hari Singh, Sat Hanuman Singh, John McGrory (fabulous lawyer),
Sarib Singh, Shabad Singh, Satbir Singh, S Guru Amrit Kaur, Gurujot Kaur,
Krishna Singh, Harsimranpreet Kaur, Deva Kaur, Siri Bhrosa Kaur,
and Kirtan Singh in Portland, OR, June, 2011.

Kartar Singh, Gurujot Kaur, Dan Rosenhouse (from OR Attorney-General’s Office),
Harsimran Kaur, Deva Kaur, Sat Siri Kaur, Ong Kar Kaur, Krishna Kaur, Guru Kirin
Kaur, Gurbani Kaur, John McGrory, Avtar Hari Singh, Jennifer Davis, Susan
Miller (Attorney General 2nd chair), SatSundri Kaur, S Guru Amrit Kaur,
and Andy McStay in Portland, OR, June, 2011.

My sister, Ong Kar Kaur, and me at our New Mexico
Military Institute
class reunion, Roswell, NM, October, 2012.

Me and my sister, Ong Kar Kaur, in India, 1973

India Prime Minister Indira Gandhi is shown sitting between Bibiji and Yogiji with
Sat Kartar Singh, front row, third from left, next to Ong Kar Kaur, India, 1973
(Note: See if you can identify more 3HO Legacy Teachers than are shown here.)

My Parents

M.S.S. Hari Singh Bird Khalsa                              S.S. Hari Kaur Bird Khalsa   

Mom and Dad.


Mom and Sukhmani Kaur.

Dad and Sukhmani Kaur.

Dad and Mom at first 3HO Winter Solstice, 1971

My Sister,
Ong Kar Kaur, and her family.

Ong Kar Kaur, my sister, and her husband,
Singh Sahib Guru Amrit Singh Khalsa.

Ong Kar's sons, Saibhang Singh (L) and Sat Mandir Singh.

S.S. Guru Amrit, Ong Kar and their dog, Adi.

Saibhang, Sat Mandir, S.S. Guru Amrit and Ong Kar Kaur, Christmas, 2009.

Kartar Singh, Gurujot Kaur, Dan Rosenhouse (from OR Attorney-General’s Office),
Harsimran Kaur, Deva Kaur, Sat Siri Kaur, Ong Kar Kaur, Krishna Kaur, Guru Kirin
Kaur, Gurbani Kaur, John McGrory, Avtar Hari Singh, Jennifer Davis, Susan
Miller (Attorney General 2nd chair), SatSundri Kaur, S Guru Amrit Kaur,
and Andy McStay in Portland, OR, June, 2011.

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