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"Ask, it will be given to you; seek, you will find;
knock and the door will be opened to you. For
everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds;
and to him who knocks, the door will be opened."
Luke 11: 9-10

"Sikh Dharma is an inclusive and pluralistic path.
Therefore, we must practice what we teach." MySikhSense.com

"Humanity's first teachers are women." FirstTeachersAreWomen.com

"The job of a teacher is to poke, provoke, confront and elevate." Yogi Bhajan

"As humanity enters the Space Age, how will we resonate with Greens and Grays,
when we do not relate well to Blacks, Browns and Gays?" ACT For Diversity

"The mere act of teaching implies that one wishes the world well." Roger Rosenblatt

"It is incumbent on those who know to teach those who do not know." Hari Singh Bird

My name is Singh Sahib
Ram Dhan Singh Khalsa

Personal Profile

1975 Graduate, Oregon State University
Sikh Dharma Minister
Civil Engineer, Federal Government, Grand Junction, CO
Former United States Marine
Taekwondo Black Belt
4-H Shooting Sports Program Leader/Coach
16 Year Survival and Antiterrorism Trainer
Terrorist Response Teacher to Law Enforcement
Certified NRA Training Coach/Counselor
a) Men and Women Basic Pistol
b) Personal Protection Home
c) Personal Protection Community
d) Pistol and Rifle Trainer
e) Refuse to Be a Victim Trainer
Certified ACT - Attack Countermeasures Training - Instructor

Member Sant Sipahi Advisory Team
Member Security Advisory Team
Contact Me Here



The Form Follows Function Principle

"Form Follows Function Principle means that any hardware or
other equipment required to execute the mission must be based upon
the intended function and purpose, i.e., mindset, skills and procedures
need to be established and ready for implementation before acquiring supplies,
equipment, and support.* Hardware is considered last. Or, first know where you're
going and how to get there before you acquire the means. Policies and procedures
must be written and readily available for all staff members." SecurityAdvisoryTeam.com

*Here's a Flawed Law Enforcement Recruit Training Schedule
Communications and CI skills need to be given much more emphasis.

ECW = Electronic Control Weapons

Martial Arts training cannot be equated with fighting. For instance, a good Martial Arts
practitioner may have the tools and know-how to fight, but not the aggressive behavior
or attitude to win at any cost. For instance, the techniques and body parts that are not
allowed for the Martial Arts student to use or to contact in the Dojo are those used in
a real fight.
Security equals neither Martial Arts expertise nor fighting; Security is an
awareness of, and a pre-planned response to a developing situation. Remember this:
if you end up in a fight, your security training failed you. -- Ram Dhan Singh Khalsa

By Ram Dhan Singh Khalsa

The Unvarnished Truth About Concealed Weapon Carry

Having visited this Web site at the recent request of a friend, I found the content to be an extensive and slick pontification about Concealed Weapon Carry in the form of an infomercial.

I agree with his premise that concealed carry is a complicated and deep subject and requires more than a cursory handgun class and that concealed carry requires an in-depth understanding of the knowledge, skills and aptitude.

I don’t agree with his solutions. You cannot virtually learn to shoot firearms from a DVD! His training proposal makes me skeptical about his competence. Shooting skills can’t be self-taught; objective observation and feedback via an instructor, with added and continued skills-coaching and ongoing shooter-training are a necessity.

Here are some technical errors I have found in his explanations:

1) His how, why, and what miss what is truly needed. Statistics don’t predict your performance in an event. He's using figures to figure it.

2) His presentation on power and energy are incorrect. Wound Trauma Incapacitation is a thermodynamics problem involving momentum, force and heat.

3) He has mischaracterized the hippocampus’s function. It is the middle brain and the brainstem that are the “animal brain.”

4) Effective guns? It is the bullet not the gun that stops the threat. The two important things are shot placement and bullet penetration. Many different calibers can meet these criteria.

For anybody interested in an armchair DVD on pistol shooting, I recommend The Art of The Dynamic Handgun from Magpul. --

By Ram Dhan Singh Khalsa

Points to Ponder

Sat Nam, Gurdwara Security Team.

Previously, I posted, “How to access the safety and security of your place of worship”. Now, I wish to emphasize a couple of protocol points to ponder for Gurdwara Security Misls

I) Who is responsible for Sangat security?

a) The most effective component of a security program is the people you are intending to protect.
b) We are each a Sant Sipahi, i.e., defender of justice for the weak and the innocent.
c) We can prevent or suppress an attack on our Gurdwara.
d) We prevent or suppress an attack on our Gurdwara.
e) we have to approach our security efforts as a coordinated group (Sangat), whereby everybody takes part.
f) Not everyone will be part of any tactical counter measures, but everyone has a job in the response to any threat.
g) Most people will be either evacuating away from the threat, or barricading in place. 
h) Everyone must be trained as to their role.

II) Education is the most effective weapon.

a) A Sangat, with a security consciousness, can develop situation awareness that focuses on the anomalies in the Gurdwara environment.
b) Anomalies are identified through behavior profiling.
b) This leads to awareness of pre-incident indicators and warnings.
c) It is better to neutralize threats outside before incidents can occur inside the Gurdwara.


For pre-incident indicators and warnings, I recommend reading Left of Bang, by Patrick Van Horne and Jason A. Riley. 

For integrated Sangat security training, I recommend Attack Countermeasures Training, ACT cert.

See Gurdwara Security Information.

See How To Assess Church Safety And Security.

Kindly contact me here. --

See To The Greatest Generation...Before You Go.


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