The Reverse Mortgage Lady
Moving Forward in Reverse

My name is Hari K. Bird,
The Reverse Mortgage Lady.

My name is Hari Kaur Bird. I am The Reverse Mortgage Lady moving forward in Reverse. I've been a Reverse Mortgage Specialist since 2002. And I am currently a Customer Service Administrator at Security 1 Mortgage in Orlando, Florida. I was born and raised in the Midwest. I graduated from a Catholic high school where I was a cheerleader, a member of the swim team, and the girl’s basketball team.

When I met my husband in 1963 I knew our lives would be very fulfilled. We have been happily married for 49 years and we have shared the best of relationships. Our family includes two children, a daughter and son, both of whom are married and have their own families. We now have four grandchildren, two grandsons who have graduated from college, a ten-year-old grandson, and a six-year-old granddaughter.

A pair of doves outside our home, the 'Bird's Nest.'

In 1970 my husband and I became Sikhs. The three basic tenants of Sikhism are: 1) To praise God each and every day. 2) To earn an honest living, and 3) to serve humanity in the best possible ways. Our religion does not differ greatly from most monotheistic religions, except we believe that by wearing a turban and keeping our hair, it pressures each of us to be the best we can possibly be in service to the community. And just as some Catholic nuns wear a “habit” and priests wear the roman collar to identify with their commitment to service, Sikhs also identify our commitment to service with an outward sign.

We have spent most of our married life serving in church and service organizations and we have truly been the receivers of many blessings. We have experienced many career relocations, and with each one we have forged new and lasting friendships. We have been fortunate to travel yet stay close to family and friends over the years. We are now rooted in Winter Park, Florida where we settled in 1980.

During my career, I have handled responsibilities as an Executive Secretary, and Administrative and Executive Assistant in corporate and educational settings. I have enjoyed working with all of my coworkers. While a resident of Florida for over 40 years, I have utilized my Mortgage Broker License, Insurance License, and Real Estate License in different capacities, including Reverse Mortgages, since 2002.

As a Reverse Mortgage Specialist, I have been privileged to help senior citizens obtain many improvements to their quality of life by acquiring the things they need, and accomplishing what they want to do. Empowering seniors so they can enjoy their lives after so many years of working and giving to others gives me a strong sense of satisfaction.

I look forward to helping many more seniors enhance their lives with financial security and independence.
Please click here if I can be of service.

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