The prelude to the Age of Aquarius occurred in the '60s
when mankind began to shift into group consciousness.
Mankind is now in the midst of getting our shift together.


Ravi Shankar, 1967

Monterey Pop Festival, June, 1967
See 3HOHistory.com.

OM The Lost Chord
The Moody Blues, 1968

OM, The Lost Chord

The rain is on the roof
Hurry high butterfly
As clouds roll past my head
I know why the skys all cry
OM, OM, Heaven, AUM

The Earth turns slowly round
Far away the distant sound
Is with us everyday
Can you hear what it says
OM, OM, Heaven, AUM

The rain is on the roof
Hurry high butterfly
As clouds roll past my head
I know why the skys all cry
OM, OM, Heaven, AUM --

See OM by Alan Watts.

In Search of the Lost Chord is the album (July 26, 1968) on which the Moody Blues discovered drugs and mysticism as a basis for songwriting and came up with a compelling psychedelic creation filled with songs about Timothy Leary and the astral plane and other psychedelic-era concerns. They dumped the orchestra this time out in favor of Mike Pinder's Mellotron, which was a more than adequate substitute, and the rest of the band joined in with flutes, sitar, tablas, and cellos, the playing of which was mostly learned on the spot. The whole album was one big experiment to see how far the group could go with any instruments they could find, thus making this album a rather close cousin to the Beatles' records of the same era.

In A Gadda Da Vida
The Iron Butterfly, 1968


The Beatles

Sgt. Pepper album covers

Beatle John Lennon's Sgt. Pepper original album cover sketch


It is all beautiful and elegant, and "Legend of a Mind"'s chorus about "Timothy Leary's dead/Oh, no -- he's outside, looking in" ended up anticipating reality; upon his death in 1996, Leary was cremated and launched into space on a privately owned satellite, with the remains of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry (another '60s pop culture icon) and other well-heeled clients. -- Bruce Eder

In Search of The Lost Chord
The Moody Blues, 1968

Be it sight, sound, smell, or touch,
There's something inside, that we need so much.
The sight of a touch, or the scent of a sound,
Or the strength of an oak, with roots, deep in the ground.
The wonder of flowers, to be covered, and then to burst up,
Through tarmac, to the sun again, or to fly to the sun,
Without burning a wing, to lie in a meadow,
And hear the grass sing. To have all these things,
In our memories hoard, and to use them,
To help us, to find the lost chord...

Ride, ride my see-saw,
Take this place, on this trip, just for me.
Ride, take a free ride,
Take my place, have my seat, it's for free.

I worked like a slave for years,
Sweat so hard just to end my fears,
Not to end my life a poor man,
But by now, I know I should have run.

Run, run my last race,
Take my place, have this number of mine.
Run, run like a fire,
Don't you run in, in the lanes, run for time.

Left school with a first-class pass,
Started work but as a second class,
School taught one and one is two,
But by now, that answer just ain't true.

My world is spinning around,
Everything is lost that I found,
People run, come ride with me,
Let's find another place that's free.

Ride, ride my see-saw,
Take this place, on this trip, just for me.
Ride, take a free ride,
Take my place, have my seat, it's for free.

Ride my see-saw. --

More Lyrics.

Nights In White Satin
The Moody Blues

Your Wildest Dreams
The Moody Blues

See In Search of The Lost Chord.

O Parvardigar
Meher Baba, 1968

(The Mul Mantra?)

O Parvardigar is the common name of The Prayer composed by Meher Baba, sometimes called The Master's Prayer or The Universal Prayer. It is also a song and album by Pete Townshend.

Meher Baba wrote The Prayer at Dehradun, India in August 1953 and made it public on September 13, 1953. Near the end of January 1968, almost exactly one year before his death, Meher Baba dictated a circular to his followers to recite The O Parvardigar Prayer and The Prayer of Repentance each day until March 25, 1968. On February 21 of that year he issued a second circular requesting that The Prayers be continued until May 21, 1968. --

More Meher Baba.

Johnny Rivers, 1968

More Johnny Rivers.

Yogi Bhajan, 1969

Yogi Bhajan, standing center, with 3HO students
Courtesy Lisa Law ©

Yogi Bhajan's Predictions


Woodstock Music Festival, 1969

See Woodstock Pictorial. See More Woodstock Music Festival.

How Woodstock Began

See SatNamMeans.com.

Swami Satchidananda, 1969

Swami Satchidananda, center, teaching at Woodstock Music Festival

More Swami Satchidananda.

Crosby, Stills and Nash, 1969
Suite Judy Blue Eyes

It's getting to the point where I am no fun anymore, I am sorry.
Sometimes it hurts so badly I must cry out loud, ‘I am lonely.'
I am yours, you are mine, you are what you are, you make it hard.

Remember what we've said, and done and felt about each other.
Oh babe, have mercy.
Don't let the past, remind us of what we are not now,
I am not dreaming.
I am yours, you are mine, you are what you are, you make it hard.

Tearing yourself away from me now, you are free and I am crying.
This does not mean I don't love you, I do, that's forever, yes, and for always.
I am yours, you are mine, you are what you are, you make it hard.

Something inside is telling me that I've got your secret. Are you still listening?
Fear is the lock and laughter the key to your heart and I love you.
I am yours, you are mine, you are what you are.
You make it hard, and you make it hard,
and you make it hard, and you make it hard.

Friday evening, Sunday in the afternoon, what have you got to lose?
Tuesday morning, please be gone, I'm tired of you.
What have you got to lose?
Can I tell it like it is, listen to me baby -
it's my heart that's a suffering,
it a-dying and that's what I have to lose.

I've got an answer. I'm going to fly away, what have I got to lose?
Will you come see me Thursdays and Saturdays? What have you got to lose?

Chestnut brown canary, ruby throated sparrow,
sing a song, don't be long, thrill me to the marrow.
Voices of the angels, ring around the moon light,
asking me, said, she so free, how can you catch the sparrow?
Lacy, lilting lyrics, losing love lamenting.
Change by life, make it right, be my lady.

(What joy Cuba brings to me,
The Queen of the Caribbean Sea.
What sunny skies they have there,
And how sad it is that I cannot go.
Oh go, oh go, go.)

More Crosby, Stills and Nash.

The Foxes and The Fossils
Suite Judy Blue Eyes

See Suite Judy Blue Eyes video
by The Foxes and The Fossils.

Flower Power, 1969


The era in which we are living -- the Aquarian Age, the Age of Truth and Love, the Age of Oneness is when man and God will become one, a new difference, a new ideology, a new life, absolutely something very new. A new wisdom will dawn on man. He will come out of all this unawareness.

The load of Karma, the ego of the man and the negativity has gone so deep that the positive vibrations have to be created to save the world. You can't live in this world without a balance and you have to keep balance. There is nobody who is special. Everything is created by the one Creator and you are a temporary custodian of that situation. This is the message of the Aquarian Age. Everyone has to learn to change.

The New Age is the Age of Truth and Love. The Age of Tolerance and Service; the Age of Humility and Equality, will be known by a few things.

The people who cross into this Age will not possess what they should not, they will possess everything they should possess, but under no circumstances will they be possessed by anything. God will not be recognized as a person, but God will be recognized as a Primal Truth and Energy. The worship will change from a personified God to a more Subtle Truth Energy. It will not be a solar energy or a lunar energy; it will be the Creative Energy, which is known as Cosmos.

You will meet people who will act like God. They will be full of love and glow. You will feel them to be calmer than an ocean, but more magnificently projecting love like high tides. Such children you will experience in a very few short years. They will be the same inside and outside. You will not find them secretive. They will talk to you about something, which will sound heavy, it will be solid, it will be truth, it will be like gold.

By going to a church one does not become Christian, by going to a temple one does not become spiritual, but by cleaning his own temple, his own self, one does become what one wants to be. You have to work on yourself. Self shall be tested. You have to stand for your own self in the Age of Truth. You have to understand how to love; you have to understand how to tolerate the other man's point of view.

Society is feeling a great impact and requires comfort from anybody who can give it. The greatest thing on this earth is to serve the people of God. That is the highest act a man can do for any other man, but it has to be positive, not that you can go help somebody and you go and drag yourself down and get into the pit yourself. You have to be very firm, very honest, very constant, very insistent and very persuasive. In spite of that you have to be very sweet, very kind, very serviceful and very righteous. These things go together.

Do not criticize anybody. Everybody is good within his own atmosphere. Try to show your best nature. There are three types of people: Fanatic, Liberal, and Lazy. Lazy are lazy because they are lazy. Fanatics have got hang-ups. They do not reach anywhere because they are stuck. They don't know what to do next. So whatever little they have, they feel it is their kingdom; they don't want to be disturbed and they don't want to enter into anybody's life. The Liberals of the New Age -- the Age of Truth, these people want to know who they are, what they are, and why they are. -- Yogi Bhajan 9/16/1969. See The Prophecy.

As we move into the Space Age, how do we resonate with Grays and Greens when we can't relate to Blacks, Browns and Whites? -- ActForDiversity.com

See 3HO Legacy Links.


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