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Important Advisory

The following responsibilities of the Interior Guard
require consideration as Special Operating Protocols
and therefore are to be determined at the policy-making
level before implementation by the Security Team members.

.) Authorized Access, Front Gate Check Point Scheduling, Perimeter Security
) Implementation of Solstice Rules of Conduct, I.D. Badge Protocols
) Implementation of Background Checks for Children Camp Guides
) Adequate Staffing and Training of Security Team Members
) Fire Prevention, Evacuation, and Emergency Medical Response Planning

The Security Team is responsible for the physical safety and well-being of all event participants and the camp. The primary duties of the Security Team are to staff the camp entrance, monitor the flow of traffic (both pedestrian and vehicular) into and out of camp, patrol the entire camp, act as an information resource for attendees, maintain order in the parking areas, coordinate activities with other service areas, local law enforcement and emergency response teams in the event of emergencies. Through the successful completion of their duties the Security Team ensures a peaceful and joyous camp experience for all participants.

SPECIAL NOTICE: THE SOLSTICE SERVICE EXCHANGE IS AVAILABLE. If you wish to serve as a member of the Solstice Security Team, contact us here. No previous security experience is necessary. All Security Team members will be trained.

Security Team members are expected to rotate among the different Security Stations. This is the only camp service that operates 24 hours, which gives Team members a great opportunity to complete their exchange hours while no camp activities are taking place. Team members may be seated at the Front Gate or in the Security Office or patrolling the Perimeters, the Bazaar, and the Tenting Areas. See Map. Team members are the first persons that attendees see as they arrive on-site. They are meant to be highly visible in camp while on shift; their priority is to be welcoming, knowledgeable, and firm. Team members must be able to give direction and hold boundaries regarding requests for information and assistance from attendees, badge display, parking and other security concerns. Team members exercise interpersonal communication skills while implementing and adhering to the Solstice policies and Rules of Conduct as established by Yogi Bhajan.



Security is those actions or systems, which prevent or minimize
the occurrence of adverse events within specific environments.
The most effective security is preventative as well as proactive,
and serves to minimize risk to life, property and environments.



"Combat Profiling is a method of proactively identifying enemy personnel or threats
through human behavior pattern analysis and recognition." -- See Combat Profiling.


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