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Hari Singh Bird Khalsa

Sat Nam. Here's a missive found on FB. It was sent to me by a friend.

I added my 'two cents' afterward. --

I think people aren't really getting what it can mean to not shame, blame, finger-point, obsess about 'your enemies,' consider other sides. It's a rejection of tribalism.

It's also a rejection of the idea that big social effects can simply be boiled down to the choices of those individuals near to us and we can go ahead and hate them.

I say, *f$%# us vs. them [for] two minutes [of] hate. It feels good, but it reinforces the same BS we are stuck in.

I think it's time to admit that, in a way, we are being used. We are being manipulated -- all of us. There are a lot of lies and deceptions we are all falling prey to. Meanwhile, most of us are living in anxiety, and many are suffering real distress that is enabled by this form of thinking.

Our tribal categories are overall ill-formed and ideological and they don't have the deep meaning we think they have -- about our moral identities especially.

I try to push back because I don't want to be a patsy. Right now -- I heard in some movie preview or something -- you're either a sociopath or a patsy. The sociopaths win, the patsies help them by dog piling on other patsies.

The problem is that there's some scary stuff going on and there are some scary tribalisms, and naturally we're going to want to create our own tribe for protection.

Go ahead and do that for practical purposes since your survival could depend on it. But be prepared (as much as possible) to think outside the tribal framework on a continual basis.*

Emotionally, morally and in other ways it is also not a bad idea to keep your distance from tribal emotional reactions like hate, rage, etc.

Everyone says they need these motivating furies but the time you *really* need it is when everyone is being complacent and we can't be complacent now. So the fury is probably going to get in our way.

All our comfortable categories are breaking down anyway. The whole system is being turned upside down so the more you can be observant, the less likely you are to be caught off guard. Your survival may also depend on not being too tribalist.

I'm not saying there is not a struggle for power at the moment and it matters quite a bit who gets power. It does matter. And there's an extreme struggle for power on the horizon. But that's 'another' reason to avoid too much tribalism in your thinking and feeling. This is how we lose power and how they gain it. This is how we get turned into the patsies.

Maybe our institutions will hold and all this fretting will be unnecessary. But all evidence suggests they are crumbling and/or being remade into something that benefits an extremely small minority. (They already benefitted a minority -- but now we know it can get worse.)

*NOTE: People hate it when you question their tribal thinking, but all it amounts to is being observant -- it's not disloyal. Blind loyalty is not a good idea at the current moment. See Tribalism From The Top.

"People are no longer talking to each other." Barack Obama


Hari Singh Bird Khalsa

TRIBALISM: The social tendency to live in loyalty to a tribe, social group, club or gang (a tribe within a tribe or tribal hierarchy, a kind of pervasive and insidious group infection) especially when combined with an unfair treatment or strong negative attitude toward marginalized people outside the group.

Tribalism is the opposite of pluralism, the no class, no caste, One Creator of Creation principle, taught and championed by Guru Nanak Dev. Tribalism (institutional shaktipad?) breeds racism.

The antidote to tribalism is something akin to a Sensitivity Summit in which Courageous Dialogue with and between people of color, women, and other marginalized groups can occur.

NOTE: The human tendency to tribalism and its practice of exclusion offends the innate longing to belong that every human being yearns for, and it is the core issue underlying the strife afflicting and affecting most nations today, especially in the Middle East.

Question: How does one know when tribalism is a likely issue?

Answer: When dialogue between opposing parties is non-existent. When diversity is minimal or nonexistent, and exclusion is the practice. When there's a lot of yelling and telling, not enough listening and learning.

"Man is so weak that he has not created a universal system. All he has created is a political system. A political system is an outright system where a bunch of people rules other people. As long as a bunch of people will rule other people, God shall never become our ruler. As long as people will rule people, it will be difficult for mankind to realize that God (Ek Ong Kar) is our ultimate ruler." Yogi Bhajan 11/18/1984

Tribalism breeds nepotism and-or cronyism, which eventually leads to an incestuous association of tribes within tribes, especially religious organizations, corporate structures, charitable foundations, etc.

Most people belong to a family, tribe, group, or association. The question: is the group tribalistic (exclusive) or pluralistic (inclusive) in its attitude and relations?

Extreme examples of Tribalism are evident in today's Israel, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria (and what about the USA, Pakistan, Kashmir, Punjab, India?).

I do remain optimistic here, in the depths of Kali Yug. In spite of the turmoil, humanity is moving toward pluralism albeit with much zigging and zagging, kicking and screaming." --

See Tribalism From The Top.

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Diversity Dialogues

Qasim Rashid

This is my answer to the statement of a White
Supremacist that there is no 'Christian ISIS'.

Diversity Dialogues

Enough said.

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