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Standing L to R: Mari Louise Edwards, Margaret Moran, Joan Wright,
Isabelle Cuff, Dorothy Brown. Seated L to R: Betty Bayko,
Buela Woody, Kitty, Millie Linton, Elinor Coates, Tiny Leonne.


This month, Lakeside Manor Online features profiles of the Frank Cuff's and David Wright's of Lakeside Manor Condominiums, along with retired Lakeside Manor maintenance chief, Dan Sadler, with a special recognition for long-time Lake Killarney resident, Clyde Woody as well as Lionel Nelson, retired USPS carrier for the Lake Killarney community.

The Cuffs

Frank W. Cuff married his wife, Isabelle, in November of 1955. They have four kids and eight grand kids. Three of them live in the Orlando area and another in California.

Frank and Isabelle bought a home in Winter Park back in 1959, which they sold and moved to Lakeside Manor in December 1992.

Frank trained and raced harness horses each winter at the old Ben White Raceway on Lee Road, in Orlando, until 1970.

He retired from Winter Park Sprint Telephone in November of 1992 as Material and Fleet Manager. Frank's a member of the Central Florida Blood Bank ... 73 gallons and counting ... and both Frank and Isabelle are members of the St. Margaret Mary Church of Winter Park, where they do volunteer work.

They like to attend their grand kids' frequent and varied sports activities and they share a very close relationship with their entire family by way of cookouts for which Isabelle 'just loves' to cook.

Frank and Isabelle are among the most active Lakeside Manor members and have been long time members of the Social Committee. They've served many hours at planting flowers and beautifying the Lakeside Manor property, as well.

Many thanks, to Frank and Isabelle Cuff and congratulations on your upcoming 56th wedding anniversary!

The Wrights

David Wright and his wife, Joan, were married in September, 1995. Between them, they now have nine children, twenty-two grand kids and two great grand kids. Needless to say, Christmas is 'down-Wright' expensive! Especially since all of them are up North. The Wright's make a journey twice a year, at least, to see everybody.

David is a retired sound and video engineer, Joan a retired legal secretary. David is now back on his feet after successful hip replacement surgery.

We all look forward to seeing Dave around and about Lakeside Manor real soon.

Best wishes, Dave and Joan!

The Cafarellas

Vern and Joan Cafarella are Lakeside Manor's Minnesota snow birds who have blessed us with their presence from November to May for many years. Their only fault...they are addicted to Trader Joe's keylime pie and ginger snap cookies.

Best wishes to you both! We miss you!

Larry Cavalerro

Larry loves cars. He owns a few vintage models. That's his pontoon boat over his left shoulder. Speaking of vintage cars, check this out.

Sophia having a 'ball' with Harry Potter

Sophia is the granddaughter of a Lakeside Manor resident. Nine-year old Sophia is an avid reader and loves anything to do with learning. This young woman is 9 years old and reads at the 9th grade level. Go Girl!

Dan Sadler

Dan Sadler, the former Lakeside Manor Condominiums maintenance chief, is a resident of Oviedo, FL, and his wife's name is Gisela. Dan and Gisela have two sons. Dan retired from the Maryland, USPS as a letter carrier of 28 years. Dan has a 'can do' attitude about everything, along with a smile.

Thanks for your service, Dan, and best wishes!

Clyde Woody

Clyde, or CW, is the most senior of Lake Killarney residents having resided here since October, 1970. He joined the staff of the former Musician's Club of America, in 1970, when what's now known as Lakeside Manor Condominiums was first built. John Hildebrand, the owner and developer, hired Clyde as the first maintenance chief.

Clyde married his current wife, Beulah, in July, 1975. Beulah was the Musician's Club secretary at the time. Together, they are the most senior married residents at Lakeside Manor.

Clyde saw military service in the U. S. Navy and is the father of a son and a daughter. They, in turn, have ten children between them and Clyde now has ten great grandchildren, as well. Clyde retired from the LMCA staff in December of 2000.

Special thanks, Clyde and Beulah, for your years of service, and best wishes to you and your family!

Lionel Nelson

And Lionel Nelson, a former Marine and Viet Nam veteran, who recently retired from the USPS after serving the Lake Killarney community for over 20 years. Good luck, Lionel! --

Lakeside Manor's newest residents

Four newly hatched birds waiting to be fed.

Note: Lake Killarney residents may submit personal profiles for posting here.


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