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Anthony Record, Optician

50 Things On-Line Sellers Simply Cannot Do – But We Can!

.) Provide a warm, personal greeting when a patient enters your dispensary.

.) Have your diplomas and credentials on clear display.

.) Hand a business card and/or an informational flyer to all clients. (By the way, in the state of Florida, opticians are required to identify themselves to clients upon the initial encounter. Handing them a business card that clearly identifies them as the “optician” is one way to fulfill that requirement.)

.) Clearly explain to patients what you are doing for them every step of the way.

.) Answering any questions that arise in an honest, straightforward manner in real time.

.) Smile; listen.

.) Educate the patient about HEV blue light, its dangers, and the solutions available.

.) Install more appropriate nose pads when needed.

.) Offer customized, position-of-wear glasses.

.) Discuss task glasses.

.) Show the true color of a frame, and demonstrate how it actually fits, and make sure it fits.

.) Invite them to a trunk show.

.) Keep a “tickle” file, to notify patients when special frames arrive.

.) Be bi-lingual.

.) Say good morning/afternoon; take an interest. (Attend to the “small” things.)

.) Conduct an in-depth, lifestyle dispensing interview.

.) Trial framing, if appropriate.

.) “Diagnosing” which frame, lens, and lens treatments will best serve the patient’s needs.

.) Take an accurate monocular PD, MFH, and any other ancillary measurements. Explain each measurement and explain that Internet sellers often guess at them.

.) Educate the client as to the real options that are available to do just that.

.) Conduct a thorough evaluation of the old eyeglasses, taking note of lens material, decentration, relative height of the bifocals, and base curve.

.) Ask the patient what he/she likes/dislikes about the old pair of glasses.

.) Offer to take pictures of the client wearing different frames so that he/she can more easily see them while wearing the old pair.

.) Offer to e-mail/text those pictures to a friend or loved one who may weigh in on the decision.

.) Before asking for payment, carefully review the order, explaining line-by-line the charges; explain all warranty information as well.

.) Hand the clients some point-of-purchase materials to take home and further learn about the products they have ordered – or may order next time.

.) Inform the patient how long it will take to complete the order. (Remember: Always promise less and deliver more in this regard.)

.) Promptly phone the patient when the eyeglasses are ready for delivery.

.) Communicate to the patient that you expedited the order so they could be picked up a little sooner than expected.

.) Shake hands.

.) Take a sincere interest in their well-being.

.) Give an honest opinion as to how a frame looks and fits.

.) Assure the patient that you have meticulously inspected the glasses to make sure they were fabricated exactly to the prescribing doctor’s prescription. (Make sure that actually happened!)

.) Consider educating the patient about ANSI standards and let him or her know that the glasses not only meet, but exceed those parameters. Many Internet-purchased lenses do not.

.) Let the patient know of any modifications that have been made to the frame. For example, temples that have been shortened, temple tips or nose pads that were changed or modified.

.) Do NOT hand the glasses to the patient. Rather, carefully place them on the patient’s face yourself. (It is a good practice to only hand the glasses to the patient AFTER the optician has completed fitting them.)

.) Let the patient know that now it is time to make sure that the frames are custom fit to ensure best vision and most comfort.

.) As you make adjustments, communicate to the patient what you are doing and why you are doing it. For example, what pantoscopic tilt is and why you are adding it to the fit of the glasses.

.) Once the fitting and adjustments are complete, now is the time to check for visual comfort and acuity. Ask the patient how the overall vision appears. If you have a Snellen or similar chart that is located at the appropriate distance, check distance visual acuity. If the lens is a multifocal, check for near-vision acuity.

.) Ask the patient when he or she will be updating his or her sunglasses into the current prescription.

.) Provide the client with a copy of his/her prescription – perhaps on a laminated business card.

.) If issues arise, professionally and patiently troubleshoot the problem. Compare adjustment angles, re-verify the Rx if necessary, and make any needed adjustments.

.) Once this is complete, instruct the patient on cleaning and maintenance of the dispensed spectacles.

.) Transfer all lab and manufacturer point-of-purchase brochures, certificates of authenticity, care instructions, etc., to the patient.

.) Inform the patient to stop back whenever convenient so you can make routine adjustments, screw tightening, etc.

.) Encourage referrals – ask for them!

.) Get up and walk the patient to the door; hold it open for them; give them a smile and a warm goodbye.

.) After a week or so, make a follow-up call to make sure the patient is satisfied with the eyeglass purchase.

.) Send a personalized thank you card/letter to the patient.

.) Refer patients to ODs or MDs, retinal specialists, etc., as needed.

"You learn at the hands of the Teacher or you learn at the hands of the Times." -- EyewearProfessionals.com

See The Danger Independent Opticians Face. See Enough With The Talking Points. See GlassesOnlineWarning.com. Download 50 Things On Line Sellers Simply Cannot Do .pdf.

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