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Rabinder Singh Bhamra

Rabinder Singh Bhamra

A spiritual person is a person whose mind becomes one with the Creator God. Then, the mind absorbs the qualities of God and acts like a spiritual master. He is no more under the effects of Maya, which is another of God’s creation in which the mind is prisoner and to its five vices (lust, anger, greed, attachment and pride (ego). It becomes calm, quiet, peaceful, acts to the Will of God and is in bliss always.

It happens when the Mind is meditating on God and thinks about God always. For this spiritual mind, everything happening in the world is OK as its happening to His Will. He lives a life of truthful dealings with other persons, earns an honest living and shares with others. He becomes pure in thoughts, words and deeds. His mind becomes pure like its Creator, Himself. He is the most dependable friend and reliable companion.

The above qualities can be achieved by one who only lives for the service of people and to whom everybody is the child of God. This person has no desires for him and lives for his family and others. His happiness lies in service and the welfare of others. Such a person has no desires and attachments in this world and lives a worry free life; always content with his/her lot.

This book tells how to achieve such a state of mind. The mind is God’s child and we are here, on Earth, to play in the hands of God as per destiny written by Him. If we accept Him, pray to Him and meditate on him in the way this book guides, there is a chance to win freedom from the cycle of births and deaths and live with him in peace and bliss forever.  -- Source.

By Rabinder Singh Bhamra

In a dungeon dreary, dark, and deep
How could they, my spirit keep
That flies like a falcon, fierce speed
Shoots to its target, for its need

Stone 'n steel walls, can my body stall
Deep desire burns, like a fire ball
Ignites my mind, takes wing be free
Like bird of sky, roams in glee

For purpose prime, I am placed here
His Will He soon, makes it bare
Not a wasteful, weary, war of words
Lions roar, no sheep baa heard

As the will of a warrior, wears, wanes not
Makes martial zeal, a fiery dot
Push walls asunder, dwell not under
Go get enemy, stop its plunder

No borders to bar, no fences to face
Crest of freedom, all by His Grace --

By Rabinder Singh Bhamra

A prince amongst men the royalty moves 
Turban a crown and sword an authority
Endowed by the Master the King of kings
Blessed him with elixir divine to awaken

The Five Pure Ones authorized to serve
With Divine Word present amongst them
They act with blessings of Power Divine 
Linking consciousness to Word Sublime

Dormant thus awakened rose to reality
His Divine Source as child of Waheguru
The Creator and Ruler of this universe
He belongs to Him now and His soldier

To destroy the evil from roots and serve
To free saints and needy from the tyrant
Get them rights to live free and worship
Their Divine Father the way they want

Free from worldly desires or will to rule
He is a One Man Army to fight a brigade
Armed always fearless carefree he roams 
The land of his Father's Kingdom singing

Praising The Father Divine who sent him
To planet Earth a school divine He set up
And sent Nanak a Prophet for the Kaljug
Who pulled countless out of a life of misery

As Guru Gobind Singh he created Khalsa
The redeemer for this Dark Age to create
More pure ones to inhabit coming Satjug  
Hail! Hail! The Khalsa, Waheguru's Own --

By Rabinder Singh Bhamra

Do I have a friend who cares
Think of me even in prayers
Questions not nor doubts me
Is there when told to meet me

It is hard to find such a soul
Help serve all his life's goal
Within true such soul must be
Asks nothing for friends to be

Rare such people yet are there
Who live for others kindly care
Seek joy for others no self gain
Ready for help sunshine or rain

Noble beings humility they teach
Kind forgiving love they preach
Love asks naught but only gives
Sacrifice all for others one lives

Their life is simple above board
Earn honest ways but not hoard
Smilingly with others they share
Never expecting a return or care

Never bemoan or slander others
Even ignored insulted by others
Happy humming they go around
Prolific carefree world surround

All desire to have such a friend
If you are one with such blend
World seek you to befriend you
For peace joy they all need you

If yes blessed person you are
Relishing Divine Elixir you are
World you care belongs to you
Carefree blissful is life for you --

By Rabinder Singh Bhamra

Continents with humanity entire Earth wide
True Sikh stands out he simply can not hide

Full faith in his Guru he stands tall with pride
No fear no worries Guru Nanak is his guide

Protect the weak his duty loves all not chide
A lion when he roars  others listen and hide

Son of Guru Gobind Singh of blue steed ride
Love of  Mata Sahib Kaur in his heart reside

Celestial Husband Waheguru he is His bride
All this Guru gave us why should a Sikh hide

Royalty he moves with a princess on his side
All curious to find what kingdom they preside

Between him and God stood no Mayan divide
Guru helped him destroy it  and threw it aside

Divine Light glows within he is on  sacred tide
Every moment is blissful in His Will time glide --

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