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     Code of Ethics    

"Service is an intrinsic value, not a value to be added. Man's purpose is to
serve. Those institutions that are of the Piscean Age whereby their success
has been measured by money must adopt the Aquarian Age paradigm,
to serve is to succeed, or become irrelevant." -- Hari Singh Khalsa

We hereby pledge to...

Say what we mean and stand for what is right. Our word is our essence.

Be honest and trustworthy in all of our activities, relationships and communications.

Foster an atmosphere in which fair practices extend to every member of our community, and we pledge to ensure that we treat others with dignity and respect, appreciating the diversity and uniqueness of all members.

Strive to create a safe and supportive workplace, promote healthy lifestyles, foster and encourage personal development, and protect the safety and security of consumers and the environment.

Through leadership at all levels, sustain a culture where ethical and caring conduct is recognized, valued and exemplified by all members.

Understand and obey the applicable laws and regulations governing our conduct in all jurisdictions.

In addition, our management shall...

Maintain complete and accurate records. Transactions between us, our associates, and outside individuals and organizations will be promptly and accurately recorded in accordance with generally accepted accounting practices and principles. Under no circumstances will we permit or tolerate the willful misrepresentation of facts or the falsifying of records. We expect that such behavior will result in an immediate disciplinary action, including possible termination.

Assure that all disclosures made in all periodic reports, documents and other public communications are fully transparent, fair, accurate, timely, and understandable. This requires operating in an environment of open communication, transparency and full disclosure while not compromising proprietary and confidentiality concerns. See our Privacy Pledge.

Promote open communication concerning operations, reporting and internal controls. All concerns regarding questionable accounting and business matters shall be immediately referred to Counsel for investigation. We shall review and evaluate the effectiveness of disclosure, and internal control policies and procedures, report any material weakness, make any other appropriate disclosures, and immediately take corrective action, and implement new polices or procedures as needed. -- See Acknowledgements.

Kundalin Yoga
Teacher Ethics and Standards

Guruka Kaur Khalsa

Code of Ethics and Professional Standards

The teacher-student relationship is sacred. It is the opportunity for the purest relationship between two humans, between two souls. The Code of Ethics and Professional Standards of a Kundalini Yoga Teacher holds the frequency of a Kundalini Yoga Teacher as does the Sikh Dharma Minister Vows for a Minister.

The Code was developed directly with Yogi Bhajan and has had input from committed Kundalini Yoga Teachers and KRI Teacher Trainers from around the world. It is meant to inspire and remind all Kundalini Yoga Teachers to serve in their most elevated consciousness in all teacher-student interactions all the time. In the core of every Student is a Teacher. Every Teacher should be helping every Student find that core within them. "Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo."

The Code of Ethics and Professional Standards of a Kundalini Yoga Teacher always applies to all Teachers, whether the Teacher is newly graduated from KRI Level One Teacher Training or has graduated as a Level Three Kundalini Yoga Teacher. It always applies to all Teacher interactions with each Student at every stage of the student's education. There is no time that a Teacher attains a status where the Code ceases to apply to that Teacher.

No Teacher should sign this Code or travel the pathway of teaching Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan® if the Teacher does not aspire to live by the Code.

One of the most important goals of EPS is that all Students of Kundalini Yoga be able to learn and practice these teachings in a safe environment without being exploited, abused, or misinformed by any Teacher. This is the right of every Student at every stage of the Student's journey along this sacred path. No Student should ever be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement, take a loyalty oath, or otherwise agree not to discuss what occurs during a Kundalini Yoga class or program.

There is no time when a Teacher may tell a Student that for the Student's spiritual growth the Student needs to have sex with the Teacher, needs to allow the Teacher to touch the Student inappropriately, needs to let the Teacher bully or beat the Student physically or verbally, needs to eat or drink something without knowing what it is, needs to loan the Teacher money, needs to serve or work for the Teacher, or needs to engage in a behavior that makes the Student feel uncomfortable.

This same consciousness in behavior applies to the relationship between a Sikh Dharma Minister and anyone they are ministering to.

EPS will continue to work with NKYTA and 3HO around the world so together we can best serve and protect our communities.

We encourage all Students, Teachers, Teacher Trainers and Ministers to contact EPS if they are experiencing or hearing about a situation that doesn't adhere to the Code of Ethics and Professional Standards of a Kundalini Yoga Teacher and/or the Sikh Dharma Minister Vows. Please don't decide for yourself that it may not be very important or that no one will listen to you. Inform EPS and EPS will follow up. We want Students, Teachers, Teacher Trainers and Ministers to know their safety, well-being and concerns are important to EPS, to KRI, to 3HO, to IKYTA, to SDI, to every part of our organizations.

We are One in Spirit. We are with you.

In Service,

Guruka Kaur Khalsa
Executive Director Ethics and Professional Standards and Conscious Conflict Resolution (EPS)


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