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My name is Singh Sahib
Kirpal Singh Khalsa, Ph.D.

Kirpal Singh, daughter Sat Nam Kaur, and Kirpal Kaur Khalsa

And this is my beautiful family.

Left to right, my wife, Sardarni Sahiba Kirpal Kaur Khalsa, daughter Sat Nam Kaur
Khalsa, me, Singh Sahib Kirpal Singh Khalsa, and daughter, Simrat Kaur Khalsa.

Kirpal Singh and Kirpal Kaur Khalsa

Kirpal Kaur Khalsa

Simrat Kaur, Kirpal Kaur, and Sat Nam Kaur

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"The mere act of teaching implies that one
wishes the world well." -- Roger Rosenblatt

"It is the job of a spiritual teacher to poke,
provoke, confront and elevate." -- Yogi Bhajan

"As long as your ego exists, you are not a Teacher.
As long as you expect appreciation, you are not
a Teacher, you are a beggar." -- Yogi Bhajan

"Life is the only gift of God within you...be grateful." -- Yogi Bhajan

"Think about it. You grew your magnificent brain, perhaps the most compicated
thing in the world. And you grew it without even thinking about it. A supremely
intelligent Life Force of unknown origin created and sustains this wondrous
miracle of life. It's what we refer to as God." -- WhoAreTheSikhs.com

"Underneath the superficial self, which pays attention to this and that, there
is another self more really us than I. And the more you become aware of
the Unknown Self -- if you become aware of it -- the more you realize that it is
inseparably connected with everything else that is. You are a function of this total
galaxy, bounded by the Milky Way, and this galaxy is a function of all other galaxies.
You are that vast thing that you see far, far off with great telescopes. You look and
look, and one day you are going to wake up and say, "Why, that's me!" And in
knowing that, you know that you never die. You are the eternal thing that comes
and goes, that appears -- now as John Jones, now as Mary Smith, now as
Betty Brown -- and so it goes, forever and ever and ever." -- Alan Watts

Webmaster's Note: Kirpal Singh Khalsa served as director of Guru Ram Das Ashram, Boulder, CO, from 1972 - 1992. He received his Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Colorado and taught in the Sociology Department there from 1980 - 1992. From 1992 - 2003 Kirpal Singh served as Academic Director for SDEI, Sikh Dharma Education International, and helped found the MPA, Miri Piri Academy, in Amritsar, India. He now lives with the Sikh community in Espanola, New Mexico. --

Sat Nam. Legacy Teachers are all of those early students of Yogi Bhajan who sat at his feet, who were personally chiseled by him, and who deliver his teachings today. Until recently, this crusty group of greying middle-agers and senior citizens was affectionately referred to as the “old-timers.” Maybe they’re not so old. Didn’t the master tell us that age is measured by flexibility of the spine? Many of the so-called old timers have very flexible spines. These early pioneers of our Dharma were sent by Yogi Bhajan to teach Kundalini Yoga all over the world. They opened ashrams, led spiritual communities, and inspired people through their lifestyle and their devotion to Yogiji’s teachings. They stood the test of time and the test of the fire of the master’s personal touch.

Legacy Teachers are now sharing their stories. Each of them in some unique way was touched by the master and transformed, uplifted, and healed. These experiences and stories are part of Yogi Bhajan’s legacy. Through them we get little glimpses into the amazing and beautiful teacher who gave his all to his students so that they could become the teachers of future generations. The stories are inspiring, funny, insightful, and always show the way to God. See Yogi Bhajan's narrative on Teachers.

Yogi Bhajan once said, "You think a teacher does nothing. Actually, nothing happens without a teacher. A person who doesn't have a teacher has no life. Period. Whatever is the frequency, scope, and ultimately the standard of your teacher, shall be yours. Otherwise, there is a permanent teacher called Mr. Time."

We are truly blessed to have such an amazing teacher as Yogi Bhajan. Through his radiant body, he has an unlimited capacity to uplift, heal, teach and share his love. Occasionally think of him and let him know you care. I promise he gets it.

Come experience the master’s presence, energy, and spirit at the Yogi Bhajan Living Legacy Center. His energy and consciousness permeates the Summer Solstice experience and our entire 3HO lifestyle. He is here with us today, perhaps even more powerfully now than years ago. For more information, contact me here.

Below is a special assortment of just a few of the hundreds of links to be found in our library at the University of Diversity having to do with the many people, places, and events, which are happening all around us. Life is truly the University of Diversity. See At The Feet of The Yogi, my life-changing experience as a student of 3HO, the Healthy, Happy, Holy Organization. See Aquarian Age Began Here.

Sardarni Sahiba Kirpal Kaur Khalsa and Singh Sahib Kirpal Singh Khalsa


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