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Sonja and George Moody

Motto: We're here to serve.
Credo: Consumers deserve handcrafted eyewear.

Greetings! I'm now 63 years old with 44 years of optical experience, and this year has me more passionate than ever about my profession as an Optician. This year I find myself inspired with renewed desire and and a renewed vision for the advancement of Opticianry. I'm reflecting deeply on how better to serve the Patients who patronize my practice.

My resolution for this year is to acquire more quality products from smaller, independent companies. I'm currently dropping big corporate names instead of reducing the total number of frame lines I offer. I intend to align my business going forward with companies that share my goal of serving Patients, first. I believe service is an intrinsic value, not a value to be added.

This year I will strive to be an even better Optician. I will serve the Patient with the heart of a servant and the wisdom of my years as an Optician. This year I will share that wisdom with others of like mind. This year is to be my best year ever. Anybody willing to join me?

A Brief History

I've been an Optician since 1972. I began my career in Opticianry in Lansing, Michigan. It all began in an optical laboratory where I learned to fabricate prescription eyewear. After working as a lab tech for 10 years I moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan where I became a very successful Dispensing Optician for a Christian-based optical dispensary. My employer blessed me with the artistic freedom to apply my God-given talents to serving the eyewear needs of the consumer with uniquely customized and handcrafted prescription eyewear.

After 4 years in Grand Rapids my wife, Sonja, and I bought Ray's Optical Service in Battle Creek, Michigan where we've been ever since.

We feel very blessed to be able to serve people in need of customized, handcrafted eyewear. Our intention with this Web site is to make other Opticians especially students and start-up dispensers aware of the possibilities when it comes to providing consumers with artful, handcrafted, form-fitting and fully functional prescription eyewear.

Over the past decades the truly skilled Optician has become a rarity. We want to contribute to a resurgence of old fashioned, hands-on-the-patient Opticianry.

Special Note: Some of our custom work and procedures can be seen on the following page. 

Please contact us here if we can be of service.

See well.

George Moody, Optician --


It's time for a shift in thinking.
It's time for Eyewear Professionals
to be agents of change going forward;
to return to the days of providing full service;
to improve their hands-on craftsmanship skills; and
for those who know to teach those who do not know;
and for those who do not know to surrender their ego.





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