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Guru Fatha Singh Khalsa

Master of White Tantra Yoga

Just about any of Yogi Bhajan's students who could afford it, booked tickets to come along to India. Shakti Parwha Kaur had sent money ahead to cover the group's accomodations in Delhi. She and Baba Singh would stay behind in Los Angeles and keep the classes going.

Coming along were Ganga and her new husband Larry Singh. Premka too was coming, as was Gerry Pond's wife, Toni. John Twombly, who had started the Baba Siri Chand Ashram in Orlando was coming. Jim Baker, who owned and ran The Source restaurant where Ganga worked was coming too. And there was a crew of hippies making a movie about spiritual teachers they would call "Sunseed." There was Alan Weiss, planning to go to medical school, and Richard Buhler, who would one day start a publishing house called "Brotherhood of Life," and about seventy others.

The pilgrimage was the culmination of several months of energized activity. Ganga remembered back to a day in March, how after that morning sadhana Yogi Bhajan had said something about a shift that had just taken place. It did not make sense to her at the time, but that was the morning Lama Limpole had departed his physical body and passed the mantle of "Mahan Tantric" to her teacher. When Yogi Bhajan was a teen, had studied with the lama under Sant Hazara Singh. From that morning on, Ganga had noticed the phone seemed to hardly stop ringing and the pace of life at the Phyllis Avenue Ashram picked up about threefold.

Since Yogi Bhajan's becoming Master of White Tantra Yoga, he would, from time to time give extraordinary courses that engaged the cosmic forces of Shakti and Shaktiman – the feminine and masculine energies. It was in October, at one of these events, that Dale first encountered Yogi Bhajan.

Dale had been on a long journey across time and continents. A couple of years before, she had been a successful performer on Broadway, but she had tired of the routine of drawing applause from the audiences. In her heart Dale had wanted to find a way of making some real and lasting contribution to her African American community. That quest had taken her to West Africa, where she had explored and traveled for more than a year. It had also consistently pointed Dale in the direction of yoga. Before arriving at the Phoenix tantric course, she had taken classes in Kundalini Yoga in Boulder and Santa Fe.

This Phoenix course was ten days long – ten days of meditation in some tantric juxtaposition, usually face-to-face or back-to-back, with a partner of the opposite gender. During those ten days, Yogi Bhajan instructed his students to eat only fruits – apples and oranges, pears and bananas, dates and avocados – that grew four and a half feet above the ground. This was so they might benefit from the naturally elevating energies of these foods.

In Phoenix, Yogi Bhajan spoke passionately of his plan to return to India with some of his students at the end of the year. He also gave a few personal words of guidance to Dale, words that had the effect of profoundly changing her sense of destiny. Although she was still recovering from her year in Africa, Dale knew she too must go to India with the Master.

Some days later, Dale went to Los Angeles and sought out Yogi Bhajan at the Phyllis Avenue Ashram. She brought an offering and expected the Master might bless her and tell her about her life. Instead, he fixed Dale in his gaze and told her she must teach in her community and she must begin right away. Dale objected that she had only just started to learn this yoga herself. How was she going to teach it? But the Master insisted. Her community needed her. Did she agree to teach? Dale was incredulous, but finally she did.

As she walked out of the house on Phyllis Avenue, Dale said to herself, "What have I just done? I hardly know anything about this yoga. How am I going to teach my community?" But something inside her was fixed and resolute as the North Star. Dale's mother had taught her that a person's word is their bond. Having agreed with the Yogi, she knew there was no way out.

After a couple of days' putting it off, Dale contacted some friends who ran an acting school. She asked if she might teach them a yoga class – and they agreed.

Dale wanted very much to channel the inspiration of Yogi Bhajan in her first yoga class. The worst thing she could imagine was to be tongue-tied and stagestruck. To help out, Dale brought a four by four inch photo of Yogi Bhajan with her and placed it behind her on the teacher's bench, right at the base of her spine before she chanted "Ong Namo..."

The class was easy. Dale was amazed at the wisdom in the guidance she gave her students. Everything had just flowed. Dale knew intuitively that the Master was working through her. With pride and delight, she called Yogi Bhajan to tell him. He congratulated his student and told her to meet him the next day at the Gurdwara in Los Angeles, where the birthday of Guru Nanak was to be celebrated.

The following day, Dale was sitting in the Gurdwara daydreaming when she heard a booming voice calling her name again and again. Why would someone be calling her name? she thought. When Dale recognized Yogi Bhajan's voice, she rushed to see him.The Master had another proposition for his student, and he forcefully presented it to her: "From now on you will be Krishna. Do you agree? You will change your name legally. You will be my Black Krishna. Do you agree? You will change your name. Do you agree?"

Clouds of doubt and misgiving that had been lingering many lifetimes suddenly cleared away. The student agreed. Through the bond of her sacred word, she became no longer Dale, but emerged anew as Black Krishna.

It was not long before Yogi Bhajan's Black Krishna, brimming with confidence, was teaching four large Kundalini Yoga classes. As the date for departure to India approached, she became concerned for her responsibility to her students and came to the Master for his advice. What should she do?

Yogi Bhajan replied, "You will go to India as my personal attendant. Do you agree?" And she did.

The Measure of the Breath Meditation

With only a few days to go before the big pilgrimage to India, Yogi Bhajan continued to teach his classes with undiminished fire and dedication. On December 16, 1970 he gave a special practice for those of his students who would remain to practice during the three months he would be away.

"You are all sitting in this room, you and me. There is no purpose in sitting hiding. That is the first laugh in meditation. But once you set yourself in the surrounding, you have to forget the surrounding first. And then you will proceed on instruction, and then you will grow and grow and grow.

"These "body pains" are not actually body pains. They are a mental adjustment. Nerves resist, muscles resist, body resists, parts resist, intellect resists... All these guys who you feel are your friends, the moment you want to join with your Supreme Consciousness, they become your opponents. It takes one minute and they turn their back on you and hurt, hurt, hurt. Every dirty thought will come when you are meditating. Every distraction, every worldly work you will remember only when you are meditating. All these things will happen to you in meditating time and that is how you can understand who is your friend and who is your enemy.

"Spine straight, hands in this position. I will repeat physically, you will repeat mentally these same thoughts:

"O Giver of the prana and apana, O Lord of the lords, I can only request Thee to fill me and this cup of my desires, open up my heart so that I can dedicate these few minutes to Thee. O Supreme, O Infinite Love, O my Lord of lords, O my Great Self, today with utmost humble self and with earnest heart, I beg out of Thee with these two folded hands. Fill and answer my only one desire. Give me these few minutes so that I can dedicate myself unto Thee, O my Creator, O my Dear One, Sweet One, O Beautiful Lord, O Bountiful Lord. Please answer me, O my Protector. Protect me at this time so that I can unite with Thee. O Most Beautiful of the beautiful, Most Desirable of the desirable, O Most Charming of the charming, O my Whole Self, now blend my higher self with my lower self and be united. It will be a union of hell and heaven. And once that can be consciously known to me, I'll be a living god. Supreme is thy Flow, supreme is thy Energy and that Supreme Energy is ever filling my cup which shall ever constantly be extended this minute unto my dedication. I dedicate myself physically, mentally, and spiritually through my guide of this hour and shall lead on the path of truth to join my infinite love and my ultimate desire.

"With this – inhale deep, hold this breath – in me is filled this breath of life, in me is filled with divine energy, in me is the living God. My temple is the house of the Lord Creator. May the light inside, may the energy inside, may the life inside – it is a union, it is a union with him. It is an automatic course of way in which I am dwelling. May this union be ever-dwelling, all negatives leave me. Exhale.

"Life Force, come in me and dwell in me. Fill me, fill me, each pore of me, every part of me until I know every part of my life, until I know every part of my body unto my every feelings of mind, until I know every situation in which I am, soundness of mind, to each part of my relevant body may this breath go, this messenger of life from my God Creator. May it fill me ever ever. I hug it. I kiss it. I love it. It is mine. It is mine. It is mine. It is mine, ever mine. O negativity, leave me. Exhale.

"O come, O Gods, fill me up. O Gods of Life, O Gods of Force, O Gods of Energy, O Gods of Truth, O Gods Positive, my Life-giver, O my Beauty-giver, O Charming Gods, Lord Beautiful, Thy message is sweet. Thy Sweetness, thy Soundings, I feel Thee all in me, in my body filled up with all that great love. In me lives, lives, lives on in me through God. I am filled up and filled up. Fill more, fill more and fill me up. Fill more and fill me up. Go away, dark forces! Leave me alone. O listen now. I am filling up my soul. I am filling up myself with God divine that early morning. When there is none around me, me and my Lord when we intercourse, on the course of truth at that union, we are all united, at that union there is nothing but the ring of truth, that truth. It is in me now. It is ever in me. I fill myself with that truth and I exclude all that is known as weakness. Exhale.

"At this moment, slowly and calmly turn your neck and fix your chin. Keep your hands where they are and lift your neck. I do that myself to be a complete surrender to the Universal Spirit, that Great Spirit which surrounds me and fills me with love.

"The breath of life, it must go in by inches. Breath shall go by inches and it shall come down also by inches. Breath does not obey you. You must make it to obey you. Without that, the negative person will never let you do your sadhana. That is the law if the universe. I cannot change it, you cannot change it, but it is the Divine Will in us which can change everything.

"This little breath will measure itself, inch by inch. It will go in and also it will also come out, inch by inch. You will keep on doing it without letting yourself go while the demons will hover over your consciousness more strongly than ever you have felt it. You'll feel their presence and your mind will revolt. At that time, you will transcend and be with your higher consciousness."

Yogiji chanted for a time, as everyone listened, then he continued his talk, "This is the breath measured by inches. Don't create sound, no sound. There should be no hardship to the body, but the breath should be resisted.

"All the gods and goddesses, saints and prophets have been invoked to bless you. All you have to do in return is measure your breath. Measure your life stream. If you can do that, there is nothing on this Earth which cannot happen at your command. Your dedication to your Guru will help you and your ego will not bother you. Your desire to grow and become great will make you overcome the pain and the energy will bring you the total awareness.

"This triple action at this moment, it is a rare moment in your life and style. Dedicate your total life to it. Days do not come back again. Perhaps this honest effort may be sufficient to take you across. The art is to measure your breath. Be at the command of your breath.

"There is so much heat in the room at this time that you can sweat to death if you measure your breath. It will open up all the circulatory system, take away all the dirt out of your body, and give you a new life. And extreme flood of prana will flow into your nostrils if you take them by measurement.

"Meditate on yourself through this sadhana. Again and again, put your entire attention, concentration on your breath please. Measure its entry in and measure its exit out. This today what you are going to earn and learn, you might have learned in a few months.

"How beautiful you are, my words do not explain that. How beautiful you will be if you can perfectly do it! No words on the Earth can explain that. We're working on you with your Supreme Higher Consciousness, that part of you which is God. And go through it. It will help you many times. It will wash away the many future events which are negative which are going to pounce on you. It will clear your way and destiny. It will make you superior among human beings. No work ever goes unpaid and no effort is without fruit. Work through this physical pressure and you will have a mastery of the body."

Yogi Bhajan led the class, "May the longtime sun shine upon you, all love surround you and the pure light within you guide your way on, guide your way on, guide your way on... Saaaaat Nam

And he prayed on everyone's behalf, "Cosmos, the Cause of all causes, O Creator, create those involvements in their hearts that they can seek Thee and be with Thee forever. Make it possible that this union may be a blissful and sound opportunity for our health and happiness. May we be the givers, not the takers. May we love without lust. May we serve without notice. May we walk in brotherhood and always look to our higher self. May thy blessings and they mercy make us united, so that truth may prevail and there be peace on the Earth. Sat Nam." -- S.S. Guru Fatha Singh Khalsa

The Path of Spiritual and Political Engagement
© 2014 Yogi Bhajan

These are the times Yogi Bhajan prepared us for - the chaotic transitional years to the Age of Aquarius. He never said it would be easy. What Yogi Bhajan did do was set out for us a blueprint and an example of how to usher in that new age.

As well as teaching people yoga and meditation classes, Yogi Bhajan was a tireless networker. He found common ground with all kinds of people, even people he did not personally like. And, when a situation would become grave or desperate, Yogi Bhajan would raise the flag of alarm, the flag of protest, the flag of constructive engagement to resolve whatever that issue might be.

In the United States of America, Yogi Bhajan would sometimes speak out forcefully about government policy when it led to high unemployment, the devastation of the environment, or the endangerment of all life on Earth, as in the case of the nuclear arms race of the 1980s. My suggestion to you is that the spirit of Yogi Bhajan is very much with us and it is guiding us to speak out and lead public opinion, the opinions of our students, family and co-workers on the issue of climate change.

In the next few weeks leading up to Summer Solstice, I will be posting weekly various teachings and resources and quotes from the Master on the environment, democracy, and the fine art of spiritual and political engagement. Today, I will begin with a transcript of a talk Yogi Bhajan gave at Summer Solstice thirty-two years ago. As you read it, I would like you to see if you can imagine this talk being given today, and instead of being about the perils of nuclear war, imagine it to be about the hazards of climate change.

"We are committed spiritual people. As such, we are both fortunate and unfortunate: fortunate in that we are spiritually committed and that we are trying to be healthy, happy and holy; unfortunate in that we cannot tolerate the bizarre situation that is happening to our country or that will happen to our people. We are protesting against nuclear war. We are, as part of our faith, warriors. We are known as martial people. We are not hiding the fact that we are fighters, but we fight for a cause. The cause we are fighting for is this: we declare war on general death.

"Nuclear war is not any kind of human war, nor does it observe any rule or any law. They are lying to us. They are telling us that there's a possibility that we can go to the hills. We are in the hills and just a few miles from here they are building the atom bomb.

"We have reached the point of destruction. I said to you yesterday that those who die in the atomic blast will be very fortunate and beloved of God, and those who survive will be the sinners. Imagine what this war will mean to us. Neither there will be any United States, nor there will be a U.S.S.R., nor there will be anybody on the planet. There will be no more Rome, no more Golden Temple, and there will be no more Mecca. There will be no more you and there will be no more me.

Nagasaki, Japan, August 9, 1945

"In a simple description, the Earth will be a furnace. If nuclear war takes place, it doesn't matter who strikes first or who strikes later. This planet Earth will become a furnace. It will take exactly thirty-six hours and seventeen minutes for the ozone layer of the Earth to give up, and after that “Adios!” No more bombs will be required. No more death will be required. No more defense mechanism will be required. Once the atomic energy eats up the ozone layer, Earth will not be a habitable planet.

"Yet there is a way out. You have asked whether the Congressman and Senators are with us. I'll tell you something. Everybody is with us. Although it seems that people are only interested in their jobs and their security that is changing. People are slowly becoming aware that there is going to be a time not far away when there will be no jobs, no lobbying, no children, no family. There is a concurrent consciousness awakening in all of us that this planet is not going to be here. That is what No-Nukes is about.

"So what is the policy now? To make yourself so strong, the other party won't attack because of the dread, the fear. Is that a guarantee that there will be no war? War is never a sane process. War is the outcome of total human insanity.

"When the first war, Mahabharata was fought, Lord Krishna the godhead was the centre of it. He couldn't stop it. He told them, “Fight well.” If you read the Bhagavad Gita, you'll be surprised: firebombs were used and missiles were used. Thousands of people in one sector were burned to ashes by just such a strike. We have been fighting cruel wars and destroying ourselves many a time.

"This time, we are trying to appeal to ourselves. Seventy-five percent of Americans do not want war, especially nuclear war, and are not being heard, and we have to protest.

"When you call someone in Congress and ask, “What about your nuclear power policy? Why are you voting for this budget?” they say, “What else can we do?”

"They have passed a budget right before our eyes, which is the biggest military spending budget, and they did absolutely everything to cut civilian people out. These are the people we have voted for: they tell you: “What can I do?”

"There are lots of things we can do. We have weighed the situation and we have studied the situation. It has taken us one year to decide to come out openly. We want to talk now. We want to tell people that our first fundamental right in this country is to live and not to die.

"Don't misunderstand me. Don't believe the Russian myth of peace either. The difference is we are a free society and we can talk very freely, and they are a regimented society and cannot. They are the most cunning and the cleverest peace seller. They are trying their best to achieve first superiority and their own first rights.

"The most dishonest, godless society on this planet is Russia. They are trying to prove the point that we are the warmongers, but the fact is that they have never slept in the past twenty years, day in and day out, to create anything they can create, steal anything they can steal, to make themselves a first strike nation.

"What I am mad about is very simple: where is our propaganda machine? We do not do anything in spite of the fact that we have radio broadcasts that can be heard all over Russia, from Vladivostok to Moscow. What we want is this: let's put three billion dollars in the budget for propaganda against nuclear war.

"I close by telling you a story. India wanted freedom. Britain knew that if they gave freedom to India, that empire where the sun never sets would never see the sun again. The Sikhs became involved and were the originators of civil disobedience. The late Mahatma Gandhi became the champion of it, but he studied it first in Amritsar.

"The war started on a very small issue. The Golden Temple in Amritsar feeds about 8,000 people a day. The free kitchen is a part of our religious service by right of decree that we have the right to bring wood from Guru ka Bhag, which is a kind of forest a few miles from Amritsar.

"One day, the Deputy Commissioner of Amritsar ordered that the Sikhs were not entitled to bring wood from Guru ka Bhag without paying a toll. The Sikhs protested. They started a peaceful agitation called Guru ka Bhag morcha in which groups of five – because more than four people constituted an illegal assembly – proceeded to the garden to fetch the wood.

"These people were attacked, gassed, and beaten by the police. The police rode horses over them. This painful situation continued for a couple of months. It became so national and so big that even Gandhi, Nehru, and every other Indian leader came to watch. They were shocked and surprised that hundreds of Sikhs: educated, uneducated, poor, rich, children, ladies, kept on walking, day in and day out.

"They were so mercilessly beaten that it even brought tears to the eyes of those who were beating them. After a couple of months, the government gave in. Guru ka Bhag was released to the Sikhs and wood could be taken from there for the free kitchen of the Golden Temple.

"That was the start of peaceful, nonviolent agitation in the world. It didn't stop until in 1947 the British Government was compelled to give India independence. That country has a history, written and recorded, which is 5,000 years old. America is only 200 years old. You can do a lot, and very peacefully, too.

"I have done an experiment for the last six months. Whenever I call somebody on the phone or talk to somebody or write a letter, I just add one or two lines: “Do you want to live into the future? Do something about nuclear war.”

"Advocate. Educate another person. Let them have your view. If there is an atomic war, neither Democrats nor Republicans will be left. We will all evaporate at the same time.

"We are waking up and trying to control our own house. I am not asking you to start any agitation. I am asking you to start creating public opinion. There are about 1,000 people here. At least each one of you has one relative you can write to. Urge them to write to one relative. Start a chain reaction. Calm, quiet, peaceful, nice... but start saying things, and don't stop until we stop it all.

"We find this coincidence. Here we made the bomb – at nearby Los Alamos – and here we are sitting and saying “We don't want it. We don't want nuclear war.”

"God is making the destiny of the United States as He wishes. This country was started with the slogan “In God we trust.” Start talking and start writing, and also start making up your mind that you don't believe what is being told and said. You do believe in one thing: we don't want a nuclear war.

"Make a contribution. Call all the religious groups and give them a talk. In your office or business, put a sign: “We don't want nuclear war.” These little, funny things may look very little to you, but they are very effective. Simple things, simple methods, and simple gestures can bring a flood of people on your side. Do whatever you can if you love this planet Earth. Trust in God and start doing something from this minute."

The Master of Delhi

If America is not your home, it can seem very fast, exciting and energizing, albeit lonely and unfamiliar. If you make it to America, you know that in some sense you have really "made it," for America is the cultural hub of the universe – the centre of global entertainment, finance, innovation, space exploration, democracy and those really big bombs.

If India is not your home, on first visiting it can seem chaotic, aloof, archaic, beautiful, very poor, dignified, and occasionally very rich. India is the hub of a different civilization, a different perspective, and a certain timelessness. Some people coming to India thinking it is not their home are surprised to realize after a time of awakening familiarity, that India is and has always been their mother.

When the eighty-four students of Yogi Bhajan disembarked from the Air India plane where they had spent the last day and a half, they were already disoriented by jet lag, having traversed at least eleven time zones.

Once they assembled as much of their luggage as had arrived with them, they set out in a pair of belching diesel buses for their pre-arranged accommodations at the Gobind Sadan ashram.

Gobind Sadan should have been familiar to some of the eighty-four as it was home to the illustrious teacher Yogiji referred to as "Maharaj-ji" or "my Master". The teacher's photo adorned Yogi Bhajan's altar. The important Santa Fe ashram where Dawson and Karen Hayward managed things was named Maharaj Ashram after Yogiji's teacher. While it was true that Yogi Bhajan had learned from many men of God, this was a special relationship. Some said it was this master who had sent Yogiji to America.

The eighty-four Americans were exhausted and excited both. Outside the buses, there were monkeys frolicking overhead in the trees, cows sauntering through the streets, and a group of dark, wirey men in identical green shorts and white undershirts jogging in formation. There were trees the likes of which they had never seen before, and birds, and all around them, crowds of determined people going places – men in tunics, women in saris, and polite children on their way to school. As the buses belched forward in the endless, honking traffic, the Americans could see that they were in a big city, vast, expansive, perhaps the size of Chicago or Los Angeles.

Eventually, the two buses stopped on the top of a barren, windswept hill. Yogi Bhajan spoke with the drivers. After a time, it became clear even to the eighty-four who understood not a word of Hindi, that something was not right. Yogi Bhajan made sure everyone was settled, then set off on a mission.

A couple of hours later, when Yogi Bhajan returned, he had with him the makings of a number of large army-style tents. And a couple of hours after that, once the tents had been pitched, some cheerful volunteers arrived with a wonderfully aromatic cargo. The hungry Americans were bid to sit in rows and their turbaned friends plied them with warm chapatis and dahl and rice pudding. It was their first meal in India and it tasted delicious.

Yogi Bhajan did not spend much time with his students on the hill. He had business to attend to. Bibiji and his children Ranbir Singh, Kulbir Singh and Kamaljit Kaur were anxious to see him. And there was some problem he needed to attend to. Money had been sent ahead for their accommodations, but he was told it had never arrived. Then there was the simple joy of coming to see his teacher again.

It was not long before thirteen-year-old Ranbir had joined the Americans and was clowning with the best of them. And one day, Yogi Bhajan returned with Maharaj-ji. His Master unsheathed a sword and began to chant as he used it to stir a narrow steel cyllinder of water. After a few minutes, Maharaj-ji offered the enchanted water to the students standing and watching nearby. He told them, and Yogi Bhajan translated, that not a drop should touch the ground.

Two of the students, Alan Weiss and another, took up the bowl and took turns drinking its contents. They could immediately feel something. Drinking that water brought on an experience of great clarity and extraordinary intensity unlike anything they had ever felt before. Alan would afterwards say this had been a turning point in his life.

In the confines of Gobind Sadan, Yogi Bhajan and his teacher – the one, a student of extraordinary acumen and the other, a master of considerable accomplishment - sat and talked. What exactly transpired between them we can never know. But we do know that somewhere in that unusual communion of spirits, there was a falling out.

Yogi Bhajan was told, but would not consent, to submit his American students to his teacher. Yogiji asserted that he had not come to India to hand his students over to Maharaj-ji. Rather, it was his intention to introduce them to the riches of his Sikh heritage, personified for him in the holy personage of Guru Ram Das.

The Master of Delhi challenged his student, "Everyone needs a personal Guru. If Guru Ram Das is your Guru, he should have given you his mantra. Every Guru gives his disciple their mantra. What is the mantra Guru Ram Das gave you?"

Yogi Bhajan had to admit he had no mantra other than "Wahe Guru", the Guru Mantra of all Sikhs, but he trusted Guru Ram Das to give him a mantra in his hour of need. "I have no such mantra, but I will return tomorrow with it."

Guru Ram Das

Guru Ram Das, 1534-1581
Fourth Master of Sikh Dharma

The following morning, Yogi Bhajan meditated in solitude. In the ambrosial hours before dawn, he recited his regular mantra, the mantra of the Khalsa, "Waahay Guru" over and over again as was his custom.

As he chanted, Yogi Bhajan became aware of a luminous presence in the room with him. He knew that it must be Guru Ram Das. In his consciousness, he bowed before his Guru and continued his meditation. Slowly, as Yogi Bhajan chanted, he became aware of the change in the sounds his mouth was uttering. First he heard the change. Then he heard the actual sounds. And then he understood that he had been given what he had prayed for. Guru Ram Das had given him his Guru Mantra: "Guru Guru Wahe Guru Guru Ram Das Guru".

In that moment of grace, his consciousness melded with the divine consciousness of the holy Guru of Amritsar, disciple of Guru Amar Das, husband of Bibi Bhani, father of Guru Arjun. As though speaking, the Guru's light wordlessly communicated to him, "At this time, you need the protection of a mantra. You do not want to claim anything as your own achievement and you don't want to take the blame either. Let the claim be mine, and let me also take the blame. Now say this mantra."

Yogi Bhajan began to slowly, hesitantly say the mantra over and over again with full consciousness. And he liked it very much. -- See 3HOLegacyLinks.com.

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